NEWSLETTER From The School Leadership Team

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From The School Leadership Team
This is a summary of Geoff’s speech last night at Celebration
Evening. He talked about the less obvious beliefs and actions that
make a huge difference to our students’ learning through the
metaphor of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
The movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ is a classic. A study
of shifting allegiances, love and hate and the mystery of life’s
purpose. But tonight I wish to use it, amazingly enough as a
metaphor. An educational metaphor about Hillbrook in fact. The
title of the movie is based on a Chinese idiom that can be used to
describe a place full of talented people who remain hidden and
undiscovered. However, it is comforting to know that behind this
Crouching Tiger face of education there lies a Hidden Dragon of
great value - the more subtle learning and development of young
people. Not a forced march, but a journey of discovery made
with a light step and the wind at our backs.
Let’s start with our Rights and Responsibilities. Crouching Tigers
believe everyone needs to be told or forced to do the right
thing. This Hidden Dragon believes the opposite - that people
will always strive to do the right thing! It therefore provides
guidelines, not rules. It provides for individual choice and with
this choice comes understanding, responsibility and commitment.
An important Dragon indeed!
“Everyone can lead” is a mantra of ours and we pursue it in
many ways. We don’t focus on a small group of people to develop
as leaders. Our Hidden Dragon is a balanced approach that
allows everyone to contribute, to belong. As one Year 12 put it
“There’s a place for me here”. It’s not an excuse for accepting all
behaviours and viewpoints in some post-modernist community.
It’s more about gauging our actions against the belief that we are
each unique and full of worth.
“Making a positive difference in the lives of others”, not just
ourselves, is a really big Hidden Dragon. Crouching Tigers run
organisations narrow in leadership and confined to a few, they
invest in these few and say to the rest, you’re not capable of
making a difference sorry, better luck next time. On the other
hand Hidden Dragons highly value collaboration and cooperation.
They believe that better decisions are made together, that real
worth comes from and through others. That all truly great human
endeavours are collaborations.
I said at the start, that education and by implication life, is not a
destination via a forced march but, a journey of discovery filled
with excitement. We recognise that the journey has only just
begun by the time your sons and daughters leave Hillbrook; a
great OP is fantastic, hard work and is rightly praised for the
achievement it is, but it is not an end in itself as many would
have us believe. The deeper message is that a liberal education,
engaged with and well taught, is the best foundation for each
person and our world (another Hidden Dragon).
It’s designed to challenge individual’s ideas and understanding
of the world, and over time, to extend our capacity to do what
is right, necessary and beneficial especially when the way is not
clear or the journey is long.
In other words, “To Know What To Do When, We Don’t Know What
To Do”. There’s our biggest Hidden Dragon; we see evidence of
this Dragon in the views of parents, lecturers, employers, when
they comment on Hillbrook students. The Crouching Tiger is all
about a short term, results driven culture where competition
centres around measurable things like overall OP results, bigger
and better facilities and is ‘image’ driven. We see this short
termism everywhere. Our Mr Big is a powerful Crouching Tiger.
Dragons on the other hand focus on the individual.
We need to encourage our Dragons to be a visible part of our
lives; in school, in the workplace, in our relationships. Once we
see our own Dragon thrive and grow, the Tiger will run and we
can be more easily who we wish to be, and what is this I hear you
say?! The world needs people who are:
Active, healthy, optimistic with a clear sense of self
Caring, empathetic and inclusive
Courageous, spirited, resilient and resourceful
Self-aware and honourable
Reflective, respectful
Collaborative and contributing
Open, broadminded and questioning
Imaginative, creative, curious and with a sense of wonder
A sense of wonder; I’ve never seen that measured or talked about
in educational research. I wonder why?
Geoff Newton, Stephanie Munday-Lake, Craig Merritt &
David Briggs
Traffic Congestion & Student Safety
You may have noticed the increased traffic and reduced parking
around Hillbrook. The building works and more Year 12s driving
has meant things are busier than normal. At assembly this morning
students were asked to be especially mindful of safety when
crossing Hurdcotte Street. We would appreciate that students are
dropped off and collected from a safe location. Double parking
and parking across driveways is causing a safety concern at the
front of the school. Thank you for your help with easing this
School Backpacks
The use of backpacks by young adults has been the
subject of much research and debate. At Hillbrook,
we have always had a range of options at the Uniform
Shop that meet the standards which allow students
to sustainably carry material to and from school.
Over the last few years we have seen the
proliferation of ‘off the shoulder’ bags and bags
that do not support healthy spinal development.
Therefore we are introducing the requirement for
all new students to purchase a school backpack
from the Uniform Shop. There are new models and sizes for all
ages so if you are replacing an old one this year, you can replace
it at the Uniform Shop. Physiopaks (above left) are $80 and
Smartpaks (above right) are $67.50. Thank you in anticipation of
your support.
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Sustainability Day
30 May 2015
Our bi-annual Sustainability Day is on 30 May 2015 and
we need a Convenor to oversee the organisation of
the event. Those who have been involved before know
that preparation for Sustainability Day needs to start
early as there are so many things to organise!
If you are interested in this role, please contact P&F
President, Grant Starkey, on 0417 716 744 or [email protected]
Uniform & Stationery
Online Stationery Orders
These will be available again this year. Just log onto the Hillbrook
website, click on About Hillbrook, go to Uniform and Stationery
and then to Online Orders.
Orders placed before 16 November will be available for pick up
and payment on our sales afternoon on or after Wednesday the
19th from 3.30pm-6pm. We will endeavour to pack any orders
placed after that date in time for collection by the end of term,
however, as this is our busy time this may not be possible. Any
outstanding orders will be available for pick up on our first sale
day in January.
Extra End of Year Sales’ Days for 2015
Saturday 8 November from 9am-4pm ~ Year 7 students
Wednesday 12 November from 3.30pm–6pm ~ Years 7 & 8 students
Saturday 15 November from 9am–4pm ~ Year 8 students
Wednesday 19 November from 3.30pm–6pm ~ All students
Advertise Your Second Hand Hillbrook Items
If you have second hand items to sell, now is the time to register
on as the Uniform Sale
Days start this weekend, and new families to the school will be
actively looking to purchase both new and second hand items in
the next few weeks. Remember that you can also list secondhand
school backpacks, musical instruments, music books, computers,
calculators and outdoor education gear as well!
Still Standing by Basement Arts
Basement Arts is proud to present its final production of the year,
Still Standing by Margery Forde and Michael Forde. The play takes
us back to the days of Countdown, when records were the norm,
and music was generated purely by instruments. Oh, those were
the days! I remember when I was young, when the world had just
begun, and I was happy. Enough said!
Hillbrook teacher Ben Behan makes his acting debut for the
company alongside past students Jenn Keil and Ben Trigger. The
play also features a live band on stage starring current students
Mitch Starkey, Jed Stoll, Dom Machen and special guest Mike
Dunlop (Mrs Dunlop’s husband!) This play is going to rock!
Two shows only on 7 and 8 November at 7pm. Tickets are $15
adults and $10 students/concession and can be purchased from
the drama department or reserved at http://www.trybooking.
Holly O’Sullivan Williams & Sue-Ellen Taylor - Directors
Family Day Thank You
A very special thank you to Julie, Rosemary, Rob, Mark and all
the parent helpers for their assistance and enthusiastic support
of Family Day 2014.
Thank you also, to Sue-Ellen Taylor and her organising
committee; the support and admin staff; David Jones and the
Music department; the Sports Council; the Year 8 helpers; the IT
support team and the P&F and Parents.Connect volunteers.
What an achievement - the welcoming of two year levels on one
day! It was a warm day, and a very warm welcome that families
Thank You From The P&F
Verification day was on Monday 20 October and Hillbrook hosted a
number of external teachers at the school to moderate and verify
Year 12 work. The Tuckshop provided morning tea and lunch and
the catering was a great success with a lot of positive feedback
received by the school.
The P&F would like to thank all those parents who either baked
something or helped out on the day. It was great to see a few new
faces too. Thank you also to Rob Cameron and Mark Garvey who
did a great job cooking steak and chicken on the barbeque. Thank
you to Rosie and the various class liaisons who put the message
out there and drummed up a fantastic response to help out on a
pupil free day.
The P&F also received a very generous donation of prawns
from David and Kim Cooper of Princess Charlotte Seafoods to
supplement the lunch. The prawns were very well received and
the P&F would like to take this opportunity to thank Princess
Charlotte Seafoods for its very generous donation.
Congratulations to Keely Sayer and Sarah Brownscombe who have
been selected to take part in the Wesley Hospital Internship
Program. Keely and Sarah were selected from over 400 applicants
and will have the opportunity to work and learn at the hospital
for a week in December.
They will be introduced to a variety of health care professions
and have the chance to visit parts of the hospital that the general
public never get to see. The internship takes place in the first
week of the holidays and we hope they find the time rewarding
and inspiring.
Sue Forbes
Hillbrook Creche - Casual Relief Work
The Hillbrook Creche is in need of casual relief workers. They
need to have a Blue Card and a first aid certificate. They can
contact Di Shannon at the Crèche on 3354 6424 if they would like
to go on the list.
Year 8 2015 Vacancies
Due to the half-sized cohort of Queensland students commencing
Year 8 in 2015 Hillbrook now has a limited number of vacancies.
Interested families can contact our Enrolment Officer, Liz Laws,
on 3354 6440 or [email protected] for further information
Hillbrook 2015 Perisher Ski Trip
Thank you to everyone who has paid the $200 deposit to secure
the place for their child. As of today, there are now only 7 places
left! Get in quick if you’re interested.
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Year 12 Block Testing
10-17 November
G20 Public Holiday
Friday 14 November
Year 11 Block Testing
17-20 November
Year 12 Wet n Wild Day
First Day Term 1 2015
Years 7, 10 & 12
Tuesday 27 January
First Day Term 1 2015
Years 7, 8, 9 & 11
Wednesday 28 January
Whole School Resumes
Thursday 29 January
Year 12 Graduation Dinner
Thursday 20 November
7pm - 10.30pm
Royal International
Convention Centre
Year 12 Farewell Day
Friday 21 November
Year 8-11 Final Day 2014
Friday 28 November
Nicole Hughes
Andrea Crofts
Kathleen Pattison
Sue Budge
Debbie Bolland
Chris Paul
Claire Loomans
Pam Wrigley
Kerry Darton
Linda Chu
Penny Travis
Julie Preece
Kathryn Girling
Jo Wilson
Elizabeth Favel
Sue Fraser
Marion Crowther
Juanita Wrigley
Judith Meiklejohn
Katerina Glassock
Leanne Pringle
Sandy Jamieson
12pm - 2pm
8am - 10am
8am - 9am
Christina Nash
Jessica Hazlewood
Leanne Pringle
Alison Hatchman
Jill Stoll
Elizabeth Wighton
Julie Preece
Katerina Glassock
Marion Crowther
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10 Blue Camp
10 Green Camp
10 White Camp
An afternoon of sensational music,
filled with classic American tunes,
music from Germany to Africa,
and concluding with a little bit of Christmas!
Conducted by Kylie Los
Accompanied by Judy Collins
featuring guest artist Margie Cottrell (flute)
Join us for an uplifting afternoon of music
set in the peaceful and tranquil surrounds of
the Hillbrook Anglican School Chapel,
Hurdcotte Street, Enoggera.
Sunday 23rd November, 4:00 till 5:00pm
Share complimentary afternoon tea with us afterwards
$5 entry