The Bigger Better Barney Letter Remembering

The Bigger Better Barney Letter
Yesterday’s theme day was very enjoyable and a great success. The children entered into the spirit of the day wholeheartedly and I would like to thank all parents for their assistance with the outfits. Developing creativity and crosscurricular activities is an important aspect of education as the children gain both broader knowledge and further
skills. I would like to thank Mrs Robertson and Mrs Turner for co-ordinating the day and all the staff for their
unstinting enthusiasm.
Well done also to Evie Milbank who represented the Prep School at Ripon Cathedral on Monday evening, singing
Evensong with the Chapel Choir; a great experience.
During the season of remembrance, poppies have gone on sale again in school. Tomorrow the children and staff will
gather for the Barnard Castle School ceremony of memorial cross-planting and we will be honoured to have Mrs Sue
Snowdon, the Lord Lieutenant, attend. This year the event will mark with particular poignancy the sacrifice of so
many Old Barnardians in World War I.
Finally, on a sad note and after some health concerns, Rev Dr Stephen Ridley has decided to retire from teaching.
Although his ready wit will be missed, Chapel services will continue as usual and he retires with our best wishes for
the future.
Carl Rycroft, Headmaster
A Step Back In Time!
Boarding News
A tremendous time was had by all yesterday, as Prep
School celebrated its Centenary theme day.
Children and staff all joined in the fun, dressed as
children and teachers from 1914, and enjoyed a wide
range of curriculum-based activities using ‘Britain in
1914’ as a focus. The day commemorated both the
school’s centenary and the start of the First World War
and activities included work associated with both of
these events. Some children experienced classrooms and
lessons 1914-style, with street games such as skipping,
marbles and diablo to add to the fun, whilst others
produced beautiful art work inspired by the trenches of
World War 1 and the theme of Remembrance. The day
culminated in the joining together of the whole school in
a round of community singing, including a hearty chorus
of ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’. An enjoyable and
memorable day for all of us: many thanks to parents for
all the authentic costumes produced too!
Mrs Robertson
Both boarders and day pupils marched down to tea on
Friday night all dressed to scare. After a frenzy of
costumes and face paints at Old Courts we had a mixture
of witches, zombies, ghosts and scary clowns. With our
monster mash and brains with eye balls finished, off we
went 'trick or treating'. On Saturday Mr Seddon took the
children to Prep School for some time on the laptops
before heading to the sports hall for some fun and
games. In the evening Mrs Killeen and I took the
boarders to the firework display at Gainford, which
didn’t disappoint with a huge bonfire and awesome
fireworks. Sunday was more relaxed with some homework in the morning, a service in chapel then a stroll
into town where the children spent some of their pocket
money. On Tuesday Mrs Killeen took the children to the
school pool where they had a lot of fun splashing around
and playing games. Yesterday was our theme day and
back to 1914 we went. All the boarders looked brilliant in
their costumes. A good day all round for both staff and
pupils; well done everybody and thank you to the
parents for organising the outfits.
Mr Killeen
In Fine Song!
All The Fun of the Fair!
On Monday 3rd November the Chapel Choir went to
Ripon for their Evensong. We sang a range of songs
including psalms and hymns and everyone had a great
time. This was my first experience singing in a cathedral
and I have to say it was fantastic. The atmosphere and
cathedral were amazing and I can’t wait until next time!
Evie Milbank, 5A
Reminder - the Book Fair opens tomorrow!
The children have been given an information booklet
with examples of the books on offer. Please can children
wishing to purchase a book bring money into school
tomorrow, Friday 7th November, when they will be given
the opportunity to browse and buy?
Parents are also warmly invited to come and buy books
on Friday 7th November, Monday 10th November and
Tuesday 11th November, from 3.45–4.45pm in or near the
Atkinson Hall. The more books sold, the more Prep
School benefits from a wide-ranging choice of free books
for school. Happy shopping!
Mrs Robertson
House Matches
House Hockey
All the girls in Years 5 & 6 played well in the House
matches last Friday. The standard of Hockey was very
encouraging and the girls showed both skill and
enthusiasm throughout the afternoon. Grenville were
the overall winners with Gilbert coming a close second
and Drake pipped Raleigh to the third spot. Well done
to all the girls who enjoyed a fun but competitive
afternoon of Hockey.
House Rugby
Friday saw six closely fought matches with all the boys in
Years 5 & 6 representing their House. It was particularly
pleasing to see how all the boys got ‘stuck in’ and the
watching staff commented on the high standard of
commitment and play. There were lots of great tries and
fantastic tackles with Grenville eventually emerging as
winners having beaten all three other Houses. Raleigh
and Drake finished joint second having won one, lost
one and drawn against each other in a thrilling 20:20
draw. We can look forward to the forthcoming fixtures
with confidence.
Mr Seddon
This week the following child will
celebrate a birthday:-
Sport News
Rugby v RGS Newcastle: U9, U8
On Monday, the whole of Year 3 and 4 made the long trip
to Newcastle to play the Royal Grammar School. This
traditionally tough fixture was met with enthusiasm by
the children and the U9 A team recorded a valiant victory
winning 30-25. The B team did not get a similar victory
but they had their best performance of the season losing
35-5. The Year 3 children had a round robin tournament
which consisted of a lot of tries and plenty of enjoyment.
Overall, a super fixture for all.
Hockey v RGS Newcastle: U9, U8
The girls had a very successful trip to Newcastle. Playing
against very strong opposition the A and B teams
continued their match experiences with the A team
winning 2-1 and the B team losing a tight game 3-0. The
C and D teams were playing in their first competitive
match situation and, although they did not win, they
learnt a lot from the day and enjoyed their initiation into
full fixtures.
Mr Wicling
Maths Puzzler
Callum Fox
Best Wishes!
Forthcoming Events
Thurs 6 County Hockey Tournament at Durham School:
U11, 1:30pm
Fri 7
Book Fair open to children throughout the day
Remembrance Parade and planting of crosses
Hockey v RGS & Bradford: U11 (H), 2pm
Hockey & Netball v Bradford: U10 (A), 2pm
Rugby v RGS & Bradford: U11A&B, u10A (H), 2pm
Book Fair open to all, 3:45-4:45pm
Mon 10 House Hockey & Rugby for Years 3 & 4, 2pm
Book Fair open to all, 3:45-4:45pm
Tues 11 Rugby Tournament at Bradford GS: U11, 1pm
Netball Tournament at Bradford GS: U11, 1pm
Book Fair open to all, 3:45-4:45pm
Wed 12 Barney Friends’ Meeting, Clarendon’s, 8:45am
Hockey Tournament at Bow School: U11, 1:30pm
Lots of interest in last week’s puzzler with Phoebe
Heintz, Rebecca Clark, Oliver Langstaff, Monica SpenceWolrich, Lucy Hodgson, Oliver Welfare, Zachary Fine
(and dad), Laura Burgess and Mr Seddon who all
identified that 12 + 7 = 519 (12-7=5, 12+7=19). Merits to
all of you.
As part of our 1914 centenary celebrations some of the
children learned about cryptography, ciphers and code
breaking from 100 years ago. The following message is
written in code, how have I altered the alphabet and
what does the coded message say?
Don’t be daunted, I’ve kept the alphabet in
the same order but simply shifted it along
some places - have a go and, as always, send
me your answers by Tuesday please.
Good luck!
Mr Ayres
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