Integrity™ 3-D Bioprocess Vessel Overview Cleanliness, Integrity and Simplicity Product

Product Data
Integrity™ 3-D Bioprocess Vessel
Cleanliness, Integrity and Simplicity
Efficient movement and storage of liquids is critical
to modern biotechnology processes. The deployment
of single-use containers for this task has become
ubiquitous in recent years because they reduce risk
while also driving down costs in comparison with
traditional stainless steel equipment.
Pall Life Sciences Integrity 3-D Bioprocess Vessel (BPV)
products have been developed to meet the demand
for cost-effective, scalable single-use liquid storage
containers that are compatible with Pall Life Sciences
market-leading range of single-use mixing and bioreactor
At the heart of Pall Life Sciences Integrity systems
and products is Integrity TK8 film, a state-of-the-art
multi-layer gas-barrier polymer laminate. The productcontacting layer of TK8 film is blow extruded in-house
by Pall Life Sciences under cleanroom conditions using
medical-grade ultralow-density polyethylene resin, then
laminated to create a gas barrier film of exceptional
cleanliness, strength and clarity that is animal derived
component free (ADCF) and complies fully with USP
Class VI requirements.
Integrity 3-D Bioprocess Vessels (BPVs)
TK8 film is standard across the Pall Life Science Integrity
product lines, providing users with easy scalability and
simplified cross-platform validation.
• State-of-the-art designs and materials
• Standard and custom configurations available
• Manufactured on automated equipment under
ISO Class 5 (class 100) cleanroom conditions
• Integrity tested using Pall Life Sciences advanced
whole-bag testing technology
• Suitable for virtually any storage application
• “Universal” TK8 bioprocess film
Scalable and Configurable
Standard 3-D BPV sizes range from 100L to 1,000L,
and are consistent with industrydimensional norms.
By incorporating TK8 film, users can easily step down
to Pall Life Sciences 2-D BPVs as process scale or
application dictates. Tubing connections are made
via a molded fitment sealed into the 3-D BPV. Broad
connectivity options exist, with tubing sizes from 1/8” to
1” as standard. Specialty components such as sterile
connectors and filters are available upon request.
To discuss your specific needs, contact your Pall Life
Sciences representative.
Standard Nominal Capacity
Capacity Overage
Port Locations
100L, 200L, 500L, 1,000L
Face ported. Top mounted single- or multiple-port fitments for fill lines. Bottom mounted single-port fitment for drain. Dip
tubes or Easy Drain available upon request.
C-Flex TPE standard. Platinum cured silicone optional.
Luer connectors and CPC MPX connectors as standard, others available upon request.
Most brands available upon request.
TK8 – Specification available upon request.
All materials and final assemblies meet USP Class VI requirements (USP<87>, USP<88>, USP<661>), USP<788>
(particulates), EP 2.9.19 (particulates), ISO 11737 (bioburden). Full extractables/leachables data package available upon
request. All contact materials certified Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF).
Certificate of Conformity delivered with every order. Certificate of Analysis available upon request.
Gamma irradiation, 25-50KGy.
24 months after gamma.
Under cGMP protocols in ISO Class 5 cleanroom conditions. Full traceability of all components.
Individual bags, clean double-bagged. Labels on packaging with gamma indicator, article code, description, expiration date
and batch code.
Supplied Documentation
Sterilization Method
Shelf Life
100 L
200 L
500 L
1000 L
100 L
200 L
Bag Body
Fill Tubing
Drain Tubing
720 mm (W) x 307 mm (H)
x 520 mm (D)
720 mm (W) x 614 mm (H)
x 520 mm (D)
1107 mm (W) x 725 mm (H)
x 720 mm (D)
1095 mm (W) x 1098 mm (H)
x 910 mm (D)
392 mm (W) x 726 mm (H)
x 332 mm (D)
462 mm (W) x 924 mm (H)
x 402 mm (D)
500 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
500 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
500 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
1,000 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
500 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
500 mm x 1/2” ID
C-Flex TPE
500 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
200L Cubical “Q-Mix”
500 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
200L Cubical “Q-Mix”
500 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
500L Cubical “Q-Mix”
1,000 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
1,000L Cubical “Q-Mix”
500 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
100L Cylindrical “W-Mix”
500 mm x 1/2” ID C-Flex TPE
200L Cylindrical “W-Mix”
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