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4 – 7 November 2014
pa r t n e r s
d i g i ta l d n a pa r t n e r s
Speakers will speak about the vital role that technology now plays in everyday business.
In addition to the thought leaders you will hear from local ‘traditional’ businesses who
have effectively deployed digital technology to enhance their businesses.
8.45am Hosted by Nicholas Bailey
9.30am Welcome - Arlene Foster MLA, Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
9.40amDennis Bree, UKI Sales Manager, Twitter
10.15am Niall Harbison, Founder, Simply Zesty, Entrepreneur & Author
10.45am Andrew Jennings, Associate Solicitor, Arthur Cox
11.10am Tea / Coffee
11.30am Peter Craven, Head of Marketing, CDE Global
12.00Shane Nolan, Director UK & Ireland SME, Google
12.30 Lunch
1.15pmEdgardo Savoy, Head of Retail Technology & Business Systems Development, Paddy Power
Digital DNA is a unique, all-round business
experience showcasing the very best knowledge,
practice and expertise from local successful
business and global thought leaders.
John Conway, Managing Director, Meteor Electric
2.10pm Workshops
Workshop 1 Are you in Spreadsheet Hell? - Britannic Suite
Workshop 2 Customer Engagement - Olympic Suite
Watify Panel Discussion on Innovation and Transformation
Frank McManus, Head of Wholesale, BT in Ireland
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Are you in Spreadsheet Hell? - Britannic Suite
Customer Engagement
- Olympic Suite
Spreadsheets are the glue that hold most
businesses together, but they soon come
unstuck, as versions multiply and human
error creeps in. Add to this manual
processes and clunky software systems,
and you have a sticky mess that holds
business back & eats profits!
This week-long programme brings together the very best business advisors,
digital practitioners, creative leaders, successful entrepreneurs and
inspirational speakers.
Hosted by Flowlens, delegates will hear
real world examples from successful
NI-based companies Survitech & Kiverco
who’ve overcome these problems, and are
operating globally.
Digital DNA will – ENGAGE business through new technology and best
practices; INSPIRE our next generation of business leaders; and GROW
more profitable, more effective, more efficient businesses.
Delegates can take away insights and
actions that can directly reduce waste, and
streamline processes in their own business.
Jim Fitzpatrick
The Profit Margin
Aaron Taylor
Ryan Owens
Watify Panel
Innovation & Transformation
Philip Cassidy, Concentrix
Patricia O’Hagan, Core Systems
Mary McCall, Treat Ticket
Nick Lestas
The Good Food & Wine Co.
Edgardo Savoy
Paddy Power
Kyle Gawley, Get Invited
Nuala Murphy
Godfrey Gaston
Titanic Systems
Gary Hamilton, OTN Solutions
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