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First International Meeting LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA, 3–7 NOVEMBER 2014 First announcement
We are delighted to announce the first BioProcessing Asia Conference to be held
at The Andaman, Langkawi, Malaysia, 3–7 November 2014.
BioProcessing Asia 2014 will address advances in bioprocessing technology
resulting in improved yields, faster throughput and higher quality of manufactured
products. The meeting will be a forum for discussion of the special needs and
requirements for biosimilars, vaccines, recombinant and plasma-derived products
in Asia, with a specific emphasis on the current environment and steps being
taken to address healthcare affordability.
The main scientific sessions will cover key issues of importance to the diverse
Asian biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing industry. Each
session will be developed and chaired by an internationally recognised industry
expert. The meeting will include a keynote lecture that will address the most
pressing diseases and the development of their treatment in Asia. The programme
will include a poster session and is designed to encourage networking and
discussion in an informal atmosphere.
The conference will also address the most important challenges to the future
development of biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology, bioprocess
innovation, regulatory hurdles and improvement of the clinical success rate.
On behalf of the Co-chairs and the Organizing Committee, I invite you to the first
of the BioProcessing Asia series of Conferences. We look forward to meeting and
welcoming you to the island of Langkawi and to a unique conference.
John Curling
Conference Chair
BioProcessing Asia aims to bring the highest quality of science, biochemical engineering
and business thinking to a broad audience of key individuals with responsibility for
process sciences and product development throughout Asia.
Keynote and sessions
Chair and affiliation
KEYNOTE LECTURE Current status and developments in the
treatment of disease states in Asia
Jane Cardosa
Sentinext Therapeutics, Penang; University Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia
SESSIONS Mahima Datla
New vaccine priorities: manufacturing and
access to vaccination
Biological E, Hyderabad, India
Integrated process designs for manufacturing
of the future
Amgen, Cambridge, USA
Biosimilars, available biologics, and new drug
Complya Asia, Suzhou, China
Progress in technology and alternative
manufacturing methods
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Lexington, USA
Recombinant and blood plasma products:
manufacturing methods and economics
CSL Behring, Melbourne, Australia
Facilities, cost of goods, investment in new
technology and integration into manufacturing
Genentech (Roche Group), South San Francisco, USA
Sam Guhan
Scott Wheelwright
Joanne Beck
Joseph Bertolini
Tina Larson
Conference venue
Langkawi is the largest island in an archipelago of 99 islands in the north-west Malay
Peninsula state of Kedah. This Andaman Sea jewel is situated about 50 km from the
mainland, close to the maritime border with Thailand to the north and separated from
Sumatra to the west by the Straits of Malacca. The climate is typically tropical.
Two-thirds of Langkawi are still covered by pristine tropical rainforest, mangroves and
wetlands as well as limestone outcrops and marine ecosystems. The island is home to
unique flora and fauna such as the long-tailed Macaque.
The conference hotel, The Andaman, is located on the north coast at Datai Bay in the
UNESCO endorsed Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, the geological birthplace
of South-East Asia. The Andaman offers excellent meeting facilities and rooms with
rainforest or sea views.
The registration includes the Conference Programme and Abstract Book, conference
meals, coffee breaks, special closing dinner, group events and transportation to and
from Langkawi International Airport.
TIMETABLE 2014 31 March
Second announcement and Call for Abstracts
4 August
Last date for submission of abstracts for oral presentation
28 September
Last date for submission of abstracts for poster presentation
28 September
Last date for registration at normal rate
3 November
Programme and Abstract Book available
RECEIVE FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS Please submit your contact details on www.bioprocessingasia.net, under
"I am interested, please keep me informed!" This will ensure that you receive
further announcements and are kept up to date on the development of
BioProcessing Asia 2014.
Further information
Conference information and regular updates are available
on the website www.bioprocessingasia.net
Further information about the conference venue is available
on The Andaman website www.theandaman.com
BioProcessing Asia is run as a not-for-profit enterprise and is dependent on
sponsorship from industry. GE Healthcare Life Sciences is the Principal Sponsor.
Three levels of vendor and industrial sponsorship are offered: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Each sponsor level is associated with various benefits and opportunities of exposure.
Various event Sponsorships are also available.
Applications for sponsorship can be obtained directly from members of the Organizing
Committee or from the website, www.bioprocessingasia.net.
Principal Sponsor:
Supported by:
CONFERENCE CO-CHAIRS/ORGANIZING COMMITTEE John Curling (Chair), Sweden: [email protected]
Neil Goss, Australia (Co-chair): [email protected]
Günter Jagschies (Co-chair), Sweden: [email protected]
Annelie Sköld, Sweden: [email protected]
SECRETARIAT B.O. Conference Service, Storskogsvagen 24,
SE-756 45 Uppsala, Sweden
Cell: +46 705 32 04 38 Fax: +46 702 73 36 43
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