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November 3, 2014
2:30 pm Meeting
wonderful northwest artist,
who works in acrylic. She was
a PFAG member for many
years. She also is the
supervisor for Multnomah
County fair art works.. She will
be doing the workshops for us
in January 2015. She is a lot of
fun. Come to the meeting
and enjoy!!!
This will be a fun demo
There is plenty of free
parking at the Grange
Hall, bring your lunch or
there are several fast food
restaurants within walking
distance. Light
refreshments are available
for a small donation. Please come early and stay
late to help us setup/clean
up the classroom area.
NE Portland, Oregon 97220
President Message
Guest Demonstrator
Edith Turner
Russellville Grange Hall, 12105 NE Prescott,
(My thanks to Beth Proppe for stepping in when I should
This is my first newsletter message as I graciously
step into this office for this term. I see a great need
to help PFAG out of it's rut.
Remember no job is too large or too small. They are
all important to the inner working of the Portland
Fine Arts Guild, I see this first hand. I have the best
team of officers and committee workers I could ask
By the time you read this newsletter, we will have
had our first Board of Directors meeting (10-13-2014).
We will be meeting once a month for a time to get our
act working. Following the bylaws is the best way
for us to continue as an Art Guild. I ask all of you to
please be patient with us for a time. We are working
on a lot of good things.
1. New membership directory--very, very soon
2. New membership packs
3. Art Shows--Like the spring show--we will
need a committee to set this up. Please help again,
no job is too small, it's these
jobs that
keep PFAG running.
4. To keep an orderly streamed-lined short
members meeting 20 to 30 minutes max.
I - Not I, we need all of you as members to please
help where you can. Please again stay with us and
give us some time to fix and move the PFAG on to
better times. As it was stated by one of our best
workers for the Guild, "It is our Guild and It will only
be as good as we the membership wants to make it."
More to come. We're working.
Rodger King
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November Class
Instructor: Melody Howden
Dates: November 3rd, 10th & 17th, 2014
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Place: Russellville Grange Hall, 12105 NE Prescott, Portland
(corner of 121st Place & Prescott Street) Just s/o Sandy Blvd.
Class Cost: $12/class for Guild members. $15/class for non-Guild
members If this is your first class, it is complimentary
You do not need to pre-register for this class, just come and
Teacher Bio:
- See more at:
Melody has been an active member at PFAG for many years. She developed a passion
for drawing and painting late in life. She loves experimentation, learning new
techniques and sharing her "findings" with others who have a love for art as she does.
Her favorite medias are watercolor, colored pencil, pastels and graphite.
- See more at:
Title of Class:
"A New Wrinkle Using Pastel Chalk"
In this class you will be learning
the art of using Chalk Pastel in a
new and unusual manner.
Students will practice with an
easy picture on a 5x7 size piece of
watercolor paper, to get the hang
of using water with pastels and
later layering on top with dry
pastels. Once students have
mastered the basics, Melody will go
on to a little harder piece on an
8x10 size sheet of watercolor
In the 2nd and 3rd classes, you
can bring 11x14 size sheet of
watercolor paper if you like to work
with larger sizes.
Items needed for
Good quality
Watercolor paper. For first class bring
2-cut 5x7 and 1 cut 8x10. For 2nd and
3rd class bring size you are comfortable
working with. Recommended brands
are Arches, Fabriano or Strathmore
Paints: A good assortment of Chalk
Brushes: 3 to 4 brushes including a
1/2" flat, 2 rounds and a dagger, if you
have one
Misc. Items: 2 boards for holding
watercolor paper, Black & white graphite
(transfer) paper, acid free masking
tape, good eraser and pencil, paper
towels and alcohol and salt are good to
have as well for special effects.
Any questions about the class please contact Melody at 503-465-8354
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The Guild needs to recruit two more
Hospitality Persons for the Meetings (there is
a different 3 person Hospitality Group for the
Classes). This position is for the Meeting
Hospitality Group.
Meeting Hospitality Position
The Meeting Hospitality Team are required
to arrive early before meetings, unlock the
door, turn on the lights, set up the
refreshments and snacks and help set up for
the meeting. Then reversing the process at
the end of the meeting.
At the Christmas party in December this
team works with the group in charge of the
party to decorate the grange hall and help set
up for the party and help with clean up
Don’t Forget !!!!!
42 Street Station
December show&sale
Let’s see some inventive, new and
exciting work! Let the creative
juices flow!
Collage ,ArtPhotography ,
Dimensional pieces.
New exciting work, please!!!
We have open positions!
Nominations and voting will take place at November Meeting
Meeting Program Coordinator
Web-Page Administrator
Volunteer's Needed to help hang and tear down shows !
call John Halverson
Guild Officers 2014
President-RODGER KING 503-256-9597
Vice-PresidentSecretary-LINDA IVEY
[email protected]
Treasurer- RAY JALO
Judging for Active Membership
Call at least one week in advance.
No judging at Competition Events.
You have to be a active member
to exhibit publicly with the PFAG.
Committee ; Bea 503-654-6496
Dorothy 503-253-9573
Lu 503-997-3128
Rodger 503-256-9597
[email protected]
Judging- Bea Greening
[email protected]
Hospitality- Roberta Stone
Diana Thelin
Lea Topliff
Membership- Caitlan Cawley
[email protected]
Manufactures of Picture Frames
822 NE 22nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97232
(503) 282-2744 / fax (503) 282-1744
PFAG - 20% Discount
Publicity- Patti Klein
[email protected]
Newsletter- Lu Feazle-Hurt
[email protected]
HistorianRevolving Exhibits-Karen Fenton
Special Exhibits-John Halv0rson
Parliamentarian-Maury Arthurs
Fine Arts, Graphic & Drafting
1515 E Burnside - Ptld, OR 97214
(503) 232- 2216 Closed Sundays
20% Student Discount Card on Art Supplies
(Sale items not included) 10% off BOOKS
Who’sTeaching ??
let me know
Newsletter Deadline 15th of the month; send info to
Lu Feazle-Hurt 10612 #C NE Wygant
Portland, OR 97220
[email protected]
Portland Fine Arts Guild,Inc
10612 C NE Wygant
Portland, Oregon 97220
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