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Leamington Hastings:
Leam Valley Messenger
Leamington Hastings
October/November 2014
Rev Jane Close
The Vicarage, Lower Street
Tel: 01788 899226
Mobile: 07958 685423
We will remember them
01788 891338
01788 810997
01788 890498
01926 812724
In our Remembrance Services we hope to honour all those who served in the
‘Great War’ so that future generations will never forget the sacrifices our families,
friends and neighbours made. We hope to give an insight into what these people
went through, the journey they travelled and where they came from and who they
were – Lest we forget. Rev Jane
Dr Alec Parker
Orchard Cottage
Tel: 01926 812548
If you wish to contact Rev Jane by e-mail, her address is: [email protected]
Sue Thomas
Tracy Pawsey
Bert Ogle
Thelma Gee
From the Registers
Baptisms: We welcome you into the life and membership of the church:
Henry William Twinn on 3rd August at the Church of the Good
Shepherd, Broadwell.
One hundred years ago in 1914, World War One was declared and hundreds of
young men left home to join the fighting, some never to return from a war that
claimed the lives of over 16 million people across the globe and changed the world
for everyone.
Zabian Edward Carey on 7th September at All Saints’ Church,
Leamington Hastings.
Weddings: We congratulate those who have recently married:
Today we can still make connections to the tragic events of the First World War
through our own family history, the heritage of our communities locally or in other
countries, and by the long-term impact on the world we live in today. The war
affected families and friends in different ways, from the home front to the front-line
in the trenches in this country and abroad.
This year on Remembrance Sunday 9 th November we will be holding
Remembrance Services, in St Peter’s Church, Grandborough, for the Parishes of
Flecknoe, Grandborough and Willoughby, and in All Saints’ Church, Leamington
Hastings, for the Parish of Leamington Hastings. Both services will be at 10.30 am.
The churches have been researching the names read out from their parish’s
memorial roll call and there will be on display a memory board showing photos and
memorabilia of some who took part in the conflict. We are asking for anyone with
local stories to come forward and contribute to this exhibition. You may have a
cherished photograph of a relative, a medal, or an identity card; you may have a
typed-up story from the war period to including the peace celebrations in 1919. We
should like to add the stories and items to this exhibition, alongside any other WW1
objects, memorabilia.
Eleanor Carroll and John Dove on 16th August at St Peter’s Church,
Will Nichols and Jody Bemrose on 31 August at St Peter’s Church,
Alice Rathbone and Richard Foxon on 20th September at
St Nicholas’ Church, Willoughby
Broadwell ‘Babytime’
A coffee morning for Mums and babies in The Church of the Good Shepherd,
Broadwell. The next dates are Friday 10th and Friday 24th October 10.30 am –
12.00 noon. Come and meet other mums and babies/toddlers and enjoy the coffee,
chat, cake and play. Want more information phone Rev Jane 01788 899226.
If you have a story or objects and photographs to share, then please contact:
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Bible Group Meeting
Church Services
2nd October
5th October
Sat 11th Oct
12th October
19 October
21st October
26th October
2nd Nov
6th Nov
Sat 8th Nov
9th Nov
16th Nov
Tues 18th Nov
23rd Nov
30th Nov
4th December
7th December
4.00 pm
Messy Church
Leamington Hastings
C of GS, Broadwelll
Leamington Hastings
C of GS, Broadwell
9.00 am
11.00 am
10.00 am
9.00 am
11.00 am
5.00 pm
9.00 am
11.00 am
6.00 pm
7.30 pm
Holy Communion
Holy Communiuon
Messy Church
Holy Communion
Family Service
Harvest Service/Supper
Holy Communion
Healing Service
Leamington Hastings
Leamington Hastings
9.00 am
11.00 am
6.00 pm
9.00 am
11.00 am
4.00 pm
The Breakfast Service
Holy Communion
Evening Worship
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Messy church
On Wednesday 22nd October and Wednesday 19th November, the monthly
Benefice Bible Group will be meeting at 10.00 am in Willoughby Vicarage. All
Benefice Christingle Service
On Sunday 7 December, we will be holding a Benefice Christingle Service.
We hope you will join us for this joyful and moving service at St Nicholas’
Church, Willoughby at 4.00 pm - Shine a light in the darkness for children this
Carol Concert Wolfhampcote
C of GS, Broadwelll
Leamington Hastings
Leamington Hastings
C of GS, Broadwell
Leamington Hastings
Flecknoe - Benefice
10.00 am
10.30 am
10.30 am
9.00 am
11.00 am
6.00 pm
7.30 pm
9.00 am
11.00 pm
6.00 pm
10.30 am
4.00 pm
Messy Church
Remembrance Sunday
Leamington Hastings
9.00 am
11.00 am
4.00 pm
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Benefice Christingle
Holy Communion
Healing Service
The Breakfast Service
Holy Communion
Evening Worship
Holy Communion
Messy Church
Make a note in your diaries for the Carol Concert to be held on 13th December at
4.00 pm at Wolfhampcote.
Farmers’ Market, Grandborough
Come and join us at our next Farmers’ Markets held on Thursday 2nd October and
Thursday 6th November from 10.00 am – 12.30 pm. Buy some local produce and
enjoy a chat and cup of tea.
Cym Baseley
Caked in Bread
Fowlers Dairies
Simon Heywood
Paddocks Products
Piper & Son
Bruce Roberts
The Old Chapel Fudge Company
The Lost Farm (Woodbine Meats)
The Jam Lady
Church News and Notices
Healing Services
The next Healing Services will be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 21 st October and
Tuesday 18th November, in the Church of the Good Shepherd, Broadwell. All
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Home spun wool/garments
Fresh bread
Pies, pickles, bakery
Organic vegetables
Poultry, Gammon, Bacon
Fresh Fish
Honey produce
Italian Deli
Dexter Beef, Manx Lamb, Pork
Preserves, greeting cards
Holiday Club
We were greatly blessed at the Holiday Club again this year. A big thank you to all
the children from across the Benefice and from further afield who came to the
Holiday Club in August and made it so enjoyable for everyone. They were all a
great credit to their parents. Many thanks also to all the helpers who worked so
hard and enabled everything to run so smoothly.
- 4 -
Our theme this year was water and some magnificent collages were made showing
Jesus with his disciples stilling the waters on Lake Galilee and Peter walking on
water. A great feature this year was showing the children every stage of the
making of bread. With the harvest in progress the wheat grain was being gathered
from the fields round the village. On Wednesday 27th August we had a special visit
to Charlecotte Mill where wheat grain was milled into flour using great millstones
driven by a water wheel. The next day the children used this flour to make scones
for their parents to sample. We also visited the historic Charlecotte Church and the
grounds of Charlecotte Park now run by the National Trust.
Harvest Supper
Following the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, the children
made pots to carry water and crafted the people of the story. A visit was also
made to a local pond to identify the creatures living there and time was set aside
for the children to play games. It was a great credit to all that so much was packed
into three days without a mishap.
St. Peter’s Church would like to thank Grandborough Broadband supporters - your
monthly contributions have bought a new ride-on, mulching lawnmower, costing
just under £2,000. Andrew and Mark would like to thank you all for supporting BB
and especially to the working party who recently “volunteered” to tree lop in order
to improve the line of sight from Stockton to the church tower.
Big Breakfast
Harvest Festival service will be held at 5.00 pm on Sunday 12th October,
followed by Harvest Supper in the church. Please come along and join us.
Adults £6; children £2.50. (Please bring your own drinks). Tickets from Sarah
810344; Charmaine 810166; Dorothy 814994 or another PCC member.
Grandborough Broadband
Women’s Institute
We will be holding our second Big Breakfast in Flecknoe Village Hall on Saturday
15th November, building on the success of the event held on 18th January. This
will run from 8.30 am to 12 noon and is open to anyone who would like to eat well
and meet their fellow villagers.
Messy Church
Our first meeting after the summer break was very successful with a turnout of 20
children. The theme was World War 1. The children enjoyed making a very
colourful poster of red poppies which will be on display in the church for our
Remembrance Service in November. They also made poppies to take home with
them and Joy Coling told them a true story about the war.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday 2 nd October when we will be talking about
Harvest - The parable of the Rich Fool. We will be making barns out of boxes,
apple printing, and seed pictures. Harvest soup is on the menu and this will be
made by the children as part of their activities. If you have not already been to
Messy Church, why not come along and give it a try 4.00 – 6.pm.
Churchyard Cleaning
Do you have an hour or two to spare on Saturday 11 th October between 10.00 am
and midday? If you do, we would be delighted if you could come along and help
clean up the churchyard. Bring some of your garden tools along with you
.- 5 -
On Wednesday 15th October, Sandra South will be giving a talk on ‘My Trip to
Nepal.’ The meeting will be held in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm. Visitors welcome.
On Wednesday 19th November the AGM will be held in the Village Hall at
7.30 pm. Cheese and wine will be served at the end of the meeting
Leamington Hastings
Indoor Christmas Market
Saturday 29th November 2014
All Saints’ Church, Leamington Hastings
11.30 am - 2.30 pm
Many local craft stalls, produce, light lunches,
Father Christmas, tea, coffee, and homemade cakes
Children’s corner, Raffle and more………
Anyone interested in having a stall, please contact
Karen 01926 812363 and Jane Cresswell 01926 633223
We look forward to welcoming everyone to a wonderful event to
promote local crafts, baking, and produce. Plenty of parking.
- 6 -
Church Choir
Harvest Day Fun
Choir members needed for St Nicholas’ Church. If you would like to sing in a
church choir please contact Brian Sunderland 01926 633032
The Willoughby Society
Our Family Show (suitable age 6+) from Live & Local will be held on Friday
17th October at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. “Kakatsitsi – Master Drummers from
Tickets (including hot supper) can be purchased from: Leonie Tromans 01788
890700 and Roger Atkins 01788 891799. Please bring your own drinks.
A colourful, energetic and entertaining
drumming,dancing, and singing from Ghana.
Our October meeting is on the 29th at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. After our taste of
Africa our talk is much closer to home. Richard Jackson will be talking about
'Willoughby Ancient and Modern' come along and learn something new about our
village. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.
We had an amazing day on Sunday 14 th Sept. At our
11.00 am Harvest Service, Rev Barbara Clutton
preached, the children led some harvest prayers, and
we dedicated and blessed the mural ‘God’s Creation’
which Louise Leaky and the children of Willoughby
designed and painted on Willoughby’s big Family
Activity Day back in May.
In the afternoon we held a Treasure Hunt competition, tea and cake stall, face
painting, glitter body art, tombola, hook the duck, lucky dips, a bring and buy
produce stall. Tower trips and Teddy Parachute drops, where over 40 very brave
teddy bears, piglets and rabbits, after a thorough health and safety check - jumped
from the tower and parachuted to the ground. William Whittaker’s bear ‘Daniel’
pictured left made his jump in his Army uniform (possibly his army training helped).
Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this such a successful day,
particularly Karen Duggan and her team and Bert Ogle and his team. We raised
£350 for Church funds. Rev Jane.
On the 26th November it will be our Annual General Meeting held, as usual, at
the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm.
Women’s Institute
Our October meeting is on Thursday 16 October at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.
Rosemary Leonard (a professional singer) will be entertaining us with ‘Songs from
the Musicals’. This is a change from the programme as Dave Talbot has had to
cancel due to illness. The competition is for an old record (45/78/33).
The November meeting is on Thursday 20 th at 7.30 pm in the usual venue. This
will be our Annual General Meeting followed by a Ploughman’s Supper and a
glass of wine. The competition is for a decorative coaster.
Thursday Club
6.00 pm on Wednesday 5th November 2014
No tickets this year
Donations only, so come prepared!
Donations before the night to Bert Ogle at
'The Willows' Main Street 890498
Come and enjoy the soup, hot dogs and fireworks.
The next meeting is on the 9th October and the speaker will be Martin Sirot Smith Sulgave Manor and The History of the Washingtons.
Our November meeting is on the 13th, Andy Smith - Andy Entertains. All welcome.
Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult who ensures
that they do not endanger themselves.
Offers of help to Elaine Heckford on 890256
Please note the latest date for items to be included in the next Leam Valley Messenger is 15 November.
Reports should be sent to: [email protected], Tel: 814994.
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