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Greetings from the Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) and Educational Initiatives
(EI). At Duke TIP ( and EI- the makers of the ASSET test( we
understand that children of exceptional intelligence need unique motivation and support, which is why we
have partnered to assist educators in identifying and supporting academically talented students in schools
across India and the United Arab Emirates.
The 'Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search' identifies the finest scholastic talents among 7th and 8th grade
students in Mathematics, Science and English subjects, and provides educational guidance and
opportunities designed specifically for academically talented students.
Eligibility: In ASSET schools students presently studying in VII and VIII grade and who have scored
95percentile or more in English, Maths or Science subjects, in the Summer 2014Round OR Winter 2013
Round of the ASSET test, are eligible to participate. Please find attached the list of qualifiers from your
school along with this letter. We are also sending you a letter draft which you can use to notify the
qualified students of their eligibility for the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search.
Sr. No.
Asset Pan
Students Name
Arnav Aiyappa P P
Bopanna C S
C Vidith Somanna
Daksha Ponappa
K T Lahar Chengappa
Tanvi Bopanna
310903368 Kalianda
Participation in the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search provides academically talented students and their
families with the following benefits:
Above-level Testing Experience– taking an above-level ASSET test provides insight into a student’s
academic abilities, and how a student’s talents compare to other in his or her age group through a
comprehensive Results Summary.
Recognition of Accomplishments – Students are presented with a Certificate of Achievement and
schools are notified of their participation. Top performers will be recognized as “ASSET Talent Scholars”.
Publications to support Gifted Students and Families- conceptual, theoretical, and practical researchbased information on how best to support academically talented students.
Duke TIP Educational Programs – top performers will be eligible to attend programs developed
specifically for academically talented students, including online courses or Duke TIP’s renowned threeweek residential Summer Studies Programs in the United States of America and India.
Global Peer Network – participants will have the opportunity to be part of a supportive community of
academically talented peers pursuing their potential.
Note -Duke TIP has committed significant resources to provide financial support to students who have
qualified for the three-week Summer Studies Program in India and who demonstrate financial need. We
encourage families to participate!
Participants in the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search are formally recognized, praised for their performance,
and sent a clear message that continuing to develop their intelligence can be fun and fulfilling. Experts at
Duke TIP and EI continuously seek to develop and compiler sources to help students make the most of
their academic talents. Joining the talent search is the first step toward accessing the many resources and
programs available to gifted students and their families.
Working with the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search is easy! As a participating school, we will provide you with
services and materials that encourage your qualifying students to consider the opportunity. We provide:
Step-by-step enrollment instructions and administrative assistance throughout the talent search process
Tools and materials to help you quickly and easily let families know the good news that their children
qualify for the Duke TIP ASSET Talent Search
Access to the Digest of Gifted Research, an online resource for educators and parents of academically
talented youth, providing conceptual, theoretical, and practical information
The educators with whom we work are essential to helping bright students grow and develop. We hope
you will join us and make this exciting opportunity available to your gifted students this year.
Registration will be open from September 15 – October 31.
Registration Fee for the students taking the above level test in India is Rs. 1800 per student and AED 200
for the students in UAE.
If you would like to discuss the program and how its many benefits can support your school's brightest
students, please call our office at +91 955-877-7541 or visit We look
forward to working with you.
Click here to watch a video of Duke TIP alumni talking abouttheir experience.
Best wishes for a successful academic year!
Mara Shurgot
Director International Programs
Duke University's Talent Identification Program
Sridhar Rajagopalan
Managing Director
Educational Initiatives - The Makers of ASSET