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PullTester 320: Reliable and Precise Measurement of Pull-test Forces
Manchester, NH, November 2014 – With the introduction of the new PullTester 320, Schleuniger expands its product range for
measuring pull-test forces.
Schleuniger’s PullTester 320 is a motorized device for use with Schleuniger’s CrimpCenter automatic crimping machines to measure
pull-test forces of wire terminations. Pull-test values are critical parameters for quality control and assurance. This versatile machine
has three measuring ranges, which are individually calibrated. Multiple pulling ranges offer a higher accuracy over a wider range
of applications than single-range devices. The standard measuring ranges are 0 – 100 N, 0 – 200 N and 0 – 1,000 N (22.5 lbf., 45
lbf., and 220 lbf.).
The standard 12-position terminal holder accommodates a wide variety of terminals to handle most applications. The machine will
test pull forces up to 1,000 N (220 lbf.) and is especially suited for quality assurance in a production environment.
More information about this new product can be found at Should you have any questions, please e-mail
[email protected] or call (603) 668-8117.
About the Schleuniger Group
The Schleuniger Group in Thun is a globally active technology company and a leading supplier in the Wire Processing industry. Customers of the Schleuniger Group
primarily supply the automotive, entertainment, and information industries as well as the communication sector. Schleuniger products are used whenever precise
wire processing plays a role. Development and production are located in Switzerland, Germany, and China. Schleuniger is always close to its customers - with four
Sales and Service companies in the US, Germany, China, and Japan as well as with 40 distributors worldwide. The Schleuniger Group represents the independent
Business Unit Wire Processing of the listed Metall Zug Group and has about 500 full-time employees and 30 trainees worldwide.
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