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Cloud-­‐fp for Investors Investor Venture Capital Firm Company A Company C Entrepreneur Cloud-­‐fp account Company B •  Investors can use cloud-­‐fp for two dis5nc5ve objec5ves –  Consolidate financial data and Key Performance Indicators across the whole por>olio –  Steer and monitor por>olio companies with regard to their business and financial performance •  Investors can create within their cloud-­‐fp account an individual model for every por>olio company and assign it to the entrepreneur (or to his CFO) to manage and update •  Such model can be a very small list of management metrics (KPI) or a complex financial model, at discre5on of the user assigned to manage it Account / Model Structure (example) Users Investor Founder A CFO B Founder C Models Por>olio Company A Company B Company C •  The account owner (Investor) creates 4 models –  Por>olio –  Company A, B and C •  He defines the metrics he wants to collect from the por>olio company in every company model, e.g. –  Revenue, Gross Margin, EBIT –  FTE –  Nr. Customers •  He defines addi5onal users –  At least one for each por>olio company –  Typically the entrepreneur or the assigned CFO •  He assigns “manager rights” for each model to the respec5ve entrepreneur / CFO, who can then further develop the model according to her specific needs Por>olio Dashboard aggregated By company •  Selected model: Por>olio •  All charts and reports made with the consolidated data •  Source is por>olio model •  The owner of the por>olio model can use all the data available to create all analyses and reports she might need •  In the displayed view, charts show the revenues and FTE of the 3 por>olio companies as well as the gap analysis of the aggregated revenues Por>olio Model •  Selected metrics for the por>olio are imported from the company models by selec5ng the specific source model within the formula Por>olio Revenues Company A Company A Revenues Company B: Dashboard •  Selected Model: Company B •  Manager of company model can select the charts to be shown in the dashboard associated with his company model Company B: Model •  Every Founder has the possibility to either –  Only report the expected metrics or –  to build a very sophis5cated financial model for his company •  Only constraining factor is the number of nodes included in the chosen cloud-­‐fp service •  For financial modeling insights, refer to related case studies and user guides Working with mul5ple cloud-­‐fp accounts Investor Cloud-­‐fp account •  The same results can also be achieved with every company owning its own cloud-­‐fp accounts and allowing „guest access“ to the investor Venture Capital Firm Company A Company C Entrepreneur Cloud-­‐fp account Company B Cloud-­‐fp account