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From the Lay
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From the Pastor
Several years ago I visited a
wildlife preserve on the eastern shore of Maryland. My
“guide” and I were walking
through a marshland when he
suddenly called out, “Teal!”
Now teal is a lovely shade of
blue-green so I began scanning
the sand and brush at my feet.
What had he seen? A stone, a
piece of sea-glass, a peculiar
leaf perhaps? “Where? What
do you see?” “Ducks,” he said
and pointed a flitting wad of
specks just above the horizon.
“They don’t look blue to me.”
When he finished chuckling my
guide explained that “teal” is a
variety of duck and that different types of ducks are distinguishable by the way they fly.
Blue-winged Teal tend to fly in
bunches, making tight turns
close to the water. Wood
ducks can fly through forests,
their wings swooshing as they
look for acorns or berries to
eat. Pintails often fly high and
fast until they decide to zigzag
to the ground. Mergansers
tend to fly single file, close to
the water.
All of which makes me wonder,
what “flight patterns” or behavioral characteristics identify
United Methodists? In other
words, how would you answer
if someone were to ask you,
“What do the people in your
church do? Why does your
church exist? What makes
your church different than the
other dozen or so churches in
The early “Methodists” were
“odd ducks”, derided for their
well-known, deliberate, frequent acts of personal and
social piety. They were Christians who wanted to deepen
the experience of God in their
own lives and in their communities. The United Methodist
Book of Discipline states it this
way, “The mission of the
Church is to make disciples of
Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local
churches provide the most
significant arena through which
disciple-making occurs.”
The manifestation of that mission in Lincoln, Howland,
Danforth, and Vanceboro will
vary by context - the strengths
and weakness of each congregation and community and
what we discern God calling us
to do. What does a disciple of
Jesus Christ look like in Howland? In Lincoln? What is God
calling us to do in Danforth?
Vanceboro? This is the vision
of how the church fulfills its
mission. The vision tells us how
we make disciples and change
the world in our time and
“Norms” refer to those unwritten rules/values that determine how we actually behave.
So...we might have a mission to
make disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the
world. And a vision that we
invite community members
into the life of the church, but
the norm is that we assume
everybody knows where we
are so we don’t ask the local
newspaper to list worship in its
“Sunday events” column. In this
hypothetical example, the mission and vision were there but
the norm failed to support
them. You get the idea.
As we prepare to fly into a
new year, I invite each of us to
consider: Who am I helping to
become a disciple? Who is God
equipping me to bless? What
am I doing to accomplish this?
How are we transforming our
neighborhood and the world?
Just what kind of ducks are we?
Peace to you,
Prayer List
George Albert
Sonny and Christine Arnold
Barbara Bard
Emma Jean Cook
Bob Coons
Leola Cowan
Sheila Davis
Jo DiCenso
Kay & Bill Drisko
Sarah Drost
Becky Haynes Dube
Mary Dunn
Chrissie Elliott
Susan Foster
Dawn Gilley
Rosemary Glidden
Robert Greenwood
Bruce Hallett
Lilly Hallett
Valerie Hanscom
Marie Harding
Bob and Diane Heavin
Florence Jordan
Madeline Leland
Noreen Levielle
Madeline Lindsay
Steve LosKamp
Dana Loupin
Polly Lyons
Chris Martin
Tom Martin
Sandra Merrill
Mary Miller
Daniel, Spencer, Tina Millett
Betty Nason
Shirley Nason
Bobbie Jo Norris
Brenda Pond
Ryan Priest (Army/Korea)
Maynard Shute
Bob and Nancy Smalley
Grace Smith
Rita Soucy
Tuffy Tash
Dick Theriault
Randy and Barbara Tourtillotte
Marilyn Vose
Henry Watson
Lorraine Weatherbee
Donna Welch
Mickey and Mary Whiting
Durwood and Judy Wilson
Maureen Wotton
Jane York
Prayer Concerns
If you have a prayer concern,
the church wants to pray for
you, and there are several
ways that your prayer concern
can be addressed:
List your prayer request
on the church website at
Complete a prayer
request form on Sunday
morning and put it in the
offering plate. Your
request will be raised at
the Wednesday Evening
Prayer Service
Call the office at 794-8443
and have your request
placed on the church prayer list.
If you would like to have a
message put on the prayer
chain, you can contact the
Sunday Services
Starting Sunday, September
7, Sunday Worship services
begin at 11:00 am with
Sunday School held from
9:15-10:30 am The Sunday
Evening Worship Service is
held at 6:00 pm. The
church office is open Monday through Friday from
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
These hours may change as
life happens and as God directs the life of the church.
Please feel free to contact
the pastor as you need:
Phone: (207) 794-8443
[email protected]
Lay Leader by email at [email protected] or call
him at 794-5041 or
Prayer is powerful and folks at
the First United Methodist
Church are ready to lift your
concerns and your joys in prayer.
Flowers for Sunday Service
Fuel Assistance Program
If you would like to provide flowers for the
altar or give flowers in memory of a loved one
on any given Sunday morning, please contact
the church office at 794-8443 or by e-mail at
[email protected] prior to Wednesday of the week you would like to have your
flowers on the altar. If the flowers
are to be given in
memory of a loved
one, please provide
their name so that
it can be noted in
the bulletin.
Our church continues to assist families through FAP, the “Fuel
Assistance Program”. We sincerely thank all who have generously
contributed their time, talents and/or funds to FAP, enabling us to
provide fuel to many needy families this past heating season. This
summer, we raised approximately $1000 for our Fuel Assistance
Program through our M.U.S.I.C. concerts. We have one more
concert on November 29 at 7:00 pm. Remember, if you, or
someone you know, could use a “helping hand” staying warm,
please contact the pastor or Eileen Priest. All requests are kept
confidential! If you have been blessed sufficiently to contribute to
this program, contact
one of the committee
members mentioned
above, or you may place
your contributions in
the kettle located in the
Lectors, Ushers and Acolytes for November
November 2
November 23
Lector: Pam Leland
Ushers: Dianne Buck
Acolytes: Corbett Arnold
Lector: Paul Wallace
Ushers: McFalls Family
Acolytes: Sheila Keith
November 9
November 30
Lector: Tori Jordan
Ushers: Web and Faye McCormick
Acolytes: Tori Jordan
November 16
Lector: Christina Wallace
Ushers: Dianne Buck
Acolytes: Barbara Dicker
Please remember to ask someone to switch
with you or replace you if you
are unable to
serve on the
scheduled day
Lector: Barbara Dicker
Ushers: Arnold Family
Acolytes: Lucas Jordan
Church Lay Leadership
Pastor: Cheryl Stratton
Lay Leader: Paul Wallace Jr.
Assistant Lay Leader: Sheila Keith
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Barbara Dicker
Church Council Chair: Pat Locke
Finance Chair: Dianne Buck
Treasurer: Julie Thibodeau
Financial Secretary: Marilyn Whitney
Sunday School Superintendent: Kerri McFalls
Youth Group Leaders: Kerri McFalls & Brynn Kimball
Membership Secretary: Bruce Arnold
Trustees Chair: Steve LosKamp & Mike McFalls
SPRC Chair: Paul Wallace
Music and Worship Chair: Sandra Wallace
Pumpkin Carving
M.U.S.I C. Christmas Concert
First United Methodist Church
Christmas Bizarre
November 22, 8:00-2:00
Come one, come all to our annual Christmas Bizarre on Saturday, November 22 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. We are sporting a new look this
year. In addition to our table of delicious baked goods and candy we
will host a table of gently used paperback books available to you for a
donation of your choosing. Our main focus this year will be various
size theme baskets contributed by our church committees. Purchase
will be by bid in our Silent Auction. Individuals are also encouraged to
submit theme baskets. We will ask you for a suggested opening bid
based on the value of your basket. Some themes to look forward to
include: Christmas, Music & Worship, Children’s World, Sportsman,
Car Care, Puppy Power, Purr..Fect Pet, I’m a Big Kid Now, and Movie
Midnight Munchies. Use your imagination and create a basket to submit. A luncheon of haddock chowder, beef stew, biscuits, and apple
crisp will be served from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This is one of our
church’s largest fundraisers and proceeds will go to the general fund.
We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!
November 29, 7:00 pm
The annual M.U.S.I.C. Christmas Concert will be held
on Saturday, November 29 at 7:00 pm. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of musicians from as
many as ten different area churches give of their talents
for this fundraising event. A variety of Christmas music
both traditional and contemporary will be offered. A
free will offering helps support the Fuel Assistance Program. Last year, 53 families were helped with 50 gallons of emergency heating oil. With the local economy
down, this program is vital for those who find themselves without oil and a cold winter night. FAP is funded by four M.U.S.I.C. concerts per year, by donations
from individuals and organizations, and by a small grant.
A time of fellowship with hot chocolate will follow the
concert. For information on performing or how you
can help support this outreach, please contact Sandra
Wallace at 794-5042 or [email protected]
Schedule of Events for November
 SPRC - November 4, 5:00 pm in the Ladies Parlor
 Trustees - November 4, 6:00 pm in the Ladies’ Parlor
 Finance - November 4, 7:00 pm in the Ladies’ Parlor
 Safe Sanctuary Training - November 8, 9:00 am-1:00 pm at Lincoln UMC
 Come help us decorate Quarter Collection Tubes - November 9, after worship
 Apple Festival - November 14, 4:30 - 6:30 pm
 Come help make Beads of Courage bags - November 16, after worship
 Nurture and Outreach - November 19, 9:00 am at Dianne Buck’s
 Communion and Worship at Colonial Health Care - November 20
 Christmas Bazaar - November 22
 M.U.S.I.C. Christmas Concert - November 29, 7:00 pm
 GLCC Christmas Cantata - November 30, 6:00 pm
 Sunday School - Sundays 9:15-10:30 am
 Morning Worship - Sundays at 11:00 am
 Evening Worship - Sundays at 6:00 pm
 Bible Study - Tuesdays at 10:00 am at Howland UMC. Carpool leaves parsonage at 9:30 am
 $4 Lunch at Howland UMC - Wednesdays
 Free Community Supper at Lincoln UMC - Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 pm
 Howland UMC Food and Clothing Pantry - Thursdays from 7:00-11:00 am
 Choir Rehearsal - Thursdays at 6:00 pm
 Connect 4 Youth Group - Saturdays from 6:00-9:00 pm
Friday, November 14
Connect 4 Youth Group is currently taking orders for
these delightful gulls. Each gull will be created by members of Connect 4 especially for you. The cost of each
gull is $20 and will be ready in time for Christmas.
Please see a member of the Youth Group to order!
4:30-6:30 p.m.
Adults: $7.00 Children: $3.00
Takeouts Available 794-1967 (Pickup and Delivery)
Roast Pork, Potato, Vegetables, Rolls, Apple Sauce,
Apple Cider and Assorted Apple Desserts
Safe Sanctuaries
I recently typed “sanctuary definition” into my Google search bar. The first entry was this:
This definition, coupled with the Biblical image of “sanctuary” as the holiest part of the edifice
at which God’s people gather for worship, is the basis for United Methodist “Safe Sanctuaries”
training and policies. We understand that church is supposed to be a safe, holy place for all who
enter. So each year we review the policy, practices, and procedures that help us provide a safe,
holy place for you, your children, and your parents to celebrate God’s goodness. If you have not
yet attended one of our review sessions or have never been to a training session, please come to
one. They are open to everyone. There are two more training sessions scheduled:
November 8 and December 6. Please plan to attend one.
Notice: Boar's Head Festival - Epiphany Celebration
Trinity UMC in Springfield, MA has offered The Boar’s Head Festival, a medieval celebration of the Epiphany complete with period costumes, live animals, and the glorious music of the Christmas season for over 30
years. This celebration of the birth of Christ, the coming of the three kings, and the triumph of light over darkness
in our world has been recognized in Yankee Magazine (for details, click on the following link: http://digital.turnpage.com/i/49552/116.) and can be a wonderful outing for church groups. Ticket prices are $25 for adults and $15
for children ages 4-11. Church groups of 15 or more people for an evening performance may submit their orders
in October without a patron contribution. For more information about the Festival, see http://trinityspringfield.org/
wp/?page_id=1633. This year the festival will be presented on Friday, January 9 at 7:30 PM; Saturday, January 10 at
3:30 and 7:30PM; and Sunday, January 11 at 3:30 and 7:30 PM. Tickets sell out early, so make your reservation as
soon as possible.
If you are interested, please contact pastor Cheryl Stratton at [email protected] or 794-8443.
Notice: Free Online Study
The denomination's General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is offering
a free on-line study about the images and names of God in the Bible. If you have questions
or want more information Email: [email protected]
Register by clicking: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/737089867387695618
From the Lay Leader
As we approach the New Year (January
1) or the Christian New Year
(November 30), let us look toward setting goals to move our church forward to
stand as a solid presence of Jesus Christ.
What are you thankful for? What as God
blessed you with this year? As we enter
the final months of 2014 or Year A on
the liturgical calendar, it is right to give
thanks and praise to our creator for
what He has blessed us with.
Year’s end is often a time to look back,
reflect, and reminisce. This year has certainly been a year of change at the First
UMC. But I tend to be drawn to looking
forward. The past is history, done and
recorded. But the future is a mystery. It
is filled with things yet to come that still
need our helping hand under the prayerful guidance of God. The choices we
make today, do affect the events of tomorrow.
We can do a lot in our local church to
help spread the Good News of Jesus
Christ with many of the events happening
in November. Please take time to read
the list of what’s going on in this newsletter and help support those causes with
your presence, whether it be a fundraiser
to help support our own budget, a fundraiser to support a local outreach, or
coming to hear the words God speaks to
use through the gifts of music. Let us all
give thanks this season to the wonders of
our creator and the blessings we receive
from Him.
Grace and Peace,
Paul Wallace
Greater Lincoln Community Choir
Christmas Cantata
“Hope of the Broken World”
November 30, 6:30 pm
The Greater Lincoln Community
Choir under the direction of David
Goolsby will perform their 2014
Christmas Cantata “Hope of the Broken World” on Sunday, November 30
at 6:30 pm. The choir consists of
members from 14 different churches
and is their first full cantata performance at our church since their Easter
Cantata several years ago. The music
in uplifting and inspirational. Please join
us for this special event this Advent
season and enjoy a time of fellowship
following the cantata.
Notice: Our Annual Church Conference
will take place on Sunday, November 16, at Lincoln UMC as follows.
8:30am Howland SPRC, 9:00am Lincoln SPRC, 9:30am Danforth SPRC,
10:00am Vanceboro SPRC, 11am church conference and worship at Lincoln.
Are you concerned about the financial health of your church?
Come to Old Town UMC on Wednesday, November 5, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. to learn
ways to strengthen giving patterns, consider the spirituality of giving, and receive
practical advice on how to manage our money instead of letting our money manage us. This event is sponsored by the United Methodist Foundation of New England. There is a $10 fee to cover the cost of lunch and materials. You can get more
information and register at http://www.neumc.org/events/detail/5246.
Or call pastor Cheryl Stratton at 794-8443.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Matthew Darr
Betty Tolman
Gloria Coons
Norman Littlefield
Sherry Smith
Cody Smith
Bruce Arnold
Barrie Dolley
Jim and Dede Trask
Emily Page
Kimberly DiCenso
Jo DiCenso
Anita Gemme
Beverly Osborn
Laurene and Roger Windsor
Join Connect 4 Youth Group
after Morning Worship on
Sunday, November 16 to
make Beads of Courage bags for
children coping with
serious illness.
Included in this newsletter...
Most of our Sunday school classes use “The Whole People
of God” curriculum. It follows the lectionary, so the entire
church focuses on the same Biblical stories each week. “At
Home Leaflets” suggest ways to incorporate spiritual
practices into your family’s weekday life. The current leaflet
is included in this newsletter. Please consider using this
resource to strengthen your family’s spiritual life.
Bible Study 6:00
Sunday School 9:15
Bible Study 6:00
Sunday School 9:15
GLCC Christmas Cantata
Evening Worship 6:00
Bible Study @ Howland
Bible Study @ Howland
Bible Study @ Howland
Finance 7:00
Trustees 6:00
Free Community Supper
Free Community Supper
Nurture and Outreach 9:00
Free Community Supper
Choir 6:00
Health Care
Communion at Colonial
Choir 6:00
Choir 6:00
Apple Festival 4:30-6:30
To place an item on the Church Calendar, please contact the church office at (207) 794-8443 or [email protected]
Bible Study 6:00
Sunday School 9:15
Morning Worship 11:00
Evening Worship 6:00
Beads of Courage 12:00
Morning Worship 11:00
Charge Conference
Evening Worship 6:00
Decorate Quarter Tubes
Morning Worship 11:00
Morning Worship 11:00
Evening Worship 6:00
SPRC 5:00
Free Community Supper
Bible Study @ Howland
Sunday School 9:15
Youth Group 6:00-9:00
Concert 7:00
M.U.S.I.C. Christmas
Youth Group 6:00-9:00
Christmas Bazaar
Youth Group 6:00-9:00
Youth Group 6:00-9:00
Safe Sanctuaries Training
First United Methodist Church
16 Lee Road
Lincoln, ME 04457
Office (207) 794-8443
Church (207) 794-1967
First United Methodist Church