November 2014 Pisgah Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Newsletter

Pisgah Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
November 2014
An update on the work of the Vision Team
And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been
given to me.19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the
name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe
all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the
age.” Matthew 28:18-20
The verses above are what is known as The Great Commission. These are Jesus’
last words/commands to his followers before He ascended into heaven. In these words
we have our “marching orders” as individual believers and as the church of Jesus
Notice that there are three parts of the Great Commission:
1. Outreach (“Go”)
2. Evangelism (“Baptize”)
3. Discipleship (“Make Disciples” and “Teach”)
Your Vision Team has been looking carefully at every aspect of our church and
trying to determine how we can best move forward into the future. After gathering
much information and many hours spent examining and discussing that information we
have arrived at the point where we are suggesting a “Great Commission Vision” as our
initial advancement into the future. We are continuing to further refine our vision for
Pisgah, but for obvious reasons the Great Commission will surely continue to be a
major part. This is Jesus’ command to those who are his disciples.
These three parts of the Great Commission should be at the very heart of everything
we do, of every committee’s considerations and efforts, and of our outlook as a
congregation. Most importantly, those three parts of the Great Commission should be
the very core motivation of our collective mentality—every member, every activity,
every program, every gathering, etc. In other words Outreach, Evangelism, and
Discipleship should be so much a part of who we are and what we do that we start
thinking about everything we do in terms of how it fits into those three things. So, I
thought it might be helpful to clarify those three parts of the Great Commission.
Outreach, very simply, is “connecting” with people who are not in a church.
Evangelism is sharing the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.
Discipleship is teaching/learning to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
We must be careful to notice the difference between Outreach and Evangelism. One is
not, nor can it take the place of, the other. Also, a “Great Commission Church” is a
church that is truly following our Lord’s commands; and that is a church He promises
to bless. (See Matthew 16:15-18)
In Christ,
Nov., 2014
Greetings from Pisgah Weekday School
October has been a very busy and fun month. The three and four
year old classes had a great time at the library and Dairy Queen.
Everyone enjoyed the trip to Lewis Farms. We took a walk through
the corn maze and lost our way a few times. Our ride to the
pumpkin patch was by horse and wagon. Everyone picked a special
pumpkin to take home. The children enjoyed all the farm animals.
We ended our visit with a picnic lunch.
Thanks to Crowder’s Mountain Fire Department for bringing a
fire truck to the church for the children to see. Our Halloween
Party was fun for all! Thanks to Ms. Sherry, Mr. Ed and Mr.
Gordon for helping with the Trick or Treat Street. A special thanks
to Mr. Robert for driving the bus.
The Pisgah Weekday School is sponsoring a fund raiser with
Yankee Candle. The money that we raise will help to replace mulch
on the playground. Mulch helps to cushion the fall of a child. Can
we count on you to help us with this project? Catalogs and order
forms will be in Ms. Sherry’s office. Payments must be submitted
with the order. The weekday school staff will be glad to take your
order as well.
Thank you for your support,
Ms. Annie
November 2nd
The Vision Team will meet with the
congregation on November 2nd @ 8am.
Breakfast will be served. If you are unable
to attend this meeting, there will be
another meeting with the Vision Team on
November 6th @ 6:30 pm.
Dinner 5:30 PM
Bible Studies 6:15 PM
Choir Practice 7:30 PM
Panhandler Teams
11/05 Donna Forbes Team-chicken filets, mashed potato, green
beans, slaw & rolls
11/12 Jane Falls Team– BBQ, slaw, buns, baked beans & chips
11/19 Annie Robinson’s Team– Youth Night –turkey, dressing, rice &
gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce & rolls
11/05 Rachel Boyce Circle
11/12 Suzanne Elliott
11/19 Mary Kennedy M-Z
Adult Sunday School Classes will have a joint class on November 9th in
the Elliott Center Fellowship Hall. The budget will be presented at this
There will be a Congregational Meeting on
November 9th immediately following the
morning worship service. The purpose of this
meeting is to elect deacons, congregational chairman, treasurer,
assistant treasurer, trustee and approve the 2015 budget.
Vision Team Meeting November 9th @ 6:30pm
November 13th @ 7pm
Featuring Spencer Mountain Quintet
Please purchase tickets in advance.
See Curtis Hopper, Henry Oates or Franklin Boyd to
purchase yours today.
Middle School Students Fall Retreat
@ Bonclarken
November 14-16
Retreat Meeting November 12th @ 7:30pm
November 18th
11:30 AM
Market Street
Christian Education
Committee Meeting
November 20th
Join us Thanksgiving Eve for a joyful
time of worship and thanksgiving!
Church offices
will be closed
Thursday &
Friday November
27-28 in
observance of
ut rd
Join us for a
Christmas Super
Christmas Crafts, Bible Stories and Games for
Ages *2-5th grade
Pisgah’s Annual Hanging of the Greens
For all ages and abilities to join in decorating the
Lord’s House for Christmas
Saturday, November 29th
Pancake Breakfast 8:30am-10:00am
for volunteers & their children
Hanging of the Greens 9:00am
Super Saturday 9:30am-11:30am
*Parents of 2-4 year old children are
encouraged to stay with them.
5TH SUNDAY Breakfast
November 30th
8:30 am
Prepared by the Adult Uniform Sunday
School Class.
Psalm Sing at Hopewell
The members of the Hopewell Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church,
Blackstock, SC cordially invite you to attend a Psalm Sing on November 30, 2014
beginning at 5:00pm. Following the Psalm Sing there will be a time of fellowship
which will include refreshments. We hope you will join us in what has become for
many a marvelous time to network with sisters and brothers in Christ and to
continue the tradition of Psalm Singing.
Let’s Go Visiting…
This fall during Midweek the Middle School and High School
Students will be visiting shut-ins. The schedule for November is:
November 05 Middle School
November 12 High School
Youth Night @ Midweek
is November 19th.
Middle School and High School
Students will be going to
McAdenville on Wednesday,
December 3rd. Meet at Burger King
@ 6:30pm.
Students will be serving at Operation Christmas Child Processing Center on
December 15th. More details coming in December.
Coming in DECEMBER
Students going to McAdenville 12/3
PWM General Meeting 12/7
Students Christmas Party 12/12
Ordination & Installation of Officers 12/14
Crock Pot Supper-Sunday December 14
Everyone is invited to bring their favorite crock-pot dinner
to church on Sunday, December 14th @ 5:30. We will
enjoy dinner together and at 6:30pm the children will present
their Christmas Program. Plan to come for Christian fun and fellowship. If you
have questions, contact Claudette Pearson.
Christmas Cantata
12/21 10:30 am
PWM Executive Board 12/28
Friends of Pisgah, it is
soon time to begin
preparation for the
upcoming Upward Basketball Season. We had an early registration day
that was held in conjunction with the Community Day sponsored by the
Pisgah Women’s Ministries. Registration continues to be available
online at The registration
fee is$65.00.
Registration and evaluations will be held in the Family Life Outreach
Center on the following dates and times.
Thursday, November 6
6:00 – 8:00
Saturday, November 8
10:00 – 12:00
Monday, November 10
6:00 – 8:00
Tuesday, November 11
6:00 – 8:00
Thursday, November 13
6:00 – 8:00
Practices will begin the week of December 1 with games beginning on
Saturday, January 10. This year we will be offering teams beginning at
age K4 and going through 12th Grade.
As always, volunteers are needed for all aspects of the program. Places
to volunteer include coaches in both basketball and cheerleading,
referees, prayer partners, halftime activity leader, greeters, scorekeepers
and game day coordination. If you say that you have never coached
before but would like to start, then this is the place for you. If you would
like to volunteer in any capacity please contact the church.
Please remember this is more than a basketball cheerleading program.
This is an outreach to youth in our area. The purpose of Upward Sports
is to “introduce Jesus Christ to youth through sports”. We need your
support to make this program grow. If you don’t know how to help but
want to, contact Kevin Adams at 704-860-4628 and we will find a place
that suits you.
Session Report
During the month of October, there were three meetings held by the Session.
A called meeting on October 5, the regularly scheduled meeting on October
19 and a called meeting on October 26. In addition to these meetings, a
Congregational Meeting was held on October 19.
The called meeting on October 5 was held to receive assignments for
Communion that was served during Morning Worship. Also, Rev. Bob Elliott
was approved as guest minister on Sunday, December 28. Also, the Worship
Committee announced that a Christmas Cantata will be performed by the
Adult Choir on December 21. The Program Committee reported that the MidWeek account is running behind due to increase cost of paper products.
Money will be taken out of the General Fund to make it up and various groups
that have used the products will be asked to help out.
At the regularly scheduled meeting, a Backpack Ministry to assist in providing
food for underpriviledged children at Chapel Grove Elementary to take home.
Max Wolfe, Sr. will head up this project. The Bonclarken Committee reports
that the trees have been taken down and removed. The Christian Education
Committee requested approval for the CLC class to change from the quarterly
to the Standard Commentary. Also, they reminded that the Trunk or Treat
will be held on October 31 with a Hot Dog Supper and Bingo inside beginning
at 5:30.
The Trustees reported that the Modification of the Loan on the FLOC had
been approved by the Bank of Ozarks. As a result, there is no balloon
payment due next year and our monthly payment has been reduced from
$4180.88 to $1984.89. We thank the Trustees for their hard work on this.
At called meeting on October 26, the proposed budget for 2015 of
$383,055.00 was received from the Finance committee and approved by the
Deacons. This proposal was approved and will now be presented to the
Congregation at the Congregational Meeting on November 9 for
Congregational approval.
At the Congregational Meeting on October 19, Henry Oates, Bryan Gamble
and Ken Howe were elected as Elders to serve a 5 year term beginning in
January 2015. We thank those men for their willingness to serve.
Happy Birthday
11/1 Jack Kimbro, Catherine Stewart, Logan Hairston
11/2 Claude Clark, Heath Parsons, Allison Moore
11/3 Buddy Mooneyhan, Derek Jarvis
11/8 Ed Carson, Ansley Burgess
11/9 Geraldine Parker, Laney Romines, Railynn Gamble
11/11 Alice Foy, Aiden Wray
11/10 Julie Hoyt
11/13 Aaron Streeter, Kelly Morris
11/14 Lynn Patterson, B.J. Hanes, Mary Kane
11/16 Cheryl Godfrey, Eric Mace
11/17 Tatum Robinson 11/18 George Trakas, Sr., James Valentine, Wanda Harmon
11/19 Brooke Kenley
11/20 Adam Mooneyhan
11/22 Marcella Wiggins, Maggie Dula
11/24 Marilyn Platt, Morgan Smith
11/26 John Kiser, Jr.
11/21 Taylor Wolfe, Erica Elliott
11/23 Tyler Reller, Jonathan Baysden
11/25 Sayre Hopper, Kimberly Humphries
11/29 Larry Clay
11/30 Shirley Bivens
Missionary Birthdays
11/1 Scott Andes 11/2 Rachel Ann Moore 11/6 Kathy Warner 11/12 Frank Miller
11/13 Samuel Meberg 11/17 Elisa Pettett, Nancy Whytock, Isla Grace
11/22 G.J. Gerard 11/23 Rebekah Moore 11/24 Laurie Meberg
11/25 Isaiah Thomas 11/26 Alistair Whytock, Ruth Bonilla 11/27 Raiya Meberg
11/28 Reynolds Young 11/29 Joel Benicourt, Daniel Turner
Happy Anniversary
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lesieur
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Spearman
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Tripp Upton
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dula
Mr. & Mrs. Lin Cloninger
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Bingham
Mr. & Mrs. David Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Robbie Foy
Meals on Wheels
Delivery Schedule November 2014
Listed below is our meals-on-wheels
schedule. If you cannot deliver on the
date I have assigned you, please
contact someone on the schedule and
see if they will swap days with you. If
you change your schedule, please call
Phyllis at the Adult Nutrition Office at
704-862-7825 and let her know about
the change.
Thank you for delivering meals on wheels and
if you have any problems, please call me.
Treasure Teague 704-867-9809
November 07
November 14
November 21
Kay Robinson & Elaine Burleson
Joann Grier
Bobby & Edith Falls
There comes a time when changes need to be made. At our October
Pisgah Women’s Ministries General Meeting we voted to discontinue
the traditional “Pounding of Our Minister and His Family”. This does
not mean we will discontinue our remembrances and special gifts to the
Lewis Family. We encourage you to remember them in some special
way during Pastor Appreciation Month, the Thanksgiving season, the
Christmas holidays, or anytime during the year. Let’s show them our
appreciation! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me
In Christ,
Rebecca Howe
PWM President
Suzanne Elliott Circle
Ann Teague
The Suzanne Elliott Circle met on October 6, 2014
at 7:00 PM in the lounge of the Elliott Center.
Peggy Jenkins, Circle Chairman, opened our
meeting with prayer and a quote from Billy
Graham as follows: “ I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn
out all right” We had 10 members present, and Jane Falls was our Bible Study
Barbara Oates did our devotional from God's Little Instruction Book on
Those Who Deserve Love the Least, Need it the Most. Matthew 5:44. Jane
Falls did our Bible Study on Marital Faithfulness from A Proverbs Driven
Minutes of our September meeting were read by Ann Teague, Secretary, and
Suzanne Elliott gave the treasurer's report. Rada knife catalogs were given to
each member present. Orders taken should be returned out our November
meeting. Copies of Our Daily Bread for the next quarter were distributed.
Laura Bumgardner will remember our Sunshine Friends for this month, and
Kathy Spencer will remember our college students this month. Our circle has
desserts for Mid-Week program on October 22 and November 12th.
Rebecca Howe's newsletter was reviewed. Profit from the Pisgah Community
Day was $3329.78. Re Our helpers for the Soccer Banquet being held on
Saturday, October 25th will be Ann Teague, Kathy Spencer, and Laura
Bumgardner. Kathy Spencer will furnish bingo prizes for men for the
Halloween event.
Rebecca Howe will do our Bible Study for November. Kay Robinson will do
Hostess and Devotions. Their being no further business, the meeting was
closed with the Mizpah benediction.
Following our meeting, Barbara Oates served delicious refreshments.
Rachel Boyce Circle
Evelyn Spearman
Our Rachel Boyce Circle met in the lounge of the Elliott Center on
October 5th with nine members in attendance. Our leader Jane Falls
welcomed us all and opened with prayer. Jeanelle Bumgardner began
by reading a favorite piece from Helen Steiner Rice. “Though I’m tired
and weary and I wish my race was run, God will only terminate it when my work on
Earth is done.” 2 Timothy 4:7 states “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the
race, and I have kept the faith.” “This is the day to polish your trophies and call
compassion a humanitarian award conceived by God for those who alleviate the
sufferings of others.” Jeanelle gave our devotions from ARP magazine article, “Titus
Anyone?” As a true tennis lover seems always ready to play, playing
tennis well takes effort, time, practice, attention, focus, strength and commitment. So
when someone says, “tennis anyone,” they respond, “Yes, I’m ready.” Are we as
Christians just as eager to apply ourselves to pursue and practice holiness? When
someone says, “holiness anyone,” are we eager to respond, “Yes, I’m ready.” We are all
responsible for participating in a community of holiness that involves developing a holy
rhythm of connecting, communicating and interacting with people. This takes time,
effort, practice, attention, focus, strength and commitment. Well, then: “Titus
Anyone?” Our next Bible study book will study Titus, and explore the importance of
responsible participation in the holy work of the Church and being good Christian
leaders. So we will be ready when some says, “Titus anyone,” and we will respond,
“yes, we’re ready!”
Jane Falls presented our Bible study of Chapter 10, Marital Faithfulness. Research has
concluded that while we still marry, we have lost faith in the institution of marriage.
Proverbs 5:15-17 says “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your
own well. Should your springs overflow in the street, let them be yours alone, never to
shared with strangers.” God despises the breaking of vows, especially marriage,
because all such behavior violates his perfect faithfulness. The Bible gives us numerous
examples of those who were burned by the fire of unfaithfulness. With Samson and
Delilah, by the sapping of his strength and the consequent suffering of Israel burned
Samson. Due to his many foreign wives and being enticed into idolatry burned
Solomon. And following his adultery with Bathsheba, David’s rule diminished greatly in
glory and his family life was marred by personal and political betrayal. Always
remember that while prayer, God’s grace, and the power of Scripture are all absolutely
necessary, so is obedience. Don’t be where you ought not to be, and don’t fixate on
anything you shouldn’t. Proverbs 4:23 tells us “above all else, guard your heart, for it is
the wellspring of life.”
Belinda Lewis gave our treasurer’s report. Jane Falls read the PWM newsletter. We
made plans for our Christmas party at noon on December 7th. We dismissed our
meeting with the Mizpah Benediction. Jeanelle Bumgardner and
Helen Boyd served delicious refreshments.
Our next meeting will be November 2nd with Annie Robinson and Diane Starnes as our
Get the SCOOP from Ann…
Hospital patients –Susan Jenkins, Mary Jane Kane, Mary Bell
The sympathy of the Pisgah congregation is extended to the family and friends of
Wayne Spencer who passed away on October 13, 2014; to Donna Messer and her
family in the death of her step-father, Gary England, on October 12, 2014; to Bill and
Nancy Hall and family in the death of their granddaughter, Isabel Pridgen, on October
30, 2014.
The Sacrament of Baptism was administered to Railynn Dawn Gamble on October 19, 2014.
Railynn is the daughter of Blair Gamble and Kristen Smith, granddaughter of Bryan and Kathy
Gamble. Bryan Gamble was the assisting elder.
Did you know - The flowers in the sanctuary on October 5, 2014
were given in memory of Nan Anthony by her family.......Dr. Neely
Gaston was our guest minister for our Fall Services on October 12,
2014......Curtis Hopper had his picture in the September 25 th Gaston
Gazette checking out a shipment of potassium iodide pills which
were distributed to people living near a nuclear plant......Joshua
Baysden broke his thumb......Derrick Jarvis broke bones in his wrist......Eli Patterson
broke bones in his foot......The flowers in the sanctuary on October 12, 2014 were
given in memory and honor of the ministers who have served Pisgah ARP
Church......October was Pastor Appreciation Month. Be sure to let Rick and Belinda
know that they are loved and appreciated.......A good number of members and visitors
enjoy the showing of the movie, God's Not Dead, here at Pisgah on October 19th.
Rev. Lewis will follow up this event with a four week Bible Study during Wednesday
Mid-Week......The soccer banquet will be held at Pisgah on October 25 th at 5:00 PM.
A big thank-you to Robert and Beverly Baysden for all their hard work with the soccer
program......Trunk or Treat will be on October 31 st. Candy donations will be needed
for the event, and can be left in the box in the church office.......Anne Lewellen had her
picture in the October 16th Gaston Gazette presenting three genealogical books to the
Gaston County Public Library from the Major William Chronicle Chapter of the
DAR......Blaire Reynolds, daughter of Erica and Chris Reynolds, and granddaughter of
Peggy and Scott Jenkins, was named Homecoming Queen at Cherryville High School.
Her picture was in the October 18th Gaston Gazette......Men's Fellowship Club Ladies
Night event will be held on November 13th at 7:00 PM. , featuring the Spencer
Mountain Quintet, of which Jack Kimbro is a member. Make plans now to
attend.......Don't forget to set your clocks back on November 2 nd......The Vision Team
will meet with the congregation on November 2 nd at 8:00 AM. Breakfast will be
served. If you are unable to attend this meeting, there will be another meeting with the
Vision Team on November 6th at 6:30 PM......Hunter Pearson was burned on the face
and hands in a camp fire accident......Our newly elected elders are Bryan Gamble,
Henry Oates, and Ken Howe......Susan Jenkins had surgery......
Linda and I would once again like to thank you all for your prayers during my
last surgery. Just knowing that you have the prayers and support from you all
goes a long ways in recovering from this difficult surgery that I had. So
thankful for you all. I will face a minor day surgery in about a month but not a
difficult one. Thanks again
Linda and Buddy Mooneyhan
Financial Report for September 2014
General Fund Receipts for the month
Honorariums & Memorials
Loose Cash Received in Collection Plates
Sunday School Offerings
Total Contributions for month
Total Disbursements for month
Receipts less disbursements
$ 23,275.90
$ 24,127.28
$ (29,856.60)
$ (5,729.32)
2014 Annual Budget is $375,664 or $31,305.33 per month.
General Fund YTD Receipts & Disbursements
YTD Total Contributions
YTD Disbursements
YTD G/F Receipts less G/F Disbursements
$ 247,435.19
$ (24,518.30)
Building Fund Receipts & Disbursements for month
Sunday School Offering (1st Sunday)
Interest received from Bank of the Ozarks/First National
Total Receipts for month
$ 3,359.60
Paid on FLOC mortgage in month
BCIF Receipts less disbursements for month
Designated Receipts for month
Bonclarken Carson Cottage Maint. Fund
Cemetery Trust Fund
ARP World Missions
Food for Cemetery Clean Up Day
Robinson Scholarship Fund
Total Designated Receipts for the Month
$ 1,145.80
Gastonia, North Carolina 28052
3600 South Linwood Road
Pisgah Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Inc.
Gastonia, NC
Permit No. 183