Heat treatment solutions for power generating equipments. Hightech by Gerster: 1

Hightech by Gerster:
Heat treatment solutions
for power generating equipments.
Hightech by Gerster:
Heat treatment solutions for the
power generating industry.
Since 1950 Gerster has been a recognised
Swiss based specialist for technical heat
treatments with an international clientele.
Based on more than 100 heat treatment
systems for through hardening/annealing
and surface hardening, Gerster offers
­creative and customised heat treatment
solutions for complex and demanding
­requirements of components up to several
tons. Consequently Gerster commits itself
to continuous development of new heat
treatment processes, in particular in the
field of surface hardening and vacuum
treatments. Gerster gained certification of
its quality system in 1987 as the first Swiss
company offering heat treatment services.
Since then Gerster has continuously improved its processes to meet the highest
quality standards in demanding industry
sectors. Gerster is pleased to offer you
the following heat treatment services:
Boronising of bolts against fretting wear.
Induction hardening
of gear wheels.
Surface hardening
By means of surface hardening Gerster
offers a cost efficient solution to attain
wear resistance in large steel structures.
Gerster’s surface hardening processes
include flame hardening, induction
hardening and laser hardening. The
following surface hardening services are
 complete surface hardening of
wheels: up to ø 840 mm x 11,000 mm
 gap free encircling surface hardening
of discs and gears: up to ø 1100 mm x
750 mm
 tooth-by-tooth or gap-by-gap
hardening of gears: all modulus sizes,
up to ø 3000 mm, up to 5 t
 tooth-by-tooth or gap-by-gap harden­ ing of gear racks: up to modulus 20,
up to a length of 3000 mm
 hardening of flat surfaces of structure
parts: up to 20 t
 local laser hardening of components:
up to a length of 5,800 mm
Through hardening/annealing
Gerster offers controlled heat treatment
of components using vacuum furnaces
equipped with pressurised gas quenching
systems or inert gas furnaces with
furnace cooling. The following services
are available:
 solution annealing up to 1250 °C
 inert gas quench pressure up to 10 bar
 component dimensions up to 900 mm
x 900 mm x 750 mm
 component weights up to 700 kg
Inertgas laserhardened sealing surfaces
(material: spheroidal graphite cast iron).
Thermochemical diffusion methods:
Gerster specialities
A full range of furnaces for carburising,
nitriding and nitrocarburising treatments
is available to provide you with the most
effective technical and economic heat
treatment solution to attain high wear
and fatigue resistance.
Solution nitriding (HARD-INOX® -P) is
one of Gerster’s particular specialities.
It has become a technically and economically attractive alternative to meet
enhanced requirements with regard
to corrosion and wear resistance of martensitic, austenitic and duplex stainless
steel components.
With boronising Gerster offers a heat
treatment solution that provides high
­resistance against fretting wear and
­corrosion for application at elevated
­temperatures. Boronising is suitable for
nickel based alloys like IN718 as well as
for austenitic stainless steels or quenched
and tempered martensitic steels.
High temperature brazing
Brazing is an attractive joining solution
for high temperature components. With
more than 20 years high temperature
brazing experience with vacuum-, flameand induction-brazing, Gerster can
support you with the necessary knowhow to achieve high mechanical integrity
in brazed joints. Gerster’s particular
strength is the combination of the brazing task with the general heat treatment
tasks like through-hardening or solution
annealing, case-hardening or solution
nitriding (HARD-INOX® -P).
Supplementary services – consulting
In addition to various heat treatments,
the following services are offered:
 cryogenic treatments: down to –180 °C
for parts up to 900 mm x 900 mm
x 1700 mm
 straightening: up to 250 t press force
up to ø 250 mm x 8,000 mm
 surface crack inspection: based on
magnetic particle testing and dye
penetrant testing (PT)
 laboratory services for metallo graphic investigations, chemical
analysis and corrosion testing
Heat treatment methods provide a lot of
opportunities to enhance the performance of components. The full range
of opportunities is often not known to
component designers. In order to provide
customers with state-of-the-art knowledge on heat treatments, Gerster offers
individual consulting as well as on site
training of design engineers.
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Telephone +41 (0)62 388 70 00
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Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2008
Automotive Quality Standard
ISO/TS 16949:2009
Environmental Management System
ISO 14001:2004
Hightech by Gerster.
Laser technology
 Laser hardening
Through hardening/annealing
 Hardening under inert gas conditions
 Vacuum hardening with
pressurised gas quenching
 Tempering
 Annealing under inert gas conditions
 Stress relief treatments
 Cryogenic treatments down to –180 °C
 Precipitation hardening of
aluminium alloys
 Under vacuum conditions
 Under inert gas conditions
 Inductive
 With flame
Thermochemical diffusion methods
 Carburising
 Carbonitriding
 Case hardening
 Gas nitriding
 Oxinitriding
 Gas nitrocarburisation
 Pronox
 Micropulse-Plasma nitriding
 Plasox
 Boronising
 Performance enhancing treatments
for stainless steels SolNit-A®,
Consulting and
additional services
300 / 06.2010
Surface hardening
 Induction hardening
 Dual frequency hardening
 Flame hardening
 Non-destructive determination
of hardening depth