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Athletics Day
This whole school event is being held on
Friday 21st November, with activities starting from 9.30am. All children will complete a range of running, jumping and
throwing events. Parents and family members are most welcome to attend. Please
remember that there is no sausage sizzle
on this day, so please send children with a
suitable lunch to eat between activities.
Please also discuss suitable sun safe
clothes and hats for this day with your
Interschool Athletics
There will be an Interschool Athletics
event this year on Tuesday 2nd December
for students aged 7 upwards. School staff
will nominate entries from outstanding
students at our own school athletics day,
and parents of nominated children will be
notified in the week following our own
This event is always a real highlight of the
school year. We will be holding our End of
Year Assembly at Matamata Bible Church
again this year. Many of you will have attended previous EOY Assemblies there or
you may have visited there for the MidWinter Christmas displays last year. It is a
bigger venue than our school hall and fits
us all in with ease. Last year we did have
an issue with the air conditioning not coping with our numbers, so this year we will
be throwing all the doors open from the
start and letting nature do the rest! The
date for EOY Assembly this year is Tuesday
16th December and the plan at this stage is
to ask any parents who drop children off at
school to drop them at the church by
8.45am on the day so we can practice, and
to welcome parents back for the assembly
at 10.30 am. Bus students will be transported in to Matamata once they have
arrived here at Hinuera. More details to
Hinuera Christmas Service
To be held at the Hinuera Church of the
Good Shepherd on Sunday 7th Dec at
6.30pm. This short Christmas Carol service
and supper is hosted by the little church
over the road from school. Children are
able to be involved in readings, musical
items and singing the carols. A great
chance to take your children to a Christmas service with a real Hinuera flavour,
that is short and doesn’t go too late.
Please complete the attached return slip if
you wish to attend and those organising
the service will do their best to involve
your children. This will be followed by a
finger food supper – contributions appreciated. The church folk do a BBQ as well, so
always plenty to eat!
Dental Clinic Closure
Just a message to let all schools know the
Dental Clinic will be shut until 17th of November, due to being short staffed and
current staff will be on the Mobile Dental
Unit. For emergencies please phone 0800
825 583.
Thank you
Matamata Community Dental Clinic
Caregiver Information
Many thanks to all those families who have
returned the caregiver information forms
we sent home last week. It has been great
to update contact details and to collect a
database of email addresses. If you have
not done so, please hurry these back to
the school office. Thanks
Sun Hats
The new supply of sun hats has arrived but
unfortunately we will need to increase our
price to $15 per hat to cover the increase
in pricing from our supplier. These hats
are a great option for full sun protection
and are still competitively priced.
Although students must wear full brim hats
outdoors there is no obligation to purchase a school one.
Whakarewarewa Marae
By Le Roy Sutherland Y5
Sensitive music makes a tear roll down
my thoughtful face.
Steam flying into the bright blue air
like smoke from a chimney.
Rotten eggs flow into my nose trying to
make me spew.
Boiling rocks warm my freezing cold
By Zuri Richards …
I crept up to the door. It is a ...?
I slowly pushed the door open and I
was surprised there was an egg
cracked open. It was riding a bike. A
unicorn riding a bike with the egg. It
was so funny. I felt way smaller than I
was before.
By Kees van Heuven ...
I crept up to the creepy door and I
slowly opened the door. Boo said the
dragon. The dragon was blowing fire.
It stood there and I jumped on the
dragon’s back and in one minute I was
at the moon.
By Hayden Mahood ...
I saw an old old door and I wonder
what’s behind it? I pushed the door.
Behind the door is a big train. Inside
the train is a gold fish and a person.
The door really scared me. I got frightened and the goldfish is in a fishbowl.
The train took me to a zoo. The ride to
the zoo was bumpy and noisy.
Kiwanis & Sports Assembly
There will be a special assembly on Friday
28th November to present Kiwanis Terrific
Kids certificates to nominated students.
We will also be presenting cups for school
hockey and netball. All bus monitors will
be presented certificate for their work in
2013 as well. All parents invited to attend.
Sausage Sizzle
This week’s helpers are … Lisa Anderson
& Sharon McNeil and on the 14th it’s
Teresa Harris & Kerri Morgan
If you are not able to make it on the day
please arrange a swap or call Justine
Wilson on 888 1992 or 027 522 0439
Community Notices
Southern Bell Orchard
Part Time Job For You?
We are looking for someone to join our team working in our Greenhouses, where we grow Capsicums and
The person we are looking for is:
Healthy and fit :: Have your own transport :: Must be able to work the occasional extra hours and Statutory Holiday :: Communicate well in English :: A NZ Citizen, Permanent Resident or have a valid Long term
open NZ work permit :: Have a practical and positive attitude, be honest & a team player. If this fits your
profile please contact us today. Be ready to give us your CV including references.
The job is for 2 - 3 days a week from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. Tineke de Jong Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07 888 6412 Address: 418B Hinuera Rd, RD2, Matamata
Name ________________________________
End of Year Assembly
(you would need to have an item organised yourself that you feel would fit the Christmas theme)
If you have read this newsletter for a
while you will already know that I am a
big believer in family board games as
an important way to learn about being
kind, encouraging, and how to be a
good winner and loser. The better
weather and more daylight is a good
time to remember that family games
outside also have an important role in
this area. If you are not a regular outside game family you will be amazed
how much everyone can learn about
sharing and taking turns, as well as
getting a lung full of fresh air. So grab
the chance to play backyard cricket or
similar in the coming weeks and reap
the long term rewards!
musical item
Tuesday 2nd Interschool Athletics
Tuesday 16th End of Year Assembly - Venue Drop Off—8.45am
By Daniel Baker Simpson Y4
“Whoosh!” rocketing down the never
ending track faster than a Japanese
bullet train. I’m seated on board the
thundering go kart zooming down the
track. As my kart races around the
track my hair swings rapidly as though
it is being uprooted in the breeze. The
skid marks on the road are like black
sand on the beach being washed repetitively by the sparkling water. Then
I see it. A pile of tires standing on the
track. My heart thumps like a brass
band trying to get the gold medal for
their music. I tug and tug at the wheel
but it is too late. Boom! My kart crashes into the tires with an almighty
Bang! I go flying off the kart and land
on the grass with a thump! Then crack
up laughing so hard I end up choking.
“I want to do that again!”
a reading
21st Hinuera School Athletics Day
28th Kiwanis & Sports Assembly
Room 7 having been doing some
fabulous writing this term. Here
are two great examples ...
Room 2 are also amazing writers.
Check out what lies behind the old
Yes, my child/ren _______________________ will be attending the Hinuera Christmas Service and can be involved in
6 November 2014
Writing Samples
Hinuera Christmas Service
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