As part of his review, Daniel will
discuss the reasons behind
different incidents. He will also
highlight the fact that offshore
accidents can generally be
categorized into a fairly common
high level list of causes. This
common list of causes will be
presented, along with some of the
“high risk” areas which should be
addressed on all projects.
Every major accident can teach us
something. It is critical that we
learn from these lesson so that we
do not repeat the mistakes of the
Please plan on attending this
important luncheon presentation
on December 4.
marine technology
Opportunity runs deep
Executive Officers
CHAIR -Brian Bearden
Upsteam Marketing: 832.594-5390
VICE CHAIR - Terry Dahlke
Geospace Offshore Cables: 713.986-4477
SECRETARY - Ivy Jody-Castillo
Shea Writing and Training Solutions
TREASURER - Aimee Coates
Delta Subsea: 936.582-7237
PAST CHAIR - Aimee Coates
Delta Subsea: 936.582-7237
National Representatives
PRESIDENT - Drew Michel
Thursday, December 4, 2014
11:30 am - Registration
11:45 am - Lunch
12:15 pm - Presentation
1:00 pm - Meeting Concludes
Pelazzio (Westheimer/West Houston)
12121 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077
Members with paid reservation: $35
Non Members with paid reservations:
Unpaid reservations & walk ins: $50
Full-time students: $15
Oil and Gas offshore facilities, related
structures, offshore drilling rigs and
marine vessels run smoothly around
the world every day. But on rare
occasions, incidents occur. If handled
quickly and skillfully, these incidents
can remain small and under control.
However, if these incidents escalate
further, they can turn into disasters with
sometimes devastating impacts. The
consequences of a severe accident or
failure can cost billions of dollars and
result in long lasting impact to
corporations. Some companies go out
of business while others struggle to
In order to minimize accidents, it is
most important that we learn from
these disasters so that we can avoid
repeating history.
At our December meeting, Daniel
Smith, Wood Group Mustang, will
review a series of offshore accidents.
He will identify the causes and discuss
the changes that have subsequently
been recommended to avoid similar
accidents occurring in the future.
These lessons learned should be
considered in the engineering phase of
future projects.
About the Speaker
Daniel Smith is the Department
Manager for the Offshore
Civil/Structural Engineering Group
at Wood Group Mustang in Houston,
where he has worked for over 14
years. Prior to joining Wood Group
Mustang, he worked for Shell, PMB
Engineering, and Friede &
Goldman. He has been involved
with offshore structures throughout
his professional career holding both
engineering and management
positions. Some of the major
projects he has worked on include
Shell's Bullwinkle, Chevron's
Benguela-Belize Compliant Tower,
BP's Thunder Horse, and BP's
He has served on the OTC Technical
Program Committee for 12 years
and was the Technical Program
chairman of OTC 2011.
Daniel graduated from Virginia Tech
in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science
in Civil Engineering and from
Stanford University in 1985 with a
Master of Science in Civil
C.A. Richards & Assoc., Inc.
Mark your calendars for the 2015
Clays Shoot, that will be held
Saturday March 28 at the American
Shooting Center. Over the last eight
years, this tournament has grown
into the largest clay shooting event
in the Houston area. In addition to a
great day of shooting, the
tournament offers a wide range of
sponsor opportunities, networking,
games and prizes. Both
experienced and novices are
encouraged to attend.
Online registration for the
tournament opens on November 12.
The 2014 tournament sold out within
a week of registration opening, so if
you plan on attending, please
register early. There are 160 team
spots available (five shooters per
team), with a choice of morning or
afternoon flights.
This is an Advance Calendar and is
subject to change.
January 22 - Lunch:
Hess Tubular Bells,
Michael McEvilly, Hess
February 26 - Lunch:
Williams Gulfstar Spar Project
Nathan Davidson, Williams.
Cost is $900 per team or $180 per
person for individual players.
Individual shooters will be grouped
into teams.
All registration is ONLINE, and
requires payment (online or by
check) at the time of registration.
Your registration is not complete and
will not guarantee your place until
your payment has been received.
Golf carts, extra T-shirts and
mulligans can also be ordered and
paid for when you register.
Please visit the website at clays.cfm
Proceeds from the tournament help
fund the MTS Houston Section
Scholarship Program.
Sponsorships range from $250 to
$6,500. Higher end sponsor
packages include complimentary
teams and other benefits. All
sponsors will be recognized on the
MTS Houston website with the
sponsor’s logo and a hyperlink.
Your generous support is welcomed
and appreciated.
For more information, please visit
the website or contact Jennifer
Williams, the Clays Shoot Chair, at
[email protected]
June 25 - Lunch:
LLOG Delta House Floating
Production System
Rick Fowler, VP, LLOG Exploration.
July 23 - Golf Tournament
August 27 - Luncheon presentation
September 24 - Luncheon
October 13-14 - Dynamic
Positioning Conference
March 26 - Offshore Outlook
October 22 - MTS Houston
March 28 - Clays Tournament
December 3 - Lunch:
Anadarko Lucius Project,
S. Michael Bettie, General Manager
GOM Deepwater Facilities,
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.
April 23 - Lunch presentation
May 28 - Lunch presentation
Brian Bearden
Now we are in the Thanksgiving season, it
seems appropriate for MTS Houston to do
a little “Giving of Thanks” itself.
If you missed this year's Barbecue Social
at Delta SubSea, you missed a really
outstanding evening. With over 600
people pre-registered and close to one
hundred walk ins, this was an excellent
and very well attended event. Over 85
exhibitors – including leading vendors,
university engineering students and high
school groups – displayed their products,
services and technology. Our barbeque
chefs of Chuck and Reed Richards, Rick
Cisneros (C. A. Richards and Associates)
and Terry Dailey (Schlumberger) made
sure that there were ample supplies of
fresh barbecue, and the silent auction had
an array of items to appeal to just about
every taste and preference.
As attendees, we have come to expect
MTS Houston events like this one to run
smoothly. But a tremendous amount of
hard work and planning goes on behind
the scenes – not just on the day, but for
months before the actual event. Melissa
Wood (Fugro) first became involved with
organizing the Barbecue in 2005, when
she took charge of the exhibits. In 2007
she became co-chair and in 2009
assumed the role of BBQ Chair. All this
while holding down a full time and
demanding job. Melissa and her team of
volunteers spend countless hours
ensuring that even the smallest details are
addressed and checked out. They
coordinate with the host facility, make sure
that exhibitors are properly set up,
organize the silent auction, and take care
of a myriad of other details. We owe a big
thank you to Melissa and the whole
Barbecue Committee that includes
Jessica Montoya, (FMC/Schilling
Robotics) BBQ Sponsor Chair, Wendy
Post, (Houston Petroleum Surveyors
Group) Silent Auction Chair, Debbie
Jackson (Integra) who handles the on-site
registration and Shannon Lewis
(MacArtney) who is in charge of student
Of course not all our events involved
barbecue and beer. Our monthly luncheon
presentations are consistently
informative and erudite with presenters
sharing information and lessons
learned on current offshore projects, or
discussing new and ground breaking
technology that is impacting the
offshore arena. But lining up the quality
of presentations that we have come to
expect takes commitment, persistence
and hard work. Sandor Karpathy
(Stress Engineering) took over this
responsibility in 2010, and has done a
spectacular job ensuring a consistent
flow of luncheon speakers and topics
that set the tone for our Section and
have become the mainstay of the
organization. We owe a huge thanks of
gratitude to Sandor for all his hard work
as he steps down from this position,
handing the reins back to Sandeep
Khurana (KBR), who was our previous
Programs Chair. We are excited that
Sandeep has agreed to take on this
responsibility again, and indeed he
needs no introduction. Like Sandor,
Sandeep's ability to line up an
impressive and exemplary program of
speakers goes without saying.
Welcome back Sandeep!
As you can see from our calendar there
are many events and everyone one of
these events has many volunteers who
donate their time and energy. Behind
the scenes there are also volunteers
who help keep track of our finances,
manage our scholarship program,
coordinate with MTS National and
more. I thank all of these people for
their dedication and support for MTS
Houston. I look forward to a great 2015.
See you at our December luncheon.
MTS National has announced the results
of the recent election to appoint
Directors for 2015-2016.
Ray Toll - President
You can now check the status of
your MTS membership through the
MTS Houston website.
Donna Kocak - President-Elect
1. Go to
Erika Montague - VP Publications
2. Select MEMBERSHIP - Check
Member Status
Andy Clark - VP Industry and
Positions take effect January 1, 2015.
Congratulations to these newly elected
slate of Directors.
UI 2015 will be held February 10-12,
2015 at the New Orleans Morial
Convention Center.
Underwater Intervention is the world’s
premier event for Commercial Diving
Contractors, Remotely Operated
Vehicles, Manned Submersibles and all
other aspects of the Underwater
Operators Industry.
For more information, go to
3. Enter your last name and your
Note that the database checks
against the email you have
registered with MTS National. You
may not show up in the member list
if your email has recently changed
and MTS National still has an old
email address, or if MTS National
does not have your email address in
its database.
You can also check your member
status through the MTS National
website at You
will need to enter your last name
and your MTS membership account
marine technology
Opportunity runs deep
Houston Section MTS
777 N. Eldridge Suite 280
Houston, Texas 77079
BBQ Chair: - Melissa Wood
Fugro: 713.305-7361
Continuing Education: - John Bomba
Technip: 281.249-3116
Golf Chair: - Terry Dahlke
Geospace Offshore Cables: 713.986-4477
Golf Co-Chair: - Wendy Post
Seatronics: 713.464-3311
Lunch Arrangements: - Marcy Whites
Waskey: 713.248-1129
Lunch Registration Desk: - Debbie Jackson
Integra Service Technologies: 713.920-2400
Member Scholarship: - Lisa Medeiros
Geospace: 713.503-2714
Membership: - Lori Carruth
ECL: 281.920-9559
OTC Volunteers: - Sandor Karpathy
Stress Subsea, Inc.: 281.890-7386
Programs: - Sandor Karpathy
Stress Subsea, Inc.: 281.890-7386
Science Fair: - John Whites
Phoenix International: 713.248-3966.
MTS FELLOWS Houston Section
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