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Seminar On Boeger Therapy
(Swiss Academy of Boeger-Therapy® (BT)
In Dubai by David Boeger
November 28 , 2014
Time: 9 am till 12:30 pm
Venue: Edutrack Seminar Hall,Suite:302,Al Qusais Plaza,Damascus street,
Al Qusais 2, Dubai
Fees: 250 AED to be paid at venue. CME Accreditation in process.
Fees to be paid at venue
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Boeger-Therapy - a quantum leap forward in soft tissue treatment
A n overview:
overview :
The Boeger-Therapy is a unique manual technique which enables the therapist to detach
various agglutinated fascia adhesions completely with long lasting effect. The release of
tension and pain through the therapy is instant and durable. As a further effect it relives
the patient from straining and relieving postures and improves venous drainage. For this
reason the Boeger-Therapy improves the affectivity of all other physiotherapeutic
applications and offers the patient a better quality of living. In comparison to conventional
scar tissue treatments, the Boeger-Therapy considers and involves the whole connective
tissue, the detachment of even remotely located agglutinated fascia leads to effective and
astonishing improvements of the whole facial system. This outstanding therapy was
developed in Switzerland in the last ten years by physiotherapist and osteopath David Boeger
and helped to improve the quality of living of thousands of patients.The therapeutic
success is perceived by the patient and therapist by a sudden reduction of tension in the
tissue and a clearly recognizable extension of the movability.The result is instant.
During the seminar we would like to introduce the Boeger-Therapy to you and your team
and show you the effects of this unique technique. It provides an introduction and a brief
impression of its emergence and the underlying concept. The Cause and symptoms of fascial
adhesions in the fascial system is discussed along with the manual techniques to detach
agglutinated tissues, improve venous drainage and reduce the tension in the tissue. The
seminar will also discuss the indication and contraindications, the perception of
differences in the tension of the tissue and tests and re-tests to document the therapeutic
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