President’s Science and Technology 2014) Awards 2014

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SNEC Doctors Honoured at
President’s Science and Technology
Awards 2014
Research Grand Rounds (November
*Note: Photographs will be taken during the event for publicity purpose.
Two SNEC doctors and their research teams are among
recipients of the President’s Science and Technology Awards
Insightful knowledge about Flow Cytometry will be shared at
our November Research Grand Rounds from our presenters:
1) Dr Ling Khoon Lin, Director, SingHealth Flow Cytometry
Assoc. Prof Tina Wong, Senior Consultant at Singapore
National Eye Centre (SNEC) General Cataract and
Comprehensive Ophthalmology Service and Prof Wong Tien
Yin, Medical Director of SNEC were among recipients of 2014
President’s Science and Technology Awards.
Details of the event:
Assoc. Prof Tina Wong’s team was recognised for their work in
developing a sustained drug-delivery technology to apply antiglaucoma medicine.
Date: 26 Nov 2014 (Wed)
Time: 7.30 to 8.30am (Breakfast is served from 7am)
Venue: Seminar Room L1-S3 @ Academia
On the other hand, Prof Wong Tien Yin’s team developed
advanced algorithms to monitor and record subtle changes to
the retina over time. The system is designed to help doctors
detect eye diseases early, even before the symptoms appear.
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Read more about the President’s Science and Technology
2) Charles-Antoine Dutertre, Research Fellow, Duke-NUS
Graduate Medical School
**Due to low ridership, the trial KKH Campus to SGH Campus 7am shuttle bus
service for Research Grand Rounds will not continue with effect from Aug
Heart Centre’s Advanced Screening Technology Provides Precise Diagnosis for
Cardiovascular Diseases
In April this year, National Heart Centre Singapore introduced a new and cutting-edge screening technology – 3 Telsa MRI. In
conjunction with DNA sequencing technology, the 3-Telsa MRI enables a more precise and detailed diagnosis of
cardiovascular diseases. Since its launch, the technology has patients as it enables timely treatment for patients. Learn more
about this from the Lianhe Zaobao article.
‘Staying Relevant With the Times—The Changing Face of an Asylum’: An IMH
Specialist Provides Insights in an Annals Editorial.
The October issue of Annals is now available! View the full Annals Editorial by Prof Chong Siow Ann and Aditya
Subramaniam View the other latest Annals articles featuring the various specialties today!
Synergy: SingHealth Publish! Award Ceremony and “La Kopi” with the Research
Join us tomorrow for the SingHealth Synergy. Details are as follows: 12 November 2014 (Wed) from 12:30 to 2:00pm (lunch
will be served from 12pm) at Academia Auditorium. Register your interest here now!
Grant Calls
Investigator Salary
Support Programme
(For staff with intranet access only)
Closing Date: 1 December 2014 (Mon),
Nov 14 NMRC/MOH Grant
Khoo Postdoctoral Fellowship
Award (KPFA)
Closing Dates: 1 December 2014 (Mon)
- NMRC grants submission via nGager
Closing Date: 9 January 2015 (Fri), 5pm
4 December 2014 (Thurs) - MOH IAF
(Category 2)
12 December 2014 (Fri) - Bedside and
Bench Research Grant (B&B) – Letter
of Intent
Tan Cheng Lim Research
and Education Fund Grant
Call 2015
Khoo Mentored Research
Award (KMRA)
Khoo Pilot Award
Open throughout the year
Open throughout the year
NMRC Clinical Trial GrantCo-Development Scheme
National Heart Innovation
Centre (NHIC) 12C Grant
MOH Industry Alignment Fund
(IAF Cat 1)
Open throughout the year
Open throughout the year
Closing Date: 30 January 2015 (Fri)
Open throughout the year
Duke/Duke-NUS Research
(For staff with intranet access only)
Open throughout the year
Foreign Grant Calls
Innovational Research
Incentives Scheme Veni
Closing Date: Early January 2015
For more grants, view the grant calendar here.
For full details on grant calls, click here (for staff with intranet access only).
Events – SingHealth and Duke-NUS
New Perspectives on Corneal Wound Healing and Graft
Survival from Multi-modal X-ray Scattering
Speaker: Assoc. Prof Craig Boote
12 Nov 2014 (Wed), 1.30 to 2.30pm, Level 6, SGH-AC-6-2, Academia Discovery Tower
SingFlow 2014 - Biosafety in Flow Cell Sorting
Speaker: Darren Ellemor
14 Nov 2014 (Fri), 10.30 to 1pm, Seminar Room L2-T1, Academia
"Alu"strious Effects on Human mRNA Metabolism
Speaker: Prof. Lynne Maquat
18 Nov 2014 (Tue), 12 to 1pm, Amphitheatre, Level 2, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical
Research Grand Rounds (Nov)
Speaker: Dr Ling Khoon Lin and Charles-Antoine Dutertre
26 Nov 2014 (Wed), 7.30am to 8.30am, Seminar Room L1-S3, Academia
Events – Others
Nanofiber-Mediated Gene-Silencing for Neural Tissue
Speaker: Assoc. Prof Chew Sing Yian
26 Nov 2014 (Wed), 5.30 to 6.30pm, Level 2, Seminar Room, LKC Medicine Novena
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