YOKE Mid-Term Plan (draft) For 2014-2017 fiscal period Feedback Form

Feedback Form
for YOKE Mid-term Draft Plan (2014-2017)
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(1) About the creation of a multicultural society
YOKE has formulated its Mid-Term Plan (draft)!
We would like to hear your opinions about this draft plan
Deadline: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
YOKE Mid-Term Plan
For 2014-2017 fiscal period
Aiming for a multicultural Yokohama where both Japanese and
foreigners residents can make the most of their potential
Outline version
(2)About the development of global human resources
(3) About anything else in this Mid-Term Plan
About YOKE
YOKE is an organization established by the City
of Yokohama in 1981 for the purpose of
creating a multicultural society and promoting
international exchange and cooperation.
Structure of this outline
About YOKE Mid-Term Plan
This is a statement of the basic ideas and
tasks that YOKE will aim for in the next
4 years.
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・Main points of the YOKE Mid-Term Draft Plan
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2014 (Heisei 26)
公益財団法人 横浜市国際交流協会
Main Points of the YOKE Mid-Term Draft Plan (2014-2017)
Basic Policy
Multicultural Society
Development of
Global Human Resources
Equal partners
Development of Human
Resources for Youth
Working together with international organizations,
YOKE will nurture young generation to become
active players in international cooperation.
Previous YOKE
Mid-Term Plan
Foreign residents
≪Actual achievements≫
・ 41% of YOKE s consultation staff consists of
foreign nationals.
・36% of YOKE s registered volunteer interpreters
are foreign nationals.
≪Actual performance≫
More than 100 university students completed their
internship at YOKE-related international organizations.
Both Japanese and foreign
residents work together as
pillars of their own local
community while respecting
each other and making the
most of their potential.
YOKE promotes the creation of an
environment where foreign residents can
participate in more ways in the community.
Mid-Term Plan
・Exchange students are actively cooperating on City of
Yokohama s policies.
・They also disseminate information on Yokohama to
people overseas as Japanophiles.
■Young people
・Regardless of their nationality, the young generation is
well-grounded to become globally active.
・Young people play an active role in their local
YOKE will support the young people
representing the next generation
to play an active role
in the increasingly globalized society.
≪Some examples of our activities≫
≪Some examples of our activities≫
■Japanese-Study Support Project
■Yokohama International Student House
Management Project
・Our Japanese classes aim to enable learners to participate
in society and achieve self-fulfillment.
・YOKE will create opportunities for foreign residents with
Japanese-learning experience to participate in Japanese
classes as supporters.
■Multicultural Human Resources
Development Project (New)
YOKE will work on activities where young foreign
country-related generations can get support with their
studies and/or employments through exchanges with
university students and working adults.
■Multi-Language Information
Dissemination Project
To support the information needs of foreign residents,
YOKE will work to create easily understood content in
collaboration with foreign translators, starting from the
creation of original articles in Japanese.
■Exchange students
Development of
Local Community
Through this project, YOKE will promote citizens
understanding in the international community and will
expand opportunities for those in Yokohama International
Student House to cooperate with the city s policy so as to
become bridges between Yokohama and their native
countries. Moreover, YOKE will disseminate information on
Yokohama to the world through the alumni network of the
Yokohama International Student House, which is active on
the world stage.
■YOKE Volunteer Activity Observation
and Experience Project (New)
As one of YOKE s multicultural and international
cooperation projects, YOKE will set up opportunities for
youth to observe and experience volunteer activities. By
doing so, it will help them understand about
multiculturalism and provide them learning opportunities
useful for their future activities.
toward the global city
of Yokohama