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All Psychomotor testing are held in the:
Center for Simulation and Research
(MERC) Building
620 Oak Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206-1614
C i nc i n n at i C hi l d r e n’ s H o s pi t a l Me d i c a l C e n t er
D i v i s i o n o f E m e r ge n c y Me d i c i n e
A t t : K e n C r a nk
3 3 3 3 B u r n e t A v e n u e ML 1 0 0 5
C i nc i n n at i , O hi o 4 5 2 2 9 - 3 0 3 9
Course Location
This course meets the requirements
transition policy.
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Division of Emergency Services
EMSC Education
For additional course information email
[email protected]
2015 Paramedic
January 8 February 28,
Paramedic Refresher
Cincinnati Children's Hospital EMSC
National Standard Paramedic Refresher Course
The Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program
is based on the National EMS Education Standards and standards adopted in rule by the EMS
January 8-Febuary 28, 2015
Psychomotor Testing/Orientation dates
January-8 &20 February – 12,13 &17
The didactic portion of the Ohio PARAMEDIC Refresher Training Program may be taught through
online or distance learning formats in accordance
with OAC 4765-7-11, however cognitive and psychomotor testing shall be conducted in a traditional classroom environment.
The Didactic portion of this course will
be conducted through distance learning accordance with OAC4765-7-11.
We offer discounts to departments sending two or
more students. Please contact
[email protected] for details.
Online Registration
Cost: $225.00
Name: ________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________
City: _____________ State: ________ Zip: __________
Phone: (H): (_______) ___________-____________
Airway Management & Ventilation 4 hours
Cardiology 6 hours
The course agenda is subject to change. All
material will be covered during this course,
however due to unexpected circumstances,
topics may be re-assigned without prior notice.
Medical Emergencies 10 hours
Trauma 8 hours
Name & Address of Employer: ________________________
Special Populations
Obstetrics & Gynecology 2 hours
Class room is limited to 40 students.
Pediatric 12 hour
In the event of inclement weather, please call
EMSC Education’s main number, (513) 6366992, to obtain information on the status of
the class.
Geriatric 4 hour
EMS Operations 2 hours
This course covers the transitional requirements
CEU Information
Children’ s Hospital Medical Center is accredited by the State of Ohio Board of EMS to
provide Continuing Education Credit.
(Ohio Accreditation # 1238)
Psychomotor testing with simulations in related
topics accordance with OAC 4765-7-11
This course meets all requirements for
National Registry certification renewal.
All CE hours may be used toward renewal of
Ohio Paramedic Certification.
(W): (_______) ___________-____________
Email: ________________________________________
Paramedic Certification Number: ________________
State: ______________ Date of Expiration: ___________
(please attach a copy of your current EMT-P card)
National Registry? (not required) _____yes
NR Expiration Date: ________________
* Checks for the course must be made payable to: *
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
If you are planning to have your department billed for the
course, contact Ken Crank office for billing information.
Send Registration Form and payment to:
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Division of Emergency Medicine
Att: Ken Crank
3333 Burnet Avenue ML 1005
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3039
Phone: 513-803-2616
Fax: 513-636-3943
Email: [email protected]