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November 2014
Volume 9, Issue 11
Dear Residents Families, and Friends,
I really love this time of the year! And I love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner! Erma Bombeck says
that Thanksgiving dinner takes 18 hours to cook and 12 minutes to eat and some would say “Why
go to all the trouble?” For those who really enjoy being in the kitchen it’s all about the experience! I start looking forward to those grueling hours of preparation when the sun is still hitting
the high 90s. I love getting up early before anyone else and popping the turkey into the oven and
the smell of it as it reaches that golden moment of readiness. Each dish is in itself an artistic
opportunity. My favorite vegetable dish is what I call a Root Vegetable Trio. I take fresh turnip
roots, rutabaga, and carrots and I slice them into matchsticks and then steam them until they are
just crisp tender. Sometimes I’m careful to keep each vegetable separate when cooking so that I
can arrange them on a platter in color order white, yellow, and orange. Sometimes I mix them
altogether and that’s pretty too! Such nice fall colors and oh so yummy! Making good ole southern corn bread dressing is a real treat. I start, the day before, baking my pans of cornbread
made with a little yellow and a little white cornmeal. I bake them in my cast iron skillet which
just does add something extra to the taste and texture. On Thanksgiving morning I assemble the
dish for baking. This is where it becomes a trip down memory lane. The two women who’ve
most influenced my cooking, both used lots of sweet onion and celery. But this is where the road
parts, it’s shredded boiled eggs for my mom along with bits of the giblet meats and it’s fresh
bread crumbs, raw eggs, and poultry seasoning for my sweet Mrs. Colley. I like to take the two
ways and blend them together so that each bite brings back delicious memories of time in the
kitchen with two fantastic ladies! Go out to eat? Cater it in? Not in a thousand years! For all
of you who will spend a significant part of your holiday in the kitchen up to your elbows in holiday bliss… Here’s to you and hoping that you have a marvelous time! For those who will simply
sit and for 12 minutes enjoy a little bit of heaven… slow down and take a few more to appreciate
the love that’s gone into every bite! We’ve Much to be thankful for!
Jennifer Colley
Resident Spotlight: Susan McCullar
Susan was born in Evansville, IN and was raised there. She went to college for
2 years at DePauw and went on to graduate from University of Texas. She
married a “Texan” and was married to him for 43years before his passing. She has
4 children (3 sons and 1 daughter) and 8 grandchildren ages 6-27. Her son Chris
lives here and is a tennis director. Her other 2 sons are, a doctor in Cocoa Beach
and a director of sales for Harry & David, while her daughter works for a large
insurance firm. After her husband passed she moved around a lot, spending about
30+ years in this area including Mobile, Spanish Fort, and Fairhope. She loves this
area, it is “home” to her. She has been in Pensacola for only about 3 months, and
now lives “under the umbrella of her children’s whim”.
Welcome Susan!
2014 Holiday Meal at WHV
From the Tool Box
Hello to everyone at WHV, Happy
Thanksgiving from the maintenance team.
Wow! The holidays are here again..lots of
fun and decorating. If you need anything let
us know and we’ll do our best. Thank you
for your patience as we make adjustments
and improvements to the facility. We are
making progress.. sometimes its just not
quick enough. Reminder to use your walkers
and rollators, ask for assistance if you need
to. Be SAFE!.. We love you guys!
This year we will be having our
official holiday meal for
Thanksgiving on the Sunday
before the holiday. We
welcome all and encourage you
to complete a guest meal slip
for family and friends so that
we may reserve a table and
accommodate your needs.
Thank You!
Your Maintenance Team,
Kevin & Cliff
Our Veterans Celebration will take place on
11/11/12 @ 10:00am in the Library
Call # 777-6396
Some Great Things About Getting Older (Submitted by Lenice Horne)
Finally you can eat dinner at 4PM (Senior Early Bird Special)
Your investment in health insurance is beginning to pay off
Kidnappers are not very interested in you
People no longer view as a hypochondriac
Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can’t remember them
Your supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size
Your eyes won’t get much worse
Things you buy now will not wear out
No one expects you to run into a burning building
There is nothing left to learn the hard way
Your joints are more accurate than the National Weather Bureau
In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first
You can hide your own Easter eggs (since you can’t remember where
you hid them)
From the Kitchen
with Karen:
We will be celebrating
Thanksgiving and serving our
holiday meal on Sunday, November 23th.
The traditional meal will be a seated family style service and will feature roast turkey
and glazed ham with all the fix’ns.
Holiday Guest Meals are $8.00
Please reserve your seat by
Noon, Monday, November 17th
so that we will know how many
turkey’s and pies to bake!
Gobble! Gobble!
Karen Kadumick, CDM, CFPP
November “Cosmo” with Karen!
November 25th
Topic: Shop Til You Drop
T J Maxx & Show Station!
“People will stare. Make it worth
their while.” Harry Winston
Sunday Devotion Services:
10:30 Pastor Crawford
11:00 am Pr. Lin
Nov 2
There is a lot to be thankful for
in this world, this thing called
“life”. Maybe you don’t recognize
it all at once, maybe you need to
take some time to sit down and
ponder the question, or maybe you know right
away what pops into your head when you consider what you are thankful for. I know immediately I think – “well, my two sons, my family,
my friends, my life!” I’ve asked the question,
“What are you thankful for” to some of our
“family” (residents and staff) here at Wesley
Haven Villa, and would like to share their responses! I would also like to challenge each of
you to wake up each day or go to bed each
night and remind yourself of at least one thing
you are thankful for; who knows, it could be
the thought that helps you have “another good
day”. Please enjoy these “thankful thoughts”.
With Love and Thanks, Samantha…
More Thankfulness!
Diedra M. “My eyesight, my ability to breathe
without struggle, and our Greater Power..”
Phyllis S. “To be here on Earth, for WHV,
and my eyesight..”
Sally H. “My children, my health, and that
my children have become well and able
Janie C. “To be here at WHV, that I had
such a wonderful husband in my life, and my
two sons..”
Jeanne C. “For this facility (WHV), my children, and beautiful weather..”
Jean H. “My family and friends, my very special daughter, and my church..”
Josie C. “That I live in the South, my family
and many friends, and that the Lord answers
my prayers MOST of the time..”
Odell C. “That I can be up and around at my
age, my family, and God’s goodness to me..”
Jeanette H. “To be living at WHV, my family,
and my church..”
Evelina Raspall 11/03
Mona E. “My children, my health, and that I
Janice Lindsey 11/13
Kendra M. “My family, to be surrounded by
good people, and WHV..”
Angela Moore 11/23
Jane K. “To have a nice place to live, to be able
to get around, and to have nice people in my
Max Forbis 11/17
Bill Ernest 11/18
Beauty Shop News
Licensed Beautician
Rie-Rie “To be alive, to be with and around
people, to be able to help others, I’ve got
nothin’ but LOVE for everyone!”
Wed. Thurs. and Fri. 9am—5pm
News from Jen Melton LPN– In the Wellness Center
It’s that time of the year when we tend to eat too much… of
everything! Our bodies can begin to feel uncomfortable and
overloaded. Here’s a simple tea recipe that can help you “detox”.
Lemon, Lime and Cranberry Mint Detox Tea Recipe
Ingredients You Will Need:
 1 tablespoon lemon juice
 1 tablespoon lime juice
 1 cup cranberry juice
 1 bag peppermint tea
Pour lemon juice, lime juice and cranberry juice together in a microwavable mug. Heat tea in microwave until hot. Remove mug from microwave
and place mint tea in mug. Cover mug and let tea steep for 10 minutes.
Remove tea bag from tea and stir tea. Drink and detoxify.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!
Activity Highlights
11/2 All Saints Day
11/4 Fruit Cake Bake
11/7 Lunch at Dave’s Catfish
Friday 11/18
Free Store!
One man’s trash is
another man’s
11/8 Tracy Slay’s Music
11/10 John Appleyard Speaks
11/11 Veteran’s Day Celebration
11/13 UWF “Museums in the Sea”
11/22 Tracy Slay’s Music
11/23 WHV Thanksgiving Dinner
Men Only 11/21
Wesley Haven Villa Staff
Jennifer Colley, Administrator
Jen Melton LPN, Director of Health Care Services
Karen Morgan, Administrative Assistant
Karen Kudamik CDM, Director Of Dining Services
Kevin Christianson, Facilities Manager
Samantha Viola, Life Enrichment Coordinator
“Serving God’s Older Children”
With a Gentle Hand
With a Warm Heart
With a Caring Spirit
Meeting our Residents’ needs and
Exceeding their expectations with
Every service we perform every day.
Personal Care
Personal Care
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