Äldre odlingsvärda äppel- och päronsorter

Äldre odlingsvärda
äppel- och
Rätt frukt i rätt tid
• Sommar frukt (Aug-Sep)
• Höstfrukt (Okt-Nov)
• Vinterfrukt (Dec-
• Hushållsfrukt
• Bordsfrukt
• Dessertfrukt
Odling av frukt
Var ?
• Slott
• Herresäten
• Gårdar
Till vem ?
• Egna hushållet
• Till avsalu
Foto: Gullmar Henäng
Gyllenkroks Astrakan
Unclear lineage, but probably originated in the 1700s
when Rain Holm country seat in Östergötland, which
was then owned by the family Gyllenkrok.
The apple has a pleasant taste and matures at end of
August. It is one of our top summer apples and is
grown widely in Sweden.
It is the apple emblem for Östergötland.
Foto: Gullmar Henäng
A widely cultivated variety of uncertain origiin,
thought to have originated through seeding of the
variety Kaniker in the 1700s.
The variety has an aromatic flesh that is sometimes
clear. The fruit ripens in September and lasts for
around a month, they can be eaten directly and used
in cooking.
Oranie is the apple emblem for Dalsland.
Foto: Kent Kastman, Äpplen i Sverige
The variety has been grown on Gotland from the
early 1800s and has since spread to other parts of
Sweden. The origin is unclear, but may be a core
drilling from a foreign variety.
Matures in November and can be stored a few
The flesh is tender and juicy with a pleasant taste.
The apple emblem for Gotland.
Gul Richard
• Göteborgs Diamant
• Kanelpäron
• Williams
• Södermanlandspäron
• Filip
• Noveau Poiteau
• Charneu
• General Totleben