The Southern Star Thursday 6 November 2014 Edition 129

Thursday 6 November 2014
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Edition 129
Principal Mr. Andrew Ponsford
The Southern Star
This issue of our weekly newsletter is dedicated to next year. Please find staffing arrangements for the 2015 school year below:
Southern Cross Grammar
Senior Staff
Student Individual Needs : Foundation - Year 9
Head of Junior School (F-6)
Mr. Andrew Ponsford
Mr. Julian Carroll
Mr. Julian Carroll
Mr. Clive Smith
Mrs. Olivia Hodgetts
Head of Student Services
English – Reading
Head of Middle School
(Acting) (Years 5-9)
Head of Teaching and
Learning (Years F-9)
Corporate Services Manager
Mrs. Olivia Hodgetts
Gifted and Talented
Mr. Anthony Clark
Feuerstein Program
School Counsellor
Mr. Julian Carroll, additional
staff member TBC
Mr. Clive Smith
Mrs. Belinda Morelli
Foundation to Year 4 – Junior School Teachers
Miss. Jennifer Chircop
Miss. Kara Von Senden
Year 1
Miss. Amy Bickford
Year 1
Miss. Melissa Lodkowski
Year 2
Miss. Rachel Dovaston
Year 2
Mrs. Nicole Saunders
Year 2
Mrs. Maria Koukides
Year 3 / 4
Miss. Christine Farrugia
Year 3 / 4
Miss. Melissa Haysom
Year 3 / 4
Miss. Kirsten Smart
Ms. Ashlea Varrasso
Years 5 to 9 – Middle School (Homeroom Teachers)
Year 5
Mrs. Shannon Gallaway
Year 5
Mrs. Lorraine Macdonald
Year 6
Mr. Michael Garrett
Year 7.1
Mr. Gavin Deller
Year 7.2
Ms. Tegan Pualic
Year 7.3
Miss. Jade Panozzo
Year 8.1
Mr. Robert Fell
Year 8.2
Mrs. Sarah Bagci and Miss. Carly Edwards
Year 9.1
Mrs. Rebecca Boulton
Junior School Specialist Teachers
PE and Sport
Mrs. Gina Oliver, Miss. Carly Edwards, Miss. Jade Panozzo
Ms. Karen Murphy, Mrs Christa Botsman
Mr. Robert Graham
Mrs. Nicole Shang
Middle School Subject Teachers
PE and Sport
Advance Health and Fitness
Food Technology
Business Management
Outdoor Education
New Generation Learning (Year 8)
Parallax (Year 9)
Drama / Productions
Mrs. Rebecca Boulton, Mrs. Casey Ferris
Mrs. Sarah Bagci, Ms. Tegan Pualic
Mr. Michael Pell, Miss. Jade Panozzo, Mrs. Sarah Bagci
Mr. Gavin Deller, Mr. Robert Fell
Mr. Michael Pell
Miss. Carly Edwards, Mr. Michael Pell, Miss. Jade Panozzo
Miss. Carly Edwards
Miss. Carly Edwards, Miss. Jade Panozzo
Mr. Gavin Deller
Mr. Robert Fell
Miss Anna Lee
Ms. Karen Murphy
Mr. Robert Graham, Mr. Robert Fell
Mr. Robert Fell
Mr. Robert Fell, Mrs. Olivia Hodgetts
Miss. Carly Edwards, Mr. Robert Fell
Mr. Jonathan Anthony
Parent Information Meeting – Years 3 and 4 for 2015
A question and answer session will be offered on Tuesday November 11 at 3.30pm, in Room B110. As has been the case
this year, class structures play a minor role in ensuring success – good teachers who embrace each child’s strengths and
needs are paramount to a student’s achievements. This will continue to be our objective. A number of factors must be
considered when determining class structures. In 2015 three Year 3 and Year 4 classes will best meet the needs of the
students and allow for key joint planning, differentiation and the development of a strong and engaging curriculum.
Thursday 6 November 2014
Southern Cross Grammar
Ph: (03) 8363 2000
Edition 129
Principal Mr. Andrew Ponsford
The Southern Star
2015 Instrumental Teachers
Ms. Samantha Calvert – Violin, Ms.
Janet Sim-Butler - Cello
Mrs. Elizabeth Vincent & Mr. John Yong
Mr. Jonathan Anthony
Mr. Trevor McQuade
2015 New Staff
Miss. Kara Von Senden comes to SCG from the role of
Foundation Years Team Leader and a specialist at the
Foundation level over the last 5 years.
Ms. Ashlea Varrasso returns after maternity leave in a parttime capacity. Her return is most welcome and sees her
involved in an area of real interest to her – Mathematics.
Mrs. Belinda Morelli will continue her impressive work in
the social, emotional and welfare areas. Her load as our
School Counsellor will be increased in 2015.
Mrs. Belinda Lacy will leave us at the end of the year to
study medicine at Flinders University in Adelaide.
Gifted and Talented – following recent Board approval we
are currently seeking to appoint an experienced Gifted and
Talented to this part-time position.
Week 6 Calendar
Mr Squiggle House Competition
Tuesday 11 November, Year 3 and 4 2015
Information Session, 3.30pm in Room B110
Wednesday 12 November, Year 7 and 8 Softball
Friendly Game with Gilson College
Wednesday 12 November, GATEWAYS program,
selected Year 3 and 4 students
Thursday 13 November, GATEWAYS program,
selected Year 5 and 6 students
Thursday 13 November, SHINE Excursion,
Classes AB and ML
Ms. Tegan Pualic will add further depth to the teaching of
Mathematics at SCG in particular, and was a Department
Coordinator at her previous school.
Thursday 13 November, Science Incursion,
Classes NO and SG
Mrs. Christa Botsman will be well known to several families
– being a well-regarded teacher of the visual arts at
Mowbray College.
Thursday 13 November, PFA Art Exhibition,
5.30pm to 7.30pm at Lakeside Hyundai. All
Friday 14 November, 2015 Orientation Morning,
Foundation (Prep) and Year 5 to 9 students
Miss. Jade Panozzo recommences after a period of absence
– we are delighted to see her return to SCG.
Mrs. Casey Ferris commences next year in our English
department. Casey brings significant experience and in
2014 was a lead teacher involved in the teaching of VCE
English classes.
Friday 14 November, PFA Art Exhibition,
5.30pm to 7.30pm at Lakeside Hyundai. All
Saturday 15 November, School Tour, 9.30am
Mrs. Lorraine Macdonald brings to the Year 5 level
significant experience. During 2014 she was the
Professional Learning Team Leader and EAL (Literacy
improvement) Co-ordinator at her previous school.
Mrs. Maria Koukides has relocated to Melbourne with her
family. Maria was previously the P-2 Co-ordinator at a very
highly regarded, inner city Brisbane school.
Mr. Michael Garrett also moves to Melbourne with his
family. Michael has had numerous leadership roles
including that of Deputy Head. He comes to SCG from the
highly regarded Scone Grammar School in country NSW.
Miss. Rachel Dovaston has greatly impressed as a recent
graduate. Rachel is a very talented sportsperson and is the
current captain of a State League Netball team.
Mr. Michael Pell was another young teacher to impress the
interview panel. Michael is an enthusiastic sportsman with
particular interests in Cricket and Football. He has been
involved in several representative teams and is the current
captain of his cricket club.
Other Staff Updates
Mr. David Wildsmith has been granted a year’s leave which
will see him pursue the travel opportunity of a lifetime with
his partner overseas. David will return to SCG in 2016.
Mrs. Nicole O’Brien has been appointed the position of
Assistant Principal in the government sector. We warmly
commend Nicole on this achievement.
Mr. Michael Keirs will depart after a year at our secondary
level. Mr Keirs has been a popular member of staff and he
leaves us with our best wishes to pursue a wide variety of
Car Wash discount for SCG families
Hunnar’s (Year 1) family operate a Car Wash in
Caroline Springs called Aqua Hand Car Wash and
would like to offer fellow SCG families and staff a
15% discount on their services. Presentation of an
SCG student card is all that is required!
Aqua Hand Car Wash:
Level 2, directly under the Goodlife Health Club,
Caroline Springs.
Entry from Caroline Spring Bvd, between Westpac
and Nando's.
Contact: Harvi 0433 424 097