E XPLOSION Annual Variety Show slated for Nov. 20-21

VOL. 99, NO. 2
Annual Variety Show
slated for Nov. 20-21
News Editor
Drill Team’s 15th annual Variety
Show will take place on Nov. 20 and 21
in the John Wayne Performing Arts Center
starting at 7 p.m. This year the show is entitled “Glendale High School Musical” and
will include dances and performances to
many of the songs from the famous Disney
The show will offer performances
from the cheerleading squad, drumline,
ASB, symphonic orchestra, GHS administration staff, and many from fellow GHS
students. The Drill Team holds tryouts and
callbacks to select the acts in the show.
Talents include singers, musicians, spoken
word artists, and of course, dancers.
While there isn’t a competition aspect
to Variety Show, this is a great opportunity
for performers to show their talents to the
rest of the school. Last year, the show drew
in over 1,200 guests. Drill team hopes to
attract even more guests to this year’s two-
night event. “Glendale High School Musical will showcase more GHS students than
ever before with a lighthearted theme that
everyone will enjoy,” said Drill Team Director Kelly Palmer. Singers include the
trio of Luis Arellano, Danielle Fabian,
and Maddie Wills, duet: JC Aguilar and
Angelica Drogemuller, soloists: Andrea
Velazquez, Adonis Aleksanian, Inesa Arutyunyan, and Roberta Arevyan.
Things to look forward to in this year’s
show are the opening routine and finale.
The opening is choreographed to portray
everyday life in high school. From fighting through the 4000 building stairwells,
to gossiping at lunch, this routine covers
it all. The finale features every performer
from the show one last time to create a fun
filled ending showcasing all of your favorite acts. Head Captain Kristian Buhl said
“I’m so excited for this Variety Show, it
will be better than ever. The performance
acts are amazing this year. It’s also a great
way to kick off the team’s competition season.” Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at
the door.
Photo Courtesy of Stylus
Alyssa Cancilla and Marco Zamora enjoy some of the many food items
sold at Round Up.
School carnival, Round
Up, gets large turnout
Staff Reporter
Photo Courtesy of Stylus
Junior Andrea Velazquez sang “Pumped Up Kicks” at last year’s Variety
Show. She will perform again at this year’s show.
Little Shop of Horrors
presented by Harlequins
Entertainment Editor
In their first performance of the year,
the drama class is excited to present Little
Shop of Horrors. This comedy/horror musical is based on the adapted 1986 film by
Frank Oz.
In the musical, a young nerdy florist
named Seymour befriends a huge man-eating plant named Audrey II who demands
to be fed. “Feed me Seymour!” As he continues to feed it, Seymour begins to realize
what’s really going on.
If you want to find out what happens,
then come and watch the drama production.
The cast for the performance includes
the following students: Devin Hartoonian, Andrea Velazquez, Nico Madden,
Nick Prough, Bianca Gomez, Shushane
Yesayan, Roberta Arevyan, Sarah Brown,
Ani Abgaryan, Amanda Thlick, Mondana
Nassirpour, Natalie Baroutgian, Olivia Veloz, Alexandra Apikian, Elijah Picket, Anthony Perez, Navid Jamali, Kelly Portillo,
Brianna Esqueda, Steven Moore, Gabrielle
Limbo, and stage manager Amanda Reynoso.
Now for those of you who have already seen the movie, Amanda Reynoso,
the stage manager has this to say, “It’s a
boatload of fun. This one will have a different ending than the original one and it will
be funnier because it has people we know
and it’s up-front in your face.”
According to Director Mack Dugger,
students may now purchase their tickets for
the show online by typing in the link www.
ghsharlequins.seatyourself.biz and following the three easy steps. The cast would
also like to ask students to join them on
Twitter @ghs_lsoh.
It is true that the original ending was
cut out of the 1986 film version, but the
cast is eager to perform the original ending
for all to see.
If this is enough to pique your curiosity, come and watch drama act it out and if
not, still come and watch what Shushane
Yesayan, one of the performers, likes to
call, “an incredible play.”
Performances will be Nov. 12-14 in
the John Wayne Performing Arts Center.
Drama hopes to have an amazing turn out.
On Oct. 1, Glendale High held its annual school carnival called Round Up. This
was the 35th year in a row that it has been
held. Round Up is a night of fun, games,
and great food.
As usual, the event had a great turnout and was a very fun affair. Hundreds of
GHS students arrived at the school quad to
enjoy the night.
Round Up is an opportunity for the
numerous clubs at GHS to raise money
through booths by selling food, activities,
or hosting games. All the money raised by
each booth is added to the respective club’s
annual fund.
The clubs in attendance sold some
truly delicious snacks, such as chocolate
covered strawberries, fried chicken, chili
dogs, dumplings, brownies, and quesadillas. Many were tempted to spend all of
their money on just food. However there
were other things students could spend
their tickets on.
A large sumo wrestling arena was
erected, allowing everyone to battle for
supremacy among their friends. The video game club had their own corner, with
games such as Guitar Hero and Mortal
Kombat for anyone feeling competitive.
Many club members offered special
services as well. For example, anyone that
visited the Art Club could have had their
caricature drawn by talented artists such as
Grace Rosenman.
As always, any lovers looking for a
way to “seal the deal” could get their engagement rings on and be married by a
member of ASB. ASB also gave everyone
a chance to get paid by entering their raffle,
with a grand prize of half of their Round
Up earnings.
In terms of free entertainment, there
were dazzling performances by many of
the organizations at GHS. The cheerleading team put on a fantastic show, and the
drill team stunned the audience, as usual,
with a breathtaking performance. Drumline also performed, inspiring everyone to
tap their feet to the beat. Also, our resident
DJ, drama teacher Mack Dugger, was playing all the current party hits.
Overall, there was no shortage of
things to do, foods to eat, and performances to watch at this year’s Round Up. All
the clubs that held booths had a successful
night, and raised quite a bit of money for
Some may wonder how they can redeem themselves for missing out on this
grand event. If you missed out on this
year’s Round Up, unfortunately, you will
have to wait until next fall.
Get to know star football player
Daniel Jung.
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