2 Party Drill Team’s second annual PJ

Friday, November 7, 2014
Glendale High School Explosion
Drill Team’s second
annual PJ Party
News Editor
Drill team hosted its second PJ Party
on Oct. 17 in the gymnasiums and dance
room. The event successfully had over 400
students attend.
Migelle Orobia, a GHS senior who attended the PJ Party, said he was glad he
went and he enjoyed the free hair cuts offered. The event lasted for nearly 4 hours
and “not a minute was boring!” said student, Shereen Garcia.
The Party included free hair cuts,
bounce houses, movies, free popcorn,
candy, and much more. The event featured
two scary movies, The Conjuring and Annabelle, and two comedies, Tammy and 22
Jump Street.
Kristian Buhl, the head captain of the
dance team, said he is extremely proud of
his team for putting together a successful
event and the outcome of it made it even
more amazing. He says, “I’m glad the
school got to enjoy something my team has
worked so hard on.”
This year’s event was unique due to
the free haircuts, the obstacle course, and
interactive bounce houses. Students were
also able to get Polaroid pictures from the
photo booth.
Concession stand food ranged from
chocolate pudding dirt cups, candy, pa-
zookies, pizza, ice cream floats, and more
Halloween themed treats.
The biggest success of the night was
the Karaoke corner where students of all
grade levels sung together, laughed, and
rooted for their peers. The Karaoke station
also played the role as the sound system for
the night, so students all over the gym were
able to enjoy the music.
Arya Sinha and Pabasara Ranasinghe,
two seniors, spent the night drawing elaborate Henna tattoos on attendees. Students
were excited to get designs from the two
talented girls and were smiling with excitement as they got their temporary tattoo
Drill team’s week-long lunch rallies,
dress up days, and mass Social media posts
had a considerable hand in helping to make
the PJ Party such a huge success. Through
the lunch games, students who participated
were able to win free tickets to the event as
well as PJ Party T-shirts.
The night ended with most of the attendees in the large gym watching Annabelle for their first time. The audience
screamed and shouted in shock but overall, everyone enjoyed their time. As Marco
Zamora described it, “it was like one big
sleepover with all your friends!”
We can look forward to Drill Team’s
next event, the annual school talent show,
Variety Show, on Nov. 20-21 in the John
Wayne Performing Arts Center.
Photo by Berj Ghazarian
Senior Avo Haroutunian donates blood on Sept. 10 at the UCLA sponsored blood drive that collected 139 pints of blood and saved approximately 417 lives. The next blood drive will be held Feb. 12.
Senior Campus
Character List 2015
The Stylus staff announced the winners of this year’s Campus Characters for yearbook.
They will appear in the 2015 Stylus, which comes out in May.
Photo Courtesy of Stylus
Freshman Sammy Matara enjoys one of the many bounce houses at the
PJ Party held on Oct. 17. The annual event was sponsored by the Drill
* The Homecoming game is tonight at 7 p.m. against Hoover at GHS. Admission is
$5 for students. GHS fans sit on the away side of the stadium. There is no “crossover” from one side of the stadium to the other once you are inside. The Homecoming dance is tomorrow night at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.
* Freshmen class officers have been announced:
President: Anna Arzumanyan
Vice President: Tigran Danielyan
Secretary: Neil Reyes
Director of Finance: Jesus Mendoza
Director of Publicity: Ani Ordubekyan
* The Stylus staff announced that this year’s yearbook will be all color.
Yearbooks can be purchased at the student store or online at: glendalehigh.com
The deadline to have your senior portrait taken for the yearbook is Dec. 20. Make
your appointment at Whites-Studios.com. Senior quote forms can be found in room
6110. All quotes will be reviewed by the school administration to make sure they
are appropriate. Senior “Grad Ads” are now being taken.
* Submissions are now open for the new GHS Art & Literary Journal. Students
may submit their original creative writing (poetry, prose, lyrics, recipes, reviews,
essays) and images of artwork (photography, drawings, paintings, comics, doodles,
etc.). Turn in all work by Friday, Dec. 5. Contact Adriana Yugovich in 7107 and
Nicoleta Soris in 7203 for the submission form.
Best Smile
Nikko Vergara & Karla Sipaque
Best Physique
Luis Ruiz & Sevana Stepanian
Cutest Couple
Jason Te & Amber Borillo
Class Clown
Anthony Cano & Grace Tappin
Nicest Eyes
Manuk Piloyan & Christina Hanna
Best Dressed
Doug Schowengerdt & Miso Dam
Best Hair
Austin Barcelona & Vehik Golabi
Most Likely to Succeed
Liam Spires & Gabby Yanai
Life of the Party
Doug Schowengerdt & Amy Lopez
Most Changed Since 9th Grade
Jacob Akopian & Sarah Markarian
Best Friends
BoysGerardo Hernandez & Louis Piedra
GirlsArya Sinha & Pabasara Ranasinghe
CoedDoug Schowengerdt & Ariella Ruiz
Most Artistic
Hamlet Ghazaryan & Maddie Wills
Most Spirited
Jose Ruiz & Gracie Carrasco
Couple That Never Was
Sam Peplow & Grace Tappin
Biggest Flirt
Kristian Buhl & Monika Beuzet
Most Sarcastic
David Casaburi & Sarah Brockway
Jose Ruiz & Angela Pogossian
Most Athletic
Daniel Jung & Caroline Cubero
Angel Martinez & Kathleen Reyes
Kristian Buhl & Michelle Cuaresma
Most Photogenic
Nikko Vergara & Claire Bernardo
Never Gets Caught
Nathan Liv & Mary Nacu
Drama King/Queen
Armando Alberto & Ivanna Gamboa
Biggest Klutz
Jacob Kavarian & Laura Tabanyi
Most Like to Brighten Your Day
Jose Ruiz & Jaehee Lee
Most Likely to Rule the World
Garrett Fritz & Shushanik Gabrielyan
Best Facial Structure
Hamlet Ghazaryan & Danielle Fabian
Worst Driver
Tyler Lousararian & Nora Arakelyan