Serena Oh

Serena Oh
2014 Candidate for Mayor for the Township of Langley
[email protected]
Bio (Langley Times)
“I have had deep roots in Langley since 1988,” she says. “I attended a temple in Langley, because the beauty
of the area attracted me to the community. Eventually, I moved to Langley.” She moved here two years ago.
Oh feels that Langley is beginning to develop problems similar to those she had witnessed in Burnaby,
where she was involved in a longstanding dispute over an illegal suite.
Oh says Langley has “a plethora of problems” and is ignoring concerns raised by residents of Brookswood,
Willoughby and Fort Langley. She says council is too close to developers, and the number of lawsuits against
individuals and groups is problematic, as is the cost of true lawsuits. “Politicians should be the centre of the
community,” she says.
The following questions were sent to all candidates. Responses have not been edited.
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1. Do you live in the Township? Yes. How long have you been a resident? Since 1988 I have
visited Township.
Total 3 to 4 years.
2. Do you agree with the TOL's recent decisions to sell community property and unofficial parks
to fund capital costs?
3. What are the top issues that inspired you to run for a seat on Mayor?
I have been contacted by residents asked me to run and I saw the issues in Willoughby community
development of density homes, lack of schools, transportation issues, parking issues, recent
decisions to sell community property, out of control spending while neglecting the needs of the
4. Accessibility to our local elected officials is crucial. What will you do to improve this
accessibility to ensure important questions are answered and concerns are addressed?
Township Mayor's office, or Serena Oh at 604-534-7318, Email: [email protected]
5. What does sustainable development mean to you?
Currently the community needs sustainable development.
6. Willoughby has, and is continuing to develop under significant pressure with dramatically
increased density. What are your top three concerns, and your proposed solutions?
Out of control development of density homes, lack of schools, transportation. Slow down the
development, needs strategic planning, budgeting work harmoniously one another, move forward,
find a solution...
7. How would you balance growth in the TOL with the knowledge that there is no additional
funding for the construction of new schools coming from the provincial government in the
next 5 years?
Work BC is a black whole, throwing tax payers money into a black whole, they are doing harm than
good to the job seekers. If we shut down Work BC?
8. With Aldergrove patiently waiting for their Recreation Centre, and Willoughby waiting for
traffic lights and crosswalks, do you agree with the TOL committing well over $1,000,000 to
undergrounding the power lines in fort Langley?
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9. Given the recent concern regarding the OCPs in Brookswood and elsewhere, do you think
there should be more stringent direction within OPC's that restricts the issuance of future
amendments, ensuring the original intent and vision is respected?
There should be more stringent direction ...
10. Do you agree with Metro Vancouver appealing the TOL's lower court decision with respect to
the Wall Development on ALR land?
The court has made decision, but often the judges have different opinnions.
11. Do you believe business owners in the Township should get a vote in Municipal elections on
behalf of their business, which would be in addition to their personal vote if they live in the
12. What solutions to you offer to improve public transit in the next four year term? Only
Willoughby area has no Transit currently.
Changing the bus Route in Willoughby will reduce congestion without extra spending and find
solution one at a time.
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