Voice of Faith

November 2014
Voice of Faith
A Newsletter of Faith Presbyterian Church
Volume XLXVII Issue 11
Dear Friends,
Tom Lovell
With the trees displaying their fiery brilliance amid crisp, cool days and with the college
football season moving toward those final few, but extremely important weekends on the
gridiron, there can be no doubt that we are in the midst of Stewardship Season in the life of the
church. ☺ Yes, along with the wonder and beauty of the changing leaves and the drama of
upsets and new leaders atop the football ratings, the fall also brings with it the time when most
Presbyterian churches emphasize God’s call for us to be good stewards of all that we have been
This year, the theme of our annual stewardship emphasis is “The Privilege of Giving,”
which, at first glance may seem like the pairing of two unlikely words, privilege and giving.
Frank Broyles
However, I think they go together quite well, especially when placed in the context of our call
Minister of Church
to be good stewards of all that God has given us. When I think or hear the word, privilege, I
and Community
usually think of some great honor or opportunity which I have been given. I consider it a great
privilege to have been called to serve as your pastor. I consider it a privilege to have been
elected to serve as the Moderator of North Alabama Presbytery for 2015. I also consider it a
Holly H. Yeuell
Director of Christian privilege to be a parent and now a grandparent. Others consider it a privilege to lead their team
of colleagues, or to be employed in a position that protects our nation’s security, molds young
minds in the classroom, researches and develops new technologies, or provides other goods or
services that enhance the lives of others. To be privileged also means, as the old adage reminds
William A. Hovik us, to have responsibility. To be privileged means that we have been entrusted with something
Director of
important, meaningful, or valuable, and that we have accepted the responsibility to use that
Music Ministry
which has been entrusted to us for the benefit of others. As I read that last sentence, I began to
realize that it provides us a pretty good definition of what Christian stewardship is all about.
Shari Williams
Preschool Director
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When God created the world in all of its glory and splendor and placed the first humans in
the Garden of Eden, he told them that his wondrous creation was theirs. “Be fruitful and
multiply,” God told them, “and have dominion over every living thing.” The very first
instruction God gave to Adam and Eve was to be stewards of all they had been given. What an
honor! What an opportunity! What a privilege! What a responsibility!
That honor, that opportunity, that privilege, and yes, that responsibility is ours as well as we
seek to use that which God has entrusted to us for the benefit of others. As the Psalmist
proclaims, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” All that we are, all that we have is
ours only because of the benevolence of our gracious God. As recipients of God’s abundant
grace, we have the glorious privilege of sharing that which God has given us to bear witness to
the good news of Christ’s gospel through the ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church through our
financial support for our church’s mission in 2015.
Sunday, November 2nd is Stewardship Commitment Sunday and as we worship that
morning, we will have the opportunity to exercise the privilege of giving by pledging our
financial support for our church’s ministry in 2015. The congregation of Faith Presbyterian
Church has been privileged to share in Christ’s ministry for 56 years, and I am confident that
we will once again respond to God’s call to be good stewards this year so that, together, we
may be able to further the cause of Christ in the year to come.
Grace & Peace,
Voice of Faith—November 2014
Dear Faith Family,
Dear Faith Family,
I would like to thank my wonderful nephew, Philip
Franklin for putting together the Faith Presbyterian
ALS Walk-a-thon team; Pastor Tom and everyone
else who completed the ice water challenge; and
everyone who walked or contributed to the ALS
Association. Since my diagnosis with ALS, my Faith
Family has made me feel loved and supported in so
many ways this is one more instance. I feel richly
blessed, dearly loved and grateful beyond words. I
thank God for all of you.
We want to thank everyone for their prayers, comfort
and concern during the crises following Susie's
children's accident. They have both mended very
well by now, have been back in school for a while,
and are participating in most of their normal
activities. Kaelie's bones have healed completely,
and she is delighted to be free of crutches! While
Seth's internal injuries will require many more
months of recovery, he is doing the necessary
physical therapy for his shoulder, and we are still
hoping that it will not need future surgery. There are
emotional scars, and these teenagers now recognize
that they too are vulnerable to injury-- maybe not
entirely a negative!
Alice Baker
November 16th
It was a very bad summer for Shelton family
accidents, and we all feel so blessed to have such a
loving and caring church family. The McSwains and
all the Sheltons thank you from the bottoms of our
hearts. Praise God for his Loving Care!
Baked Penne with Meatballs,
Pesto Zucchini, Roasted
Carrots, Salad, Garlic Toast,
M&M Brownies
John and Marjie McSwain
Lunch will follow the 10:30 am service.
To make your reservations, please contact the
church office at [email protected] or 256-881-4811.
November 5th: Smothered Chicken, Corn
Pudding, Roasted Carrots, Salad, Rolls, Oatmeal
Cream Pie Bars
November 12th: Cheesy Potato and Smoked
Sausage Casserole, Spinach, Salad, Rolls,
Cranberry Pear Cake
November 19th: Pineapple Ham, Roasted
Squash, Sweet Potato Fries, Biscuits, Lemon
Monday, November 10th
11:30 a.m.
In the Fellowship Hall
To make your reservations, please contact the
church office at 256-881-4811 or email
[email protected]
Our speaker will be Dr. Tom Lovell
who will be sharing with us about his recent trip
to the Holy Land.
You can also make standing reservations!
Menu: Beef Brisket in Mushroom Sauce, Roasted
Potatoes, Seared Asparagus, Gingerbread Cake
Questions or food allergy issues,
please email Rachel.
Hope to see you there!
Voice of Faith—November 2014
November traditionally kicks off what we think of as "the holidays", and no holiday is as beloved as
Thanksgiving. At the end of this month (Thursday, November 27th), we will pause to consider and give thanks
to God for the innumerable blessings He has bestowed upon us as a nation.
Two of the greatest of those blessings are also highlighted individually in the month of November. On Tuesday,
November 4th, we will have the opportunity to cast our votes to elect those who will lead our government.
This is a blessing which is envied around the world, yet is all too often taken too lightly or ignored entirely
here in this country.
On Tuesday, November 11, we will again recognize the holiday created ninety-six years ago as "Armistice Day"
to celebrate the end of "the war to end all wars" - World War I. Rather than being the last war, however, WWI
became just the next in a continuous series of far-flung conflicts that continue to this very day. Known now as
"Veterans' Day", it gives us the opportunity to stop and reflect on where we would be as a nation without the
personal sacrifices of everyone who has served and is serving now in the uniform of the American armed
forces. It is a thought worth pondering on Election Day, on Veterans' Day, on Thanksgiving, and, indeed, on
every day of our lives.
AIRMAN Tyler Torres, US Air Force, grandson of Betty and Billy Spears - Currently stationed in Incirlik,
Turkey, where he serves in the data processing field. He hopes to be home on leave by Christmas.
CPT Doug Reynolds, US Army, son of Rebecca and Bob Reynolds - Still serving as commander, Battalion
Support Group, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. I mistakenly listed him
as a Major in last month's newsletter, but he is on the promotion list to MAJ and is expected to receive his "oak
leaves" next year.
MAJ Bo Reynolds, US Army, son of Rebecca and Bob Reynolds - Currently deployed for approximately the
next four months. Continues to serve as commander, Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 75th
Ranger Regiment, stationed at Ft. Benning, GA.
SPEC James Campbell, US Army, son of Kerry and Jim Campbell - Has returned from duty in Cuba and is
anticipating duty at Ft. McClure, WA.
PFC Cameron Campbell, US Army, son of Kerry and Jim Campbell - Expects to be deploying in April or
May, depending upon his training schedule.
SSG Chris Lovelace, US Army, grandson of Jan Newell - Has reported to his new assignment at Ft. Bliss, TX,
where he expects to serve the next 3-4 yrs.
PVT Kim Lovelace, US Army, wife of Chris Lovelace - Serving alongside her husband at Ft. Bliss, TX.
A1C Benjamin Satake, US Air Force, grandson of Betty Lou Grigsby - Still serving as an aircraft mechanic at
Dyess-Merkel Air Force Base, TX, where he is accompanied by his wife and two children.
SEAMAN Josh Fohner, US Navy, grandson of Phyllis Fohner and son of Kelly and Mike Fohner - Still in San
Diego recuperating from shoulder surgery.
CPT Andrew Wilson, US Army, husband of Emily Caldwell Wilson - Has returned to Ft. Carson, CO, from his
deployment to Kuwait. He is accompanied in CO by his wife.
SEAMAN Peter Martin, US Navy, son of Bridgett and Phillip Martin - Still serving aboard an aircraft carrier
stationed in Sasebo, Japan, but is expected to be home on leave around Christmas.
CPT Scott Warnke, US Army, grandson of Jeannie and Russ Davis - Assigned to Naval Post-Graduate School,
Monterey, CA, where he is pursuing a Master's degree in Systems Engineering. His wife and son are
accompanying him there.
Voice of Faith—November 2014
Remember our partners in ministry at
Mt. Faith Presbyterian Church in South Africa
Mt. Faith is a congregation of 120 members, 80% of which are over the age of 60.
Under the leadership of their pastor, the Rev. Vusi Mkhungo, the congregation
strives to reach out to its community in Christ’s name in a variety of ways, many
of which are similar to some of our outreach ministries here in Huntsville.
Mt. Faith, a leader in interdenominational efforts in their community, is involved
in feeding ministries as well as in supporting projects with their local school. The
church has an active Women’s ministry as well as Men’s ministry which have had
some initial communication with our respective groups here at Faith, and we
continue to seek ways to share the other aspects of our ministry with one another.
Please keep Pastor Vusi and the congregation of Mt. Faith in your prayers.
Christian Education Happenings
from Holly Yeuell, Director of Christian Education ([email protected] or 256-881-1727)
Faith Around Town!
Congratulations to Madeline Woody for being a maid in the Grissom
Homecoming Court in October!
Coming soon to a Fellowship Hall near you…
Advent Event!
Everyone is invited to this family-friendly evening of dinner and activities to celebrate Advent
on Wednesday, December 17, 5:30-7:00 pm. Our special (virtual) guest for the evening will be
St. Andrew of Scotland!
Details and reservation opportunities will be coming up soon in the bulletin and December
Discipleship Class of the Month
The Class-With-No-Name-Yet is full of energetic conversation and Bible study every Sunday
morning! This new class combines the Senior High Youth and the Curious Christians adult
class. Discussions this fall include Being Presbyterian, War, and Politics from our PC(USA) youth study
series. Learning is fun with this crowd! Come by the Senior High room and see for yourself!
Voice of Faith—November 2014
We Welcome
We Welcome
to the Faith Presbyterian
family. On Sunday, September
28th, the Session received Gay
into the membership of our
church via a Letter of Transfer
from the Cahaba Springs
Presbyterian Church in Trussville, AL. Gay is a long
-time Presbyterian and retired school teacher who
recently moved back to Huntsville. Gay lives on
Magna Carta Place and looks forward to sharing in
Christ’s ministry here at Faith.
as a member to our church
family. On Sunday, October
19th, the Session received
Terri Hightower into our
church family upon her reaffirmation of her Christian
faith. Terri, and her husband, Jimmy Hightower (a
long-time Faith member) were married ten months
ago and we rejoice that God has led her to become a
part of our church family. Terri works with the
Athens Police Department. What a joy it is to
welcome Terri to Faith!
Making connections with our neighborhood partner school,
Whitesburg P-8
Teacher Appreciation
Plastic Lid Recycling Project
On October 1st, the staff of WP8 was
treated to a colorful and delicious
Save those plastic lids and caps for
recycling by Operation Green Team! A
collection bin is in the Narthex hallway.
After-school Snack Ministry
array of sweets from FPC! Thank you
Sarah Curtis and Betty Lou Grigsby for
sharing our appreciation with a most
deserving group of teachers and support staff! We’ve received many cards of
thanks from the staff reminding us that sometimes the smallest gifts mean the
Thanks to your generous
support, we now have enough snacks
and drinks to take us through
Voice of Faith—November 2014
November 2014
All events are subject to change. Please complete a
Facility Use Form to reserve a room. You can find
the form on our website (www.presby.org) or at the
church office. Thank you!
Voice of Faith—November 2014
Wondering what to give those on your Christmas
gift list who have everything? Why not re-think
Christmas giving and share a “Gift of Hope” this
year? Faith Presbyterian supports many local, regional, and global ministries which would benefit
from additional financial support. A gift to one of
them in honor of your friend or family member
would do wonders to further Christ’s ministry. By
December 1st, our Outreach Committee will provide a list of suggested ministries as well as gift
cards to send to those you honor. We invite you to
join us as we “Re-think Christmas Giving.”
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
(12200 Bailey Cove Road SE)
will host this year’s Community
Thanksgiving Service
on Sunday, November 23rd at 5:30 pm
This year’s service will feature many
religious leaders, a combined community
choir, and worshippers from many area
Save the date and plan on joining us!
The new playground structure is here! The children have already had the
chance to play on it several times, and they are so excited to explore all its
facets. If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, please stop by the Southside
of the building. It can even be viewed from the parking lot.
We would like to extend a great many thanks to: Tom Lovell,
Bob Captain, Doug Franklin, Daven Gooden, Phillip Martin,
Steve Murray, Joe McKay, Robert Perry, Billy Spears, Nick
Williams, and Ethan Yeuell for all your hard work and efforts to
disassemble and remove the former playground structure. This
valuable growth could not have occurred without the help of so
many. Preschool feels so blessed to have such a community of
Preschool is bustling during this month with Fall Break, our annual Pumpkin Patch with fall festival games, a
visit from Station 6 firefighters, and a costume parade. The children have also been learning about fall harvests
and what they can do to show and feel God’s love. God is good!
Grace and peace,
Shari Williams
Preschool Director
Voice of Faith—November 2014
Krista Lovell will lead the Bible study, entitled “Covenants and God’s Enduring
Faithfulness, at the November meeting of Women of the Church. Based on 2
Corinthians 3:1-4:6, this lesson explores the meaning of Paul’s reference to “old”
and “new covenants and considers how these ideas relate to our understanding of
Christian relationships with people of different faith traditions.
The November meeting will be held on Tuesday November 4 at 9:30 a.m. in room 109. Refreshments,
prepared by Liz Goldman and Joan Sullivan, will precede the Bible study beginning at 9 a.m.
All women are invited to attend this meeting. Women of the Church meet the first Tuesday of the month,
September through May.
Wednesday Night Bible Study
In November, we will continue our study of The Book of Acts.
Our schedule will be as follows:
November 5th
Chapters 16-18
“Paul’s Second Missionary Journey”
November 12th
Chapters 19-21
“Paul’s Third Missionary Journey”
November 19th
Chapters 22-28
“Paul in Prison”
November 26th
Thanksgiving week, no gathering
From The Vine Pastoral Counseling Center
Marriage Ministry
God has created marriage to bring much satisfaction and pleasure. The relationship is intended to bring
healing and fulfillment to both people. It is intended as a basic building block of the Body of Christ where
the fruits of the Spirit are manifest and multiplied. Unfortunately, we live in a county with a divorce rate of
70%. The marriage relationship can also be the greatest source of pain and destruction. Because the marital
covenant is so important, The Vine offers our Marriage Ministry: PREMARITAL COUNSELING - 4-6
sessions using Prepare and Enrich. MARRIAGE INTERVENTION – 8 sessions in educational format with
workbook to learn skills in the most threatening areas to marital satisfaction. MARRIAGE CHECK-UP – 2
sessions to determine the health of your marriage, identify areas of conflict and consider how the spiritual
dimension of the relationship brings fulfillment. All free to members of supporting churches (except for
testing and workbook materials) for as long as initial funding lasts. $50 a session after. For more information
please see our website www.vinepcc.com, or call The Vine office 256-270-7399.
Voice of Faith—November 2014
The stated session meeting was held October 12, 2014 with most members in attendance. We have embarked
on an in-depth discussion on the topic of “Formatting Faith’s Future.” Dr. Lovell had previously asked the
Session members to reflect on several questions, and at this meeting we shared thoughts about what drew us to
the church and why we have stayed. There was a very reflective discussion with several people mentioning
that they were drawn to Faith by the friendliness of people, but that most have stayed due to the relationships
they have built within the membership. Concerns were expressed over the aging of our congregation, and
possible financial challenges as a result. This led into some preliminary discussions about how we can
improve the message of who Faith is in the community and ways we might attract others to Faith and the need
to engage our own congregation in the different activities and outreach events at the church. It was noted that
this might necessitate some changes, but those will be future discussions.
During the course of the meeting we also examined Richard Stairhime for the office of ruling elder to fill the
vacancy of Hikmat Antonios. His installation will be scheduled after he returns from a family situation. The
Session will recommend to the congregation that the size of the diaconate be reduced from 18 to 15 Deacons.
This recommendation will be voted upon later this year. At that time we will also elect the next class of
officers for session, diaconate and trustees. All the committees are working well and Worship committee will
be providing a devotional for the Advent season. There are many upcoming opportunities for service either by
providing items for others or coming to assist with the Homeless Banquet or other events. If you haven’t
noticed, there is new playground equipment, and always check the website for new and current information.
We have welcomed two new members in the last two months, and you are always welcome at the next stated
session meeting which is November 9th at 6:00 PM.
During worship on November 2nd, you will be invited to bring your completed
financial pledge card forward as a way of committing yourself and your financial
support to the ministry of Christ here at Faith Presbyterian Church.
On-line giving is through Logos Ministry Connection.
To create an account, go to https://
presby.logosconnect.com. If you need help setting up your account with Logos Ministry Connection, please
contact the church office. Copies of the monthly summary of the finances of the church are available
outside the church office.
Margaret Morrison, Treasurer
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Worship Themes for November
Don’t forget…
Set your clocks back on
Sunday, November 2nd
The Church Office
will be closed
Tuesday, November 11th
in observance of Veterans Day
Wednesday, November 26th
thru Friday, November 28th
for the Thanksgiving Holiday
November 2nd
Stewardship Commitment Sunday
“The Miracle of Shared Resources”
Mark 6:30-44
November 9th
“Some Basic Questions”
Joshua 24:14-25; Mark 8:27-35
November 16th
“Left Behind?”
I Thessalonians 4:13-18; 5:1-11
November 23rd
Rev. Patrick Laney, Guest Preacher
November 30th
First Sunday of Advent
“C’mon Down”
Isaiah 64:1-9; Mark 13:24-37
November Birthdays
Collin Jones (13)
Gary Backer
Marilyn McGhee
Jack Chapman
Madeline Woody (17)
James West
Tom Jarvinen
Betty Lou Grigsby
Betty Duncan
Ken Whitener
Dot Barnes
Marshall Crouch
Betty Spears
Libbie McElhaney Dineen
Peter Martin
Jack Chapman III (6)
Brenda Holmes
Lindsey Franklin
George Edlin
Stan Cowan
Pat Bartman
Emmy Whitener (10)
Ephraim Cobb (7)
Ken Weihs
Fred Stucky
Owen Hofer
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