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MVC Insight
Community Committed, Agriculturally Driven
MVC Overview by Mike Boothe, President/CEO
MVC Annual Food Drive
The MVC is once again collecting
non perishable food items to be
donated to local food banks.
Items can be dropped off at the
MVC Farm Store, the Ampride
C-Store, Broadway Service, or the
Alamosa Store prior to December
Another harvest is winding down and looks to be a very productive one. Most yields I have
heard about were very good.
Our petroleum department is preparing for the supplies of propane that will be needed this
winter. Please contact them at 852-5181 for propane deliveries and any heater installation or
repairs you might need. The MVC Country Supply has just wrapped up a very successful
wood and pellet stove sale and is ready to serve any of your heater or wood and pellet stove
needs. You can contact either of our stores, the one here in Monte Vista, 852-5181, or the
one in south Alamosa, 589-3621, for wood pellets.
We have been searching for an assistant manager for quite some time. I am pleased to
announce that Eric Hinton will be filling that position as COO of the company. Eric
previously worked for the MVC in the fertilizer department. He has a degree in Ag Business
from CSU. I am sure he will fit in well with our organization. We welcome him back and
look forward to his contributions.
I would like to wish everyone an exceptional holiday season and may the winter be kind to
you. Remember the Monte Vista Coop is here to serve you and we look forward to doing
just that for many more years to come.
MVC Annual Coat Drive
Do you have coats hanging in your
closet that you swear you will wear
next year, but never do? We are
happy to give you the opportunity
to free up a little bit of closet
space, while at the same time
providing a little warmth for someone during the upcoming cold
winter months. The schools and
shelters are really low on coats and
jackets this year. Please bring in
your clean, gently used or new
coats to any of our convenient
MVC locations during the
months of November and
SF Kiwanis is having the free
community dinner on Thursday,
Nov. 27, 2014 from 11 am to 2
at the South Fork Community
NATE BURKHART Chairman of the Board
ALVIN KUNUGI Vice Chairman of the Board
MOE BOND Director
ROGER MIX Director
1901 E HWY 160
PO BOX 111
Monte Vista, CO 81144
Phone: 719-852-5181
Fax: 719-852-3418
Email: [email protected]
Web Page:
Getting in the shopping mode? Christmas is just around the corner!
Attention Holiday Shoppers! The 6th Annual MVC Education Fund Bazaar will be held in
the Monte Vista Coop Community Room on Friday, November 14th from 8:00 a.m. to
6:00 p.m. This is a great time to kick off your holiday shopping with many unique and
hand-crafted choices for gifts. For those who are fans of Pampered Chef, Scentsy, 31, Jamberry, Lia Sophia, Premier Designs, Origami Owl and Adobe Village Press, they will all be
represented here! And in addition to those great choices, there will also be hand-crafted
jewelry, lotions, soaps, wreaths and other decorations as well as wood-crafted and metal art
items. If you are looking for baked goods, they will be here too! Also, you don’t even have
to eat breakfast first since we will have breakfast burritos for just two dollars, or if you come
out later we will have bowls of soup for the same price! Don’t miss this great opportunity to
get a head start on those holiday gifts!
… and since you’re checking out the bazaar be sure to stop by the Farm Store
and check out the jean sale! (ONE DAY ONLY)
$15 f!
November 14th only!
25% Off
2014-15 Oil Booking Sale
For the best price of the year on premium quality Cenex lubricants, don’t miss our annual Oil
Booking Sale starting November 1st through January 31, 2015. This is your chance to purchase or
book your lubricants at the LOWEST price for the next growing season. You can create a pre-pay
booking account, allowing you to have your lubricants purchased at the sale price and delivered
when you are ready. Also, you can set up a keep full route for your bulk oil and won’t have to worry
about checking the level or running out. We will work with you to keep your lubricants topped off.
During our oil booking sale we will reward you with a $50.00 Visa gift card for every 150 gallons of
qualifying lubricants you purchase. Call Kody Mardesen at 719-588-6720 or Brian Claunch at 719580-2738.
As this child grew into young adulthood,
many hours were spent happily making
memories crabbing and shrimping.
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October was National Co-op Month and in
the spirit of that, MVC sent out packets to
all of our local schools containing a brief
description of the cooperative system along
with entries for a coloring contest. Please
watch our website and Facebook page for a
listing of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners
from each class, K through 4th grade!
Volume 8, issue 5
MVC can help you and your family stay safe and warm this winter. In addition to providing your
propane needs, our petroleum department includes a service department that can inspect your
Broadway Service 589-6904
heating system for $120 and $10 for each additional appliance you have them inspect. This should
Car Care Center
be done annually for optimal safety. It is also recommended that everyone install a carbon monoxCenter
ide alarm in their homes near sleeping areas. We have those available in our MVC Country Supply
in Monte Vista.
Every year carbon monoxide claims lives and sends many others to the hospital. Carbon monoxide is
an invisible, odorless, colorless gas that is created when fuels (gasoline, wood, coal, propane, oil and
La Jara
methane) do not burn completely. In addition to having your heaters and appliances inspected, and
Monte Vista
installing CO alarms, here are some other tips to help you be prepared to stay safe.
MV C-Store
Make sure all household appliances are installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Make sure your installed CO alarm meets the requirements of the IAS 6-96 standard and test it
monthly following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Be sure to install the alarm near sleeping areas where the air circulates.
Install a smoke alarm as well as a CO alarm for added safety.
Do not use gas appliances not intended to heat your home, such as gas ranges, ovens or clothes dryers as heat sources.
Always make sure to turn off gas-powered engines in your garage even if the garage door is open.
Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms which include headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness and
confusion. Get out into fresh air immediately if you suspect CO poisoning and call 911.
And lastly, do not ignore the alarm signal. Treat it as an emergency each time it sounds. If you are not experiencing any of the above
symptoms, reset the alarm. If it continues to sound, call the fire department.
Scotty started at the MVC in 1998, working in the feed warehouse. He
has worked a few different positions since then but has liked the feed sales
the most. He is married to Lori, “the best woman in the world.“ They
have three children, Mikael, 24, Matthew, 21 and Kirsten 20. They have
one grandchild, Remie Elise, 10 months, and Scotty says, “She is the Queen Bee!” Here are a few things you
may or may not know about Scotty...
Getting to know Scotty Taylor
Name 2 things you consider yourself to be very good at. Joking and eating.
Name 2 things you aren’t good at. Computers & smartphones.
What is one thing not too many people know about you? I’m very sensitive.
Who is the person you respect most and why? Lori, she puts up with me.
What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Statute of Limitations isn’t up yet, so I can’t say.
What do you think the greatest invention of your lifetime is? Me!!!!
What is your pet peeve? Being interrupted.
Do you believe in extraterrestrials? No.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Anywhere my family is.
What is your goal in life? Do you think you will achieve it? Retire happily. Eventually.
Monte Vista Coop Car Care Center offers 24 hour roadside service for all of your tire needs. We carry a full
line of winter and all-season tires for big trucks, light trucks, and passenger cars. We do carry quality farm tires,
plus Interstate Batteries for vehicles and ATV’s. We provide quality oil changes that include a 24 point checklist on your vehicle. Call us today at 852-5181.
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The dates for the 2015 Southern
Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference & Trade Fair are February 10,
11, & 12th, at Ski Hi Park in Monte
Vista, CO.
Pre order digger chain by Dec. 31st to save!
BALDY: 970-768-5274
Propane Outage 222-1894
Propane Service 222-9100