The Thanksgiving holiday gives me a wonderful opportunity to express

Upcoming 16 Hour IL Concealed Carry Class
November 15 & 16, 2014 - Contact Us to register
The Thanksgiving holiday gives me a wonderful opportunity to express
my gratitude to you, my valued students, friends and colleagues.
We learn so much from each other!
Check out National Shooting Sports Foundation’s #GunVote
From ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson: “It is possible we will hit the 100,000
[IL Concealed Carry] application mark by January 1, 2015.”… Are you an ISRA
member? Stay in the loop! Join the ISRA, it’s quick and easy and it only costs $25.00 a
NY Rookie Police were just “chillin” right before hatchet attack. Sometimes being struck
is the first indication of violence. When out in public, remain in
Relaxed State of Awareness.
When you get home for the day, is your defensive pistol on your person or otherwise
accessible? Remember the 5 second rule! Glendale family victims of home invasion;
may have been targeted after moving in.
Jose Canseco accidentally shot off one of his middle fingers Preventable? Yes! Don’t
let it happen to you! Finger in “Register” Position…Muzzle Pointed in a
Direction” and the Pistol’s Unloaded Status is Visually and Manually Verified.
Haven’t yet applied online for your ILCCF license? You can now skip the Internet and
start the “alternative process” with a phone call to the ISP: (217) 782-7980. An ISP rep
will take your info to get started as well as your $150.00. Your application will arrive via
the US mail. Complete the application, include your certificate(s) and picture and mail it
back to the ISP.
Musically tuned steel plates! The Star Spangled Banner is great! But I’d love to see
and hear a “shooting” rendition of the "Flight of the Bumble Bee" at real speed--Jerry
Miculek or Rob Leatham probably could do that—with a belt-fed Ruger 10/22! :)
Ravelin’s Blog Post for November:
Rookie Hunter Bags A Deer!
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