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NOVEMBER 12, 2014
STOUT 7.0% ABV, 20 IBU 7.0%
Congratulations are in order once again!
Alpenglow Weizenbock received a Gold Medal
at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival!!
ABV, 20 IBU 16oz Pint $5.25/ Growler TO
GO $15 /Sample $1.50 Jet black in color
with rich chocolate and roasted malt
flavor. Brewed once per year with Ohio
pumpkins, Belgian dark chocolate and delicately
7.5% abv 87ibu
Pint $5.25/Growler TO GO $15/ Sample $1.50
Uncivilized and aggressive this west coast styled
IPA packs wicked hop flavors and aroma.
Savage amounts of Simcoe, Columbus and
Cascade hops define this brews signature pine
and citrus notes. Try with our smoked wings in the Killer
sauce and run the risk of a shrunken head! Silver Medal 2010
& Bronze Medal 2011 Great American Beer Festival. Silver
Medal Winner 2012 & 2014 World Beer Cup. National IPA
Competition 1st place 2010 & 2012.
Belgian Lambics 12oz Bottle $7.50
Lindeman’s Kriek— Lambic beer made with fresh cherries to
create a secondary fermentation. 4.0% ABV
Lindeman’s Faro— with candy sugar. 4.75% ABV
Lindeman’s Peche— peaches. 2.5% ABV
Lindeman’s Framboise—raspberries. 2.5% ABV
Lindeman’s Cassis—black currants. 4.0% ABV
Lindeman’s Pomme apples. 3.5 % ABV
Lindeman’s Cuvee Rene — A blend of old and young lambics.
5.0 % ABV
4.8% abv
29ibu .5L $4.25/ Growler TO GO $12/
Sample$1.25 A German-style Helles Lager
that elegantly balances German malts and
noble hops. A perfect companion for the
Parma Karma Platter
7.1% abv 30 ibu .4l Goblet $4.75/
GrowlerTOGO $13.00/ Sample $1.50
Belgian inspired farmhouse ale integrating 20%
rye malt which contributes a spicy texture and a
dry finish. A special blend of yeasts add a
character that is earthy and fruity with a refreshingly clean
and crisp finish.
6.8%abv 25 ibu 4l goblet $5.00/ Growler TO
GO $15/Sample $1.50 A true Belgian style
blonde ale, light copper in color with spicy
herbal undertones. This beer will dance with
your senses and get your blood pumping.
10.2% ABV 33 IBU $6/12oz Snifter/$2.25 Sample/
$22.00 Growler Lately it occurs to me what a
long, strange trip it's been. This brew has a deep
golden color with spicy phenolics, fruity notes,
yeast and clove in the nose. Rich mouth feel with
complex fruity, yeasty flavors and hints of clove with just the
right amount of hop bitterness and a slightly sweet finish.
Drink up do-dah man.
ALE 7.5% ABV 28 IBU 16 OZ PINT $5.75
SAMPLE $1.75/ Growler$17.00
BLUEBERRY ALE 5.3%abv 18ibu
.5L $4.50/Growler TO GO $12.50/Sample $1.25
Thirst quenching ale brewed with tart
blueberries and honey. This friendly ale
will buzz around the delicate beer drinkers taste buds
without stinging them.
Once upon a frozen evening way up north, a
sweet local honey named Holly inspired our Jolly Fat Man (as only Holly can) to create this festive spiced holiday ale. We think you will enjoy his holiday creation with it's aromas and flavors of Christmas day. Sweet malt,
ginger, honey and cinnamon spice. Sip this by the fire with your
significant other. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a little
inspiration of your own. From our Jolly Fat Man to yours...
HEFEWEIZEN 5.1% abv 18ibu .5L $4.75/
Growler TO GO $12.50/ Sample $1.50 Traditional
German style wheat beer served unfiltered. Hazy
straw colored beer that hints at banana and clove
complexity as all Hefe Weizens do. This thirst quencher drinks so
easy it may fog your goggles. Pairs well with grilled smokehouse
wings basted in our extra medium sauce.
Gold Medal Winner 2010 Cleveland Oktoberfest. Bronze
Medal Winner 2013 Cleveland Oktoberfest
9.8%ABV 77IBU 12oz $5.25/
Growler$18.50/ Sample $1.95 A full
bodied imperial red ale brewed with a
massive amount of Pacific Northwest hops
that are complemented by caramel malts. Dry
hopped and “hop-backed” with Simcoe hops give this beer
a pungent piney aroma.
Silver Medal Winner 2014 World Beer Cup
IPAs are basically stronger, hoppier pale ales. Over the years, the
style has evolved and even spawned a subspecies or three.
Lazy Magnolia, Jefferson Stout — Kiln, MI
Sweet Potato Stout 5%ABV 22IBU 12oz. Bottle $4.75
Jefferson Stout, Lazy Magnolia’s original Sweet Potato
Cream Stout, is Lazy Magnolia’s version of the ideal Southern
-Style Stout. Jefferson Stout is brewed with sweet potatoes
and lactose (milk sugar). The sweet potatoes provide the background to an impressive taste with added notes of roasted
chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors
Deschutes, Black Butte Porter XXVI — Bend, OR
22oz bottle $17.99 10.2% ABV
American Imperial Porter 26th Birthday Edition!
7.5% ABV, 80 IBU 16oz Pint $5.25/ Growler TO
GO $15 /Sample $1.50 Brewed with a special hop
blend of Mosaic, Equinox, Citra and 3
experimental hops. This beer displays
peaks of citrus, tropical fruit and pine
with a spicy, floral aroma. Loftus Ranches and Hop
Union are donating this ALS blend of hops to only
about 70 breweries to use and $1 from each pint supports Ales for ALS. Great Beer! Great Cause!
26th Anniversary Imperial Porter was aged in Bourbon Barrels (50% for 6
month). & dry spiced with Theo Chocolate’s cocoa nibs, revealing hints of
vanilla & chocolate. Pomegranate molasses & Oregon cranberries
complement the robust flavor with a hint of fruit & just enough tart to
make you smile!
Dogfish Head, 60 Minute — Milton, DE 16oz. Pint $5.00
India Pale Ale 6%ABV 60IBU
Our flagship beer. A session India Pale Ale brewed with Warrior, Amarillo &
’Mystery Hop X.’ A powerful East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character. THE session beer for beer geeks like us!
Morland, Old Speckled Hen — Bury St. Edmunds, England
Extra Special Bitter NITRO 5%ABV 16oz. Pint $5.25
Cask version was first brewed in 1979 by Morland Brewery to celebrate the
50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon. The name comes from
the MG factory’s works car - the gold speckled MG Featherweight Fabric
Saloon, affectionately known as the Ol’ Speckl’d ’Un
Sierra Nevada, Nooner — Chico CA 16oz. Pint $5.00
Session IPA 4.5%ABV 40IBU
Nooner IPA is light in body but big in hop aroma and flavor. This session IPA
delivers a dose of citrusy and grapefruit hop character from the use of wholecone American hops. There is no better way to start a lazy afternoon than with
a group of friends and a few beers. Nooner IPA is a session beer that’s light in
body yet big in hop flavor
Fuller’s, Chiswick Bitter — London, England 16oz. Pint $5.75
English Bitter 3.5% ABV
Extra hops added to the cask give Chiswick Bitter a distinctive hoppy aroma
and a lasting bitterness in the finish. There’s crispness on the palate while
notes of biscuity malt perfectly complement the hops. Brewed to a low ABV,
Chiswick Bitter is the ideal companion to lunchtime dishes. Champion Beer
of Britain 1989.
Founder’s, Centennial— Grand Rapids, MI 16 oz Pint $5.50
India Pale Ale 7.2%ABV 65 IBU
Anderson Valley, Pinchy Jeek Barl — Boonville, CA
Pumpkin Ale aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels
8.5%ABV 22oz. Bottle $19.99
Malt beverage brewed with pumpkin and spices and aged in
Wild Turkey bourbon barrels
Get ready to bask in the glory of the frothy head’s floral bouquet. Relish the
citrus accents from the abundance of dry hopping. This one’s sweet, yet
balanced. Malty undertones shake hands with the hop character for a finish
that never turns too bitter.
Platform, Proletariat — Ohio City, OH 16oz. Pint $4.75
India Pale Ale 6.5%ABV 65IBU
A refreshing offering from one of the newest breweries in Ohio brewed by a
dear friend of the Fatheads family, former brewer Shaun Yasaki. Have a pint
and spread the word!
$6/12oz Snifter/$2.25 Sample/ $23.00
Growler Fresh brewed with a blend from our
friends at Phoenix Coffee, rich roasted malt
and semi-sweet chocolate dominate this brew. Creamy in
almost a cappuccino-like way with a hint of bitterness.
Mmmm, bean me up one of these, Scotty.
10% ABV 70 IBU 12oz Snifter $6.00
Sample $2.25/ Growler TO GO $22
Pitch black in color, this brew has a very
strong chocolate aroma with hints of
coffee, dark fruit, and sweet malts. Try a Hippy Sippy
and you might try anything...
Thirsty Dog, Wulver — Akron, OH 12oz. Bottle $7.99
Wee Heavy Ale aged in bourbon barrels
12%ABV 22IBU
We made this beer specifically for bourbon barrels. The result
is our most acclaimed bourbon barrel beer. Bourbon barrel
aging and specialty malts create flavors of vanilla and caramel
that blend in perfect balance
Three Floyds Alpha King — Munster, IN
16oz. Pint $5.50
American Pale Ale
3 Floyds’ flagship beer, Alpha King is a big American pale ale that pours a
deep amber with a creamy head. This ale is brewed with Centennial, Cascade,
and Warrior hops giving it an intense citrus aroma and a crisp hoppy finish.
Bell’s, The Oracle — Kalamazoo, MI
Double IPA 10.4%ABV
12oz. Snifter $6.50
Our take on the West Coast-style Double India Pale Ale, The Oracle places
hop intensity first & foremost, making only the slightest concession to malt &
balance. The fireworks start with the floral aromatic punch of two separate dry
-hop sessions with Amarillo and NZ Pacific Jade. Resinous, citrusy hop flavors mixed with aggressive bitterness from a massive kettle addition deliver
on that aromatic promise.
Dark brews with a roasted or toasted taste. Stouts are usually stronger &
darker than porters. Nowadays though anything goes!
6.8% ABV 28 IBU
Imperial Pint $6.50 / 1/2 Imperial Pint $3.25
A striking, robust porter full of warmth and chocolate malt. Eugene
is a robust porter named after Eugene V. Debs, an American union
leader and activist who led the Pullman Railroad strike in 1894. An
assortment of Belgian specialty malts form a complex structure of
toasted grain and caramel flavors. Dark chocolate malt makes this
porter black as night and infuses it with its distinct intense,
chocolate essence.
Sierra Nevada, Narwahl — Chico, CA
Imperial Stout
10.2%ABV 60IBU
12oz. Snifter $5.75
Remarkable and varied styles. A colorful, individualistic assortment of beer.
Usually very complex, exotic and spicy.
New Belgium, La Folie — Ft. Collins, CO .4L Goblet $5.75
Sour Brown Ale 6%ABV 14IBU
La Folie Wood-Aged Biere, is our original wood-conditioned beer, resting in
French Oak barrels between one and three years before being hand bottled, numbered and corked for your enjoyment. Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, came to us
from Rodenbach – home of the fabled sour red. Our La Folie emulates the spontaneous fermentation beers of Peter’s beloved Flanders with sour apple notes, a dry
effervescence, and earthy undertones.
Columbus, Saison — Columbus, OH .4L Goblet $5.75
Saison 6.5%ABV 30IBU
Our version of this classic Belgian farmhouse ale, brewed with imported malts,
Belgian yeast strain, and American hops for our own unique twist.
Ranging in color from light amber to dark amber/red and even copper to light
brown, some American Amber and Red Ales have a malt-forward aroma flavor,
while others have a balanced malt and hop profile
Portside Distillery, Riptide Red — Cleveland, OH 16oz. Pint $5.25
Red Ale 5.5%ABV
The first thing you will notice in our Riptide Red is the fateful amber red coloring.
Light citrus notes come through on the nose, which provide a perfect balance to the
malty notes of the crystal malt. It all ends with a clean, dry finish that leaves you
ready for the next delicious taste.
Broad family of beers a wide range of strengths, colors and bitterness.
Lagers are fermented with a different strain of yeast than ales, ferment at
cooler tempertatures
Miller Lite - Durban, South Africa .5l $4..25 4.2%abv
Some say less filling, some say tastes great. Triple hops brewed, with incredible
drinkability thanks to its liquid state. We are not sure where the Triple Hops are
from but they are closely related to double hops but it is one more.
Wheat beers are some of the most refreshing beers in the world. Made with a
proportion of wheat malt in addition to malted barley. There are many styles
and variations of wheat beers.
Weihenstephaner, Hefeweissbier — Weihenstephan, Germany
.5L $6.00
Nothing refreshes you more than this naturally cloudy wheat beer with its wonderful yeasty fragrance and taste. Goes well with dishes that do not have too intensive
flavours, especially that Bavarian speciality 'Weisswurst' or white sausage.
Uinta, Punk’n — Salt Lake City, UT 16oz. Pint $5.00
Pumpkin Ale 4%ABV 10IBU
Harvest the flavors of fall with a bottle opener and a stroll down the craft-brewed
beer aisle. Four+ Punk’n Ale is the pick of the crop with notes of roasted pumpkin
and seasonal spices. Savory. Crisp. The sweetness is in the celebration, not on the
Narwhal Imperial Stout is inspired by the mysterious creature that thrives in
the deepest fathoms of the frigid Arctic Ocean. Featuring incredible depth of
malt flavor, rich with notes of espresso, baker’s cocoa, roasted grain and a
light hint of smoke, Narwhal is a massive malt-forward monster. Aggressive
but refined with a velvety smooth body and decadent finish, Narwhal will age
in the bottle for years to come.
Arcadia, Jaw Jacker — Battle Creek, MI 16oz. Pint $5.50
Pumpkin Ale 6%ABV
Brooklyn, Post Road Pumpkin — Brooklyn, NY 16oz. Pint $5.25
Pumpkin Ale 5%ABV
Wyder’s, Reposado Cider — Middlebury, VT
Pear Cider aged in Tequlla Barrels 6.9%ABV 16oz. Pint $6.00
This light, crisp cider presents a tangy aroma while offering a distinct pear
taste, ending with a lively mouth feel that tickles the tongue. This special batch
was aged in tequila barrels
Jaw-Jacker balances our finest malted barley with a bit-o-wheat and is complimented with a citrus hop kick and just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg and
allspice for a nice marriage of pumpkin pie and beer. Made in the fall to celebrate
the changing of the season.
Post Road Pumpkin Ale is a revival of a beer brewed by the early American colonists. Pumpkins were plentiful, flavorful and nutritious and they blended nicely
with barley malt. Hundreds of pumpkins are blended into each batch of Post Road
Pumpkin Ale, creating a beer with an orange amber color, warm pumpkin aroma,
biscuity malt center and crisp finish.