“Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”
November 2014
Dear members and friends of Our Saviour’s,
Later this month, Nov. 27th to be exact,
we will observe the National Holiday of
Although Texas claims to have celebrated
a “thanksgiving day” about 80 years earlier
(doesn’t that sound just like a Texan?), most
look upon the origins
of Thanksgiving Day
as the Fall of 1621.
It is said that about
a hundred people...
about half Indian
and half pilgrims, sat
down for a special
meal at that time. It
was in the midst of
the civil war that our
Congress declared
the National Holiday
celebrate...the last Thursday of the month of
At first “blush” doesn’t it seem strange that
it should take an “act of Congress” to get us
to set aside a day to give thanks?? And if the
people of the US don’t have reasons enough
to be thankful, certain we as Christians do.
Listen to the Apostle Paul as he wrote
the the people of ancient Corinth nearly
1900 years ago. “Thanks be to God for his
indescribable gift.” (II Cor 9:15). What was
Paul referring to...what is an “indescribable
gift”? is nothing other than the gift of
Jesus, someone whom God has given to each
and all of us. We as Christians know that...
unfortunately, many
do not.
will be spending
more or less patting
themselves on the
back for all that they
As Christians, we
thank God for all
that we have ...but
especially for this
“indescribable gift”.
In Jesus we have
love, life, freedom from sins, and the certainty
of eternal life with Him.
With that in mind, I wish you all a blessed
Thanksgiving Day.
Eugene Kock, vacancy pastor
(from Linda Fonger)
Meeting dates are November 12th and 26th at
9:00 a.m. Please join us for this time of fun and
(from Cheryl Heiliger)
The Women’s Aid will meet on Thursday,
November 13, at 1:00 p.m. for their regular
meeting. A dessert will be served followed by
time for devotion and fellowship. All women of
the congregation are warmly invited to attend!
The Women’s Aid recently renewed our
church’s subscription to the Lutheran Sentinel, a
publication of our Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
Please pick up a copy on the table in the narthex.
(from Cheryl Heiliger)
The Madison Area Bethany Auxiliary will meet
on Tuesday, November 4, at Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church. A “Norwegian” luncheon will be
served at 1:00 p.m. followed by a presentation by
a representative from Bethany Lutheran College
in Mankato, Minnesota. Anyone interested in
supporting our synod’s college or learning more
about the college is welcome to attend.
(from Cheryl Heiliger)
The 43 annual meeting of the ELS Women’s
Missionary Society was held on Saturday, October
18, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Iola. Five
members from Our Saviour’s enjoyed the day of
fellowship and learning about the progress of our
synod’s missions.
The Rev. Steve Petersen, administrator of the
Board for World Outreach, presented a program of
updates and photos of our missions throughout
the world. We currently have thriving missions in
seven countries: Peru, Chile, Korea, India, Ukraine,
Latvia and Czech Republic.
Key updates:
• Canaan Lutheran Academy in Korea
prepares students to attend Lutheran
High Schools in the United States.
• The seminary in Peru has a new
building and 25 students.
• Weekly classes are given to laymen in
Chile by Missionary Tim Erickson.
• In India, 17 pastors continue classes
in Greek. There are more than 300
children in orphanages. Cross-stitch
continues to clothe them.
• In Ukraine, the medical and dental
clinics on wheels care for the needs
of children and women in remote
places. Pro-life centers counsel
women to reject abortions and bring
their babies to term.
Our Mission Society raised over $7,400.00 this
year. (Our Saviour’s contributed $407.00). What
a joy to be able to disperse the contributions
as follows: $4,100.00 to Cross-stitch for world
outreach, Faith Mission Society $500.00, Bethany
Seminary Students $500.00, gifts for 2 foreign
missionaries $400.00, Thoughts of Faith $500.00,
Christ in Media Institute $1,000.00, Friends of
China $400.00.
Dianne Baxter will serve as President of the
Society, Cheryl Heiliger will be Vice President and
Shelly Thompson will continue as the treasurer.
Abiding Shepherd in Cottage Grove will host
the 2015 rally on October 17. Mark your calendars
for an inspiring day. To God be all praise and glory!
“I can’t say enough good things about
“Treasured Time with Tots” right here
in our neighborhood at Our Saviour’s
Lutheran Church at 1201 Droster Road!
The group of volunteers that puts this
together is top notch. I am continually
amazed at the amount of prep and
creativity that goes into this one-hour
session. And it only costs $5/family!
There is a short organized storytime/
song portion; otherwise, it’s free play at
art, sensory, fine motor, imaginative, literacy, and numeracy stations throughout the beautifully decorated space.
Excerpt of message posted on the
neighborhood Facebook page
Treasured Time with Tots
From Shelly Thompson
Treasured Time with Tots has just completed its second month! We were blessed to have 28
and 22 children attend our two lessons in October, All About Me and Pumpkins & Leaves.
It’s nice to hear that parents, as well as children, are enjoying TTwT, as evidenced by the
quote above and pictures on our website. If you haven’t seen them, check out http:// for pictures from our Pumpkins & Leaves unit!
Positive word of mouth has been a blessing to help our program grow. A few helpers have
commented how comfortable the children are becoming at Our Saviour’s. I love seeing
the faces as the children enter the room and run to the activity they want to do first. Their
excitement is contagious!
Our themes for November are: Farm and Thanksgiving. And in December our themes
are Colors & Shapes and Christmas. We will be having a new semester of TTwT starting in
January. Watch the bulletin for ways in which you can help. And many thanks to those who
have helped and continue to help this program in many ways! Please keep TTwT in your
prayers as we move forward showing our love for Christ through our actions and words.
(from Loren Thompson)
For a few years, we have been dangerously close
to the minimum number of addresses we need
to be able to send the newsletter using bulk mail
rates. Every month, a few newsletters are returned
with address changes or marked as undeliverable or
unable to forward. Some may have wondered why
they still receive a printed copy of the newsletter after
they made it known they would like to receive it via
email, but without mailing those copies, and others,
we would not be able to use bulk mail. With a few
more copies being returned as undeliverable over the
last few months, it’s time for a change.
Starting with the January 2015 issue, our preferred
method of delivery will be via email. If you provided
your email address to receive the newsletter on the
form earlier this year, there is nothing more for you to
do, unless of course your email address has changed.
If we do not have your email address and you would
like to receive the newsletter via email, please send an
email to [email protected]
If you do not have an email address or access to the
internet, a printed copy will still be available. You can
receive your copy in one of two ways:
• Copies will be available on a table in the
narthex that can be picked up while you
are at church.
• For members, past members, or friends of
Our Saviour’s that are unable to come to
worship or live far away, a copy can still
be mailed to you. To make sure you stay
on the mailing list, please call the church
office or send us a note to let us know you
would still like to receive the print version
of The Cornerstone.
As always, if there is something you would like to
see in the newsletter, please let me know. For instance,
puzzles and projects that were only included in the
printed version as space allowed, can be included in
every issue if you enjoy them.
SATURDAY 5:30 p.m.
SUNDAY 9:15 a.m.
November 1 & 2
Offerings Counter
Ann Swanson
Roger Mueller
Marilynn Bunnell
Loren Thompson
Barb Hellpap
Mike Fonger
Yvonne Sorge
Ron Holtz
Stacy Schneider
November 8 & 9
Barb Retzlaff
John Retzlaff
Marilynn Bunnell
Peggy Jensen
Ellery Jensen
Yvonne Sorge
November 15 & 16
Linda Ferguson
Roger Mueller
Marilynn Bunnell
Loren Thompson
Barb Arneson
Ron Arneson
Yvonne Sorge
David Ebert
November 22 & 23
Marilynn Bunnell
Roger Mueller
Marilynn Bunnell
Becky Priem
Bob Priem
Yvonne Sorge
Wednesday, November 26
Thanksgiving Eve Worship - 6:30 p.m.
November 29 & 30
Val Roman
James Breese
Kip Liddicoat
Roger Mueller
Marilynn Bunnell
Yvonne Sorge
Tim Carlson
Yvonne Sorge
November 2014
Worship with Holy
Communion 9:15am
Fellowship 10:15am
Congregation Potluck
Treasured Time with
Tots room setup
Treasured Time with
Tots 10am
Prayer Ministry 9am
Women’s Aid 1:00pm
Treasured Time with
Tots room setup
Treasured Time with
Tots 10am
Publicity Committee
Thanksgiving Eve
Worship 6:30pm
Worship 9:15am
Fellowship 10:15am
Sunday School/Adult Bible
Study 10:30am
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Worship 9:15am
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Sunday School/Adult Bible
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Sunday School/Adult Bible
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Church Decoration 11:30a
Prayer Ministry 9am
All Saints Day
Worship with Holy
Communion 5:30pm
Veterans Day
Worship 5:30pm
Worship with Holy
Communion 5:30pm
Worship 5:30pm
Newsletter Articles Due
Worship 5:30pm
Please note:
Thanksgiving Eve Worship is on Wednesday, November 26 at 6:30 p.m.
Please bring a pie for fellowship after our service.
We will decorate the church for the Christmas season on Sunday, November 30 after Bible Class.
Our Saviour’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Madison, Wisconsin 53716
Phone: 608-222-5151
Rev. Eugene Kock, Vacancy Pastor
Sunday Worship
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Saturday Worship
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The Cornerstone is published monthly.
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Singers in Windsor
On Reformation Sunday, October 26, 2014, Pres. Moldstad served as guest
preacher at Christ Lutheran in Windsor, California. Special music for
the day included “A Mighty Fortress” sung in three languages (German,
Spanish and English). Singers from Christ pictured above are: (front,
from left) Marie Strong, Elizabeth Covert, Bruni Bagley; (back, from left)
Heidi Galloway, Angel Bautista, Aurelia Bautista, and Heidi Scheiken. A
wonderful German meal was served following a brief presentation on the
work of our synod. Christ in Windsor (ELS) is part of a two-point parish
with Living Word in Petaluma (WELS), served by Rev. Jeff Smith.
Colloquy Information
Rev. David Emmons, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, has applied for colloquy. Any
information concerning Pastor Emmons should be communicated to the
office of the president ([email protected]) by November 18, 2014.
President’s Schedule
November 5-6 – Board for World Outreach
November 6-7 – Board for Home Outreach
November 10-11 – Board of Regents
November 13 – Board of Trustees
November 14 – Synod Review Committee
November 18 – Preach at BLC chapel
November 18 – Centennial Committee
November 19 – Colloquy Committee
November 21 – Michigan Winkel
November 23 – Preach at St. John’s, Frankenmuth MI
November 2014
Dear Fellow Workers in Christ’s Kingdom:
The writer of Proverbs has stated, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is
a disgrace to any people” (14:34). We are thankful to live in a nation where
we not only can exercise the freedom to gather as Christians for worship
each week but also be allowed to exercise voting privileges in a democracy
governed by a constitution. Someone has said, “Fortunate is the land that
has among its citizens even one Christian.” In this month of thankfulness
as a nation and one with an important election day, may we as Christian
citizens make use of the opportunity to participate in the voting process.
We pray God would grant us good and wise rulers and enable peace and
prosperity in keeping with his will.
Blessings in Christ,
John A. Moldstad
Celebration at Cold Spring,
A fiftieth anniversary service
and special dinner took
place at Gloria Dei Lutheran
in Cold Spring, Minnesota,
on October 19, 2014. Former
pastor of the congregation,
Rev. Rodney Flohr, served
as lector; current pastor, Rev.
Cory Hahnke was the liturgist, and ELS Pres. J. Moldstad gave the sermon,
“Glory Be to Jesus,” Revelation 1:5b–6. The text and the entire worship
service was a duplication of the original worship service at the founding of
Gloria Dei. The church joined the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in the year
of 1996. The congregation today also operates a preschool.
Mission Rallies
Beginning in September and continuing through the month of February
eight mission rallies are held throughout the country. Here the women in
each area gather to learn about the status of our current missions in the
United States and throughout the world and how they can support these
missions. Cross-stitch often coordinates the offerings given at these rallies.
This year Cross-stitch projects include: $10,000 for orphans in India; $2,500
for women’s scholarships in Peru; $5,000 for home mission and evangelism
outreach in the United States; $2,500 for food for Amazon Lutheran High
School in Peru; and $2,500 for the English-as-foreign language program
in Chile.
General Pastoral Conference
The annual General Pastoral Conference met in Bloomington, Minnesota,
on October 1–3, 2014. Papers presented this year were: “Great is the Holy
One of Israel in the Midst of Thee: An Overview of Dr. Luther’s Great
Confession of 1528” by Rev. Aaron Hamilton; “Compassion Fatigue:
A Problem for Pastors,” by Rev. Jerry Gernander; “Arming Our Youth
to Handle Contradictory Worldviews” by Rev. David Thompson; “The
Antinomian Controversy with Application for Law and Gospel Preaching”
by Rev. Peter Faugstad; and “Galatians 1–2: A Brief Summary of Luther’s
Works 26 and an Exegesis of Galatians 2:11–21” by Rev. Michael Smith.
Cylone Hits India
Between October 7 and 14 a powerful
cyclone (Hudhud) slammed into the coast of
Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, India, tearing
down tens of thousands of mud thatch
homes, and flattening rice and sugar cane
planations. The storm reached peak strength
of 109 mph. Pastor G. J. Ananda Raju (Lutheran Mission of Salvation–India)
reported that some of the LMSI elders in the coastal region experienced
damage at the thatched worship places and also at the tiled worship houses.
He then adds: “We thank the Lord, though the damages were severe, He
protected them from great danger.” Please keep our Indian brothers and
sisters in Christ in our prayers.
ELS/WELS Forum 2014
The Evangelical Lutheran Confessional Forum met October 20–21. This
biennial forum brings together administrators, leaders, and theologians of
the ELS and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod to discuss theological
issues and joint projects and as an expression of the unity that exists between
the synods. This forum was held at the WELS mission and ministry center
in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Installation of Evangelism–
Missions Counselor
Rev. Larry Wentzlaff was installed as
the Evangelism–Missions Counselor
for the Evangelical Lutheran Synod
on October 1 at Heritage Lutheran
Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota.