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*****Parents, please phone the school if your child will be absent or late*****
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Upcoming Events
Monday, October 6
Monday, October 6
Tuesday, October 7
Wednesday, October 8
Thursday, October 9
Thursday, October 9
Thursday, October 9
Friday, October 10
Monday, October 13
Monday, October 20
Wednesday, October 22
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Monday, November 3
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Early Dismissal – October Newsletter
Travel Club Mtg @ 7:00 pm in the PWA library
ActiParent Meeting @
5:30 pm in Conference Room
High School Interim Report
The “Academy Awards”
7:00 pm in the PWA Gym
Rotary Youth Exchange Student Parent
Information Meeting @ 7:00 pm in the Rotary
Rm at the Public Library
Pumpkin Pie $3.00/slice or
$2.00 with 2 items for the food bank
No School – PD Day
No School- Happy Thanksgiving!
University of Alberta Information Session
during I-Plan from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Parent-Teacher Interviews
5:00 – 8:00 pm
The Flu vaccine will be available for all staff,
students and their families during the Parent
Teacher Interviews. Please bring your Alberta
Healthcare Card with you.
GPRC Student Advisor will be onsite for one
on one sessions in the Conference rm. Book
an appointment with Mrs. Zazula
No School - District PD Day
Awards & Scholarship Information Session
during I-Plan from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Deadline for registering for diploma rewrites
Early dismissal – November Newsletter
Acti-Parent Meeting @ 5:30 pm in the
Conference Rm
Take Our Kids to Work Day
All Grade 9 students will go to work with
family or friends
Report Cards
Students and parents will be issued passwords to access student marks, comments and
attendance on-line through Power School. No paper copies will be issued but are
available upon request at the office. The first update of student achievement will be
posted on-line each semester at the time of the interim report with monthly updates
posted on or before the 15th of each month after the interim report.
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about important issues.
Peace Wapiti Academy School Council invites all parents and students to attend their
Participating in School Council meetings is your opportunity to have a voice in
education today.
Dare to Care will be back in our school November 24th to November
27th. All new students to PWA will take part in the General Monday AM
session and 7 small group sessions will go on for the rest of the week. The
Parent Session will be Wednesday, November 26th from 7:00 pm to 9:30
Customer Service at PWA**************
Our Cosmetology department is now open for client services in both hair and
esthetics. All work is done by students in training for their journeyman. Prices
for services and retail products are minimal!!!
Call 513- 9504 (PWA Cosmetology Dept.) to book an appointment.
Attention: Students Re-writing Diploma Exams in January 2015
If you are taking a course for the second time or wanting to re-write the Diploma Exam for a
specific course, you must register with Alberta Learning. Please contact Mrs. Clevette for
information on registration and payment options. The deadline for registering for Diploma Exam
rewrites is Wednesday, October 29th.
Note: If you do not register in time, you will NOT have an exam ready for you on exam
On Wednesday, November 5th, all of our Grade 9 students will be
participating in the national “Take Our Kids to Work” day. Learning about work and
career opportunities is an integral part of the Grade 9 curriculum. This program
offers students a chance to learn firsthand about work and a range of career
opportunities available to them. The Grade 9’s will spend the day at work with a
parent, relative or friend.
A big thank-you to Ex-Trak Industries Ltd for providing PWA fridge
magnets to each student.
2015 Excellence in Teaching Awards (ETA) Program
Nominations for the 2015 awards will be accepted beginning the week of October 20th, 2014.
Nominate an outstanding teacher or principal today!
For more information, visit: www.education.alberta.ca/teachers/excellence.aspx
PWA Community School Team 2014-2015
Alberta Health Services (Rhonda Surowaniec)
[email protected]
Phone: (780) 538-5313
Alberta Health Services ( Lisa Shau) Tuesday Mornings
[email protected]
Phone: (780) 538-5162
Fax: (780) 538-5413
Cell: (780) 897-3240
Alberta Health Services Adolescent Addictions (Diane Nelson))
[email protected]
Phone: 780-538-6330
Fax: 780-538-5256
Peace Wapiti Academy School Counsellors (Beth Zazula & Jenn Johnson)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Phone: 780- 513-9404
Fax: 780-402-3842
Peace Wapiti Academy Family/School Liaison (Vaughn Dueck)
[email protected]
Cell: (780) 831-9504 Fax: 780-539-9880
Peace Wapiti Academy FNMI Liaison Worker (Shelly Logan)
[email protected]
Phone: 780-513-9504 or 780-296-2876 Fax: 780-402-3092
Community Policing SRO/ RCMP (Cst.Tracie Sanikopoulos)
[email protected]
Cell: (780) 518 9434
office: (780) 830-5708
dispatch: (780) 830 5700
Public Health Nurse ( Jay-Lynn Maddicks)
Alberta Health Services
[email protected]
Phone: (780) 513-9504
fax: (780) 402-3982
Child and Family Services (Brad Tomniuk)
[email protected]
Phone: 780-538-5482
Health Notes from our School Nurse
Influenza Vaccination: Get your “Flu Shot”!
It’s that time of year again! This year, students at Peace Wapiti Academy will
have the opportunity to receive the flu shot at school. If you are interested in
having your child receive the vaccine at school, you can get a vaccine consent
form at the office. Complete the questions, sign the form, and send it back to
school! Vaccine will become available at the end of October.
“Flumist” is a nasal spray form of influenza vaccine. This “nose spray” is
offered to children ages 2-17 years old. Some conditions and allergies may
restrict you from being eligible to receive this form of vaccine. This is a great
option for those who are afraid of needles and the injectable form is also still
Remember the flu shot will not protect you from the “stomach flu”. Influenza
is an infection of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs) that is caused by a
virus. Stay healthy this winter by getting your flu shot, washing your hands,
covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and staying at home
if you are sick!
Questions??? Contact [email protected]
“Flu vaccine will be available for all staff, students and their families during the
Parent Teacher Interviews being held October 22, from 5-8 pm at Peace Wapiti
Academy. Please bring your Alberta Healthcare Card with you. Flu vaccines available
this year are going to include the traditional injection form available for those 6
months and up. If unable to attend this clinic, flu vaccine will be available throughout
the flu season (October-March 2015) at the Public Health Office, Eastlink Centre, and
at Peace Wapiti Academy for staff and students on Mondays only. “
Thanks so much. J
Jay-Lynn Maddicks RN, BScN
Public Health Nurse- School Team
Grande Prairie Public Health
10320-99 St, Grande Prairie, AB, T8V 6J4
(780)513-7581 (desk), (780-532-1550 (fax)
Travel Club 2015  We’re going to Greece!
Want to travel and experience another culture? Join Travel Club 2015 and travel to Athens and
the Islands of Greece.
HOW? Come to the parent and student meeting on Monday, October 6th at 7:00pm in the
PWA library
OR contact Mrs. Rief or Mr. Hassanali. ([email protected];
[email protected])
WHO? Any PWA student in grades 9-12
DEADLINE? November 30, 2014
CHECK IT OUT! Go to “eftours.ca” and use tour #1525946ZR
PWA Grade 12 2014 – 2015 Grads
Important Information
 Jane Uhyrn, our career practitioner, is now onsite at PWA every Tuesday
afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday all day. Students may sign up for an
appointment on the outside of her office door, RM 129, and or with Mrs.
Zazula or with the front office staff.
 Scholarship, Bursaries and Awards Information Workshop to be held on
Wednesday, October 29th in the Blue Lab during I-Plan! Jane Uhyrn and
Beth Zazula are the facilitators.
Grad 2015:
Parent Executive Committee
PWA Liaison:
Josie Nagtegaal ([email protected])
Jennifer Schmakeit
Theresa Kaufmann
Laura Brown
Ann Renschler
Rhonda Little and Kim Lofstrom
Rob Renschler
Shauna Edwards
Kim Lofstrom
Grand March:
Peggy Carlyle and Theresa Kaufmann
Natalie Mayne and Candace McKim
Grad Gowns:
Dannette Hornbrook and Shelley McDonald
Juergen Schmakeit/Danette Hornbrook/Jennifer Schmakeit
Dry Grad:
Juergen and Jennifer Schmakeit
Safe Grad:
Rob Renschler and Tracy Tonne
Volunteer Co-Ordinator:
Nikki Rodacker
The Student Executive Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 14th in
We will be finalizing the Student Grad Exec on that day. See Miss Nagtegaal if you are interested in one
of the following roles:
Students: Your BLUE Form needs to be in to Mrs. Gerard by
October 9th
 Checklist for Grads 2015
Think about the things you like to do and choose challenging courses that connect to your
education/career goals.
Ask a counselor or teacher to help you figure out careers suitable for you (aptitude tests, etc.)
Join extracurricular activities to develop responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.
Talk to your parents, counselors, teachers, and business professionals about your postsecondary options.
Talk to people who like their work and find out why they like it- perhaps it will spark an idea of
something you might like to do!
Begin investigating various types of post-secondary education options- college, technical
institutes, Apprenticeship programs and university. Look at the length of the program, transfer
opportunities, laddering options, and connection to the workplace.
Check requirements for admission to post-secondary institutions that you are considering
attending. You can find these in the counselor's office or at the institution's web site. Make sure
you are taking the right high school courses to get admitted. Did you check last year?
Sometimes entrance requirements change.
Ensure that your marks and courses are on par with your career and education goals.
If possible, go on a work experience for a day or two with somebody who works in your field of
Use a budget planner to determine roughly the amount of money you may need for postsecondary education compared with how much you will have.
Investigate various types of financial aid opportunities- scholarships, grants, work study, etc.
Look at the criteria for the Grade 12 scholarships, and plan to apply.
Begin preparing a portfolio. Some helpful websites on creating portfolios are:
o http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca/pdf/cshop/JobSeekers.pdf
o http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca/tips/hive.asp?EK=151
Attend Career Fairs if possible.
Create a checklist of deadlines for admissions applications, fees, financial aid applications, and
other materials you will need to submit. Keep all of this in a folder. Make sure you know the
necessary steps to have your transcript sent to the colleges/universities to which you are
Some institutions have application deadlines as early as November 1. Check application
deadlines for the post-secondary institution that interests you, and ask if there are early
deadlines to qualify for certain majors, campuses, or housing.
Begin a personal file of information received from institutions, scholarship applications,
admission applications, etc.
Record important dates on your calendar.
Your Grade 12 grades, especially from the first semester, count heavily in postsecondary
admissions. Although good grades are important all through high school, colleges/universities
believe your Grade 12 year grades are often a good indication of how you might do in postsecondary education.
Begin filling out admission application forms for the institutions you plan on applying to.
Continually check out all possible sources of financial aid. Ask about any private programs,
such as churches, community groups, or minority organizations and write for more information
and application forms.
Check deadlines on Counsellors Corner website
To get financial aid, you have to apply for it. Find out from the postsecondary institutions to
which you are applying which forms to fill out. Check also to see if the postsecondary
institutions have a separate institutional aid application.
Keep working on your grades since your transcript will be sent with your application.
If you are leaving your home community to continue your training or education, contact the
housing office or check the web site of your post secondary institution for information.
Team Roster 2014
#8 – Jason Smith
#13 – Kirk Lazenby
#7 – Shane Cote
#12 – Colby Fournier
#11 – Tristan Moon
#9 – Riley McLandress
#2 – Jayden Herzog
#5 – Grant Calvert
#4 – Tristin Evans
#1 – Ryan Schwindt
#6 – Max Barrs
#10 – Spencer Matlock
Head Coach: Joel Thibault
Assistant Coaches: Kelsey Jones & Cole Penson
Senior Boys Volleyball
Attached is our Team Roster including our coaching staff and our remaining
competition schedule is as follows;
October 16 – 18 – Western Conference Championships in Morinville
October 24 – 25 – 4A Strathcona Tournament in Edmonton
November 7 – 8 – Invitational Tournament in Camrose
November 14 – 15 – 3A Zones at PWA
November 19 – 22 – Provincials in Fort MacMurray
Each week the Titan Men’s Volleyball has seen tremendous improvement as they’ve
learned a great deal about the flow of the game. Their teamwork, enthusiasm and
desire to succeed have been some of the pillars in establishing a strong base of trust
and support. These athletes continue to push each other each practice so that they
may gel as a more cohesive unit once competition arrives. The team is looking
forward to the next couple weekends off so they can continue to focus on the
processes of the game and make an even larger impact at the WCC tournament in
Morinville and then Zones in November.
Thank you!
Joel Thibault
Junior Boys Volleyball Team
Sam Adelugba
Brayden Lasell
Shawn Gallant
Darren Head
Jordan Ollenberg
Travis Kriewaldt
Bryan Robinson
Rhett Sutherland
Coach: Sarah Kerr
Assistant coaches:
Brandon Lyons (gr.10)
Jen Misner (gr.12)
PWA Senior Girls Volleyball Team
1 Kacie Haire
2 McKenna Wolstenholme
3 Brynelle Barrs
4 Kelsey Gitzel
5 McKenzie Morgan
6 Kirsten Rodacker
7 Sydney Williams
8 Katrina Dawe
9 Caitlyn Vanstone
11Taylor Polacik
12 Meagan Buchanan
13 Brittney Judd
Head Coach:
Assistant Coach:
Randy Nagel
Kate Porta
We challenged students & staff to finish the 6 km run/walk.
The fastest male runner was Ryan Pelster.
The fastest female runner was Darian LaValley.
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in and donated money and time to the Terry
Fox Run at our school on Sept. 24th. It was a great success and the total raised for cancer
research was $1141.50.
Our fundraiser this year was to raise $1.00 for every person at PWA for a total of $500.00, so
we surpassed our goal. Way to go!!!
We could not have done this event without the support of our staff and students. Thank you
for your donations.
Thank you to Acti-parent for holding a burger binge after the run.
A&W Burgers $4.00 or 5.00
Teen Burgers: $ 5.00 Mama with Cheese: $4.00
Includes a juice box.
Sub $5.00 & Soup $2.00
Assorted Subs & Soup provided by Subway.
Sub only: $4.00 Soup only: $2.00
Juice box and chips for an additional $2
Pizza provided by Pizza Hut.
Choices include Pepperoni, Cheese and Pineapple & Ham.
Includes a juice box.
Soft Taco
3 for $5.00
Includes a juice box.
Grilled Cheez $2.50 - $3.00
Grilled Cheez or Grilled Cheez & Ham available. Includes a
juice box.
Making the most of homework
Many students try to avoid it, but teaching and learning research indicates that children who
spend more time on regularly assigned, meaningful homework, on average, do better in school.
Here are some hints to help your children get the most out of homework.
 Assume that your children will have studying to do every night.
 Ask your children if they understand their homework. If they do not, work a few
examples together.
Ask your children to show you their homework after the teacher returns it, to learn
where they're having trouble and where they're doing well. See if your children did the
work correctly.
Stay in touch with your children's teachers. Ask about their classes and what they are
studying. Ask their teachers how you can support what they are studying (flash cards,
spelling, etc.).
Don't be afraid to get in touch with the teacher if you and your children don't
understand an assignment or if your children are having difficulty with it. Almost all
parents run into these problems, and teachers are glad to help.
Don't do your children's work for them. Help them learn how to do it themselves.
Show your children that you think homework is important. If you are at work during
homework time, ask to see their work when you get home.
Praise your children for doing well. Make praise a habit.
Maintain a portfolio of best pieces
Ask your children's teachers about tips or guides for helping your children develop good
study habits.
Help older students organize their assignments by recording them on calendars or
planners, along with due dates, dates turned in, etc.
Set an example: do your own homework
Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read, a subject you’d like to know more about?
Are you taking a course? Do your homework. Set aside a time and set an example.
Remember, you and your child’s teachers want the same thing - to help
your children learn.
Written by Judy McDaniel, communications consultant; edited for distribution to ASBA member jurisdictions.
Guidelines for 4-H Special Projects
Did you know that students in 4-H can receive Special Project credits by meeting the criteria
set out below?
1. The student may earn 5 credits only once unless the projects vary substantially from year
to year or demonstrate increased levels of proficiency.
2. The student must be a current 4-H member.
3. The student must complete a Special Projects application form and have it authorized
by a counselor or administrator, their 4H leader and a parent/guardian. The deadline for
registration is May 15.
4. Upon completion of the project, the student must submit the following no later than June
1st: a completed 4-H record book and/or project book, a mark sheet signed by a 4-H
leader for completed 4-H record book and/or project book and an up-to-date 4-H diary