The St. Mark Bells November 2014

The St. Mark Bells
November 2014
Weekly Events at St. Mark
5:30pm Saturday spoken worship
9:00am Sunday traditional service
10:20am Sunday School
10:30am TrebleBells
7:00pm Wed Trinity Choir
9:00am Thurs Sewing Group
10:30am-12pm Friday Bible Study
Preschool 4’s Mon, Wed, Fri
3’s Tues, Thurs
Counseling Office Various times
Coming Events
Nov 2 All Saints Sunday
Worship and Music Mtg
Nov 3 Bingo at Utz Terrace
Nov 4 “St. Mark Eats” 6pm
El'Rancho Elm Ave
Nov 6 Evangelism Mtg 7pm
Nov 8-15 Church Clean-up Week
Nov 9 Dedication of Quilts Sunday
Confirmation Class 10:20
Nov 11 HVAC Task Force 6pm
Property Comm 7pm
Nov 12 Newsletter Article
Nov 16 Felix Hell Concert 3pm
Nov 17 Finance Comm Mtg 7pm
SOS Support Group
Nov 19 Preschool Comm Mtg 1pm
Nov 20 Fellowship Comm 5:30pm
Nov 21 Assemble Dec. "Bells"
Nov 23 "Adopt-A-Platoon”
Sunday School Project
Confirmation Class 10:20
Nov 25 Congregation Council 7pm
Nov 26 Community Thanksgiving
Service at Ch. Of Brethren 7:30
Nov 27 & 28 Office Closed for
Thanksgiving Holiday
“O give thanks to
the Lord, for he is
good; for his
steadfast love lasts
forever”1 Chron 16:34
Dear Thankful St. Markians,
As the days get darker and
shorter, the cold winds blow and
we know it won’t be long before
we have snow and icy days. But
even in that bleakness of winter, in
the dark times of our lives, we
have a hope that is the light of
God. We look to the one who
shines over all darkness, over all
despair, over all worries, our Lord
and Savior. And so November is a
time to remember to give thanks.
Thanks to God who promises us a
good harvest, a safe winter, and
that spring and new life will come
As part of my prayers, I give
thanks for you all. Our council has
begun to look forward to the
future. What does next year look
like? What about three years, what
will be our membership, our ages,
our income, or discipleship. When
we start to look forward we get
worried and scared. But truthfully
these are good discussions to have.
It is exciting to be thinking about
the future, how we can best be
serving God and doing his work as
his disciples in this place next year
or in three or five years. With God
anything is possible and if we trust
in God that impossibility will
become our reality. Give thanks for
these Godly opportunities, these
joys, these challenges that are set
before us today. Give Thanks!
Faithfully submitted,
Pastor Kirk Griffin
Council Happenings
 Council heard from Lynn
Peterson about an opportunity to
give money back to church
through electric deregulation.
Council voted to include this in
the November bulletins.
 Following Pastor’s statistical
report, council discussed and
approved giving a space to
Recovery and Wellness Inc. to
have meetings twice a month in
our building. Council voted to
add a marriage, union and
blessing policy to the policy
manual. Pastor reminded council
that the nominations committee
needs to begin working (they
need 4 council members, 1
auditor, 2 delegates to Synod,
and 2 nomination members.)
 Council was asked to review the
12 month designated needs
calendar for 2015.
 Pastor, Bob Kerr and Ron Wentz
reported on workshop attended
concerning revitalization of
congregations and that an ELCA
Mission Developer will work
with us to guide us in our next
step, starting Jan. 18th, 2015,
when he comes to preach and
meet with council.
 Treasurer’s report was discussed
and noted as being in the
negative, so the last two months
of the year we will really need to
stress this concern.
 The 2015 Proposed Budget was
introduced and Council voted to
congregation for adoption at the
December meeting.
 A discussion was held on
discipleship, building, growth,
evangelism, our future and the
positive aspects of our church.
In Our Congregation
November Worship Helpers
November 2
All Saints Sunday
Acolyte: John Peterson
Asstng Mnstr: Hollis Long
Bell Ringer: Thomas Long
Comm. Assts: Nancy Bittinger
Shellene Griffin
Robert Kerr
Susan O'Brien
Worship Assts: Darbe Bailey
Janet Mondorff
Barb Wentz
CPIC: Ron Wentz
November 9
22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Acolyte: Brenna Yingling
Asstng Mnstr: Pennie Spalding
Bell Ringer: Andy Warehime
Comm. Assts: Jane Long
Peg Martin
Need Volunteer
Worship Assts: Elaine Brown
Need Volunteer
Sally Hershey
Susan O’Brien
CPIC: Carol Reese
November 16
23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Acolyte: Madlyn Farley
Lector: Linda Bolin
Bell Ringer: Glenn Mummert
Comm. Assts: Linda Bolin
Jeff Kindschuh
Chris Kindschuh
Emma Kindschuh
Worship Assts: Betty Bolin
Judy Bolin
Sam Wise
Marie Wise
CPIC: Rick Pado
Comm. Assts: Justin Garman
Doug Greenholt
Susan O’Brien
Worship Assts: Sally Hershey
Sandy Haymaker
Arlene Little
Jeff Little
CPIC: Chris Kindschuh
November 30
First Sunday of Advent
Acolyte: Derek Eline
Asstng Mnstr: Martha Lippy
Bell Ringer: William Sterner
Comm. Assts: Nancy Bittinger
Hollis Long
William Sterner
Barbara Watson
Worship Assts: Justin Eline
William Leppo
Wayne Lippy
Barbara Wentz
CPIC: Ron Wentz
Chancel Care for November
Mary Bowman
Chet Peters
William and Linda Sterner
Worship Attendance
1 Week
2nd Week
3rd Week
4th Week
5th Week
590 (5)
436 (4)
September Treasurer’s Report
November 23
Christ the King
Acolyte: Kyle Garman
Asstng Mnstr: Diane Greenholt
Bell Ringer: Robert Kerr
Monthly Did You Knows
Worship Helpers Needed:
Did you know that for each
ringers, lectors or assisting
ministers, and communion
or worship assistants, are
always needed? Please help
by signing up in advance on
the bulletin board in the
narthex or by contacting the
church office.
Thanks To and From
-From York Habitat for
Humanity thanking us for
allowing them to use St. Mark’s
for the dedication of the Sheely
home on Kennedy Court,
October 4, 2014.
The Family of Linda Shaffer
wishes to thank everyone who
was praying, with us and for us,
during her five week battle with
cancer. For someone who
wasn’t sick, she was diagnosed
one Saturday and five weeks
later she was in Heaven. We
were thankful for all of you who
came to be with us at her
service – it meant a lot to us.
Pastor Kirk did a great service
for us. Thank you all!….from
Elaine Brown and Ralph and
Kris Thoman, beloved sister,
son, and daughter-in-law of
Linda A. Shaffer who passed
away on Saturday, October 18.
Deaths: It Is with deepest
sympathy that we grieve the loss
of Betty Bartell and Barbara Olson
on Thursday, October 16 and
Richard L. Snyder, September 29,
who have entered God’s eternal
kingdom upon their deaths. In
our hearts and minds we pray
for their families and friends
that they may be comforted in
the knowledge of the sure and
confident promise of the
resurrection of new life in
Christ Jesus our Lord.
November Commitment to
Hanover Council of Churches
PAL Program: Ketchup,
Coffee Creamer, Coffee,
Chicken Broth, Beef Broth,
Snack Bags, Sandwich Bags
Changing Lives Shelter:
Blankets (Twin), Dish Soap,
Dishwasher Soap, Cleaning
Supplies, Iced Tea Mix, Drink
Mix, Coffee, and Ziploc Bags
(sandwich size)
Clothing Bank: King size
sheets, Queen size sheets,
Razors and Shaving Cream.
Ruth’s Harvest – All single
serving please! Complete
Entreés, Complete Mini Meals
HACC Bingo Prizes new or
gently used items
PAL Team #1 - November 23:
Team Effort: Sharon Bish,
Brodbeck, Shellene Griffin,
Nini Houck, & Nancy Sandruck
Anyone interested in helping
with any one of our alternating
three PAL teams at the Hanover
Area Council of Churches on
the fourth Sunday of each
month, can contact the church
office at 637-8904.
Prayer Requests from HACC:
As we all know the power of
prayer and as we keep St. Mark
members and friends in our
prayers, HACC also requests
that we pray for their ministries
in the following weeks of this
month: Nov 2 HACC Ministerium; Nov 9 Ministries Board;
Nov 16 PAL Ministry; Nov 23 Our
Community Thanksgiving Service;
and Nov 30 Public Worship
HACC is excited to once again
team up with Hoss’s Steak and
Sea House to raise money for a
very worthy cause. Please
consider visiting the Hoss’s at
the corner of Eisenhower Drive
and Carlisle Street in Hanover
on Sunday, November 16.
Hoss’s will then donate 20% or
25% (dependent on total sales)
to the Council of Churches.
The email copies found on the
welcoming table in our narthex
need to be presented when
ordering. You can also request
one by contacting our church
office (637-8904).
Designated Needs Offerings:
St. Mark’s monthly offering for
designated needs gives us an
opportunity as a congregation to
support specific domestic and
international needs which are
pre-determined by our council
each year. November’s offering
benefits New Hope Ministries
where people can go if they are
hungry, lost their job, or needed
a little extra help. To learn more
about how they are helping our
neighbors in need, please visit
For your donations, please use
the “other” category on your
regular offering envelope or
note November designated need
or New Hope Ministries on the
memo line of your check.
Please remember however that,
whenever a donation is made on
the “other” line that does not
have a written designation, it
will automatically be given to
the ministry fund designated for
that month.
Christmas Gift Tree has been
placed in our narthex with gift
tags for adult and children’s
gifts to be given to New Hope
Ministries for their “Christmas
Blessings Express” program.
These gift tags range from
children’s toys to adult items to
household goods. The tags are
just suggested items that are
needed; you also can donate
other items that you think might
be a good gift. In December,
parents in need will get a
chance to pick out items for
their children, while at the same
time the children will pick out
items they can give to their
parents. All items donated need
to be unwrapped and returned to
the church by November 30th.
So check out the gift tree soon!
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!:
Thanksgiving and Christmas are
right around the corner and
New Hope Ministries needs
approximately 5,000 turkeys to
help feed our local families.
Please consider donating a
turkey or your free turkey
coupon from your local grocer
to New Hope by contacting
their local center (529 Carlisle
Street, Hanover) at 717-6983365 for more details on how
you can help. Thank you!!
Electrifying: How many of you
use electric? If you do then you
have electric through Met-Ed,
and you pay your bill through
Met-Ed. But there is a way that
you can pay your regular bill
with Met-Ed, use the same
electric that you have always
used, but at the same time save
money and give back to the
church $4.00 a month. How you
might wonder. Well this month
we will tell you - each week
you will learn a bit more in the
bulletins, and on November
23rd, we will have time after
church to learn more. Watch for
it in the weekly bulletins.
Felix Hell celebrates 1914
Pipe Organ: World- renowned
organist, Felix Hell will present
a concert at St. Mark Lutheran
Church on Sunday, November
16th at 3PM. This spring Felix
recorded a CD on St. Mark’s
historic organ and the release
date is early next year. A preorder form for that CD will be
available at the concert. Many
of his other recordings will also
be on sale. For those who do
not realize it, the organ we
enjoy today has been in service
to the congregation for 100
years, with upgrades in 1958,
1995 and 2010. Felix has been
part of our family for many
Please join us to
celebrate another milestone of
your church. Admission to this
November 16th concert is $10
for adults and $5 for students
and seniors. If you wish to
make your reservation for this
historic event please call the St.
Mark office at 637-8904 or
Mike Noble at 880-8069.
Tickets will also be available at
the door.
A meet-the-artist
reception will be held after the
concert in the church parlor.
"A NO Yard and NO Craft
Sale”: Due to unforeseen
circumstances the previously
advertised Yard/Craft Sale will
not be held as a fundraiser for
SafeHome. Instead we will be
having a NO Yard and NO
Craft Sale: which means in
place of having tables of items
and crafts we will be supporting
SafeHome with donations from
St Mark families of $5 to $10.
There is a box located in our
narthex for your donations or
please feel free to mail any
donations to our church office.
Checks are payable to St. Mark
Lutheran Church. Thank you
for helping St. Mark support
SafeHome in this important
outreach to Hanover’s victims
of domestic violence. Next year
our Social Ministry Committee
will go back to holding a “Soup
and Bake Sale" to benefit
SafeHome. -Please remember
the victims of violence in a
moment of prayer.
Advent Knit Tree: Our Social
Ministry Committee would like
to remind us that for many years
now our members and/or
friends have been knitting or
supplying us with warm
mittens, gloves, scarves and
socks for a tree which will be
placed in our narthex later this
month. Please keep in mind
these should be new as they are
given to school children and
"St. Mark Eats”: Besides our
6pm, Tuesday, November 4
event at El’ Rancho, 506 Elm
Avenue in Hanover, our
fellowship committee has now
proposed the following for over
the next few months: 12/2
Campus Inn, 1/6 Hibachi Grill
& 2/3 Dutch Country. For your
convenience, sign-up sheets are
always posted in the church
narthex; wishing to sign up by
phone, please call the church.
Church Clean-up Week: Too
busy to make a Saturday Cleanup event. Your property
committee is dedicating the
entire week of November 8th
thru November 15th for outside
clean-up of church grounds.
Stop by anytime and work as
you are able in one of the much
needed project areas: trim
bushes, pull thistles from ivy,
trim ivy off our church walls,
pull weeds in flower beds, pull
ivy from the trees in the parking
lot, pull grass growing around
the light poles, pull weeds
growing in parking lot and
sidewalk cracks, pick up sticks
and branches, rake leaves out of
ivy or flower beds, clear outside
basement steps of debris, or
anything you see we could use.
All trimmings can go directly
into the dumpster. Tools, rakes,
brooms, and equipment can be
provided, just stop in for
School Project is Adopt-aPlatoon. We will fill stockings
with gifts and goodies for
soldiers during the Sunday
school hour on November 23.
Items needed include holiday
candy, socks, hot chocolate or
cider packs, hand-held games,
word puzzles, holiday pens or
pencils, travel-size toiletries or
just use your imagination. A
donations will be placed in the
narthex. In order for the project
to obtain any possible Thrivent
reimbursement, please save
your receipts and bring them
along to church and put them in
the receipts box on top of the
table in the narthex. Thank you!
2014 Holiday Decorations
For this year’s decorations, we
will once again be hanging 22”
wreaths at a cost of $17 each
and one 36” wreath at a cost of
approximately $45. Poinsettias
will be available to decorate the
chancel on Christmas Eve at a
cost of $10. Also a tree with
Stars made by Diana Weaver
representing contributions to the
ELCA World Hunger Appeal
will once again stand in our
narthex. Anyone contributing
$5 to World Hunger may take a
star from the tree at any time
after our Christmas Eve service.
To sponsor any of the above in
memory or honor of our loved
ones, envelopes will be
available in the church pew
racks or call the church office
(637-8904). In order to place
our poinsettia order in advance,
we would appreciate all orders
by December 8 but we must
establish an absolute deadline
date of Monday, December 15
Poinsettias can also be picked
up after our Christmas Eve
service or any time that
following week keeping in mind
however that the church office
will be closed for an additional
day on Friday, December 26.
Preschool News
Preschool Yard/Bake Sale in
September was a huge success!
We raised $739.82 for our
school and students on that day.
We wish to thank all our
members and friends for
donating items for the sale
including some great bake sale
items and soup. A most sincere
thank you for the monetary
donations to St. Mark Preschool
as well. To enhance their
donation will be used to
purchase items for the children
to use in the school classrooms.
We wish to take this
opportunity to thank everyone
for your continued support of
our preschool.
GIANT A+ Rewards – NEW
this year! If you signed up
before, you do NOT need to
register again this year If you
shop at GIANT and have a
BONUS CARD look at the
bottom of your receipt. It should
say A+ School Rewards and list
the number of points received in
your current visit and the total
earned for the current month. If
you do NOT see this info. on
your receipt, you need to
register. You can do this by
signing the form on the table in
our narthex and Martha Lippy
will take care of signing you up.
The program this year runs
from October 5 to March 22,
2015. All money received will
be added to our Scholarship
Fund. Won’t you please help
us? REMINDER: Signing up
for A+ School Rewards does
not take points away from Gas
Rewards or Turkey Certificates
or any other Giant promotions.
CAMPBELL’S labels for
education is another way to
help our preschool get FREE
educational items for our
students. We do NOT need the
entire label so please take the
time to cut out only the UPC
code as shown to the right of
the following label example:
Local CROP Hunger Walk:
Thanks to all who participated
in the October 19 Walk against
hunger. In addition to their
sponsors, our walkers included:
Linda Bolin, John and Jenene
Conrad, Shirley Hippensteel
and her daughter (Sandy Dubs
and friend, Chad Rosa), Martha
grandsons, Justin and Derek
Eline, Nancy Sandruck, Diana
Weaver, and Steve, Kim,
Courtney, and Bethany Zinn.
Watch for a complete follow-up
report (including donations
placed in THE JUG on our
narthex table) in our weekly
service bulletin announcements
sometime soon and/or in our
December newsletter.
GIVE THANKS: This year's
community-wide Thanksgiving
Eve Service, sponsored by the
Hanover Area Council of
Churches, will be at Hanover
Church of the Brethren, 601
Wilson Avenue, Hanover on
Wednesday, November 26 at
7:30pm. An offering will be
taken of food items for PAL as
well as a monetary offering to
support the ministries of the
In Our Community
LSS (Lutheran Social Services)
wants us to be aware of
fraudulent fundraising phone
calls from individuals stating
they are representatives of LSS.
If you or anyone you know
receives a call from anyone
claiming to be raising money
for LSS or any of its programs
and services, please remember
that the foundation currently
does not solicit funds via
telephone or raise funds on
behalf of any other organization
or cause. We are also reminded
to never give the caller any
personal information (names,
addresses, phone numbers or
anything that could be used to
identify you). End the call as
immediately write down the
date and time of the call,
whether or not the voice was
that of a male or female and if
there were any distinguishing
characteristics to the caller’s
voice. In addition, if a phone
number appears on your caller
ID, please note that number also
and then report this information
to local law enforcement as
soon as possible.
Kirchenwald to host annual
Winter Youth Retreat for Third
– Ninth Graders
Enjoy Kirchenwald in the
Winter! Play broom hockey and
other games on the frozen pond.
Have fun sledding, playing
snow soccer and other winter
games. Creative Bible studies
and worship experiences led by
our summer camp counselors
are an important part of this
retreat. Meet new friends and
catch up with your summer
camp friends. Other indoor and
outdoor activities may be
included, as the weather
dictates. Registration $135. To
get more information, see their
website or call 717-677-8211.
Advent Family Retreat: It’s so
easy for us to get caught up in
the busyness of day-to-day
living. When you throw in the
added excitement of preparing
shopping, concerts, decorating,
parties, etc.), Advent, a season
meant for prayerful thoughts
and reflection, can quickly
devolve into a whirlwind of
tinsel, bows and credit card
This December, set aside some
time for your family to think
about keeping Advent. Lutheran
Central PA will be exploring
traditional and new ways of
waiting and watching for the
birth of Christ, even while the
flurry of contemporary culture
swirls about us. We are invited
to join them on December 1213, at Nawakwa’s Zinn-Tozer
Lodge. Registration is available
on the camping corporation’s
“When Grief Colors the
Holidays”: As the holiday
season rapidly approaches, we
are reminded that, while this is
a celebrative time for many,
there are large numbers of
people for whom the holidays
pose difficult emotional and
spiritual problems in regard to
grief and loss. That being said,
a free program is being offered
by Spiritual Care – WellSpan
Health and presented by the
Rev. Dr. Ted L. Trout-Landen
on Monday, December 1 from
7-8pm at York Hospital,
Medical Education Pavilion 1st
Floor, Classroom 10 A/B.
Please call: 812-3039 for
reservations. Seating is limited
– Parking is free.
Free Flu Shots for all
uninsured or underinsured
individuals who are age 18 and
older are offered by the
Hanover Area Council of
Churches on Sat. November 22
from 9am to ? at New Hope
Ministries, 529 Carlisle St. (Red
Cross Bldg.) in Hanover. And
will also be available during the
regularly scheduled FREE
Medical Clinics on Nov. 4 and
18 from 10:30am to Noon at the
Hanover Area Council of
Churches, 136 Carlisle Street
as long as supplies last. Clinics
also include both blood pressure
and glucose screenings. For
further information, please
contact the Hanover Area
Council of Churches, 633-6353.
Mark Your Calendars now for
Feed-A-Friend marathon on
1280AM WHVR December 3
thru 5 where you can call in and
make a pledge for New Hope
5:30pm Spoken
Liturgy of Word
and Sacrament
All Saints Sunday
(Daylight Savings Time Ends at 2am
so set your clocks back)
9:00am Holy Communion Worship Service
10:20am Sunday School
Luther - The Movie
Presentation in Church Parlor
10:30am TrebleBells
Worship and Music Comm. Mtg
22nd Sunday after Pentecost
9:00am Holy Communion Worship Service
w/ Dedication of Quilts
10:20am Sunday School
Confirmation Class
10:30am TrebleBells
Bingo at Utz Terrace
23rd Sunday after Pentecost
9:00am Holy Communion Worship Service
10:20am Sunday School
10:30am TrebleBells
3pm Felix Hell Organ Concert in Sanctuary
Committee Meeting
St. Mark Eats
at El’Rancho
on Elm Avenue
Task Force Mtg
Committee Meeting
Combined “Bells”
Newsletter Deadline
Committee Meeting
PAL Team #1 serves lunch at HACC
First Sunday of Advent
9:00am Holy Communion Worship Service
10:20am Sunday School
10:30am TrebleBells
Council Meeting
Committee Meeting
Bible Study
Blood Pressure
9am Sewing Group
5:30pm Spoken
Liturgy of Word
and Sacrament
Bible Study
5:30pm Spoken
Liturgy of Word
and Sacrament
Trinity Choir
Trinity Choir
9am Sewing Group
7pm HAAMI Meets
in Parlor
SOS Group Meets in
Counseling Offices
Christ the King Sunday
9:00am Holy Communion Worship Service
10:20am Sunday School “Adopt-A-Platoon”
Confirmation Class
10:3am TrebleBells
Trinity Choir
Thanksgiving Eve
Service at Hanover
Church of the
9am Sewing Group
Committee Meeting
Guiding Hearts with
Hope Webinar
Office Closed
Suicide Survivors Support Group—7:00pm 3rd Monday
HAAMI—7:00pm 1st Wednesday
Coffee and Donuts Fellowship is Served in the Office Hallway after Sunday Morning Services
5:30pm Spoken
Liturgy of Word
and Sacrament
“Bells” newsletter
Bible Study
Office Closed
Additional Day
for Holiday
5:30pm Spoken
Liturgy of Word
and Sacrament
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church
129 Charles Street
Hanover, PA 17331
November Newsletter is presented to the Glory of God
In Memory of Loved Ones By Sam and Marie Wise!
By the grace of God in and through Jesus Christ, the mission of the people of
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hanover, Pennsylvania, is to hear and share the
Good News of Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament ministry. Since our founding in
1864 it has been the mission of the people of St. Mark Church to testify in word and deed
that no one is outside God’s mercy in Jesus Christ.
The St. Mark Bells
November, 2014
St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church
129 Charles Street, Hanover PA 17331
Office - (717) 637-8904 Fax - (717) 637-3040
Website: email [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:30
Church Staff
Pastor: Rev. Kirk Griffin
cell (717) 808-1986 [email protected]
Office Coordinator: Mary Lynn Berry
cell (717) 880-4321 [email protected]
Director of Music: Melinda Elnaggar – 357-0612 (cell)
Interim Organist: Arlo Ehly – 253-8953 (cell)
Sexton/Housekeeper: Erin Eyster – 858-5492 (cell)
Preschool Director: Martha Lippy – 637-8891
Financial Secretary: Cara Lynn Clabaugh – 637-1154
Congregation Council
President: Rick Pado – 633-1486
Vice-President: Chris Kindschuh – 630-0535
Secretary: Alison Peterson – 359-4666
Treasurer: Susan O’Brien – 412-952-9057 (cell)
Additional 2014 Councilmembers:
Earl Barnhart, Robert Kerr, Carol Reese,
Robert Rhoten, Eric Shipman,
Bill VandenHeuvel, and Ron Wentz