Salisbury Park Primary School

Salisbury Park Primary School
5th November 2014
Issue 2 Term 4
Dates to
Friday 7th
8.45 am Assembly
Miss Blair
Excursion Redgum 2 and
Redgum 4Poo Doo Gurus
Monday 10th
Physical Education Week
Tuesday 11th
Remembrance Day
Wednesday 12th
Kindy Transition Begins
Saturday 15th
Salisbury Pageant
Monday 17th
Head Start to High School
for Year 6’s at SEHS
Friday 21st
Sports Day
Tuesday 2nd
6.30 pm Gov Council Mtg
Friday 5th
8.45 am Assembly
Mr Sutton
Leadership Team: Principal - Graham Elliott
Deputy Principal - Mary McDeed
Dear Parents,
I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Melissa Field to the
school. Melissa was due to start at the school next year however she agreed to
come back a term early and has taken over Carly Neilson’s position teaching the
reception students. Melissa is incredibly dedicated and has settled in really well
and we are very lucky to have her at our site permanently. Welcome to our community Melissa. Melissa will be teaching one of our Junior Primary Classes in
We have recently had our new water tanks installed so that we can recycle the run off from the
gym roof and use it on our very successful student gardens. Each garden now has its’ own tap and
drip feed system so that our gardens can flourish through the hot weather. We have worked hard
over the last three years to teach the students the importance of recycling and reusing and our
worm farm, chicken coup, colour coded recycling bins, recycling cages for our cans, bottles and
juice containers all add to the children understanding the very important concept of sustainability.
Why is Sustainability Important / Our Future Depends Upon It
Sustainability is important because all the choices we pursue and all the actions that we make today
will affect everything in the future. We need to make sound decisions at present in order to avoid
limiting the choices of generations to come. The concept of sustainability is a major perspective
within the National Education Curriculum and I commend our students for their positive attitude
towards recycling and reusing.
Thank-you to all of the parents and teachers who gave so generously of their time and supported
the Halloween disco on Friday night. The discos at this school are amazing and the students always
get into the spirit of the evening with some wonderful costumes and scary face painting. A big
thankyou also to Gabriano’s Pizza for providing us with such great pizza at such a cheap price.
Gabriano’s has supported us for many years and in my last three years at the school the price has
not gone up so on behalf of the students and the staff a big thankyou. I must let you know that the
DJ was blown away by the manners and respect from the students who attended and he DJ’s at a
lot of different schools and venues. Our school values of: Honesty, Respect, Fairness and Belonging are very important to us and our children make me very proud when I receive this sort of feedback and I get it often about our students, remember ‘Manners are timeless’.
Finally, this time of the year gets very busy. Coming up we have our Remembrance Day assembly,
Kindy transition visits, Salisbury Pageant and Sports Day. I would like to thank the parent community in advance as I have already had several parents volunteer to cook the barbecue or serve on the
cake stall. As usual I will be asking for cake and biscuit donations for the Sports day cake stall.
This community has proven itself to be very generous in the past and I ask that all cakes/biscuits
(and special Principal treats) be dropped off to the school on Thursday the 20th of November, the
day before Sports Day, so that my wonderful parent fundraising group can price the items.
Thankyou for your ongoing support, this is a great school and a great community
Take Care, Graham.
Congratulations to our winners: Best Dressed—Zoe Miller,Thomas Pederick-Hull, Kaitee
Rush and Jaycob Birg-Smith. Best Dancers—Jay Lloyd, Chloe Sheppard, Elysse Klein and
George Wong-Woolford. Door Prize—Emmerson Jans and Shannen Johnston.
Values: Belonging, Fairness, Honesty and Respect
Literacy and Values Award Winners
Students are recognised each fortnight for their excellence in a number of learning areas.
Teachers will nominate students who have displayed excellent work in Literacy, and in
their modelling of our school values of: Respect, Honesty, Belonging and Fairness.
Congratulations to this fortnights recipients:
Literacy— Caitlin, Josh, Aiden, Geoffrey, Alyssa, Samantha, Zoe, Alisha, Jay, Madison,
Dallas, Harley, Taylor, Kira, Kevin, and David.
MultiLit/MiniLit — Caitlin and Alyssa.
Values — Tegan, Zaine, Christian, Emily, Taylor, Rhiana, William, Imogen, Paige, Stefan, Kay-Lee, Sean,
Thomas, Mitchal, Jaycob and Kain.
Sports—Lacey, Christian, Roy, Brodie, Shi-Anne, Dallas, Thomas.
Traffic Monitors
Thankyou to all of our monitors who have helped us last fortnight:
Alyssa, Geoffrey, Caitlin, Nikki, Rosie and Diane.
Next term our monitors are:
Week starting Monday 10th November:
Oliver Hill, David Mapstone and Ken Hin.
Week starting Monday 17th November:
Alyssa White, Caitlin Stevenson and Brey Hurkmans.
Freemont-Elizabeth City High School
Special Music Scholarships for 2015—Students currently from Year 7
Adelaide North Primary Music Hub for students from Year 2—7
This is an intensive music course, including choir, available for students who are currently learning an instrument, or who have a special talent or interest in music, and would like to study it at greater depth. Entry
to this course is by audition only, through a relatively simple procedure. Students attend 1 1/2 hours on
Tuesdays and perform in 2 concerts per year.
Please ask at the office for more information or application forms.
We are in need of dark blue
shorts for emergencies.
If you have any to spare
please drop them off at the
Thank you
Head Lice
Please make a regular time every week to
check your children for signs of head lice.
Take action to kill and remove the lice and
their eggs before, during and after treatment.
Free head lice shampoo is
available from the office
for school card holders.
Goddard Drive, Salisbury Park SA5109
PO Box 910, Salisbury SA 5108
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 82816422
Kapunda’s Mega Community Garage Sales—Family Fun
When: Satur day 8th November fr om 8am—4pm
Where: maps available from Kapunda Visitor Centre
Sausage sizzle from 8 am in the main street. Information: 8566 2902
Credit Union Christmas Pageant
When: Satur day November 8th fr om 9.30 am
Where: Adelaide
Mawson Centre Christmas Market
When: Satur day 15th November fr om 10 am—1 pm
Where: 2-8 Main Street Mawson Lakes
Free Parenting Seminar—Living with a Toddler (attend in person or view the webcast)
When: Monday 24th November fr om 7.15—9.00 pm
Where: Riverbank Room Adelaide Convention Centre
Online http://par antingsa.eventbr phone: 8303 1660 email: health.par [email protected]
Values: Belonging, Fairness, Honesty and Respect
Building parent-school partnerships
WORDS Malcolm Dix
Oh, so serious!
When Malcolm Dix found himself taking life
too quickly and too seriously, he decided to
take a dose of his own medicine.
Everywhere I go I hear from parents that
they are too busy, too stressed, and have too
much to do and not enough time. Many social
observers say parents seeing themselves
as ‘time poor’ is at epidemic levels, a belief
that is only compounded by technology that
enables us to be connected 24/7.
At one point I personally had to take some
time to stop and honestly reflect upon my
own life and that of my family. It didn’t take
long for me to see that I too had become
caught up in the ‘busyness’ of life.
I knew that for the sake of my kids and
my family, I had to make a change but it
requires a day-in day-out conscious level of
commitment – a commitment to practise
joy, fun, patience, forgiveness, silliness, bad
dancing and reflection.
Currently I’m doing seven things to calm
my life down and that of my family while
trying to create more space for my children
to simply enjoy their childhood. (Some of
the following I’m sure you already do but it’s
taken me a while to figure them out).
My strategies to slow down and not
be so busy are as follows:
1 Eat together as a family at the
table at least four nights a week
There has been more and more written about
the importance of families eating together
and the positive effect it has on children and
adults alike. I have to say I’m enjoying it.
2 Avoid watching the nightly news
5 Exercise together
I’ve stopped watching the news and to my
surprise the sky never collapsed as I had
feared. I’m a much happier man not watching
the oh-so-depressing’ news.
I exercise with my kids at least four times a
week, usually at the local park kicking the
footy, throwing a frisbee, running with our
dog and so on. I have realised that the best
way to get them all moving is by moving
myself too.
3 Turn off the TV and sit
around an open fire
I’ve constructed a simple fire pit in our innercity backyard and every second weekend my
partner, the kids and I toast marshmallows,
listen to funny songs, talk and look up at the
stars. Who needs to go camping to enjoy the
outdoors! My eldest boy (13 years old) is also
learning to set a fire and his younger brothers
are learning a lot about flames, hot coals and
what happens to marshmallows when they
are left in the fire for too long. Meanwhile my
16-year-old daughter will stare at the flames
for an hour thinking about who knows what
… but for me this is better than seeing her
staring at social media or watching mindless
4 Dance together
I’ve made the conscious decision to start
dancing in the kitchen with my kids at least
three times a week. I can’t dance to save
myself, however I have three boys and if
they are ever going to learn to dance and
be comfortable with moving their bodies, I
suddenly realized I have to lead the way. This
parenting caper sure can be humiliating at
times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
6 Explore nature together
I’ve started spending more time in nature
with my kids by taking them to the river, the
hills, lakes, nature parks. I keep it local, with
the occasional longer drive on weekends.
I contacted my local council and found so
many fun things to do as a family in my local
area that I never knew existed … who would
have thunk it!
7 Limit your own
social networking
I have severely reduced my time spent on
social media such as Facebook, Twitter
etc. My personality type could disappear
into social media and never come back so I
knew I had to significantly change my ways
and, once again, it’s all about positive role
modelling for my kids.
So there you have it, my strategies for
simplifying and calming my family life. As a
result I’m happier, less stressed and far more
‘present’ for everyone which, in turn, is having
a positive effect on my kids.
Malcolm Dix
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