C-HUB II – The simple video solution for ENT specialists in private practice

ENT 2 10/2014/EG-E
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The simple video solution for ENT
specialists in private practice
The portable camera control unit C-HUB® II enables ENT specialists in private practice to display
and record endoscopic examinations quickly and easily in any office. As a plug & play device, the
C-HUB® II is easy to use. The CMOS video endoscope and CMOS otoscope can be connected via
the camera connector at the front. Rigid and flexible endoscopes with standard eyepiece can be
connected to the C-HUB® II via the coupling mechanism of the C-CAM® camera head.
Advantages of the C-HUB® II at a glance:
Inexpensive solution for the private practice
New CMOS technology for outstanding image quality
White balance button for natural color rendering
Video editor for displaying, recording, and processing endoscopic image material
Plug & play unit that can be connected to the existing practice computer (medical PC)
Extensive connection options with USB 2.0, HDMI and S-Video ports for display, patient report,
and archiving
Particularly relevant items:
20 2903 01
C-HUB® II, Camera Control Unit
20 2901 32
C-CAM® Camera Head, 8-pin
20 9190 10
DVI to HDMI Cable
20 9190 50
HDMI to HDMI Cable
11301 D4
Battery Light Source LED, with fast screw thread
CMOS Video Otoscope
11101 CM
CMOS Video Rhino-Laryngoscope
It is recommended to check the suitability of the product for the intended procedure prior to use.
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