David Pisoni MP

David Pisoni MP
Shadow Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for Employment, Skills and Training
Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Wednesday 5 November 2014
Penny pinching bureaucracy gone mad
The State Liberals are calling on Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis to end the Weatherill
Government’s pursuit of a retiree for a $17 overpayment made to her when she was working
as a School Support Officer in 2005.
“Petty, mean and stupid best sums up the State Government’s decision to hound Ms
Spencer for a decade old overpayment of $17 that was made as a result of incompetence by
the Education Department,” said Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni.
“The fact Ms Spencer was working overtime in her role as an SSO when the miscalculation
was made only highlights the absurdity of pursuing the nine year old overpayment.
“Having spoken to Ms Spencer and gauged her dedication to her job when she was a SSO
I’m certain the taxpayer got full value for money despite the Education Department’s small
“South Australians will be annoyed that the Weatherill Government is spending hundreds of
dollars chasing $17 from a pensioner when the Premier left taxpayers’ to pick up the bill
when he ‘shouted’ the bar at the Old Spot Hotel.
“The Premier who earns around $300,000 leaves the taxpayer to pay for his shout whilst
hounding a retiree for a $17 overpayment that was a result of incompetence by an Education
Department he once ran.
“The Labor Government should do the right thing and waive Ms Spencer’s debt today.”
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