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Cleaning Services Agreement
Agreement made ___________________________ by and between Cleaning by Stephanie and _________________________________(client).
Cleaning by Stephanie maintains a residential and institutional contract-cleaning service on a continuing basis:
Client desires Cleaning by Stephanie to supply cleaning services to its property located at: ____________________________________
(called the area to be serviced in this agreement).
Therefore, the parties agree as follows:
1. Beginning on
, Cleaning by Stephanie will provide and perform for the client, the services described in the
schedule attached to this agreement, in the buildings and areas to be serviced.
2. All personnel furnished by Cleaning by Stephanie will be employees of Cleaning by Stephanie and Cleaning by Stephanie will pay all
salaries and expenses of, and all federal, social security, federal and state unemployment taxes, and any similar payroll taxes relating to such
employees, and will carry workmen's compensation insurance of such employees. Cleaning by Stephanie will be considered, for all purposes, an
independent contractor, and it will not, directly or indirectly, act as an agent, servant or employee of the client, or make any commitments or
incur any liabilities on behalf of the client without its express written consent.
3. Cleaning by Stephanie is responsible for the direct supervision of its personnel through its designated representative, and such
representative will, in turn, be available at all reasonable times to report and confer with the designated agents of the client with respect to
services rendered.
4. Cleaning by Stephanie agrees that the cleaning services to be provided will be performed by qualified, careful and efficient employees in
strict conformity with the best practices and highest applicable standards. Cleaning by Stephanie further agrees that upon request of client, it will
remove from services under this agreement, any of its employees who, in the opinion of the client, are guilty of improper conduct or are not
qualified to perform the work assigned to them.
5. It shall be understood and agreed that during the term of this agreement and for 180 days after it expires, the client will not, directly or
indirectly, hire any person employed by Cleaning by Stephanie.
6. In exchange for performance of services, the client shall make payment to Cleaning by Stephanie for services rendered under this
agreement at the rate of $
with additional services charged at a rate of $20.00 per hour, per person, payable on the same working
day of the period that in which services are rendered. Cleaning by Stephanie will give the client at least 30 days' notice of any price change for
services rendered and the client will notify Cleaning by Stephanie of any changes in the use of the areas covered by this agreement and any
changes in the furnishings or floors, wall or ceiling surfaces forming a part of the client's premises.
7. Cleaning by Stephanie will perform all services required under this agreement, except when prevented by strike, lockout, act of God,
accident or other circumstances beyond its control.
8. This agreement shall continue in effect from the date services are to begin. It may be terminated by either party if that party gives 24 hours
written or verbal notice to the other party. This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, and together with the attached
schedule contains all of the covenants and agreements between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this agreement.
What are Cleaning By Stephanie's payment requirements?
Your initial cleaning visit will require a cash payment, then we'll accept cash, or check. Please have your payment ready when we arrive. If a check
is returned by the bank, the bank's check return fee will be added to the client's next invoice ($25.00) and, in some cases, CBS (Cleaning By
Stephanie) may require cash only for future appointments.
What does Stephanie supply?
Stephanie supplies all cleaning compounds, mops, pails, feather dusters, brushes, furniture polish, polishing rags and vacuum, when not available by
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What does the client supply?
Stephanie requests that you supply paper towels, large plastic garbage bags, a safe stool or ladder to reach tops of cabinets, etc. If you have special
cleaning compounds, or vacuum, you prefer us to use, just leave them out in plain sight for us to easily see when we arrive.
What if I want to cancel or change my schedule, or an individual appointment?
To cancel, or change/adjust, your scheduled appointment, Cleaning By Stephanie requires a minimum of 24 hour notice. Less than 24 hour notice
will incur a thirty dollar ($30.00) service charge. Schedules are prepared one day prior to a client's appointment, so please adhere to our policy to
ensure your request can be handled properly.
What if I can't be home?
Cleaning By Stephanie is fully bonded and insured. You can leave a key in a pre-designated location, or provide a key to Cleaning By Stephanie
which is kept in our safe until the day we are scheduled to clean your house. And, if your home has an alarm system, Stephanie will also require the
code. We will reset the alarm when we leave.
What if an employee breaks something?
I am very careful and respectful of your possessions when cleaning your home. However, occasionally something may be broken. If this occurs
please notify us immediately by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab (to the right) to send us an e-mail, or call Stephanie's office at 641-691-8404, and
we will be happy to make arrangements to rectify the situation.
PLEASE NOTE <> There are certain items Cleaning By Stephanie cannot be responsible for, including hanging wall items not properly
affixed to the wall, such as art, decorative pieces, or shelves. In addition, irreplaceable items such as jewelry, collectibles, etc. are the
responsibility of the client to put away in a safe place. Also, small items such as coins, jewelry, or other small valuables left under beds, low
furniture, or in couch/chair cushions could be sucked into the vacuum.
What is Cleaning By Stephanie's refund policy?
CBS does not refund money, or return checks. CBS's policy is if you, the client, are not satisfied with a provided service, Cleaning By Stephanie
requires clients to notify us within 48 hours to discuss the particular cause of dissatisfaction. Cleaning By Stephanie will handle the issue by
returning to provide the necessary services required until you're happy the job/issue has been rectified to your complete satisfaction.
What if I have pets?
If you have pets unaccustomed to strangers, Cleaning By Stephanie must have prior knowledge, and will require your pets be in a crate/kennel, or put
in a room we will not be cleaning. However, most pets feel comfortable with us after a few visits. Cleaning By Stephanie does not walk pets,
however, if you have a totally enclosed yard, accessible directly from your home, we can let your dog out, and make sure your pet is safely back
inside before leaving your home. We will not let cats out.
Will Cleaning By Stephanie do my laundry?
Yes, this service is charged at the hourly rate of $25.00. This rate would apply when we are asked to sort laundry, load laundry in the washer or
dryer, and/or fold and put away laundry.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, Cleaning By Stephanie does not require that you sign a contract. However, you will be required to sign a Service Agreement, outlining the
services you've requested, price per visit, and that Cleaning By Stephanie has your permission to enter your home. You may cancel your Service
Agreement at any time with a minimum of 24 hours notice.
In witness of which, parties have caused this agreement to be executed as of the date first above written.
, Client Representative (Signature)
, Cleaning by Stephanie Representative
Stephanie Guerra, Owner
Additional Information:
Agreed Upon Price:_______________________________________________________________________
Days or Times requested:
Frequency Desired: _______________________________________________________________________
How will I get in:
Someone home
Key Provided
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