2014-15 Club Introductory Presentation

2014-15 Club Introductory Presentation
• Created over 30 years ago by former
Southwest MN State head volleyball
coach Deb Denbeck
• Founded based on the need for
higher level volleyball training within
Southwest MN and beyond.
• Athletes from the area do not have to
travel to the Minneapolis metro or
Sioux Falls area to receive higher
level training.
• To help each athlete increase the skill volleyball player through
structured practices.
• To help each athlete to understand the importance of the sport of
volleyball from individual, team and strategic standpoints.
• To help each athlete approach the game of volleyball with good
sportsmanship, a strong work ethic and high motivation.
• To have fun and successfully work with great teammates and staff
• Our primary focus is to improve the fundamental skill base of
each athlete. This is attempted through structured practice
• Position training
• Small group/individual training
• Team/System Training
• Competitive Tournaments
• The primary core of our staff consists of coaches from the
Southwest MN State University volleyball program. This NCAA
Division II program is one of the strongest programs in the
• Our coaches generally have significant coaching and/or playing
experience at the college, club and or high school level.
• All are capable of working with any age level to teach and train all
fundamental skills.
• Are used as an assessment tool to gain knowledge of the skill and ability of a
volleyball player.
• Players will execute basic serving, passing, setting and hitting skills and may
compete in a 3 on 3 or 6 on 6 setting.
• Coaches will evaluate each player based on their performance and designate
them for placement or non placement.
• Please complete all paperwork and submit payment at registration prior to
trying out.
• Your attendance at tryouts indicates your commitment to play for Southwest
MN Juniors. Do not attend tryouts this is not your intention.
In order to get the most out of the training, maximum participation
possible is encouraged. Without regular attendance, training
patterns for skill development are broken and team system
development becomes limited.
We recognize athletes in our program have school, religious and
other responsibilities which are important. However, please
recognize that to maximize this training program, regular
participation is strongly encouraged.
Once teams are selected, our staff will coordinate a schedule that
fits the competitive level of that team. We hope to have all
tournament schedules completed in December.
Practices will be 2-3 days per week, generally in the evening. We
expect your best effort to get to practice, even following an after
school commitment you may have. We can’t schedule every
practice around you, but we will take your schedule into
consideration. Gym availability and staff schedules also play
primary roles in practice scheduling.
• In addition to the program expenses
listed in our handbook, please keep in
mind that you are making a financial
commitment beyond the program fee.
• Other costs you may incur include:
transportation to/from practices and
tournaments, supplemental apparel
(shoes, optional team apparel, etc.),
optional lodging expenses, meals, etc.
• Participation in this program does not mean the participant will
receive a scholarship to play college volleyball. That is earned by the
player over time dependent upon a number of competitive and noncompetitive variables set forth by a college coach.
• Coaches who are staff members or players for Southwest MN State
University do not show bias towards prospective recruits who play in
our program. Each athlete receives structured training regardless of
skill and ability.
• This program has aided in the development of many volleyball
players over the past 30 years. Athletes have met their goals with
our help; whether it was to improve to help their high school team
or train to earn an athletic scholarship. We want to help you reach
your goals within volleyball!
• We’d be eager to visit with you to address any questions or concerns
you have. You can reach Mike at [email protected] or
Joe at [email protected]