Winter Session 2015 Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Central Connecticut State University
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Winter Session 2015
The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is offering six online
classes this winter. The sessions are short and intensive, beginning on
December 18th and ending on January 9th.
Winter classes are a great opportunity for students to reduce their course
load for future semesters or assist in early graduation!
Class Offerings
CRM 260
Prof. Susan Koski
CRM 363
Constitutional Law & the CJS
CRM 364
Criminal Justice Risk & Resilience
Prof. Reginald Simmons
CRM 367
CJ Prevention and Policy Planning
Prof. Steven Block
CRM 403
Juvenile Offending: Origins and Interventions
Prof. William Watkins
CRM 407
Gangs in America
Prof. Eugena Givens
Prof. Kathleen Bantley
Important Information
All classes are offered online only.
Registration begins on October 29th. No PIN is necessary for
winter classes.
There are only 20 spots for each course—Register early!
Contact a professor or drop by the department in Vance 208 if
you have any questions about winter session classes.