Previous employment

Robert Hrelja, 19740112.
VTI / Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.
Olaus Magnus väg 35 / SE-581 95 Linköping / Sweden.
Direct: +46 13 20 40 87.
Cell phone: +46 70 883 27 40.
E-mail: [email protected]
Short research description
My research is concerned with the development and evolution of transport systems. I am
interested in how the actions of interested parties, their attitudes, and expertise influence the
potential for change, often with policy, implementation, and power as analytical themes.
Within the field of transport, I have primarily researched the changes to transport systems
prompted by environmental issues and climate change. Much of my research has focussed on
the reasons why local authority decision-making and social planning is prone to tunnel vision,
and the ways this can be remedied. I have, for example, studied how the strategies adopted by
local politicians and officials to handle conflicting objectives lead to a continuance of
planning for car use, in spite of policy objectives to the contrary; how power relations
between actor groups influence local decision-making; and how to achieve improved
cooperation between urban planning and transport planning in Swedish local authorities. A
further field of study I have worked with is road safety. Here too, my interest has been in how
the attitudes and actions of politicians and officials influence the form of transport systems,
for example by assessing the balance between traffic flow and road safety in decisions on
speed limits.
Articles in peer reviewed journals
Hrelja, Robert. Integrating transport and land-use planning? How steering cultures in local
authorities affect implementation of integrated public transport and land use planning
(forthcoming). Accepted for publication in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and
Hrelja, Robert, Hjerpe, Mattias, Storbjörk, Sofie. (forthcoming). Creating Transformative
Force? The Role of Spatial Planning in Climate Change Transitions Towards Sustainable
Transportation. Accepted for publication in Environmental Policy and Planning. DOI:
Svensson, Tomas, Summerton, Jane & Hrelja, Robert, 2013. The Politics of Speed - local and
regional actors' views on speed limits, traffic safety and mobility in Sweden. European
Transport Research Review, (6) 1, pp 43–50.
Hrelja, Robert, Isaksson, Karolina & Tim Richardson 2013. “Choosing conflict on the road to
sustainable mobility: a risky strategy for breaking path dependency in urban policy
making", Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2013 (49).
Hrelja, Robert & Antonson, Hans, 2012.”Handling User Needs. Methods for Knowledge
Creation in Swedish Transport Planning”, European Transport Research Review, 2012 (4)
Hrelja, Robert, Isaksson, Karolina & Tim Richardson, 2012. “IKEA and small city
development in Sweden: planning myths, realities and unsustainable mobilities”,
International Planning Studies, (12) 2.
Hrelja, Robert, 2011. “The Tyranny of Small Decisions. Unsustainable Cities and Local Dayto-Day Transport Planning”, Planning Theory & Practice, 2011 (12) 4.
Forsman, Åsa, Hrelja, Robert, Henriksson, Per & Wiklund, Mats, 2011. “Co-operation
between police and social treatment services offering treatment to drink and drug drivers –
experience in Sweden”, Traffic Injury Prevention, 2011 (12) 1.
Books and book chapters
Hrelja, Robert, 2010, ”Urban politik i mötet mellan transporter, miljö och regional tillväxt –
aktörer, konflikter, planeringsprocesser” [“Urban politics and planning for sustainability,
regional growth and enhanced mobility. Actors and conflicts”], in Klimatets krav på
samhället, eds., Graninger, Göran, Linköping University Electronic Press.
Hrelja, Robert, 2006, I hettan från ångpannan. Vetenskap och politik i konflikter om tekniska
anläggningar [In the Heat of the Incinerator. Science and Politics in Conflicts about
Technology], (diss.). Arkiv Förlag, Lund.
Some reports since 2009
Hrelja, Robert, Hansson, Lisa, Richardson, Tim, Svensson, Tomas, Lissandrello, Enza, Næss,
Petter, Tennøy, Aud, Longva, Frode 2013. Innovations for sustainable public transport:
experiences and challenges in the Scandinavian countries. VTI-report 799, Linköping.
Hrelja, Robert 2012, Miljövänligare transporter? Mål- och intressekonflikter i kommunala
och regionala besluts- och planeringsprocesser [Environmentally friendly transport
systems? Conflicting aims and interests in decision-making and planning processes at the
regional and local authority level]. VTI-report 754, Linköping.
Hrelja, Robert och Nyberg, Jonna 2012, Samordning av trafik- och bebyggelseplanering.
Förutsättningar för hållbar mobilitet [Integrated traffic and land use planning for
sustainable mobility], VTI-report 742, Linköping.
Hrelja, Robert och Antonsson, Hans, 2011, Kundorientering av myndigheter. Hur kunskap om
medborgarna och näringslivet skapas i Vägverket [Customer needs and public authorities.
Knowledge and methods in planning], VTI-report 709, Linköping.
Svensson, Tomas, Hrelja, Robert & Summerton, Jane 2010, Beslut om hastighetsgränser i en
region. Prioriteringar, avvägningar och aktörer i regionala beslutsprocesser [Decisions
on speed limits. Priorities, trade-offs and actors in regional decision-making]. VTI-report
667, Linköping.
Bjørnskau, Torkel, Assum, Terje, Eriksson, Louise, Hrelja, Robert och Nyberg, Jonna 2010,
Personvern og ITS-baserte trafikksikkerhetsstiltak. En studie av streknings-ATK,
automatisk fartstilpasning (ISA) og atferdsregistrator (EDR), TØI rapport 1097/2010,
Transportøkonomisk institutt, Oslo.
Hrelja, Robert, Forsman, Åsa, Forsberg, Inger, Henriksson, Per & Wiklund, Mats, 2009,
Utvärdering av projektet Nationell samverkan mot alkohol & droger i trafiken enligt
Skelleftemodellen. Syntesrapport [Joint national action against drunk and drugged drivers
according to the Skellefte Model. Synthesis report], VTI report 637, Linköping.
Hrelja, Robert & Forsberg, Inger, 2009, Utvärdering av projektet Nationell samverkan mot
alkohol & droger i trafiken enligt Skelleftemodellen. Intervjuundersökning [Joint national
action against drunk and drugged drivers according to the Skellefte Model – an interview
study], VTI report 6-2009, Linköping.