For fiscal 2014 Asia Center Fellowship Program Application Instructions

For fiscal 2014
Asia Center Fellowship Program
Application Instructions
1. Purpose
In order to enhance joint or cooperative projects in a wide variety of fields including arts and culture, sports, academic studies, and
intellectual exchange in the Asian regions, fellowships will be provided for individuals who are planning to carry out research
activities and forming networks/platforms in their field(s) of expertise outside their home countries.
The objective of the Japan Foundation Asia Center is to encourage the people of Asia, including Japan, to better enhance the sense
of affinity and symbiosis as neighbors living together in Asia through exchange and joint activities. In order to realize this
objective, the Asia Center mainly carries out projects that aim to achieve the following four purposes.
(1) To expand areas of exchange and enhance mutual understanding
To expand the sphere of exchange and to deepen the understanding of Asia in Japan and other Asian countries of their
neighboring countries through mutually introducing diverse cultures within the Asian regions, and creating opportunities for a
wide range of exchange, discussions, and encounters.
(2) To foster human resources who are the agents of culture, and facilitate the establishment and expansion of institutional systems
and measures
To foster human resources in Asia and to facilitate the development of “soft” infrastructure (institutional structures, measures,
etc. in the cultural fields) required for the protection and development of cultures of the various countries and regions, through
exchange and cooperative activities.
(3) To enhance the formation of new networks and the building of sustainable bases and platforms for exchange
To form new networks that connect agents of culture of the countries of Asia, and to build sustainable bases and platforms for
exchange that generate autonomous, sustainable discussions and cooperation for the purpose of resolving mutual problems and
achieving common goals.
(4) To enhance the creation of new values and movements, and the raising of issues and proposals aimed at the future
To advance collaborative activities in Asia such as cooperation in cultural and artistic fields, and joint research aimed at
resolving mutual concerns. And then, to expand areas for exchange through transmitting new values, movements and proposals
from Asia to the world.
Among the above four goals, the Asia Fellowship Program offers support especially for those venturing in activities described in
(2) - (4), and who have clear project objectives and plans.
3. Eligible Projects
(1) Eligible Fields
・ Activities in the fields of arts and culture, sports, and intellectual exchange are eligible. These include; visual arts,
performing arts, film, video arts, architecture, protection and utilization of cultural heritages, sports, academic research
(anthropology and social sciences), media and journalism, arts management, cultural policies, civil society activities etc.
・ For those working in academic fields who intend to visit Japan for Japanese studies, please apply for the Japan Foundation
Japanese Studies Fellowship.
・ Activities in the field of Japanese-language education (study of Japanese and methods of teaching Japanese, compilation of
Japanese-language learning materials, etc.) are not eligible for this Fellowship.
(2) Eligible Activities
A wide range of activities are eligible such as research, writing academic articles, papers and reports, “reportage,” interviews,
data collection, production of works, meetings for the building of new networks and platforms of research, etc. Applicants
must meet the following requirements.
(a) Applicants must have a clear objective and goal to be achieved, as well as a clear activity plan.
(b) The activities must match the objectives of the Asia Center.
(c) Applications must have joint/cooperative elements which transverse national borders.
(d) Applicants must be able to illustrate the results in a presentable form.
(e) The result must not remain an individual achievement, but must have contributing elements to society as a whole.
(f) Applicants must have a clear plan with regard to transmitting and promoting the results.
(3) Eligible Countries
・ Eligible countries for the activities are Japan and the 10 members of ASEAN. It is possible for the activities to be conducted
in multiple countries. Applicants outside of Japan must include Japan as one of their activities sites.
・ Activities that are conducted in the following situations are not eligible: 1) in the country where the applicant holds
nationality, citizenship, or permanent residency, 2) in the country where the applicant currently resides and/or is based
(hereafter “the Residing Country”).
・ Activities that do not involve overseas travel are not eligible.
4. Contents of the Fellowship
(1) Term
Short term (21 - 59 days)
・ The duration in brackets shows the minimum and maximum lengths of time of the Fellowship. Lengths shorter or longer
than those indicated will not be allowed.
・ In principle, the duration of the Fellowship must be continuous. Dividing the fellowship period into multiple times is not
・ The Fellowship will be provided for activities in countries other than the Residing Country. In principle, applicants must
continuously stay in the country other than the Residing Country throughout the fellowship period. (Activities that involve
multiple countries should be conducted without returning to the Residing Country.) If there is the need for the applicant to
return to the Residing Country in order to pursue his/her activities, please clearly state the reason(s) in the initial activity plan
in the application. Daily stipend during the return to the Residing Country will not be provided by this Fellowship.
・ Should the applicant need to temporarily leave the country of activity for reasons unrelated to the Fellowship activity, he/she
must notify the Japan Foundation and obtain permission to do so before departure.
(2) Grant Overview
For selected fellows, the following expenses shall be provided. This Fellowship does not cover expenses of family members or
others accompanying the fellow.
(a) Round-trip international airfare (discount economy ticket)
・ Round-trip airfare from the Residing Country to the country/ies where the activities will take place (including all airport
use taxes, fuel charges, etc.)
・ In cases where the activities are carried out in multiple countries, it will be understood that the applicant will stay in the
various countries continuously, and so in principle a multi-stop ticket between the Residing Country and the countries
involved will be the maximum amount provided.
(b) Daily Stipend
Region A
Region B
Short term (per diem)
17,800 yen
14,400 yen
Category of Countries
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos,
(c) Preparation Stipend
Short term
(d) Overseas Travel Insurance
Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines,
Thailand, Vietnam
65,450 yen
(3) Method of Grant Payment
In principle, the applicant is requested to open a bank account to which it is possible to transmit payment from Japan, whereby
the full amount of grant will be paid to that account.
5. Application Period and Fellowship Commencement
(1) Deadline for Application
December 1, 2014
(2) Commencement of Activity
Activities that start between February 1 and May 31, 2015 are eligible.
6. Application Requirements
(1) Eligible Subjects
・ Applicants must either be a resident of Japan or an ASEAN country, and be nationals, citizens, or permanent residents of
Japan or an ASEAN country. (Those who are nationals of countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Japan, despite
having permanent residency in countries that do, are not eligible)
・ Applicants who intend to conduct activities that match the objective of the Asia Center mentioned in 2 and which are within
the fields listed in 3-(1) above.
・ Eligibility includes the following: artists, curators, arts management professionals, producers, researchers, NPO
administrators, journalists, authors, critics, sports specialists, etc.
・ The applicant’s sufficient background in the relevant field and capabilities to conduct the proposed activities is one of the
important criteria for the screening. The following points (among others) will be comprehensively taken into consideration.
- Academic degrees in relevant area of study (Masters or above) or equivalent research or administrative experience
- Publications
- Past activities and achievements
(2) Language Proficiency
The applicant must have sufficient command of English or Japanese to give activities reports etc. to the Japan Foundation.
Proficiency in other languages is not required for eligibility, but in cases where it is judged that a certain level of proficiency in
the relevant language is essential to conduct the activities proposed in the application, there may be cases where evidence of
proficiency will be requested.
(3) Proof of acceptance
It is essential to have proof of acceptance from the hosting institution and or cooperating individuals of the country in which
the activities will take place. In cases where acceptance has not yet been determined at the time of application, please include
the details of the hosting institution(s) and individual(s) who you have planned acceptance, and the state of your preparations
at the time of the application.
(4) Previous recipient of a fellowship
Previous recipients of fellowships from the Japan Foundation such as the Japanese Studies Fellowship or the Abe Fellowship
will be given lower priority in the application for this Fellowship.
(5) Projects of the following nature are not eligible
(a) Projects in the fields of natural sciences, medicine, or engineering
(b) Projects whose objective is to obtain credits at an advanced educational institution
(c) Projects that are for political or religious purposes
(d) Projects that are for profit-making or fund-raising purposes
(e) Projects that are for language–learning purposes
(f) Projects that are geared for industrial training
(g) Projects that are geared for administrative training
7. Selection Policy
Screening will involve reviewing the following points.
・ Accordance with the objectives of the Asia Center
・ Clarity in objectives and goals of the project
・ Elements of collaborations that transverse national borders
・ Potential to broadly spread the achievements after the end of the Fellowship
・ Necessity of on-site residence under the activity plan
・ Specificity, reasonableness, and efficiency of the activity plan and likelihood of achieving the goals within the activity period
proposed in the application
・ Sufficient prior achievements in relevant fields and recognition that proposed activities are an extension of previous work
and achievements
・ Potential of applicant for subsequent activities
・ Degree of contributions possible to the development and the building platform of relevant fields through the achievements
and networks gained from the Fellowship
8. Obligations of Fellowship Recipients
(1) Commitment to proposed activities
・ During the period of this Fellowship, recipients must commit to activities proposed in the application and not undertake
external jobs.
(2) Prohibition of receiving other grants
・ It is forbidden for recipients to simultaneously accept another scholarship or grant.
(3) Submission of final report
・ Recipients are required to submit a final report describing the achievements gained from the activities within two months
after the end of the Fellowship.
(4) Notation of credit for the results
・ Recipients are required to clearly acknowledge the support of the Japan Foundation Asia Fellowship in the results, ex.
9. Other Points to Note
(1) Visas
・ In the case that a visa is required for the country where the activities will take place, recipients are required to carry out the
necessary procedures. We advise that applicants confirm the necessary visa type in advance before the application. Visa
applications require time to be processed, so we also advise applicants to apply for the necessary visas in advance.
・ The Japan Foundation shall provide documents (in both English and Japanese) necessary for visa applications.
(2) Announcement of Fellows
・ For those who have successfully been selected as Fellows, information related to the Fellows’ names, areas of expertise,
affiliated organs, activity contents, country or countries where the activities will take place, term of the Fellowship, etc. will
be announced through the website of the Japan Foundation, etc.
(3) Announcement of reports and results
・ In regard to the final reports submitted by Fellows and the results of the Fellowship, the Japan Foundation plans to widely
announce them to the public through venues such as the Japan Foundation website.
・ Should the Fellow not submit the final report, the Fellowship may be cancelled whereby the recipient is expected to return
entire grant paid under the Fellowship including airfares, daily stipend, etc.
(4) Responsibilities of Fellows
・ The Fellow shall be responsible for all causes and effects resulting from the activities during the duration of the Fellowship.
The Japan Foundation shall not be responsible or liable for any illnesses or accidents etc. that occur during the term of the
Fellowship. We advise that Fellows take all due care in regard to ensuring safety, preventing accidents, etc. during the term
of the Fellowship by confirming security conditions in the country or countries where the activities will take place.
10. Application Procedure
(1) Application documents
The documents needed for the application are as in (a) - (e) below.
Please submit documents (a) - (d) as one set, the one original and one copy, to the designated office for submission, as in (2)
The two reference letters (e) must be sent directly from your two referrers to the designated office of submission as in (2)
Application form
(use the designated format)
(a) Application Form
(attachments; free-style format)
(b) Personal history (C.V. of the applicant)
(c) Letter of agreement from host organization/collaborators
(d) Information and contact details about the host organization/collaborators
Reference letters
(use the designated format)
(e) Two reference letters
(2) Place for submission
Applications from Japan
Please submit one original and one copy of the set of application documents to arrive no later than December 1, 2014, by
sending as a registered postal parcel or by delivery service (takkyubin) to the Japan Foundation Asia Center (Tokyo
Headquarters.) Applications sent by e-mail or fax, or delivered in person, will not be accepted.
The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Fellowship Section
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
Tel. +81-3-5369-6025
Applications from outside Japan
Please submit one original and one copy of the application no later than December 1, 2014. Applications via e-mail or fax
will not be accepted.
Country of Application
Brunei Darussalam
Place to submit application
The Embassy of Japan in Brunei Darussalam
Address: House No. 33, Simpang 122Kampong KiulapBandar Seri
Begawan BE1518 Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673 222 9265
Embassy of Japan in Cambodia
Address: NO.194, Moha Vithei Preah Norodom, Sangkat Tonle Bassac,
Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 23 217161
The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
Address: Summitmas I, 2-3F, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kav. 61-62 Jakarta
Selatan 12190, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 520 1266
Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR
Address: Sisangvone Road, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: +856 21 414400
The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Address: 18th Floor, Northpoint Block B, Mid-Valley City, Medan Syed
Putra, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 2284 6228
Embassy of Japan in Myanmar
Address: No.100 Natmauk Road, Bahan, Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +95 1 549644
The Japan Foundation, Manila
Address: 23F, Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, corner Makati
Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, 1226, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 811 6155
The Embassy of Japan in Singapore
Address: 16 Nassim Road, 258390 Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 8855
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok
Address: Serm Mit Tower, 10F, 159 Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke Road), Bangkok
10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 260 8560 4
The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
Address: No. 27 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 3944 7419
(3) Points to Note
(a) Applications not made on the designated application forms will not be considered for selection. Also, the application
documents and attached materials (including reference letters etc.) will not be returned.
(b) Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be accepted.
(c) In the case of several applications being made by the same applicant, all applications will be considered invalid.
11. Results Notification
(1) Notification of the selection results
Results will be informed in January, 2015.
(2) We will not answer any inquiries related to the selection result or conditions during the selection process.
12. Disclosure of information
(1) Details of projects supported by the Japan Foundation (e.g., the name of the applicant, project descriptions) will be made
public in the Kokusai Koryu Kikin Jigyo Jisseki (Detailed Annual Reports of the Japan Foundation), on the Japan
Foundation's website, and in other public-relations materials.
(2) When a request for information based on the "Law Concerning the Disclosure of Information Held by Independent
Administrative Institutions, Etc." (Law No. 140; December 5, 2001), is received, materials such as submitted application
forms will be disclosed (unless stipulated by law as not to be disclosed).
13. Handling of personal information
(1) The Japan Foundation handles personal information appropriately in accordance with the Law Concerning Access to
Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions (Law No. 59 of 2003). The Japan Foundation’s
privacy policy can be referred to on the following website:
(2) The Japan Foundation uses personal information on the application materials for screening, implementation, and evaluation
procedures of the project. They may also be used for the following purpose:
- Details of the fellowship, such as fellows’ name, gender, job and position, affiliation, project duration, and project
description , etc. are published in the Kokusai Koryu Kikin Jigyo Jisseki (Detailed Annual Reports of the Japan Foundation),
the Annual Report, on the Japan Foundation's website, in other public-relations materials. They are also used in compiling
statistics and released to the press for publicity purposes.
- There may be cases in which these information are released to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Embassies or
Consulates-General of Japan, etc. at the place where participant lives in order to applies for a visa, etc.
- There may be cases in which these information are released to the insurance company or their representatives, etc. in order to
cover your activity during the Fellowship period by an overseas traveler’s personal accident insurance, etc.
- There may also be cases in which copies of applications, including documents containing some personal information, are
provided to outside consultants in order to facilitate the screening process and the evaluation of the results of projects.
- There may also be cases in which the Japan Foundation sends questionnaires to the addresses written on this form after the
project has ended.
- There may also be cases in which the Japan Foundation uses the information written on the application form to contact the
applicants to inform them of other Japan Foundation activities.
(3) Applicants are requested to inform all individuals whose personal information appears on the application materials of the
above-mentioned policy.
(4) There may be cases in which the project reports and other related publication are released to the public.
(5) Information may be released to other fellows for the purpose of exchange of information among them.
14. Contact
The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Fellowship Section
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
Tel. +81-3-5369-6025
Fax: +81-3-5369-6036
E-mail: [email protected]