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November 2014
A Gideon Representative spoke for us
during the Morning Worship Service
October 12th.
Wesley Stevens; Dwayne Curless;
Seth Stevens; Jeff Bullis; Levi Little;
Teresa VanHoose; and Pat Stevens.
Anniversaries: Bob & Shirley Pell.
Luke Stevens will be going on a
Missions Trip to Vietnam in December.
Cornerstone joined with other
churches in raising the needed funds
for his
The West Union Helping Hands will be
meeting in the Fellowship Hall on
Thursday morning, November 13th.
This month, we will be making cookie
trays for some in the community. For
our noon meal, each lady is to bring
a sack lunch.
Our Annual Soup Supper and Auction
for three Missionary Couples was held
on October 17th. We had a Great
Turnout and a Great Time of Christian
On Sunday afternoon, October 19th,
some from our church took part in the
Life Chain in Adams County, taking a
stand against abortion. As we stood
holding our signs, it was a great
blessing seeing the positive responses
we had from the folks passing by.
We are taking part in Operation
Christmas Child this year. We will be
taking our filled shoe boxes to the
West Union Christian Union Church,
which is the drop off center.
Ohio Christian Union
First District News
Cornerstone Christian Union
The church honored us on Sunday
October 19th for Pastor Appreciation
Month. They also honored Kevin
Young for all he does at the church.
have a great group of thoughtful folks
at Cornerstone.
Our Monthly Gospel Sing will be on
Sunday night, November 9th starting
at 6:00 P.M. We will be having
refreshments in the Fellowship Hall
following the service, in celebration of
those having birthdays and
anniversaries during the month of
November. Birthdays are: Curtis
Those on our prayer list: Ed & Esther
Harmon; Gary McClanahan; Bob Pell;
Linda Tolle; Margie McFarland; Doris
McFarland; Janet Ralston; Marcella
Young; Shirley Hall.
Reporter Pat Stevens
Pastor Cliff Stevens
Sunday School
9:30 A.M.
Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 A.M.
Sunday Evening Worship
6:00 P.M.
Wednesday Bible Study & Pray Meeting
7:00 P.M.
(We are studying the
book of Jeremiah)
O t way C h r i s t i a n U n i o n
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God blessed us with another great Trick-or-Treat Outreach. We held our annual outreach on trick-ortreat night. We served cookies and hot chocolate in the fellowship hall and was able to extend
God’s love and kindness to those in our community.
This year we are joining West Union Christian Union Church and collecting gifts for the Samaritan’s
Purse - Operation Christmas Child. We will be collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts until November
13th. If you would like to join us please contact us on Facebook!
Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and
physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet
needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the
purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Thanksgiving Dinner: After Sunday evening service on November 16th we will be going over to the
Fellowship Hall and enjoying soups, sandwiches and salads. Everyone is welcome to come give
thanks and enjoy some great food.
A Time for New Beginnings:
Not only does God do new things through us but He also does new things within us. God is steadily
renewing us, or making us new, as we yield to Him in our lives. In what area of your life do you sense
the Holy Spirit nudging you to step out and try something new, or even new-to-you, in order to spread
the love of Christ? What's stopping you from responding?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 to find out what new work is done within us when we choose to give our lives
to Christ.
West Union C.U.
Ruedalla McCown
The Singles and Doubles Sunday School Class had their annual Coats for Kids
auction on Saturday evening, October 4th. They raised approximately $1400 from
the sale of items at the auction plus monetary donations. They thank everyone
Russell Gaffin
who participated.
Kevin Galloway, a Gideon representative, spoke during our morning worship
service on October 12th. That afternoon the first Youth Rally Quiz of the season
Pauline Tracy
was held at the Adams County Christian School. Our Senior Team placed first in
the Senior Sword Drills. Marjorie Swearingen is the leader. They appreciate your
prayers and support.
Dennis Hawkins
The First District Council was held here at West Union Christian Union Church
on Saturday, October 18th. Pastor Lee reported that it was a good council with
good messages although the attendance was down. Thanks to Velma Vogler and
Brooke Justice
Etta Lou Taylor for being our delegates.
Shandra Havens
Jesse Pertuset
On Saturday afternoon, October 25th, a few members of our congregation went
on a Leaf Tour to enjoy the beautiful color of autumn that our county has to offer.
Trick or Treat was held in the Fellowship Hall on Friday evening, October 31st,
from 7:00 through 8:30 pm. Hot and chocolate and cookies were served to the
children and their parents. Candy was passed out to the children. Pray for the
children who were invited to Sunday School. Thanks to all those who participated
in any way.
To show our love and appreciation for Pastor Lee and his family, we will be
celebrating Pastor Appreciation on Sunday, November 2nd. We are having a
covered dish dinner in the Fellowship Hall after the morning worship service. The
meat, drinks and bread will be furnished by the church.
We are participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year and are
happy to announce that we will be a relay center for the shoeboxes. As was
discussed at Council on October 18th, you and your church are invited to join us.
There are still a few more days for you to fill those boxes and drop them off at our
relay center in our Fellowship Hall beginning November 17th. Dates and times are
as follows:
Monday thru Friday November 17 thru 21
2:00 - 6:00 PM
November 22
12:00 - 4:00 PM
November 23
2:00 - 4:00 PM
For more information you can contact Angela Horvath, Relay Center Coordinator,
at 937-386-2954 or 937-217-6620.
We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on November 27th.
Spencer McFarland
Ron Palmer
Alisha Satterfield
Elijah McCarty
Louise McDaniel
Sue Stanfield
Isabella Hamm
Zander White
Union C.u. Bentonville
On October 18th Gideon Representative, R. T. Jefferson, spoke at our
First District Council met on October 18th. Pastor Myers and Ronda
attended and reported on the things that were discussed. .
Bible School was on October 23rd and 24th from 6:00-8:00 pm. It was
very successful. There were approximately 24 attending.
On October 26th after Sunday School the children had a puppet show
about Jonah and the Whale. They did a very good job. The singing
group Satisfied sang during the morning worship service. There was a
covered dish dinner at the Bentonvile School for our Pastor in honor of
Pastor appreciation. Everyone enjoyed good food and fellowship. At our
evening service Satisfied sang again. This was a very good day.
The Kings Daughters Class will meet at Frisch's on November 16th for
their meeting.
November 11th is Veterans Day. We would like to thank all the veterans
for their service to our country. We continue to pray for all of the men
and women who serve our country today.
On November 23rd our church and the Church of Christ in Christian
Union will be passing out turkeys for Thanksgiving at the Bentonville
School Parking Lot.
We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to
be thankful for. We are so thankful for our freedom to worship.
Please continue to pray for Gary & Brenda McClanahan, Pat McFarland,
Pat Myers, Ron & Mary Rigdon and Benard Thatcher. We pray for
everyone who is unable to come to church.
Thank you Lord for saving my soul,
Thank you Lord for making me whole;
Thank you Lord for giving to me
Thy great salvation so rich and free.
(Seth & Besie Sykes)
Reporter: Shirley Shaw
Pastor: Darrell Myers
Haley Nesbit
Darla Copas
John Brown
Landon Grooms
Delsey Trefz
Payton Price
Ash Price
Christine Riggs
Barry Copas
Bridgett Kitchen
Serrie Nesbit
Sydney Roberts
Steve Harris
Jason Grooms
S at t e r f i e l d C h a p e l
Deposit God’s word in your memory bank, and it will draw interest for
As we reported last month the outside of the church has been completely
repaired, with new roofs and the heating and air conditioning upgraded.
Now more good news, King James bibles were donated for the pews by an
anonymous donor to replace the old ones which were well used with
several loose pages.
In God’s hand our little becomes much
Friday evening, October 31st,members of the church passed out candy to
trick or treat, only it was called “Trunk or Treat” as the members had the
treats in the trunk of cars with a message of love and scripture Thanks
Donna Sue Pistole for the great poem announcing the Trunk or Treat on
our One Call Now
Don’t put a dimmer switch on your light for Jesus
October 5th we had Bob Hill,a Gideon speaker, for the morning service.
October 12th, the message was brought by Tilson Green for both morning
and evening service as our pastor and his family were on vacation. Then
on October 19th , with over 120 in attendance, we had our church
homecoming and pastor appreciation day with “Satisfied” bringing the
message thru song and testimony with Pastor Bill giving an alter call. We
then retired to the fellowship bldg..for a super meal with the church
Marty & Barbara
providing the meat and potatoes.
Grooms 1st
Why are the godless everywhere so frightened by the sound of
Brian & Bridgett Kitchen The Ladies Aide will meet Nov 6th. at the fellowship bldg.. The topic will be
“Grace and Thanksgiving”. They will have a carry-in lunch with Penny
Dixon preparing the meat and potatoes.
Winston & Donna
Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present
Our Youth Leaders, Radah Brown and Robin Young, are having our youth
and the young at heart a bowling party at the Sunset Bowling Lanes,
Saturday, Nov. 8th.,12:00 P.M. Come out and support those who are our
church of tomorrow.
True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere
Preacher Bill will be honoring our veterans on Nov 9th with a special
message. Don’t forget to thank a veteran on Nov. 11th.,a day set aside for
our veterans. Remember “all gave some, some gave all”.
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf turns into a flower
The following are on our prayer list: Ray Mata, the Erwin Brown family,
Mary Lou Ruoark, Gail Ann Wolk, the Bonnie Hale family, Ronnie Roush,
Sherry Graham family (lost home in fire), Luther Jolly, Ricky Ray , Terry
Mahaffey, Buddy Roberts, Peyton Price, Gary McClanahan, Shirley and
Harry Grooms, Naomi and Norman Abbott, Beth McNeilan, Ione Dixon,
Rosa Bell Grooms, Berma Rooselot, Laura Hoskins, Kaitlyn Swearinger,
Dana Setty, Jim Kattine and the family of Jonathan Shively
No legacy is so rich as honesty
Hills Chapel
I came across one of my old jerseys the other day that
brought back a lot of memories from high school. During
that time in my life, I was a very avid soccer player and was
dedicated to the sport. I played under a great coach and
gained a lot of experience as a four-year starter playing
As I looked over the jersey though, I was reminded that
Northwest High School, during my junior year, made the
decision to purchase new uniforms for the soccer
team. So, knowing that we would appreciate the
recognition as would any high school student, my coach
requested that the older jerseys be given to us with our last
names printed on the back. Uniquely, with the temptation
to pad our personal stats (that I believe was perhaps
inadvertently promoted by our jerseys), we refused
personal glory. Instead, our teamwork made it one of the
most successful seasons we experienced as we competed
for a SOC championship.
While I was reminiscing back to that time, God stopped me
and began revealing how this same story is paralleled in
His church. I’m not talking about soccer, but as it refers to
recognition and honor. His questions to me were these,
“Was I willing to forget the name on the back of my shirt so
that I could play for His team? Was I willing to allow His
name to be more important than my own?”
For those of us who serve the church, we are usually quick
to answer questions like these with your typical “I-have-myact-together-and-I’m-perfect” response, but if you are
truthful, you would probably acknowledge that your actions
haven’t quite caught up with your words. Needless to say, I
was convicted and moved to repentance as I realized that
far too many times I have lived for “the name on the back of
my shirt” instead of working collaboratively for the sake of
His Church.
If I learned nothing else from that moment, I learned this
one truth—The Church must repent of its’ division and
refusal to work together. Instead, the Church must
embrace unity in order to live out its’ mission.
I suppose that John wrote it as simplistic as possible. “He
must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).
Think with me for a second on this one. Is it even possible
for these two names—our own (driven by selfishness) and
Jesus’—to co-exist? I think
far too often that our name
or our church’s name has
stood in the way of what
Christ wanted
accomplished. I firmly
believe that the only way
that Christ’s name will increase is when local congregations
agree that their name is less important than His.
Let me give you a series of questions for you to consider
that may help you evaluate where you and your church
 Have you or your church recently served alongside (or
with) another local church to help our community? Have
you taken the initiative to organize such a mission?
Do you or your church sometimes view local churches
as competition as opposed to partners?
Have you ever talked negatively about other local
congregations, either from the pulpit or in everyday
I know on the soccer field that a team that doesn’t work
together displays minimal impact. Paul realized this same
truth when he wrote to the church at Corinth.
I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be
no divisions among you, but that you be united in the
same mind and the same judgment. (1 Corinthians
The encouraging word is that when teammates strategize
together, communicate effectively on the field and move the
ball by using every member of the team, great things
happen. My prayer is the same for the Church.
So here are a couple practical steps that I would ask you
consider joining me in doing:
First, would you commit to pray 20 minutes each day for
the churches in southern Ohio?
Second, would you begin making connections with area
pastors to initiate and organize service opportunities?
The Church has a large work ahead that can only be
accomplished, to the full extent, through the
cooperative efforts of local congregations. Let’s help
bring unity to the body of Christ!
Beasley Fork Christian Union
We were blessed to have Terry Fite joined us for service the morning of Oct. 11. He brought a
good message. He and Pastor Tommy also played and sang some great songs of worship.
“I am blessed, I am blessed
Every day that I live, I am blessed
When I wake up in the morning
‘Til I lay my head to rest
I am blessed, I am blessed!”
The church collected items to create a care package to send to Sgt. Todd Brown (Tommy &
Jackie’s grandson), who is currently stationed in Kuwait. We were glad to hear from him that he
received his package and it brightened his day. Please join us in prayer for Todd’s quick and safe
return home, along with all the other soldiers who are serving. Happy Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11,
and THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for your service!!!
Donald McCarty reported on the 1st District Council that was held on Oct. 26th. 26 were in attendance, with 8 churches represented. Pastors Bill Setty and Darrell Meyer shared messages. Angie Horvath shared about the opportunity to take part in Operation Christmas Child. Ideas and
plans were discussed for another 1st District Revival. Donald McCarty shared a message about
not allowing changing circumstances in your life to change your relationship with God.
On our Oct. 26th morning service, we had a great time
celebrating Tommy & Jackie for Pastor Appreciation.
We surprised him with guests and a special service
and meal. We showered them with gifts-a bag of rice
(his gag gift), a monetary gift and card (his real gift),
and the kids made a candy card and colored/painted
pictures. Thanks to Brian Justice and his wife, who
joined us. Brian brought a pertinent message on being a Christian in the present-TODAY. Thanks also to
Rosemary, Kenny, and Annette of Blood Bought, who
came to sing. All enjoyed delicious food and wonderful fellowship following the service.
Paul Kemp – 4th
Kimberly Kemp – 6th
Hunter Kemp – 8th
Jackie Brown – 14th
Doug Mack – 17th
Paul & Kimberly Kemp – 8th
Tommy & Jackie Brown – 20th
Upcoming Events
Ladies’ Aide – Nov 1st
Sunday School Convention at Island
Creek – Nov 2nd
Youth Rally – Nov 9th
Tommy holding Revival at East Fork
– Nov 13 - 15th
Cliff & Pat have the Sure Shake Salt & Pepper Shakers to be distributed for the King
of Kings Radio Station (89.5), for a donation of $10.00 a boxed set. They have all
six colors: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow and Clear. All money raised goes to the
radio station. If you are interested in getting a set, call us at 937-544-2876.
"Praise God, from Whom all Blessings Flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy
Ghost. Amen."