METAGENICS – FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformations - Rapid Weight Loss Program

METAGENICS – FirstLine Therapy
Healthy Transformations - Rapid Weight Loss Program
The Healthy Transformation Rapid Weight Loss Program was designed to stimulate
your metabolism to burn unhealthy fat while giving your body important nutrition for overall
health—helping you to look and feel better.
This clinically designed program includes:
Targeted support for weight loss with high protein shakes and soup mixes
Advanced nutritional support for health with daily supplement packets
Herbulk®—Dietary fiber for gastrointestinal support
ProteinFusion®—Great-tasting, low glycemic protein bar
UltraFlora™ Balance—Daily probiotic for digestive and immune health support
Program guide with easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
High protein, phytonutrient-dense food plan with a wide range of food choices
Simple exercise plan
Healthy Transformation - Rapid Weight Loss Program helps solve many challenges with
components that are focused on making the program easier to implement and follow for lasting
This Rapid Weight Loss Program provides the following:
Support for basic wellness in addition to strategic weight loss support
A special Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program Kit that contains a 30-day supply
of nutritional products
Daily nutritional support supplement packets feature leading Metagenics formulas:
PhytoMulti, OmegaGenics™ EPA-DHA 720 (fish oil), and D3 1,000 UI
Not all weight loss programs are “healthy”
Few weight loss programs consider your body composition or your long-term nutritional needs.
And even fewer result in sustained weight loss. Unfortunately, some of the most popular
programs may lead to a vicious cycle of “roller-coaster” dieting that over time can leave you with
more than just a bigger waistline.
A better plan for weight loss
The Healthy Transformation Rapid Weight Loss Program is designed to enhance your
metabolism to burn 'fat' for energy while "maintaining healthy muscle"—and giving your body the
nutrition it needs to stay healthy. It includes a simple eating plan, basic exercise, and sciencebased nutritional recommendations.
For additional information watch the following online video:
Healthy Transformation Patient Webinar
Class Cost Information:
The Rapid Weight Loss Program is $300.00 per person for 12 weeks and the class meets once
each week for 90 minutes. All participating members will also purchase one “10-Day Detox
Kit” ($125.61), as well as a Healthy Transformation 30-Day Weight Loss Food Kit for
$275.00/month, from (Special discounts apply when purchased online.)
Participants with spouses that wish to attend the class will pay an additional $100.00 for the cost
of the workshop, purchase their own 10-Day Detox Kit and Food Kit, and will be sharing all
handouts and binders accordingly.
Call to reserve your seat in the upcoming starting: Tuesday, February 17th at 4:00pm CT.
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