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69 Valley St., Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Rev. John J. Korbelak, Pastor
Rev. Jerzy Pikulinski (George)
Deacon Albert Ganter, RCIA
Deacon Jack Gray, Baptism & Human Concerns
Catherine A. Wollyung, Faith Formation
Sr. Mary McFarland, O.P., Homebound & Seniors
Roberto Sabastiani, Director of Music Ministry
Margaret Manley, Confirmation Program
Assisting Clergy
Rev. Thomas J. Norton, Weekend Assistant
Rev. Msgr. Philip D. Morris, Pastor Emeritus
The Lord’s Day
Jennifer Cannon, Business Administrator/Stewardship
Naomi Kavanah, Parish Secretary
Glen Ford, Superintendent of Building Maintenance
Art Dalle Molle, Theresa Henry, Trustees
Brenda Laux, Pastoral Council Chair
James Farrell, Finance Council Chairman
Mark Henni, Ed Addvensky, Stewardship Council Chairmen
Edna Lord, “The Spirit” Newsletter Editor
PARISH CENTER: One Valley Street 201-666-2707
Offices of Faith Formation Ministries
Catherine Wollyung, Director
Kathleen Breitenbach, Registrar
Debra DiPiazza, Program Asst.
Thomas Merton Spiritual Direction Center
Mary Musella, Catherine Wollyung, Sr. Gail DeMaria
ST. JOHN’S ACADEMY: 460 Hillsdale Ave. 201-664-6364
Elizabeth Viola, M.A.., Principal
Connie Nunez, Secretary
Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM
Weekday Masses
Monday and Saturday: 8:00 AM
Tuesday - Friday: 8:00 AM & 12:00 PM
BAPTISMS: Baptism of Infants is normally celebrated on
Sundays at 1:30 PM eleven months of the year. For arrangements and information about Baptismal Preparation of Infants,
please contact Deacon Jack Gray 201-664-3131 ext. 128; for
older children and adults, please contact Cathy Wollyung at
201-666-2707 ext.217.
RECONCILIATION: This sacrament of Christ’s forgiveness is celebrated Saturdays 4:00 - 4:45 PM, and at Interparochial Communal Services during Advent and Lent.
MATRIMONY: Couples are urged to begin preparation for
marriage immediately after the engagement, but not less than
one year previous to the wedding date. Phone the Parish Office at 664-3131 to begin preparation.
MINISTRY TO THE SICK: In case of severe illness contact
the Parish Office for a priest to visit for the Sacrament of
Anointing. Contact Sr. Mary McFarland at 666-2707 ext. 215
to arrange home visitation and communion for those who cannot attend Sunday liturgy. Those anticipating hospitalization
for surgery, contact one of the priests for Sacrament of
Anointing. Otherwise, contact the Pastoral Care Office at any
of our area hospitals for anointing and communion.
PARISH REGISTRATION: We invite all new parishioners
to register at the Parish Office and to introduce themselves to
our parish priests after Mass or at the Parish Office. A Welcome Ministry contact will follow.
The 33rd Sunday In Ordinary Time
November 16, 2014
From the Pastor’s
on Sunday
“ For to everyone who has,
more will be given and he will
grow rich; but from the one
who has not, even what he has
will be taken away.”
8am, 10am and 12pm
Saturday, November 15
Theodore Surette
The Cole Family
55th Anniv.
Everything has a purpose in life, yet we don’t always
know what it is. Every life has meaning which reveals
itself as it unfolds, but we don’t know it beforehand.
Every person has some talent, whether great or small,
which he is called to use, even if he thinks it insignificant.
Today’s Gospel reminds us that we are supposed to
use our talents. They have been given for a purpose.
We are called by our Creator to give him glory by the
good that we do.
In life we can, unfortunately, lose sight of what we are
supposed to do with what we have. We are not here
to glorify ourselves, but to let it be known that we
share in God’s intent that all be assisted by the array of
gifts that have been bestowed. We are here to help
God and one another.
In the end, the ones who understand that they have
much, (even if it appears to others as “little”) and use it
to the glory of God will multiply their blessings, because they trust in what God has given them. Those
without a grasp of what they have will lose what little
they have for failure to trust and utilize their gifts for
God’s glory.
We are called to trust that God who is the bestower
of all gifts has a purpose in his allocation. Faithfulness in
even little things in life is meaningful to God. He uses
the simplest and weakest to reveal his power and glory.
We should never be discouraged because we don’t
think we have much in life. The Gospels are replete
with examples of Jesus taking a little and multiplying its
effect. Remember the loaves and the fishes!
Sunday, November 16
People of the Parish
10am Frank & Jennie Gangemi req. Joseph & Sandra Heiser Jr.
12pm James Taskalos Sr
req. The Ciuppa Family
Monday, November 17
Peggy Mockler
The Killian Family
Tuesday, November 18
Cyril Daniel Higgins
req. Nancy & Bob Higgins
12pm The Wynne, Keating & O’Connell Family req. Peter &
Eileen Wynne
Wednesday, November 19
Shirley Luongo
12pm John H. Johnson
req. The Henry Family
req. The Johnson & O’Shea Family
Carol Meyer
November 20
req. Bob Meyer
Wedding Anniv.
12pm Mary & James Armstrong req. Peter & Eileen Wynne
Daniel Kelly
12pm Ben Sparano
November 21
Kathleen Rooney
Eileen Sparano
Saturday, November 22
Henry S. Wiles
req. Virginia & Jeffrey Wiles
Henry S. Wiles
req. Virginia & Jeffrey Wiles
Sunday, November 23
The Bread & Wine is being donated
Teresa Cainero
req. Anthony Cainero
Bernadina Carillo
req. Lucy & Jim Pellegrino
William Burke
req. Mike & Karla Burke
In Memory of John Gleeson
Those who have pre-arranged an intention for a Mass are invited to
present the gifts of bread and wine during that celebration.
At the request of
The DePinto Family
On the Lord’s Day and Holy Days please inform the usher.
Please Remember
in Your Prayers
The Work of Christ at St. John’s is supported
by Parishioners who have Embraced the
Biblical Ideals of Stewardship Tithing
In love and kindness, please pray for:
DECEASED: Rev. Thomas M. Foye, Mary DeMarco,
David Stelman, William Greene, Maureen Fay,
The sacrificial giving of our parishioners on the weekend of
November 8 and 9 was $15,723. This includes $2,603 contributed via Faith Direct by 110 parishioners, and $12,696 in
envelopes and/or checks from 387 parishioners. The average
of these donations was $30.79. The collection also included
$424 in cash.
Robert Ettore, John Kuttiyara, Bill Ellis, Mel
Conover, Andrew Goodell, Eileen Smyth, Liam Fanning, Eileen Sparano, Carmen Lopez, Donna & Phil
Gianfredi, Paul Kearns, Joan Scherrer,
Zachary Latteri, Lisa Branch, Josephine Dombrowski, Bruno DeMayo, Peter Grower, Sal Castoria, Jack O’Shea, Jack
O’Hara, Danielle Newkirk, Luca Di Lorenzo, George
Foley, Christopher Marra, Lubomyr Dumanovsky, Ruta
Fiorino, Dominic Guadagno, Louise Arigot, Lynne Bennette, Helen Tursky, Millie Giordano, Stephanie Roche,
Anne O’Brien, Jay Sasfai, Alice & Peter Freidrich, John
Drozdik Jr., Keith Durie, Ed Vanderhoff, Misty Carrico,
Kathleen Sova, John Folker, Sharon Friedrich, Mary
Bryne, Carol Weaver, Bill Richardot, Felix Brady, Joe
O’Keefe, Samantha Salterelli, Eladio Lopez, Shannon
Callagy, Barbara & Marge Sikora, Cole Haynes, Erickson
Mino, Mary Musella, Albert Vaccari, Rex & Xander
O’Reilly , Alfred Murphy, Regina Winsick, Anthony
D’Amico, Richard McAllister, Pat La France, Beth Wajps,
Sunday and Holy Day collections for the current fiscal year
have decreased compared to the same period last year.
Through Nov. 9 these collections were $235,031 compared
to $242,682 last year. That’s a drop of $7,651. We invite
parishioners to please increase their weekly collections.
Without achieving an increase in annual revenue, the parish
will continue to operate at a deficit.
The service provided to our parish by Faith Direct ensures
that all the participants weekly and holiday contributions are
made regardless of the weather or vacations. For more in- Violet Bauer, Joseph Locashio, Tom McHugh,
formation, please see below, or contact Jennifer in the RecMarianne Stubbs, Anne Dalle Molle, Zachary Ziegelhofer
tory Office.
Parishioners may contribute to weekly parish stewardship
collections through credit card or automatic payment from
their checking account. Faith Direct accepts Discover, Visa,
MasterCard and American Express.
So far we’ve raised $31,641 toward our
Capital Projects Appeal . . . but we need your
help to reach our goal of $60,000!
We invite you to consider using this convenient service.
You can sign up on-line at (please use
church code NJ48) or call 1-866-507-8757. Thank you for The Capital Projects include energy efficient upgrades
identified during an Energy Audit Program the parish
your continued stewardship support of our parish.
participated in this past year. The upgrades were subsidized by the NJ Clean Air Program, which covered
almost 70% of the costs. The Capital Projects also include necessary repairs made to our church bell tower,
sound system, and computer systems.
“Calling All Senior Citizens”
You’re invited to Immaculate Heart Academy’s Annual Senior Citizen Thanksgiving dinner. Please join us on Monday,
November 24th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm in the IHA cafeteria for a free Thanksgiving dinner, raffle and entertainment.
We are appealing to each parish family to please consider making a $175 donation toward this appeal. Contributions may be mailed to the rectory office or placed
in the collection basket. Please make your check payable to St. John’s Church, and be sure to mark “Capital
Projects” on the memo line. Thank you!
Please RSVP to Sarah Shutrop 201 445-6800 ext. 125 or
[email protected]
Liturgy Corner
Saturday 5:00 PM Fr. Tom Norton
Lectors: A. Muller / A. Gallagher
Eucharistic Ministers: D. Molta / D. Carlson / D. LeBow / P. Jackson /
M. Elbert / J. Muller / B. Gray / M. Swords / K. Mueller
Altar Servers: P. Breen / V. Vivas / M. Gallagher
Sunday 8:00 AM Fr. Tom Norton
Lectors: M. O’Connor / P. Krey
Eucharistic Ministers: K. Gibney / S. Streeter / J. Mayo / J. Weisman /
R. Sandt / T. Henry / J. Henni / M. Rocco
Altar Server: C. Cole / J. Beltram / R. Beltram
Sunday 10:00 AM
Fr. John Korbelak
Lectors: J. Beatty
Eucharistic Ministers: D. Holmgren / M. DeAngelo / M. Cartwright /
S. Svorec / M. Beck / D & D Smith / R & K Personette
Altar Servers: G. Beckmeyer / J. Nugent / P. Nestrowitz
Sunday 12:00 PM Fr. Jerzy Pikulinski
Lectors: R. Stigliano / F. Parisi
Eucharistic Ministers:
S. Huvane / R. O’Shea / J. Conway / M. Green /
G. Carty / W. Filon / P. Mavridis / E. Metrione
Altar Servers: E. Parisi / E. Stigliano / J. Della Pesca
It is with a sense of pride and great
pleasure we inform you that the Middle
States evaluation team will recommend
St. John’s Academy for full
re-accreditation. The school thanks the
entire faculty, staff, Pastors, Advisory
Board, PTG, parents and our wonderful
SJA students for their time, talent and
shining effort in making us who we are a faith-filled, caring learning environment where we educate each and every
child so they may develop to their fullest
The special collection THIS weekend is actually three collections combined into one, as it covers: Catholic Campaign
for Human Development right here in the United States,
Catholic Relief in other countries, and Black & Indian
Relief. As Catholics we are called to reach out to our
brothers and sisters right here in the United States, as well
as overseas. We are called to stand together, as one human
family, with people of all nations and cultures who suffer
from poverty, injustice and violence. Envelopes for this collection were mailed with your monthly envelopes; extras
can be found by the doors of the church.
Dear Fr. Korbelak:
The Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt thank you for your
generosity in supporting our Annual Festival. This was our
64th Festival, and it was a beautiful autumn day enjoyed by
The following list represents the Grand Prize Winners.
We would be most grateful if you would share this information with your parishioners and express our gratitude to
1st Prize $3,000 Douglas Blancero, Red Hook, NY
We joyfully welcome the new members of the Church
Who were baptized into the faith at St. John’s during
the months of October & November.
2nd Prize $1,500 Danielle Cazamayou, Bronx, NY
3rd Prize $ 500 John Harrigan, Sussex, NJ
Trip to Ireland -
Logan Michael Lepore, child of Giancarlo & Erin
Brayden Michael Klingele, child of Michael & Teresa
Martha Bauer, Saddle River, NJ
Monday, November 17, 2014 5:30-7:00pm
Joanne Folkers, Supervisor; Juliann Anastasi, Judy Crawford, Dede Danaher, Bernie Gray
Cozy Corner Knitting Group: meets every Wed. from
9:30am to 11:00am in the Parish Center, Seton Room.
All Canned Vegetables, Meats, Fish, Fruits and Juices. Staples/Boxed
Foods: coffee, tea, potatoes, milk, vegetable oil, rice, sugar, flour, cocoa, pancake mix, cake & muffin mixes, brownie mix, pudding & Jello
mixes, stove top stuffing, chicken broth, gravy peanut butter, hot &
cold cereals.
Condiments: Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, jam,
jelly, maple syrup, black olives, mushrooms. School snacks: cookies,
crackers. Personal: hand soap; shampoo & conditioner, deodorant,
toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels.
Supermarket gift cards also welcome!
Career Resource Ministry: will meet the 2nd Wed. of the
month at 7:30pm in the Parish Center.
Our Lady’s Prayer Group: will meet Wed. Nov. 19th at
7:30pm in the parish center.
Social Justice Ministry– will meet on Wed. Nov. 19 at
7:30pm at St. Andrew’s Parish Center.
Helping Hand Food Pantry,
P.O. Box 354, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Caregivers Support Group– will meet on Sun. Nov. 16th
at 1:30pm in the Parish Center.
The Human Concerns Committee– will meet in the Parish Center on Monday, Nov. 17th at 7:30pm in the Parish
The Helping Hand Food Pantry will hold a “Turkey
Drop Off Day” on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 from 9:00am
until 12:00 noon. Turkeys can also be delivered to the
Pantry on Mon. evenings, Nov. 10 and 17 from 5:30 pm to
6:45 pm. The Pantry is located at the corner of Magnolia
and Washington Streets in the Hillsdale United Methodist
November 22 will be the Last time for receiving turkeys
due to distribution arrangements. Pantry volunteers will
be on hand to accept the donated turkeys. Please note
that only FROZEN turkeys can be accepted.
For ease of handling small to medium size
turkeys are preferred.
Gift certificates to neighboring grocery
stores are also appreciated.
On Monday, November 17th at 9:30 am the inspiring film,
Mother Teresa, starting Olivia Hussey, will be shown in the parish center. Produced in 2003, the film runs 115 minutes and
tells the life story of this modern day saint who brought the
healing love of Jesus to the streets of Calcutta and to the whole
All are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.
Attendance qualifies for faith formation credit.
Pope Francis urged an international gathering of grassroots social activists to struggle against the “structural
causes” of poverty and inequality, with a “revolutionary”
program drawn from the Gospel. Speaking to a Vaticansponsored World Meeting of Popular Movements on
October 28, 2014 Pope Francis said: “The poor no
longer wait, they seek to be protagonists, they organize,
study, work, demand and above all, practice that special
solidarity that exits among those who suffer, among the
poor.” He continued saying that solidarity entails struggling “against the structural cause of poverty, inequality,
the lack of work, land and shelter, the denial of social and
labor rights,” and confronting what he called the “empire
of money.” The Pope said social justice also requires
peace and environmental protection, both of which the
global economic system inevitably threatens. He delivered his remarks with a strong note of personal encouragement to the activists.
National Catholic Reporter, October 28,2014
Do you know of a child who loves to sing? We invite
them to join our St. John’s Christmas Children’s Choir!
Open to boys and girls ages 5-12, our choir will focus on
developing vocal, basic rhythm and music reading skills.
Singers will be taught new Christmas music as well as familiar favorites. Rehearsals will be held once weekly starting October 19, leading up to a performance at our 2014
Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 14 at 1:00pm
and on Christmas Eve at our 4:00pm Children’s Mass.
Under the direction of Roberto Sabastiani and Cantor,
Lisa Gordon, your child will sing and celebrate the Birth of
Jesus through song and friends! For more information or
to sign up your child, please contact Roberto or Lisa at
201 725-5927 or email:
[email protected]
Are you a friendly person who is interested in enhancing our
Church Community and encouraging it to grow?
Then please join our NEW Greeters Ministry! We are seeking volunteers with warm, friendly personalities to serve at
weekend masses. The purpose of Greeters Ministry is to
welcome, receive, meet, recognize, speak to, and smile upon
parishioners as they enter St. John’s for weekend Masses.
1.Welcome and greeting all parishioners and visitors in a
friendly manner as they enter the church before Mass.
2. Answer any questions.
3. Walking people to seats, bathrooms, destinations, etc. if
they are unfamiliar with the layout of the church.
4. Wishing all parishioners and visitors a great week and to
come again as they leave Mass.
Women’s Cornerstone
We will need at least 6 volunteers to serve in this Ministry per
mass each weekend, so a minimum of 24 individuals are
One Day Retreat
Save the date and join the Women’s Cornerstone One Day needed. Volunteers would need to arrive at least 15 minutes
Retreat on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015. Treat yourself to this spe- before mass begins.
cial opportunity to strengthen your faith, come closer to Christ,
and experience the warmth of Christian Community within the Children, Teens, adults and seniors are welcome and encourcomfort of St. John’s Cornerstone. Watch the bulletin for fur- aged to serve as Greeters! Training will be provided.
ther details or contact:
If you are interested in giving your time to this Ministry, call
Cathy Wollyung at 201 666-2707 ext. 217 or
Janis Mayo at [email protected] or Lucrezia Rack at
[email protected]
[email protected]
God’s Tots is a new early childhood program of Bible stories,
music, crafts and prayer that will take place on Sundays during
Women of the parish come join the Martha & Mary Ministry
the 10:00 am Mass.
God’s Tots will be in
the Parish Center Library
We will still take new children until Nov. 23
Call Cathy Wollyung at 201 666-2707 or
[email protected]
for a “Cup of Christmas” on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd at 7:30pm
in the parish center. It is an opportunity for community gathering and time to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Attendance will be credited toward an Adult Faith Formation.
For more information contact Kathy Breitenbach at
[email protected] or Mary Ellen Breen at
[email protected]
Beginning Saturday/Sunday, Nov. 29/30, the celebration of
the opening of the Mass, which is the 1st Sunday in Advent, the liturgy will begin in a different manner requiring a
Children’s Sunday Liturgies
quiet atmosphere. Please enter the church for Mass in a
reverent manner. We hope this will enhance your Advent The future dates are: Nov. 23 at 10:00am, Dec. 21 at
experience going through the 4 weeks of the season, as
Jan 24 at the 5pm, Feb. 8 at 10:00am. On
we wait, prepare, recognize and then behold the Lamb of Palm Sunday we want the children to participate in the
God, to come to save his people.
opening procession.
Thank You
St. John the Baptist Church
Hillsdale, NJ
Naomi Kavanah