letter News Term 4:

Today’s Assembly
Term 4: 12th November 2014
Our Principal’s News
By Mark Creevey
Dear Parents,
No doubt you will probably be affected in some way by the planned public holiday for the
G20 on Friday especially if you work in Brisbane. Since we are not in the Brisbane City
Council region life, will continue as normal for us here at St. Benedict’s with the regular
lessons and activities happening.
Yesterday we reflected on our time of respect and silence to mark the significance of Remembrance Day. We held
our minute of silence on the 11th day of the 11th month to pay our respect to those who have died and suffered
in conflicts since the end of the first World War some 96 years ago. The red poppy has been a long time symbol of
Remembrance days as it has links with the flowers which grew on the fields of Flanders in Belgium, and other sites
in the many battles of World War 1.
This Friday our Yr 3 students will be participating in our community Mass here at St. Benedict’s. Parents are
always most welcome to attend even if it is not your class participating or leading the mass. Mass starts at 9am
on Friday in the hall.
Orientation for our new students coming into classes in 2015 (other than Prep) will be held on Thursday 20th
November. This will be a relatively small intake as we have very few available positions for 2015. If you are aware
of your circumstances changing and that you will be elsewhere in 2015 please advise the office. Many thanks for
your thoughtfulness.
A special thank you to the P&F Association for all of your wonderful support this year.
At last week’s meeting some big projects were finalized and approval for some ongoing
financial assistance associated with graduations and the acquisition of additional
classroom resources which will benefit every student in the school. The P&F have made
every effort to support the school in many ways and they are to be congratulated for their significant endeavours.
It is most appreciated. Well Done!
Last week I announced our teaching staff for 2015. Some parents have requested specific teachers for
2015. Parent preferences for particular teachers will NOT be considered as we have the best interests of
600 students to consider and it is not possible to meet every expectation. If a parent has a genuine educational
reason for a particular class then that will be considered and only for that child. Genuine educational requests
need to be put in writing and addressed to me. Thank you for your understanding.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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Our Principal’s News continued
By Mark Creevey
If we have any parents who have a bus licence for a
34 seater bus and are able to help drive on a casual
basis and only around local suburbs, could you please
let the office know of your availability please. Many
Café News Term 4
The last day of Café online/paper bag orders for
the year will be Friday 28th November but
Wednesday 3rd December will be a $1.00 day
with only over the counter items sold. This will
include hot items, chips, drinks and ice blocks.
Order via
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
During the next 3 weeks our community is invited to
bring in a non-perishable food item
that will go towards making food
hampers to be shared with families
who are really struggling at this
time. For more information see Mrs
Hickey’s Pastoral Coordinator News
on page 6.
Thought for the week: “Evil multiplies when good
people don’t champion what’s right.”
Have a great week!
This Weeks Principal’s Awards
Hannah Aboghazaleh
Joshua Bruzzano Warrington
Claire Mancini
Gretel Davis
Milli Watson
Olivia Thomas
Chloe Witalik
Alex Jurss & Alexandra Goodchild
Sienna Randall
Brooke Stewart and Aislinn Trudgen
Samuel Hocking & Curtis Slater
Lilly Thistlethwaite & James Locke
Tom Breakspear
Oscar Davies
Bailey Cavanagh
Amity Smith
Abby Hanson
Jillian Nava Street
Leynelle D’Penha
Chelsea Creed
Jayden Lynch & Aimee Hastie
Catherine Lee
Taylah Hotham
Next Tuesday 18th is the last
banking day to redeem rewards
before the end of the year.
After School Sailing
“After School Sailing at Redcliffe Sailing Club was amazing fun with us capsizing our boats, having a bailing
competition on who could empty their boat full of water the fastest and having a water fight while practising how
to control the jib, main sail, tiller and how to bail. The trainers were incredible at teaching us how to sail and
keeping it fun for all of us. Sailing on Fridays was amazing fun.” By Lachlan Hill and Cameron Gargaro
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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APA News
By Fran Burke Assistant Principal Administration
Music News
Reminder: No SENIOR or JUNIOR Band next
Wednesday 19th November due to the combined
Catholic Schools Band Workshop.
Our Junior and Senior Bands and Junior Choir
performed at our school assembly this morning. It was
wonderful for the community to witness the talents of
the students involved. Congratulations to all of our band
and choir students for their hard work throughout the
year. These students are not only talented, but also
dedicated in their practices outside of school hours. We
would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.
Anthony Nelson and Mr. Donald Smith for their
leadership of our school bands and choirs this year.
Our Junior Band will be performing for our
Years 2 and 3 students in the Hall at 2pm this
afternoon. We invite you to attend to learn about the
Band Program at St. Benedict’s. Brenda Kinsella from
Woods Wind & Brass will be at this performance to
provide information about purchasing or renting
instruments for those students who are interested in
joining the Junior Band in 2015. Notes will be sent home
to all of our Year 2 and 3 students, where parents and
students are able to nominate an instrument they may
like to learn next year. This note is due back to school
by next Wednesday the 19th of November. Our Band
coordinator Mr. Donald Smith will then be conducting
instrumental music testing with these interested
students on Wednesday the 26th of November. We look
forward more students joining the Junior Band in 2015.
Term Dates to Remember
Wednesday 12 November - 1 to 1 Laptop Parent
Information Evening for Yr 4 parents
Wednesday 19 November - Catholic Schools
Band Workshop
Thursday 20 November - 2015 New Families
STARTS 25 November - Scholastic Book Fair
in the Library
Wednesday 26 November - Yr 6 Graduation
Thursday 27 November - Yr 7 Graduation
Friday 28 November - Last Day Swimming
Lessons, Last Ordering Café Day
Monday 1 December - Prep Christmas
Wednesday 3 December - Yr 1 Extravaganza,
P&F Meeting, $1 Day at the Cafe
Friday 5 December - LAST DAY SCHOOL
Finishing at 12 noon
See the School Calendar on our website.
Next Wednesday the 19th of November our Senior Band students will be participating in a combined
Catholic Schools Band Workshop at St. Joseph’s Primary School, Bracken Ridge. Our band students will
have the opportunity to work with 4 other schools throughout the day, culminating in a concert at 1:15pm.
Students will leave school by bus (promptly at 8:30am) and will need to be picked up from St. Joseph’s Primary
School at 30 Eldorado Street, Bracken Ridge. It would be wonderful if you could attend the concert at 1:15pm, or
alternatively pick your child up at 2:15pm. Students will need to bring their school bag with their lunch, water,
hat, instrument and music on the day. We wish these students a wonderful day and know that they will represent
our school beautifully.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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APA News continued
By Fran Burke Assistant Principal Administration
1 to 1 Laptop Parent Information Evening
We are continuing with the 1 to 1 Laptop Program for
all students entering year 5 at St Benedict’s in 2015.
This program will operate over 2 years, giving the
students a laptop each for Years 5 and 6. Our Year 4
parents are invited to attend a Parent Information
Evening tonight, Wednesday 12th November at 6:30
pm in the School Hall. This evening will provide
background information about our journey towards
this decision as well as specifics about the program
such as how laptops can enhance
learning, cost, warranty, support,
policy and so on. We look forward to
sharing this information with our
Year 4 parents this evening and to
the continuation of our 1 to 1 laptop
model in 2015.
Student Achievements
Year 6 Leadership Shirts for 2015
In 2015 we will have Year 6 leadership shirts available
for parents to purchase as a celebration of their child’s
final year of primary school. Next week, our current
Year 5 students will be able to try on samples of shirts
for sizing. A note will then be sent home next
Wednesday where students will have filled in a box
with their chosen shirt size for parents to check and
then return their order form next Friday. The cost of
this shirt will be $35.00.
Semester 2 Reports
Semester 2 Reports with accompanying portfolios will
go home via students on Friday 21st November.
Optional parent/teacher interviews will be in Weeks 9
and 10 as per request.
Bennies Bright Stars
Over the past six weeks the Bennies
Bright Stars have been meeting each
Thursday afternoon to learn a new
dance. There are many new faces, with some familiar
members who have given up their time to practice a
dance and improve their confidence and dance skills.
We will be performing a piece that is inspired by
everyday heroes and showcasing the individual
differences that make us unique in our own way. The
dance emphasises the importance of being proud of
yourself and recognising your gifts that make you
special. At assembly in Week 7 the Bennies Bright
Stars will be taking to the stage to perform their dance
which we all hope you enjoy. Well done Bennies
Bright Stars! Miss Lonzar is very proud of you.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
Thank You Morning Tea
To all in our community who volunteered
during 2014. You are invited to come along
and enjoy morning tea together.
When: Wednesday 19th November
Where: School Hall
Time: After assembly at 9.15am (approx.)
It’s the many kind people who quietly volunteer who
we wish to recognise on this occasion. You work
through our Parents and Friends organisation, in
classrooms, our Library Resource Centre, our Teaching
and Learning Team Room, as class Pastoral Care
Coordinators, as car pick up attendants and countless
other ways that allows our community to live, love,
learn and celebrate together. We thank you all most
sincerely for the time and support you have given to
our St. Benedict’s Community this year. If you are able,
we’d love you to come and enjoy morning tea on
Wednesday 19th November.
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APRE Reflections
By Brett Kitchener Assistant Principal Religious Education
Dear Parents,
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
This week four weeks out from the conclusion of the school year marks the beginning of our annual St Vincent de
Paul Christmas appeal. This appeal is conducted in all Catholic Schools within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. The
SVDP Christmas appeal differs from other major appeals we commit to annually in that it supports people in our
local community rather than communities abroad. Mrs Hickey will also address this important appeal in her piece
in the newsletter across the remainder of the year.
Money is not required for this appeal rather non-perishable food is required. Teachers will collect donations in
their classrooms as they come in. At our final assembly in the last week of school, we will have all items stacked in
Eco bags under our Christmas tree for presentation to a representative from St Vincent de Paul. Please give what
you can including the Eco Bags which assist with storage and portability of the items at the conclusion of the
appeal. In anticipation of the wonderful example you’ll provide the children, I thank you on behalf of the people
SVDP will serve our donations to.
Christmas Carols
Over the last five years we have recognised the Christmas season through a number of different approaches to
Christmas Carols from formal on stage concerts, Sunday afternoon events and in the last couple of years, a casual
celebratory final assembly in the hall. On the eve of this year’s event, we are aware there are more outside of
school hours events than is normally the case at this busy time of year.
We have two graduation events for years six and seven, a year one celebration evening, prep nativity plays and
other events. Aware of the demands this puts on some members of our community, we have elected to continue
this year in the same format as last year with carols at our final assembly. Children will not perform as class
groups rather will sit on the floor on rugs. Parents who are able to attend are encouraged to sit on rugs with your
children and younger siblings who may wish to attend also. Our band, choir and mini singers will be our only
performers at this event. More information about this event will be published in coming weeks.
Thankyou Morning Tea
Next Wednesday November 19th, we will hold a thank you morning tea after assembly for all parents who
assisted in any way during the 2014 school year. Please see the invitation in this week’s School Newsletter.
If you are able to attend, we’d love to see you there.
Final Community Mass in School Time
This Friday is our final community mass for the school year. The Mass will commence at 9am in the school hall. All
members of the school and parish community are invited and welcome to attend. Our year three children will lead
us at this celebration.
Annual Catholic Campaign
At the end of our term and school year we will be joining all schools and parishes in the Archdiocese to help
support the Annual Catholic Campaign. At our Carols event on the final Wednesday of term, December 3rd, the
children will be encouraged to come to school dressed in Christmas colours of red and green. In the past some of
the students have put tinsel in their hair and other appropriate accessorising. On this day if a gold coin can be
brought along for the privilege of dressing in this way, this money will support the ACC in their important work.
The Annual Catholic Campaign gives us the opportunity to act together as one Church family to support ministries
and services that no individual parish or school can offer.
May peace be with you all.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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Pastoral Coordinator News
By Helen Hickey
Thank you to all in our community who
volunteered during 2014.
You are invited to come along and enjoy morning
tea together.
When: Wednesday 19th November
Where: School Assembly Hall
Time: After assembly at 9.15am (approx.)
It’s the many people who quietly volunteer in
classrooms, our learning centre, library, as class
coordinators, with P&F initiatives, as car park
attendants and countless other ways that allows our
community to live, love, learn and celebrate
together. We thank you all most sincerely for the
time and support you have given to our St Benedict’s
Community this year. If you are free we’d love you
to come and enjoy morning tea on Wednesday 19th
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
During the next 3 weeks our community is invited to
bring in a non-perishable food item that will go
towards making food hampers to be shared with
families who are really struggling at this time. This is a
wonderful opportunity for us to share a small act of
kindness as we move closer to Christmas. Such life
lessons are invaluable for our children. Items will be
collected in your child’s classroom from next week on.
Please check use by dates. I have included a suggested
list of items. Chocolate won’t be suitable with the
warmer temperatures creeping in.
Thank you for your support at this time.
‘Only kindness matters in the end.’
Christmas Appeal items:
 Christmas puddings
 Tinned fruit – peaches, pineapple, apricots
 Baked beans, spaghetti
 Jatz biscuits, rice crackers
 Cashews, mixed nuts
 Fruit & nut mix
 Muesli bars
 Packet lollies, marshmallows (no chocolate)
 Pringles, pretzels
 Milo, Drinking chocolate
 Pancake shaker mix
 Breakfast cereal
 Rice, pasta
Come to the LAST
St Benedict’s Playgroup
of the year.
The last St Benedict’s Playgroup of 2014 will
take place on Thursday 20th November at the
OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) building from
8.45am – 10.15am.
All are most welcome. Please bring a plate to
share for our end of year celebration.
Oops, that’s not my hat?
You may have accidently taken home someone else's school gear.
Please check your gear at home and return any ‘lost property’ to
the school office. Thank You! Parents are welcome to check
through our orange ‘lost property’ baskets in the office any time.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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Resource Centre & Curriculum News
By Amanda Bradford Curriculum & Resource Support Teacher
Library News
This is the LAST WEEK of borrowing for the year. The next 2 weeks will be returns as it takes some time to get
everything back on the shelves and stock-take books.
This week students will receive a note about the option of borrowing books over the Christmas period. To be
eligible for Christmas borrowing students must not have any overdue books.
Did you know that when students don’t read over the long summer break they are likely to fall behind when they
return to school in the New Year? We call this the ‘Summer Slide’. Make it a priority to keep your child’s mind
sharp and active. Encourage them to read for at least 10 minutes everyday during the break to avoid the
‘Summer Slide’. What better way to beat the ‘Summer Slide’ than visiting our St. Benedict’s Scholastic Book Fair
and purchasing some new books for the holidays!
Another great reading opportunity is from the State Library of Queensland, who
is hosting a ‘Summer Reading Club’. Visit http://www.summerreadingclub.org.au
to find out more.
Wish Lists: On Friday 21st November and Monday 24th November,
students will visit the Book Fair with their buddy classes and have the
opportunity to create a wish list of books that they like.
Payment Options: Preferred payment is via online details on the back of the wish
list (see below). Alternatively, there will be cash sales and EFTPOS facilities.
Online Payments: You have the option of completing the back of the wish list form. Once the back of this
form is completed, it is essentially like a gift card. Your child can bring this back to school, choose the books
they like and use this form to purchase the items. If you are unable to make it to the book fair, this is our
preferred method of payment, as it is safer than your child carrying money to and from school.
Updated Fair Times: Monday 24th November - Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm. The Book Fair will be available for
VIEWING ONLY. No purchasing will be done on this afternoon. But it allows all families the opportunity to
come and view the books on offer.
Tuesday 25th November - Morning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
Wednesday 26th November- Morning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
Thursday 27th November- Morning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
Friday 28th November- Morning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
Monday 1st December – Pending on sales
Tuesday 2nd December – Pending on sales
Prizes: For each purchase at the Book Fair, you will receive a raffle ticket to go into the draw to win a $50 Book
Fair prize.
Colouring Competition: There will be a colouring competition beginning this week. The student from P-2 and
3-7 that completes the best colouring will win a $20 voucher for the Book Fair. Entries close Friday 21st
November. Colouring competition can be collected from the library.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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Resource Centre & Curriculum cont
By Amanda Bradford Curriculum & Resource Support Teacher
Curriculum News
ATTENTION YEAR 4 PARENTS 1:1 Devices – 2015
A note was sent home a few weeks ago regarding our
upcoming 1:1 Device Night. St. Benedict’s are
continuing with the laptop program for all students
entering Year 5 in 2015. This program will operate
over 2 years, giving the students a laptop each for
Year 5 and 6.
We invite you to attend a parent information evening
on Wednesday 12th November, 6.30pm in the School
Hall. This evening will provide you with all the
background information about our journey towards
this decision as well as specifics about the program
such as cost, warranty, support, policy and so on.
We look forward to meeting with you on this evening
and are very excited to be offering a 1:1 Laptop
program for our Grade 5 students in 2015.
November 2014 - Saturday 16 November 2014
Are you a good recycler?
With the technological advancements in recyclable
sorting, more recyclable food and beverage packaging
can be put into your humble household recycling bin.
Although we have been recycling for many years,
items are being placed into recycling bins that will
contaminate the recyclable products already inside
the collection truck, and create problems for the staff
and processing at the Materials Recovery Facility
(MRF). Contamination - never place these items into
recycling bins:
 Food and liquid
 Plastic bags, film and wrappers
 Drinking glass
 Ceramic and cookware
 Polystyrene
 Mattresses & pillows
 Nappies
 Needles and medical waste
 Hoses
 Greenwaste
 Demolition material
 Clothing
 Household appliances
 Donatable items
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
Worldbook Online Login
St Benedict’s has a whole school subscription
to WorldBook Online. Everyone in our school
community can access this fantastic site! Our
subscription allows us to access the three
areas within the site – Early World of
Learning, Kids and Students.
They now have available a mobile version of
the website, too!
The website content is updated daily and has
topics on almost anything and everything you
can think of. It is a fabulous resource and I
encourage families to use this as regularly as
It is particularly handy for homework,
assignments or research. It could also be used
just for enjoyment and a bit of fun. Jump on
today and have a look.
Our School User Name: stbh
Password: st4509
Thank You Morning Tea
To all in our community who volunteered
during 2014. You are invited to come along
and enjoy morning tea together.
When: Wednesday 19th November
Where: School Hall
Time: After assembly at 9.15am (approx.)
For more information visit
id=98241&libID=104172 - recycling
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Teaching & Learning News
By Michele Lund, Christina Mitchell & Pam Sweeney
Pam Sweeney Guidance & Counselling
[email protected]
Protecting Your Kids Online With Windows Live Family Safety
Keeping your kids safe online can be complicated, but Windows Live Family Safety helps make it easier for you.
Family Safety provides a website and a free program that you install on the computers your children use, so you
can give them some independence but still keep tabs on their computer activities. Family Safety can also help
keep your kids off websites you don’t want them looking at, and only let them talk to the people you're okay with
them talking to.
How Family Safety Works
Just like on a sports team, the different players in Family Safety and Windows make up a team that works
together. The players are:
The Family Safety Filter. Software you install and set up on each computer your kids use. It monitors your
kids using safety settings you select.
The Family Safety website. Where you choose and manage all the settings for each family member and view
their activity reports. You can create settings on the website once and then they'll apply to every computer
you’ve installed the Family Safety Filter on.
Windows Parental Controls. A feature in Windows that’s turned on when you use Family Safety. You can use
Windows Parental Controls to set up more safety settings for your kids' computers. For more information
on setting up Windows Parental Controls and Family Safety, watch the video about using Parental Controls.
This program can be downloaded at http://explore.live.com/home or google: “Windows Live Family Safety ”
Going On Holiday? Sick Kids?
If you know your children will be away from school for longer periods
of time please let your teacher know in person, via note or email.
Please remember to call the St Benedict’s absentee line 3481 4688
to report absent or sick children to the school.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
Page 9
By Nikki Sawatzki Coordinator
The Summer Vacation Care program is now ready for viewing!
Please complete the attached booking form and return to OSHC via the red message bag or directly to the OSHC
office by no later than Friday the 28th November.
T: 07 3293 4507 F: 07 3481 4699 M: 0409 474 001 E: [email protected]
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
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School Related News
Finance and Fees
Term 4 School Fees are now past due. Please
pay your fees unless you are on an existing
payment plan. If you have not received a
Term Fee Statement please contact Nerrida
on 3481 4600.
[email protected]
Uniform Shop News
Some of your children’s hats may be turning a
red colour, this is not normal. Mountcastle will
be replacing all the hats that are turning red.
We would like to remove all the hats that have
turned red from the system. If your child’s hat
has turned red please come into the uniform
shop for a free replacement. We would like to
have this problem fixed by the end of this year .
If anyone has a red message folder (new this
year) and the Velcro has come unstuck please
come in for a replacement.
For any urgent enquiries please contact
[email protected]
St Benedict’s College
21 St Benedict’s Close, Mango Hill
Athlete Development Excellence Program
We have just finalized the enrolment of 17
students into the Athlete Development program
for 2015. Their sports excellence fields cover
sports from AFL, Rugby Union, Swimming,
Netball, Figure Skating, Soccer and Tae Kwon
The program covers areas such as
biomechanics, sports nutrition, fitness and
coaching plans. There are some spaces left for
2015 enrolments. For an enrolment package
and for more information contact the College
Robotics and Engineering Program
Twelve students have been part of the Robotics
and Engineering Excellence program this year,
where students have become skilled at solving
automation problems using robots, coding and
sequencing. Enrolments into the 2015 Robotics
and Engineering Program will commence in
January 2015 for existing and new enrolments.
Places are still available in Years 7-10 for 2015,
with applications also being invited for 2016 and
2017. Please contact our office for further
information – 3385 8888 or
[email protected]
Opening Hours Mondays 2:30pm to 4:00pm
and Fridays 8:00am to 9:30am
Holy Cross Parish Mass Times
6.00pm Saturday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
7.30am Sunday at Mary Queen of Peace,
Woody Point
9.00am Sunday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
9.30am Sunday at St Benedict's, Mango Hill.
Childrens' Liturgy is held the first and third
Sunday of each month.
5.00pm Sunday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
Confessions 5.00pm Saturday at Holy Cross
Holy Cross Parish 3293 0800
Wednesday, 5th November 2014
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School Related News
Parents & Friends of St Benedict’s
P&F Electronic Mail
If you would like to receive all P&F
correspondence directly into your Inbox, please
join our Mailing List. No more digging through
school bags for P&F notes! Join our Mailing List.
Look Out Volunteers are needed!
In our Drive Through, St Benedicts operates a
highly efficient, effective and safe, after school
pick-up program (2:45—3.05pm), developed by
the QLD Government, called Look Out.
Volunteers are essential to the program. Please
contact the School Office if you can spare 20
minutes of your time to support our school.
[email protected]
Thank you to those parents who donate their time
to support our Look Out pick-up program!
By Michelle Kramer - Kindergarten Teacher
3204 8452 or 0498 393 334
[email protected]
Next Tuesday 18th is the last
banking day to redeem rewards
before the end of the year.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
Page 12
Community News
Clubs in our community.
Tennis News
We are already half way through the tennis for
Term 4. The winner of the Tennis raffle for Term
4 is Nick Samuel from St Paul's School. Nick is 5
and only joined this term to learn tennis. A new
tennis racquet will certainly bring a smile to
his face.
Tennis clinic forms for the Christmas School
holidays will be handed out soon. I hope you can
attend as they are a lot of fun.
I will be conducting Cardio Tennis Classes for
adults at the tennis courts on Monday mornings
(8.45am-9.45am). This is a music filled way to
have fun, get a lot fitter and meet new friends.
All standards are welcome. No Tennis experience
is necessary. This Monday is an introductory
offer for $5.00 only.
Wayne Hampson Tennis Coaching 0438 195 723
[email protected]
Held at St Benedicts on Saturdays from 10.30am to
11.30am. All ages are welcome. Please phone Daisy or
Damian on 3886 0967 or 0438 860 967. Sign up
for two months and receive a free uniform. All classes
are supervised by an instructor with a Blue Card.
Wednesday, 12th November 2014
Page 13
Community News
Clubs in our community.
Our children are precious!
Please be mindful of our school entry
and parking lot speed zones. Do not
be a danger to our school community.
Wednesday, 29th October 2014
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