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November 2014
Volume 54, No. 10
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Backpacking, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Running & Winter
Activities are currently dormant. Qualified leaders can still
schedule and run trips in dormant activites. contact the President
if you are willing to become the Activity Leader for one of these
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2 • November 2014 • Columbus Outdoors
Keith Finn, President
The President’s
Year End Review
FY 2014
Learn + Do! The COP board adopted that as our motto this year, to
reflect our unique place as an organization that teaches you how to do
something, and then we go practice what was taught!
I have a request for all our members - please update your COP account
with a good email address.
COP did not have a good fiscal year (October 2013 - October 2014)
for finances. Unlike 2011, we did have some warning that this fiscal
year was going to be a rough one. A long winter and chilly spring really
put a damper on our Big Tours (TOSRV and GOBA). These are our
main revenue sources, and when ridership is down we do not do well
financially. For 2014, it looks like expenses will exceed revenues in the
range of $75,000 dollars. This was really bad news for COP - If finances
continue in this vein, COP will be in very bad financial straits by the
end of 2015.
If you have a extra $10 or $20 dollars to donate to COP, it would be very
much appreciated to help us out in the next year.
As a result of this, and our diminishing capital reserves, COP will be
taking some drastic measures this year. Until we can raise more revenues,
we will be forced to cut expenses. We are actively searching for a more
economical office site.
We were not able to make any donations from the Bicycle Development
We just closed our climbing wall located outside of Newark. Some
complaints had been made about possible safety issues, and we cannot
afford to have the wall surveyed and repaired at this time.
The printed newsletter may become a victim of economics - which means
insuring that COP has your most up to date email address will be very
important - that is how you will be informed the newsletter is available
The board will be exploring other money saving options in the coming
One bright spot was Bill Gordon and his management of the COP
Budget Tours - these were more well attended this year, and brought
in some operating cash. The Budget Tours also featured some preride educational clinics focused on safe group riding. And we had a
cooperative venture with the Homeless Family Foundation on the Ridge
Runner ramble that worked out very well for everyone.
COP has a presence on FaceBook. We have “Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Bicycling” with 857 members (10/11/2014) - this page is administrated
by a COP Board member. There is “Tour of the Scioto River Valley
“ with 313 members. “Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Boating” with
213 members. GOBA’s presence on Facebook is called “The Official
Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) “
gobatour). We have 1,998 like as of today, October 13, 2014. Check
out our Facebook site! “ Fans of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
(GOBA)” with 360 members. The Fans of GOBA is not monitored
What’s Inside
Class/Event Information:
Leader Training - Saturday, November 8th. 10AM-5PM. see page 9 or check
Volume 54 •No. 10
the calendar at
2 Presidents Message
XOBA 18, the A.E.I.O.U. tour - July 18-25, 2015. www.outdoor-pursuits.
3 Class/Events taking Registration
On the Cover
4 Facebook & Twitter Addresses
Newsletters are available on the web at or from the office,
[email protected] or 614.442.7901
by our staff. XOBA, Columbus Fall
Challenge, Steve Barbour Memorial - all
these events have FaceBook pages with
COP connections watching over them.
Please check them out, and help us reach
more people that would “like” COP.
Our perennial bright spot is a all our
Great Volunteers. I cannot express my
thanks enough for all the time and effort
you have put into making COP a very
good way to “do stuff”. Our revenues
may be down, but the smiles are always
way, way up! Thanks to all our very
dedicated and talented leaders and
volunteers. We would be lost without
The Bicycling activity is also a bright
spot - ridership is up on our scheduled
rides, and COP is running some rides
in partnership with other bicycling
Our other activities have, shall we say,
Boating, our most popular activity after
bicycling, suffered an abrupt drop in
the number of scheduled trips this year,
as well a drop in educational offerings.
Boating remains popular, but we need
to focus on recruiting trip leaders this
year and getting trips scheduled!
Hiking, Running and Backpacking,
have had no Board representation in
2014. Some trips are being scheduled,
but the activities have no Activity Leader
on the Board.
Rock Climbing, Camping and Winter
activities have had no active Board
representation this year. While we
have a volunteer listed as the Activity
Leader, they have not been coming to
board meetings, or responding to board
As a result of these issues, the COP board
is going to regard Hiking, Running,
Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Camping
and Winter Activities as dormant. The
current ex-officio Board positions held
by these activities will be vacated, and
no longer have representation. Trips
in these activities can still be scheduled
by qualified leaders, but for now you
will have to contact the board at [email protected] One of the board
members that monitor the mailbox will
contact you about setting up the trip.
COP has had some other big changes
this year. Our GOBA director for the
past 16 years, Julie Van Winkle, decided
to resign this year (causing me to miss
a few heartbeats...). She is moving on
to became the Executive Director of
the Ohio to Erie Trail Fund. But read
By coincidence, the COP Board had
been pondering a change in how events
were being run, and how to staff the
Big Tours. We had decided on an
Event Director / Event Coordinator
setup, with TOSRV, GOBA and CFC
continued on 4
5 24th Knox County Bicycle Challenge
6 Activity Schedule
10 Holidays are Coming
Cutting Costs
11 Classifieds
On the Cover
Spiral from upper left:
This is Chris Noble (right) and a friend of his. It was
a perfect Kodak moment with the fog, the sun so big at
the end of the road and two riders going straight into it.
Photo by Bill Ryan, taken as he headed away from the
school on Saturday morning of CFC 2014.
Registration, Steve Barbour Memorial Tour 2014, photo
by Gordon Renkes.
CFC riders at lunch. Photo by Barb Holland.
Great last ride of the year in Dublin on Tuesday! Photo
courtesy of Roy Burnham.
Steve Barbour Memorial Tour century rider. Photo by
Gordon Renkes.
More Steve Barbour Memorial Tour century riders. Photo
by Gordon Renkes.
Starting the Steve Barbour Memorial Tour. Photo by
Gordon Renkes.
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Backpacking & Hiking Paul Kort [email protected]
Donna Bush
bikenews AT
Toni Hartley
614/523-3191 [email protected], COP Boating as subject
Camping, Climbing, Running, Winter Activities qualified leaders can send their schedule entry directly to the
board via [email protected]
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Columbus Outdoors • November 2014 •
We-no-nah ¡ Bell ¡ Michicraft
Perception ¡ Dagger ¡ Current Designs ¡ Riot
Ocean Kayak ¡ Necky ¡ P&H
Corner of Sharon & Southland
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 674-7400
Presidents Year End Review continued from page 3
be managed by one common COP team. Julie’s resignation
threw a bit of a wrench in the situation....But now the good
news - Julie will be working for COP part time as the Event
I used my vast executive powers to appoint Bill Gordon to
the COP Senior Event Director position, and Julie will be
our Event Coordinator. Bill and Julie have proved to be an
effective team, and Bill has met and worked with the GOBA
volunteer group. We have high hopes for this team in 2015!
This will be my last month as President. My talents were
directed to running a rear guard action, and while that was
sustainable for a couple of years, COP needs a leader with
different ideas. I am remaining on the board, and will support
the new president as best I can.
This year’s Membership meeting was on October 21, we
asked the membership to vote on some motions to amend
the Constitution. A couple of them are “housekeeping” tasks
to allow the Board to conduct business - such as taking the
fixed date and time from the Board meeting dates. The one
change I want to highlight is the number of board members
needed to form a quorum. The past few months, it has been
difficult to get 10 voting board members physically present at
a meeting, and without a quorum we cannot do business. We
will be asking the membership to allow seven board members
to form a quorum, instead of ten. See the December issue for
election results.
Now comes an appeal - do you care about the fate of COP
enough to consider serving on the board? If so, please let us
know by contacting us at [email protected]
So, 2015 will be another crucial year for COP.
Please consider riding TOSRV this year, and
bring all your friends as well!
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4 • November 2014 • Columbus Outdoors
Ready to start riding the Steve Barbour Memorial Tour 2014, by Gordon Renkes.
Come be a fan and get the latest news, trip reports and event
information. See the fun our members are having and share
with us your thoughts.
Here are “Official” pages, created by COP Board or Staff
COP Main page:
COP Camping:
The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure:
The Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure:
Steve Barbour Memorial Tour:
Columbus Fall Challenge:
Columbus Adventure Expo:
Here are Facebook “groups” started by COP members. These were
not created by staff or board, and can be regarded as “fan” sites.
COP Bicycling is at
COP Boating is at
Fans of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)
Tour of the Scioto River Valley
Join us online and follow @
ColumbusOutdoor on Twitter
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Cincinnati’s Largest Canoe & Kayak Dealer
In business for over 17 years
24th Knox County Bicycle Challenge
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Saturday, September 20, 2014
Gary Schmidt, KCBC ride leader
We had a great turnout this year, with 265 riders leaving
Gambier near Kenyon College. The weather was excellent, with
temperatures in the mid 60’s at the start and warming up to the
low 80’s by late afternoon. Just a little wind near the end of the
ride, but of course it was a headwind since we are going west/
southwest back to Gambier.
Thanks again to the New Guilford UMC for hosting the
morning snack stop and getting the porta-johns, and thanks to
Mike Miller for setting that up. And thanks to Nellie UMC
for the lunch stop. We had Meg Litteral and friends providing
music again, and it was so nice out we set up tables under the
trees so cyclists could hear their excellent quintet while they
ate. Chuck Luzader’s Cap City Diner soup is always a big hit,
served up by our great volunteers- Taj Bakare, Deedra Buxton,
Chris Radel, Cameron Schmidt and Malinda Yoder. And many
thanks again to Charlie Pace (TOSRV emeritus Director) and
Robbie Robison for helping getting everybody signed up at the
The route stayed the same this year, tough as usual (especially for
the 78 mile and 100 milers- like we used to say, if you can do
KCBC you can do Fall Challenge!). I think we have about 25%
of the riders doing the long routes, with most going for the 62
mile option. This has been causing faster riders to show up at the
lunch stop before 10:30am, which is tough on our volunteers,
who are just getting that setup. So if you are a faster rider who
likes to start early, why not consider doing the longer routes
next year? You will be amazed at some of the beautiful scenery
around Roscoe Village in Coshocton County and Glenmont in
Holmes County!
Thanks again to all who come and do this ride every year and to
all my volunteers who make it happen!
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Columbus Outdoors • November 2014• 5
Activity Schedule
Roy Burnham, 614/ 735-6420 & Suzanne Birk
614/581-4316 [email protected]
STARTING TIMES: Times listed indicate when the
ride rolls out of the parking area. Please arrive early
enough to depart at the prescribed time. Note that
rides are listed in three categories below:
• Weekly Recurring Group Rides Listed by Day of
• One Time Group Rides Listed by Date
• Annual Budget & Special Tours Listed by Date
One Time Ride:
Friday, November 28, 10AM, for all riders
Too much turkey and standing in line at sales?
Come burn it off with us.
Depending on weather, distances of 0 to 60 miles.
Maps will be provided; brunch can be purchased on
all routes -- or not.
Riders can stay with the group or ride on their own.
Leaders will ride at a B-C pace. Meet in Pataskala
(note change!) at the west end of the parking lot
north of the railroad tracks, 4 miles north of I-70 and
a half-mile south of Rt. 16 on Rt. 310.
Ben Slay: or 614/371-4424
Bill Chronister: wtchron AT or
Please review these guidelines if you are new to COP rides. By
choosing the correct pace and arriving prepared, you will help
ensure our rides are as safe and fun as possible for everyone.
A CPSC, ASTM, or SNELL approved helmet is required on
all COP rides. Other recommended safety items include a
rear-view mirror, a rear flasher, and bright, visible clothing.
Cyclists under age 18 must have written permission and the
liability waiver release signed by a parent or guardian. For
safety reasons, children two and under are not permitted on
COP rides. Please respect the laws of the road and rights of
other road users.
All COP bicycle tours are “open” paced events, with maps
and road markers provided; however, the tour organizer does
not specifically accompany the riders. COP day rides have
designated leader(s) at one or more paces, and only maps are
provided. The ride leader will accompany the group in the
manner that best supports the entire group, not an individual
rider. COP highly recommends that you contact the ride
leader if you have any questions about the ride/tour.
Pace classes are intended to give a rough idea of the common
“riding” speed of the group, rather than the average speed.
Completing a century ride (100) miles in 5 hours indicates
a mathematical average of 20 mph, but the common riding
speed to required to complete this ride in 5 hours can easily be
in the mid-20s. Variables such as wind, hills and time off the
bike can greatly detract from an average, as it is a time-based
figure. The speeds listed to the right refer to common “riding”
6 • November 2014 • Columbus Outdoors
Schedule Submission Info.can be found on page 3
Weekly rides beginning with Monday:
Licking County - Pataskala, Tuesday AM
9AM, Class C
Last ride of the year will be 11/25/14
Average Speed is 13 MPH. 30+ miles. No one
dropped & faster riders WILL REGROUP - we stick
together. Cycle scenic rural roads, eat, socialize. Meet
in Pataskala @ W end of the parking lot @ RR tracks
(Rt. 310), 4 miles north of I-70 and 1/2 mile south
of Rt. 16.
Steve Gassman: sgassman AT
Ben Slay: 614/371-4424
Bill Chronister: wtchron AT or
Dick Seebode: 740/201-3312 or 614/235-7669
Wednesday Morning Ride Worthington.
All Year 9AM Promptly. Class C,D.
Meet at Worthington Hills Park on SR315. One
mile north of I-270.
South end of the Olentangy Valley Shopping Center
(former Worthington Hills Shopping Center). One
mile north of Wilson Bridge Rd. This is the new north
end of the Olentangy River Bike Path.Restaurant
destination will be determined day of ride. Bring
money for lunch. Approximately 25 mile ride. New
and beginning riders welcome. We meet for breakfast,
if we can’t ride due to weather.
Gail Falkinburg, 614/861-4478
A 19-23 MPH: our fastest pace. Licensed racers frequently
attend these rides, which might be listed as A+ rides in this
schedule. Be prepared to maintain this pace over 30-50
miles on a weeknight ride, and 60-100 on a weekends. Stops
typically are few and short. Average speeds can be over 20
B 16-19 MPH: a fast recreational clip. The ride distances will
be somewhat lower than the “A” group, and the stops can be
longer and more frequent. Opportunities for regrouping will
be more frequent.
C 13-16 MPH: an enthusiastic pace. Many of our longer-
distance riders ride in this pace range. The mood will be less
competitive and more social. Groups will tend to stay together
more, but the riding will still be consistent. The routes often
avoid the hilliest options.
D 10-13 MPH: a very social pace. Riders can be experienced,
or fairly new, but are usually familiar with the basics of cycling
on the open road and in groups. Distances are modest, and
often a meal stop or sight-seeing is involved.
NR: no designated speed. These rides are specifically oriented
around introducing new riders to the sport. The pace will
be dictated by those who attend, and often these rides are
intended as an introduction to cycling. NR rides can use bike
paths or roadways.
Depending On Weather and Riders, usually for
winter rides. This note in any ride listing indicates an “open”
condition, and will usually be included with a pace class. The
leader may choose to leave the pace, distance, and destination
to be decided by the group, so maps may not be included for
these impromptu rides.
Delaware County Friday Morning Ride
Winter Corn Stubble Ride
Fridays, 12:00 PM Class B+
November 7th through February 27th
Will meet at the Hayden Run Trail Head on Hayden
Run Road in Hilliard.
You haven’t lived until you have experienced the
cold, flat, wind-swept corn-stubbled fields at the base
of the Appalachian foothills in the dead of winter.
The reward is warming up to hot coffee and great
meals at cycling-friendly restaurants such as Castle’s
in Mechanicsburg (Cash Only), Rock’n Robin in
Urbana, or Der Dutchman in Plain City.
Main goals: stay warm, socialize, and eat well.
These rides range from a 12 mile round trip to Der
Dutchman on really nasty days to a more common
45 mile round trip route to Mechanicsburg and
possibly a 72 mile round trip to Rock’n Robin on
global warming affected days.
This is for B+ riders who want to relax, stop for a
meal, and get outside instead of riding a trainer for
a change. We will ride at a 17+ MPH average pace
when roadway is dry and temperature is above 15
Tim Malone 614/419-2598 [email protected]
Canal Winter Rides
Saturdays, 9 AM, Class B
Ride distances of 30-60 miles. Always a restaurant
stop to fuel and warm up. Meet at Cyclist
Connection Bicycle Shop, 200 Cemetery Road,
Canal Winchester.
Dave Miller [email protected]
Groveport Sunday Social
Sundays, 9 AM, Class C,D
A slow, social ride to breakfast/lunch. No maps, we
stay together. Start at Groveport Rec Center, 7370
Groveport Road, Groveport, OH 43125
Dave Miller [email protected]
Winter Activities
Glenn Beachy 614/268-4904 [email protected]
Impromptu Winter Activities
When the snow falls give us a call for x-c skiing or
snowshoeing. Rentals and instruction available. A
few potential destinations: Glacier Ridge, Highbanks,
Prairie Oaks, Battelle-Darby, or Blendon Woods
Metro Parks, Lobdell Reserve in Licking County,
Deer Creek State Park, Malabar Farm State Park or
Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Contact Glenn Beachy email gbeachy2000(at) or 614/268-4904 or Terry Smith at
[email protected] or phone 614/396-6500.
(LAST RIDE IS NOVEMBER 7th). Fridays, 9AM,
Class C, D (ride DOW) MUST BE 35 DEGREES
AND DRY AT 9:00 AM to ride.
Bike Delaware County. A social ride. Explore NE
Delaware County.
Target 35-40 miles, 13-14 Avg. MPH, brunch always.
Group may spontaneously break into a C+
Paced Unit and a C- Paced Unit during ride. Faster
riders are expected to stop periodically to regroup.
No one dropped. Meet at 8:45 AM, northern
mountain bike parking on Africa Road (20 min from
Clintonville up I-71 and West on RT 36/37) 100
needed, VOLUNTEER!!
Beth Caputo,,
614/226.1339 voice and text
Dick Seebode, 740/201.3312 or 614/235.7669
Ben Slay,
Wilderness Lodge Annual Winter Getaway –
Wattsburg, Pa.
Dates & details aren’t quite nailed down yet.
Join us for a relaxing or active weekend. XC ski or
snowshoe (DOW);day hike, meet new friends or catch
up with old ones; read a book by the fire and enjoy a
home-cooked meal. Cost last year was $90 -members:
$105-non-members covers two nights lodging and Sat
dinner. A $40 fee per person is added if you request
and receive a private room for two. They are limited.
Trail passes and ski rentals, available on site, are extra.
A deposit of $60 (a slight increase) in a check made
out to COP and mailed to Terry Smith 248 Rathbone
Rd. Columbus, OH 43214 will be required to hold
your reservation. Please include your email address,
phone number and COP membership number(s).
Deposits are forfeited for cancellations after Jan 4. A
waiting list will be kept in order by date deposits are
Find out more about Wilderness Lodge at www.
Contact Terry preferably by email at [email protected] or phone 614/396-6500.
COP has cross-country skis
and snowshoes for rent
Members only, unless you are on a COP trip.
Costs $8/day for skis, boots and poles. $6/
day snowshoes and poles. No excuses, get
out there!
Contact Glenn Beachy at 614-563-1146 or
[email protected]
Equipment will be unavailable Wilderness
Lodge Weekend
Columbus Outdoors • November 2014 • 7
Activity Schedule
Walt Taylor 614/ 519-8633 [email protected]
47th Flocking to the Hocking
Sunday December 14, 2014
Let’s all flock to the Hocking! This is the 47th year for
this trip! Decorate your boat!
For those interested in carpooling or caravanning we
will meet for breakfast at the McDonalds on Gender
Rd./OH674 and Route 33 at 8:30 AM. We’ll leave
McDonalds by 9:00 in order to be at the river by
For those meeting us at the river, the put-in is where
the Clear Creek flows into the Hocking. There is a
sign pointing to the right for Clear Creek Metro Park.
Do not turn right. Turn left into the field between the
river and the highway. We will run shuttle prior to
putting on the river.
Weather could be anything – probably cold and
possibly wet. The river water is guaranteed to be
cold. Dress appropriately – warm layers and wind/
rain protection (think sledding or skiing). Bring a
complete change of clothes in case you fall in.
We will stop at the natural rock bridge for lunch.
Be sure to bring food and water.
We usually get off the river between 4:00 and 5:00.
We are all invited back to Keith Finn’s house in
Westerville for soup and chili afterwards.
All boats are welcome – canoes, kayaks, duckies,
rafts, etc. COP has rentals if needed; let us know in
advance. There should be no cost for this trip unless
you are renting equipment or are carpooling and want
to contribute gas money to your driver.
Call Mike Wadkowski at 614/746-4700 or e-mail
[email protected]
Boating Scheduling Meeting
January 21 6:00 until 8:30 pm Grandview Library
In preparation for the 2015 boating season, Columbus
Outdoor Pursuit’s Boating Scheduling Meeting is
scheduled for January 21st, 2015.
Discussion points:
• Let’s get together and visit with old friends and
welcome newer boaters
• Plan next year’s boating trips
• Continue Wednesday Night Paddles
• Hand out some money in our leader lottery
• Finalize roll session volunteers
• Offer suggestions for recruiting new leaders
• Discuss COP’s financial status
• Propose money making ideas (classes, RW&B)
• Offer ideas for Yough Stop maintenance/
• Look at less expensive options for boat/
equipment storage
We have the library meeting room from 6:00 until
8 • November 2014 • Columbus Outdoors
COP Boating
8:30 pm. Show up, mingle, eat, log your trips on the
calendar and we’ll get the meeting part of this gettogether started about 7:00.
Walt Taylor, Boating Activity Leader
[email protected], 614/ 519-8633
Due to lack of volunteers, maintenance needs and
financial considerations, the COP Climbing Wall is closed
until further notice.
the following activities are dormant:
Backpacking, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Running,
Qualified leaders can still schedule and run trips in
dormant activities if they have taken COP leader
training. Send Schedules to [email protected]
org. Put “Activity Schedule” in the subject line.
Contact the President if you are willing to become
the Activity Leader for one of these activities.
You can rent one from Columbus Outdoor Pursuits!
Whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, canoes, duckies, and rafts
are available. However, only COP members are entitled to
rent our boats, and first priority is given to boating schools
and trips. Per new liability insurance requirements, COP
membership is required for ALL individuals using our boats on
Class III or greater whitewater. Rental rates include necessary
accessories. PFDs must be worn at all times while on or near
the water; helmets are required to be worn at all times on
Class II and greater whitewater. Renter paddling skills will
be assessed as part of our safety process.
Rental Rates
Old canoes (aluminum) $10 per day
New canoes (plastic)
$15 per day
Whitewater kayaks
$15 per day
Rafts (per seat) & duckies $10 per day
Sea Kayaks (solo or tandem)$25 per day, $45 per weekend
Recreational Kayaks
$25 per day, $45 per weekend
Contact Volunteers
Rental requests need to be made well in advance (at least a
week) of needing boats.
For recreational/sea kayaks: John Lane 614/486-4548
For Canoes & inflatables: WaltTaylor 614/ 519-8633
[email protected]
For whitewater kayaks: Dave Seslar 614/334-9352 [email protected]
COP Boat Rentals are available to COP members only!
Leader Training
Board Meeting
January 8th, 7pm - check the web calendar to be
sure we are meeting. At press time, Board meeting
dates for FY 2015 have not been set.
At the COP Office, 1525 Bethel Road, west side door
and downstairs. All are welcome; however, if you
have business to bring before the Board you need to
contact the President one week in advance to get on
the agenda.
Keith Finn 614/ 890-6269 [email protected]
International Scale of River Difficulty
Monday, February 16, 6pm
Limit 10 people.
Check December issue for registration information.
Basic First Aid
Monday, February 23rd 6-9:30
limit 10 people
Check December issue for registration information.
Wilderness First Aid
March 7 & 8
Check December issue for registration information.
the following activities are dormant:
Backpacking, Camping, Climbing,
Saturday, November 8th. 10AM-5PM
COP Office, 1525 Bethel Road, west side door,
Columbus 43220
COP Leader Training covers: Risk Management,
Paperwork & COP Policies, Trip Planning, Participant
Screening and Leadership. Cost is $15 for the day
and includes lunch. Please bring $15.00 in cash,
exact change, to class. You must be a member of COP
to take this class. Registration deadline is 11:59pm,
Thursday, November 6th.
Ann Gerckens [email protected]
614/ 442-7901
CPR Class
Running, Qualified leaders can still schedule and run
trips in dormant activities if they have taken COP
leader training. Send Schedules to [email protected] . Put “Activity Schedule” in the subject
Contact the President if you are willing to become
the Activity Leader for one of these activities.
Adapted from American White Water. Thanks for their permission to use. This is the American version of a rating system used to compare river difficulty throughout the world. this system is not exact;
rivers do not always fit easily into one category, and regional or individual interpretations may cause
misunderstandings. It is no substitute for a guidebook or accurate first-hand descriptions of a run.
Please visit for additional information.
Class I: easy. Fast moving water with riffles and small waves. Few obstructions, all obvious and easily missed with little training. Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy.
Class II: Novice. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium sized waves are easily
missed by trained paddlers. Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance, while helpful, is
seldom needed
Class III: Intermediate. Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and
which can swamp an open canoe. Complex maneuvers in fast current and good boat control in
tight passages or around ledges are often required; large waves or strainers may be present but are
easily avoided
Class IV: Advanced. Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and
holes or constricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure.
Class V: Expert. Extremely long, obstructed, or very violent rapids which expose a paddler to added
risk. Drops may contain large, unavoidable waves and holes or steep, congested chutes with complex, demanding routes.
Class VI: Extreme and exploratory. These runs have almost never been attempted and often exemplify the extremes of difficulty, unpredictability and danger.
Columbus Outdoors • November 2014 • 9
Activity Schedule
Position available! [email protected]
Clifton Gorge & John Bryan State Park
Sunday, November 9, 9 AM
This 6 to 8 mile hike will begin at scenic Clifton
Gorge with many unusual natural sights along the
Little Miami River and then will continue in the
adjacent state park. Bring lunch, water, and hiking
boots, and meet for car pooling behind Bob Evans
Restaurant at Westland Shopping Center (just east of
I-270 and West Broad St.). Dave Dorsky 614/848-7879, valordave AT
Meet just south of the Krogers gas station, Winchester
Plaza off Rt 33. Trip goes unless we are under Class 2
or 3 Snow emergency.
Ann Gerckens [email protected] (before
12/30, I don’t have internet at home) 614/282-2781
$10 plus
Zaleski State Forest Day Hike Sunday, November 23. 10 am This will be a 10-mile moderately paced hike on the
backpack trail. Bring water, lunch, and hiking boots
or sturdy shoes. Meet at 10 am on route 278 at the Zaleski backpack
trailhead parking lot or across the street at the Hope
Furnace parking lot.
Rick Taylor 614/204-9370 taylorr1 AT nationwide.
com Holidays are Coming!
Buy your favorite COP member
a pair of socks (or eight)!
High Banks MetroPark
Saturday, November 15, 1pm-ish
Meet me at the Visitors Center for an afternoon to
walk 4-6 miles at a relaxed pace.
[email protected] 614/282-2781
Delaware State Park Day Hike
Sunday, December 14, 10 AM
This will be a hike of 5 to 8 miles, depending on the
weather and trail conditions. The wooded terrain is
mostly flat with a few rolling hills. Hiking boots are
recommended for uneven terrain and possible snowy,
icy, muddy and/or wet conditions. Pack water and
lunch or snacks for the trail. Meet for car pooling
at 10 am at the west end of the Wal-Mart parking lot
in North Pointe Plaza shopping center, which is on
the east side of US RT 23 about 1/2 mile north of SR
750 (Powell Rd.)., or be at the Mink Run trailhead
near the marina by 10:45. Note: This hike may be
cancelled if road or trail conditions are hazardous.
Dave Dorsky, 614/848-7879, valordave AT
Old Mans Cave to Ash Cave
Thursday January 1st 10AM
Meet at the Old Mans Cave parking lot and join us
for 6 miles of great hiking and Holiday cheer.
Shuttle provided for this one way hike.
Dress for the weather, pack a lunch, your 10 essentials
and bring plenty of water.
Also bring yaktraks, icewalkers, cleats or some such
traction for your feet if you wish to take the gorge trail
to Cedar Falls. Those without traction devices will be
sent as a sub-group to Cedar Falls via the upper trail.
Optional car pool from Canal Winchester at 8:45am.
10 • November 2014 • Columbus Outdoors
$20 plus tax
$25 plus tax
Cutting Costs
Ann Gerckens, Editor
As part of our cost cutting measures, we will not be
publishing a January issue of Columbus Outdoors.
Please be sure you get your information in for the
December issue by 11:59pm, November 5th.
Check for any
changes/addtions to the schedule.
Next year, we expect to combine November and
December into one issue and also January/February.
We will no longer be printing full page registration
forms. Expect to see a quarter page of information
including who to call if you need a paper registraion
form and a link for online registration.
Leaders! Instead of step by step directions in your
schedule lising, please list the address and a googlemap
Why Join Columbus Outdoor Pursuits?
Membership Application
- Choose from an extensive schedule of activities year-round.
- Receive this monthly newsletter, filled with trips, events, and articles.
- Learn by doing in workshops on canoeing, bicycle maintenance, rock
climbing, backpacking, wilderness first-aid, leadership skills, and more.
- Develop your leadership and organizational skills with volunteer opportunities.
- Take advantage of low-cost outdoor equipment rentals for members
- Make new friends who share your interests and have fun.
YES! I want to become a member of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. I understand I
will receive a full 12-month membership and all other benefits of membership.
Renewing? The expiration month on your renewal will remain the same.
Student $ 25.00 (16-26)
Adult $ 30.00
Senior $ 25.00 (65 & over)
Family $ 50.00 (2 or more people in the same household)
Replace lost Membership Card $3.00
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits success record is in large the result of many people
donating their time. If you have some time and want to be a bigger part of this
organization, please check off the items below where you could help:
Bike tours-foodstops Computer support
Bike tours - reg
Bike tours-arrows
Trip Leader (training Office (weekdays) Bike tours - sag
Data entry
Tax deductible donation __________
Total Amount Enclosed: $______.____
Save trees & postage by sending my newsletter via email.
Make check payable to: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Mail to: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Activity Interests
Circle ”1” for primary interests and “2” for secondary interests. Circle “L” if you
are willing to lead trips.
Backpacking 1
Mt. Biking 1
Camping 1
X-C Skiing
Running Kayaking
Sea Kayak
1 2 L
Rock Climb
1 2 L
Other ___________________
How did you find out about COP?____________________________________
What made you decide to join?______________________________________
or join online with a credit card at
Name: _________________________________________________________
City:____________________________ State:__________ Zip:____________
Home Phone: (____) _____________ Email Address:_____________________
Birthdate: _______________
As a benefit of membership, 2 classified ads per year of 60 words or less are free of charge.
Please limit content to equipment buy/sell ads. Non-members cannot place ads. Please
include your membership number when submitting a classified. Send to [email protected]
Members can also post their classifieds to the cop website,
Log in, then go to More stuff/classifieds.
For Sale:
For Sale:
Ice Skates--Oberhamer Figure Skating
Fischer Nordic Cruising Jupiter Control
X-Country skis with NNN bindings.
Narrow, fast skis. Used about 6 times.
174 cm length. Red. $250 new. Asking
Teresa tstaats AT or
phone 740/815-5459
For Sale:
Ice Skates
Professional Grade Skates -- Black -- Size
9 1/2 M
Blades made by Sheffield Steele in
England--(includes blade guards)
Shoes made in Germany.
Very Good Condition.
narcuslaw AT, Say Subject: Ice
Skates Or call 614/785-0221, leave
Bike Nashbar indoor trainer. Secure system with quick release front
fork lock-in. Resistance adjustment lever clamps on
handlebar. This bridge on Rosedale-Plain
City [crosses Barron creek] is
Easily disassembles for
still here and it is still closed.
How long has it been ? 10 years
15 years. It’s bikable amd very
lovely place to stop and look at
Mark 614/ 561-2296 the water. It would be great on
markdenzer AT a nearby bike path since can’t be
used for auto traffic. Jeff Fenell
COP Facebook page, 9/27/14
1525 Bethel Rd Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43220-2054
Previous Membership #: _______________
Remember to bring your
current Columbus Outdoor
Pursuits activity card to all
trips & events.
Memberships may be obtained from the
COP office by email [email protected] or by calling 614/442-7901.
If you have any questions about the
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits trip
program, contact the appropriate
Activity Leader.
If you have questions about a particular
trip, call the leader listed with the trip.
To maintain the high quality of all
club trips, you are encouraged to
submit comments or suggestions, to the
appropriate leader and participate in
our numerous schools.
Need to renew?
Membership renewal notices for
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits will be sent
by the office. If you want to be a member
of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits but your
membership has expired and you haven’t
received a renewal notice, please login to, view profile
and click renew. Or use the form in the
newsletter and send it with a check made
payable to Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.
The Post Office will not forward Non-
Profit Rate mail. Please send your new
address to the Columbus Outdoor
Pursuits office at:
1525 Bethel Rd, Ste 100,
Columbus, OH 43220-2054
Columbus Outdoors • November 2014 • 11
November 2014
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
1525 Bethel Rd Ste 100
Columbus OH 43220-2054
Address Service Requested
Steve Barbour Memorial
Tour Century Rider. Photo by
Gordon Renkes.
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