INK Message from the Director

Message from the Director
My Dear Friends,
1857 Wantagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
Office: (516) 781-8637
Residences In:
Glen Cove
E. Massapequa
Board of Directors
Hilary Becker, CPM
Joseph Bottner, MD
Patricia Fitzgerald
Joan Durso Serra
Carol LaRocque
Mary McCaffery
Rhonda Nelson
Patricia Pryor-Bonica
Phil Savarese
Executive Director
Patricia Shea
Associate Director
Deirdre Shea
When we were entrusted with the care of the moms and babies at
MOMMAS House, I believe we were to do so with joy, patience and
love. I am not being naïve but I find it a great deal more rewarding
to view our mission using those attributes. In some instances this is
a very hard job; so “tough” love is required. Many of our families
have never lived in an environment that was structured and they
had no expectations of a different life. With MOMMAS House’s help
they have learned to care for themselves and their children
throughout pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. They set their
sights on attaining educational/training goals and they anticipate
that they can live independently. As a result, 30% of our moms are
attending college and/or post-secondary education and 50% of our
moms are working part or full-time. Upon their arrival at MOMMAS
House, many had no job experience, so this is a new concept for
them. They have not had a permanent home address and their lives
were so filled with uncertainty and chaos, that to maintain
employment, or even school attendance, was very difficult.
There are three moms who are college students but had no place to
live. One was living in a car, parked in a driveway, and going to
college during the day. It seems hard to believe, but circumstances
brought her to this point and she did not want to lose her
scholarship. MOMMAS House offered her the opportunity to not
only have a home, but to hold onto a dream!
I know that this program works and that there are many women
and children who have achieved more than was ever expected. This
is only possible with your support. This newsletter is in your hands
for a reason; you may be able to help or know someone who can.
We are well on our way to being able to purchase one of the houses
that we currently rent. It just makes fiscal sense to put that rental
fee towards procuring the property. By now, with what we have
paid out in rent, we could have owned one of our three homes.
Whatever you can do, will be greatly appreciated.
Because it is obvious that we do not have marketing or
development staff, I try to get advice and inspiration from other
appeals. Recently I received a letter regarding donation of stocks. It
seems that this is a good time to transfer appreciated securities to
MOMMAS House because you will receive two tax benefits. 1) For
making a donation to a charity and 2) you will not have to pay
capital gains tax. Seems like a good deal! Any stock donation would
be processed through Smith-Barney; the DTC #0015 and Acct. #
Pat Shea
Summer 2014
MOMMAS HOUSE: A Real Choice For Life
Summer 2014
MOMMAS House Accomplishments!
Ashely, Shania and Mariana have started or continued their college educations and all are thriving academically.
Serrina completed a vocational training program. Dianne, Shaqway, Bernadette, Shania, Ashley, Jennifer, Teuta,
Tasha, Andrea, Natalie, Bethzaida, Shawanna and Kristen all began working.
Many other moms enrolled in educational or vocational programs to start on their path to employment. They
attended classes and workshops to improve their parenting skills, financial management, nutrition and health,
among other topics. Several went to counseling to help them address unresolved issues from their past, so they
could improve their futures!
Dianne, Andrea, Tara, Deanna, Yisell, Teuta, and Charisma moved into their own apartments! Some of our other
moms and babies were able to reunite with family, giving them access to long-term housing and support.
Of course our greatest accomplishments come in the form of welcoming healthy new babies into the world and
providing them with a safe home to begin their lives. The stork has been busy making deliveries at MOMMAS
Zion - Born May 1, 2013
Amore - Born July 13, 2013
Omari – Born July 26, 2013
Olivia - Born September 15, 2013
Keyon - Born March 12, 2014
Mia - Born March 23, 2014
Arielle - Born April 18, 2014
Mason - Born April 23, 2014
Evan - Born June 30, 2014
Visit our website or LIKE our Facebook page to see more photos of our adorable little ones.
Donate to MOMMAS House
With the success of our Drive to Thrive
program, many of our mother’s are obtaining
their driver’s licenses and are now in need of
some wheels! If you have a working car you
want to get rid of, please consider donating it
to MOMMAS House. The car will be given to
any resident who has obtained her driver’s
license and begun working. All donations are
tax deductible, and this would be a wonderful
gift for one of our young mother’s just starting
their careers.
Natalie was thrilled with her “new” car which she received
Please contact the office at 516-781-8637.
Special thanks to the Hongthong family and thanks to the generosity of Alice Hongthong and family
Holzwarth family for donating cars this year!
Summer 2014
Spotlight on Service!
We would like to shine a spotlight on Erik Schaffer, C.P. of A Step Ahead
Prosthetics in Hicksville, NY who has made the very first pair of legs for Isaiah,
a six year old boy currently living in our Glen Cove residence who was born
without legs. Erik and his staff, especially Isaiah’s therapist, Phil, and the
Program Director, Amy Palmiero-Winters have devoted countless hours and
resources to giving Isaiah legs and
teaching him how to walk! This
outstanding facility is making this
little boy’s dreams come true.
Additional thanks to the LI Center
for Independent Living for lending
a wheelchair for Isaiah to use while
waiting for his legs!
Photos by
Belenna Mesa
Lauto Photography
SAVE THE DATE: Annual Gala - Nov 6, 2014
The Carltun at Eisenhower Park, East Meadow NY
Like MOMMAS House on
stay up to date on all our news and events!
The last few years we were able to raise
some badly needed funds, and make room
for grace at the same time with successful
Yard Sales. Thank you crew – you are awesome! Hope to see you next time!
Be on the lookout for our next Yard Sale!
Memorial / Living Tribute Cards:
Available with Free-Will Donation
Call office for information 516-781-8637
is a non-profit organization with IRS
501(c)(3) status. All donations made
to MOMMAS are tax deductible. Our
budget for 2013 was $690,000 to
provide care for 17 families at a time.
In 2014, we have assisted 52 families,
a total of 101 members, this year. To
have the opportunity to change lives
is priceless. We hope that you will
continue to help us in carrying out
our mission to provide safe, stable
housing for these young families
facing great challenges and working
hard to improve their lives. Please
remember us in your charitable
Summer 2014
Our Lady of Lourdes Human Life Committee, who have
consistently supported MOMMAS House for almost
twenty years! They fundraise multiple times a year to
make donations to the program - every Mother’s Day
and Christmas they generously treat our Moms. It is
socially-conscious, generous and dependable groups
like these that make it possible for us to support the
mothers and babies of MOMMAS.
Stephanie Paz, who through the Employee Allocated
Gift Fund of Ziff Brothers Investments (ZBI) donated
carpeting to the Jericho House, in addition to a very
generous monetary gift.
Dan Sweeney and Dave McKean using their minds,
muscles and vehicles to move and transport items for
us, among other volunteer work.
Eva Thomas of Oni-Bodi Wellness Beautique, East
Meadow, for organizing a recent BeauTea Soiree
fundraiser at The Studio in Merrick, NY.
"Atta Pepper" Albert J. Schaufler II Memorial
Foundation and the Pelican Family, The Dangelo Family
and the Gaudiosi Family for their outstanding ongoing
Rita & Frank Castagna, of Americana Manhasset who in
addition to the Champions for Charity Shopping
Benefit, quietly and consistently gives their support in
every way possible.
Sydney Donner and her mother, Erica, for Adopting a
Room and doing a beautiful job renovating it for Nicole
and baby Shawn.
Kickin' It Women's Kickball League for really hitting all
the essentials in their collection drive for MOMMAS
House. SEVEN boxes full of ALL NEW baby & children's
clothing - including socks and underwear! Toiletries
galore, paper goods, baby supplies, household supplies,
and much more! What a huge help this is to our
families at MOMMAS House!
Lynbrook Cheerleaders who did face painting, balloon
animals, and played with the children to give the moms
a brief break at our last Summer BBQ.
Pat Kelly for donating sewing machines and sewing
supplies to MOMMAS House, and Katherine Kaneko
who is teaching our moms how to use them!
Lola Rivera and Maggie Cannatella who did a great job
with their Silver Award project of planting a friendship
garden of vegetables and herbs; in addition to repairing
the fence at our East Massapequa residence.
Jess Weber and Quenor Lacy for their Silver Award
project who collected books; purchased and set up
bookcases to store them in.
Eagle Scout, Michael Dormer, for doing an awesome
project of a Exercise room in our Glen Cove house.
Healthy bodies promote healthy well being!
Lisa Constantin for offering her professional
photography services to take beautiful portraits of the
moms and their children.
Christopher Granito as his Eagle Scout project
renovated the Wantagh office; including: paint,
carpeting and “curb appeal” flower boxes out front!
Marcia Azeez, Girl Scout leader and her daughter, Sara,
for providing all the food for the 50 families and all in
attendance at our Annual Holiday Reunion in December
The TIkkun Alliance of the North Shore (TANS) for
their ongoing Birthday in a Box program, bringing joy
to our moms and babies on their birthdays.
Chaplain Bob Lopez for his counseling and ministering
to the young women of MOMMAS House; sometimes it
helps just to have someone who cares and listens.
Crostini Pizzeria of Massapequa Park for donating food
regularly. On the same subject, we gratefully
acknowledge Island Harvest and all of the local
organizations for helping us to keep escalating food
budgets manageable.
Girl Scout Troop #3275 for making homemade
personalized Christmas ornaments for each resident of
Joe Angello and Trevor Slotkin for Computer Repair in
our office and residences.
Daniel Shea, Jr. for purchasing new computers and
providing IT services PLUS getting a matching gift from
his employer, Microsoft.
Our many workshop moderators who offer their time
and expertise to MOMMAS’ residents, affording them a
real chance at successful independent living.
Massapequa H.S. Recycling program for collecting
bottles, recycling them and donating the proceeds to
Our Monthly Donors! Our consistent supporters.
Summer 2014
The many groups and individuals who have organized Baby Showers, providing all the clothing and supplies needed
by our new moms, including Andrea Murphy and her family and friends, The Lindenhurst Homemakers, St. Mary’s
Church, and many other churches, temples and corporations and organizations. The abundant supply of infant
supplies, help a great deal to keep expenses down! We recently had 8 young women pregnant at the same time
and had baby showers for all of them. To see photos of the moms receiving these gifts at their baby showers, check
out our Facebook page.
All of our Holiday elves, especially CBS Insurance Group, St. Pius X Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Human Life
Committee, Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection, St. Rose of Lima, St. Francis de Chantal,
Congregational Church of Manhasset, Long Beach Chain, Zurich Insurance. Roslyn Presbyterian Church, NSLIJ,
NBC Today Show, St. Killian Church, Friends Academy, Ann Ng and many more groups and individuals too numerous
to mention, for donating toys and gifts to provide the families of MOMMAS with a joyous holiday season!
Various local chapters of the Knights of Columbus for their ongoing support. Especially the Bellmore K of C which
has allowed us to use their hall for our Annual Holiday Reunion of the moms and babies of MOMMAS many years ,
bringing smiles to many children’s faces and allowing us to catch up with our graduates.
To all of our other volunteers: those that rock our babies, drive to doctor appointments, sort clothing, pick-up
furniture/food, make fundraising events memorable and profitable, write grants, keep the books, make up our
Board of Directors…you know who you are and what you do, we hope
you know how grateful we are!
I learned about Mommas House through the Respect Life Office and the Sisters of Life. I was encouraged by the
caring commitment with young moms and their children. About two years ago, I spoke with Pat and asked to offer
my support in a very real manner as a chaplain/pastoral counselor to moms of all faiths.
I provide both emotional and spiritual support to the moms in order for them to be welcomed, encouraged,
reconciled and strengthened within a caring community. Spirituality implies energy, meaning and hope, and an
awareness of God in the journey of life. I facilitate pastoral care groups at least 2x per month at each house. The
groups have included: prayer, reflection, journaling, sharing feelings, hopes and goals, forgiveness, gratitude,
healing and coping with life situations. I communicate and follow up with MH staff for insight and to offer spiritual
MH helps the young ladies in providing a safe place to grow and gain strength personally, educationally, spiritually,
and most importantly in the parenting of their children. Folks can help MH through continuing volunteer and
financial support. They can also create awareness of the needs of young mothers in their churches and community.
I have been married for 38 years to my wife, Kathy. I am a father of a son and daughter and a grandfather. I am
very involved in babysitting my two young grandsons. I also have twin grandsons who will be born in the Fall. I am a
retired guidance counselor and youth minister. I am active in my parish, Sts. Peter and Paul in Manorville, serving
as a Eucharistic Minister. I am also a 4th degree member of the Knights of Columbus, and I am a Board Certified
Catholic Lay Chaplain. Personally, I enjoy history, movies with meaning and Disney movies, puppets, traveling, and I
am an avid NY Mets fan.
As you are probably aware, this year MOMMAS House recently celebrates 28 Years of continuous operation. This
would never have been possible without the help of our volunteers. Many hands make light work and we are always
in need of new faces. Orientations explaining the various opportunities are held monthly at the Wantagh office.
If you are interested in volunteering at MOMMAS House our new volunteer coordinator, Ashley Ross, can be
reached at [email protected] or 516-781-8637.
Summer 2014
Portraits taken by Lisa Constantin who donated her services to photograph our moms and babies
Summer 2014
Day at the Races, May 2013, Belmont Racetrack
Annual Gala, December 2013 at the Swan Club, honoring Patricia Pryor-Bonica
Summer 2014
Acknowledging Our Grantors and Major Supporters... We would like to thank the following:
Patricia Pryor-Bonica of Pryor Personnel
Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation
Nassau County Bar Association - We Care Grant
Newsday - McCormick Tribune Foundation
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Nassau County Emergency Solutions Grant
Amy and Horace Hagedorn Foundation
Howard E. Stark Foundation
H.W. Wilson Foundation
Matovich Family Charity Fund
MB & Edna Zale Foundation
NYBDC Charitable Foundation
Montoya Family Foundation
Americana Manhasset
Diocese of Rockville Centre
Deutsche Bank
Arch Capital Services
Astoria Federal Savings Bank
Alan Feinstein Hunger Challenge
Hunter Business School
Daughters of Portugal
Woman's Club of Glen Cove
United Way of Long Island
Combined Federal Campaign
Manhasset Community Club
Our Reliable Monthly Donors:
A very special thank you to Bill and Virginia Waite for their very generous donation,
which took us from red to black on our balance sheet - you make us smile!
Siobhan Anderson
Theresa Arena
Ann Brzezinski
Maureen Chiofalo
Donald & Anna Clark
James Dolan
Rose Emanuele
Susan Festa
Joseph Girardi, Esq.
Dorothy Guiheen
Florence Scarinci
James McNulty
Richard Horn
Anne & Jack Kilkelly
Doris Smith
Justine Tenney
Hope for L.I. - North
Shore Community
Please consider joining these good people with a monthly donation by check, credit card or through Pay Pal.
Matching Gift Donors:
Lois Borth – G. E. Foundation
Thomas Vieira – CA Technologies
Margaret Beam – Allstate Giving
Richard Britt – Deutsche Bank
Michael Shea – Microsoft
Daniel Shea - Microsoft
Dale Vincent – Arch Reinsurance
Donette Harris- Smith – Liberty Mutual
Nick & Claire Weiler - G.E. Foundation
Capital Fund Campaign Update
The current status of the Capital Fund Campaign is past the halfway mark! Most of the original pledges
have been fulfilled. In order that we keep the project alive, we would be most grateful if a few of you
would consider hosting a reception at your home/business or anywhere feasible to accommodate an intimate gathering. Light refreshments only, as the main purpose is to have a platform on which to explain
what MOMMAS House is and what it hopes to accomplish. No high pressure tactics are ever used, only
the distribution of information and ways one might help if so inclined. Our goal is to purchase another
multi-family home for our mothers who are ready for more independent living. Please consider investing
in the future of MOMMAS House and the women and babies we serve. See the contribution page of this
Summer 2014
On December 15, 2013 our Annual Gala was held at the Swan Club, honoring the Patricia Pryor-Bonica of Pryor
Personnel. Pat is a member of the MOMMAS House board of Directors and has stood out as an significant
supporter worthy of recognition. The event, MOMMAS biggest annual fundraiser, was well-attended and successful by all measures, raising over $100,000 for the programs of MOMMAS House.
On December 12, 2013 we were once again treated to the music of the gifted North Shore Pops Concert Band.
These men and women, conducted by Eric Albinder, have generously given of their time and talent for a delightful, annual Christmas Concert Benefit - truly embodying the spirit of the season.
On April 5, 2014 The Studio, a new full-service beauty salon in Merrick, NY hosted a fundraiser for MOMMAS
House, helping us spread the word about our program and earn some much needed funds. Check it out, this
place is amazing!
On May 6, 2014, MOMMAS House was honored to be a finalist again in the 2nd Annual L.I. Imagine Awards, a
prestigious recognition given the most effective, innovative nonprofits.
God bless those of you that answered our small End of Year and Valentine Appeals. As we are all aware, these
are austere times and non-profits are always hit the hardest. Your generosity helped reduce our deficit - you
touched our hearts!
Fond Farewell:
In 2013 we tragically lost Quanasia Rich. She was a
beautiful young mother who had been a resident of
MOMMAS House during her pregnancy and early parenting. She passed away
suddenly, leaving behind her baby boy, Zy’aire, and a great number of grieving
friends and family. She had hopes of becoming a nurse and raising her son to be
a happy and healthy individual. Please keep Quanasia and her son in your
thoughts and prayers.
We regretfully say farewell to Richard Goodwin a man of great integrity who
supported MOMMAS House for many years. We keep him and his wife, Irene, in
our prayers.
Memorials - Please remember in your prayers:
Annette Aglietti
Genevieve Astarita
Dorothy Brengel
Jack Buffalano
Pamela Shea-Byrnes
Erie Byrne
Bob Cremin
John Connell
Lucille Cunningham
Geraldine Dow
Clare T. Duffy
Jean Paul Eisele
Christopher J. Eisele
John Fister
Nancy Foresto
Margaret Freeman
Florence Giansante
Richard Goodwin
Anderson Goosby
Lillian Halcott
Tim Harbulak
Kelly Hunter-Rich
Helen Kelly
Joseph Kusk
Dorothy Ledner
Flo Lilly
Diane Lisa
Spirit Marangiello
Sonney Martinez
John McCarthy
Daphne McPhillip
Sunil Kumar Mondal
Dr. Joan J. Lipsay Montoya
Dr. Alberto Montoya
James A. Montoya
Eleanor Perkins
Vera Policastro
Edward Pippard
Frank Raia, MD
John Raber
Edward Raynor
Carolyn Rocchio
Thomas Rice
Harry Rumsby
Michael Russo
Vincenza Scoca
Joe Slatery
Vincenzo Torre
Sal Trani
Jane E. Trogan
Jenni Wild
Charlie Williamson
Rose Zabatta
Living Tributes:
Robert & Rachel Gaudiosi
Msgr. James Lisante
Msgr. Jim Pereda
Jack & Mary McCaffery
John McCarthy
Jim and Janet Petti
Patricia Pryor-Bonica
Dan Sweeney
Nancy Tranchina
Summer 2014
What’s on our Wish List?
METROCARDS*** - this is how our moms get to school, work,
doctor’s appointments, and counseling.
Paper goods for all houses: paper towels, napkins, toilet paper,
tissues, baby wipes, diapers (sizes 4, 5 & 6), copy/printer paper
All Cleaning Supplies – kitchen, laundry, bathroom
Toiletries - shampoo/conditioner, soap/body wash, deodorant,
loofas, lotion, for mothers and babies. Toothpaste, Mouthwash,
Floss, Band-Aids, Antiseptic, Pedialyte, Baby Health / First Aid.
NEW Baby / Children’s clothing, newborn thru 5T.
Dining Room Chairs - Set of 6 to 8 chairs
Desperately in need of a volunteer electrician and plumber for small
repair jobs. Handy men or women for minor house repairs and
maintenance (build storage shelves, etc.)
Sponsor a young mother for driving lessons - $500-$600, perhaps
your family, group or org can raise the funds for this purpose.
Driver’s Ed teachers to help our moms obtain their driver’s license.
VOLUNTEERS!! Child Care, Clerical work (mailings, filing, donation
sorting), Yard Cleanup, Gardening, etc.
Join existing Fund-Raising Committees, help plan events.
Seasonal gardening - at all houses (clean-up, bushes, flowers, etc.)
“A few good men” with a truck/van to pick-up and deliver
donations, especially furniture
Baby Monitors
Bed in a Bag sets - twin size
Twin size bed sheets
Solid color Knit Crib Sheets**
Towels - Kitchen and Bath
Bath mats
Tea Kettle
Vacuum cleaner
Flatware Service (Stainless)
Indoor Floor Mats
Window blinds/Curtain Panels/Rods
Gift Cards to Home Depot, Target, Walmart
Plastic shelving (sturdy) / storage bins**
Hand truck
Potty Training seats - for toddlers ready to
take the next step!
Landscaping tools - Leaf Blower, Weed
Wacker, hedge clippers, etc.
A used WORKING CAR for newly licensed
Your support for all events is greatly appreciated. There are many ways to
contribute to MOMMAS and we hope you will choose one of them:
1. Join our volunteer staff - greatest need, the fundraising committees, parenting instructors, and child care.
2. Donate on the Internet - Monthly, if possible, via (can link directly from our website - Look for DONATE)
3. If you are a federal employee, donate to MOMMAS, Inc. through the LI Federal Campaign payroll deduction, Designate MOMMAS #31704 as the recipient
4. Does your employer offer a “Matching Gifts Program”? Choice of Monetary or Time & Talent offered by
some corporations.
5. Information available on how to remember MOMMAS when involved with Estate Planning.
6. Internet Shoppers – Make purchases through or and MOMMAS will get a percent of every sale from 1,000+ retail participants. Go online to register or call office for details.
7. Commemorative Cards Available – Memorials, Births, Anniversary, Birthdays – any occasion worth remembering, make your gifting “meaningful”
8. In lieu of Wedding/Shower favors, donations being made to MOMMAS House
9. Place the enclosed envelope where you pay your bills so that you will keep us in mind when contribution is
Any questions? Contact the office at 516-781-8637
Summer 2014
Build Our Homes… one brick and heart at a time
Please give now as the need is great and the options are few. There are many ways to support our
mission - to help pregnant or parenting young women on their journey to become good parents
and self-supporting individuals.
Please help in any way you can
Support upcoming events
Volunteer your time and share your gifts.
Designate MOMMAS as a recipient of your Federated
Campaign contribution, Designate MOMMAS #31704
Include MOMMAS, Inc. in your estate planning
I would like to make a Monthly donation of $ ________
Stop by our office in Wantagh and pick up a
MOMMAS House coin bank to collect your
spare change in support of MOMMAS.
I would like to make a One Time donation of $ ________
I would like to make a pledge of $________ to the Capital Fund Campaign for MOMMAS to purchase a new
home to house homeless mother and their children. OR ______ I would be interested in hosting a reception at
my home to encourage others to pledge support for the Capital Fund Campaign - please send more info.
We accept checks made payable to MOMMAS, Inc. or Credit Card Payments (complete information below). You
can send this page and your contribution in the self-addressed envelope provided. Thank you for your support!
Name _________________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________
I wish to make a contribution of $ ___________________ for my choice of support indicated above.
If using credit card, please complete the following information:
Charge Card
____American Express
Card Number ____________________________________________ Expiration Date _____________
___ I wish to charge my donation of $ ____________________ monthly / one time (circle one)
Signature ________________________________________________ Date _______________________
Summer 2014
If you are no longer interested in receiving the newsletter or your
address has changed; please let us know so that we may update our
Environmentally conscious or just hate paper clutter? Consider
having your newsletter delivered electronically.
Email [email protected] with the subject “Email Newsletter” and
inside please indicate your Name and Address where you currently
receive our Newsletter. We will stop sending you paper newsletters,
and instead you will get the newsletter emailed to you. Added
bonus, MOMMAS cuts down on the expense of printing and mailing!
We’d love to be able to keep our friends and supporters up to date
on MOMMAS events in between our newsletter mailings. Please
email us at [email protected] with the subject: “Keep In Touch”.
1857 Wantagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
Address Service Requested