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Convenience is Key
The Decision is Yours
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Choose wisely.
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Wind-Win for All
OG&E is among the top 10 in wind power sales in the nation.
OG&E is also one of the lowest cost programs in the nation!
With the help of thousands of customers like you, OG&E Wind
Power continues to grow. You can sign up your home or business
for 25%, 50% or even as much 100% OG&E Wind Power use, for
only a few extra dollars a month — all produced at our wind farms.
By subscribing to wind energy, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint
and keep our communities cleaner, while also moving our country
a bit closer to energy independence.
Become a positive energy partner today
and sign up for OG&E Wind Power.
To sign up for this cost-effective energy
alternative, visit or contact the
call center at 1-800-272-9741.
Customer Service online billing, energy tips, products, services & more 800.272.9741 or
Paperless is
the Way to Go
With Paperless Billing, there are no statements to
misplace, no checks to write, no stamps to buy and less
mess in your mailbox. And you can pay your bill in a
matter of minutes — for free!
Paperless Billing is a simple and convenient way
to save you time and money.
Merry & Bright
OG&E’s Merry & Bright
Additionally, OG&E will send you email notifications,
informing you that your bill is available. event will be held at the
Sign up for Paperless Billing online at
Myriad Gardens. Come or by calling customer service
enjoy charming holiday light
at 1-800-272-9741.
displays and beautiful plant
exhibits designed especially
for the holiday season.
Admission is free on
Sunday, December 7th,
14th, and 21st from 6 – 9
p.m. The event will be
held at the Crystal Bridge
Tropical Conservatory
located at 301 West Reno,
Which Rate Works
Best for You?
Visit and explore
your options. myOGEpower has a
rate comparison tool that gives you
the ability to compare the different
rates against the plan you are already
Oklahoma City.
participating in. This allows you to see
Learn more about LED
For instance, this tool can show you
lights by playing the OG&E
how much you could have saved last
Merry & Bright game.
summer if you had switched to SmartHours.
For more information,
please visit
which rate is the better choice.
Activate your free account now at and see how
much you could save!
For more information, visit or contact the call center at 800-272-9741.
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Test Your Energy Efficiency IQ
Caulking and weatherstripping doors and windows can reduce heating and air
conditioning usage by as much as 20% — True or False?
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