Re-Create Afterschool--Winter Cycle 2014-15 Registration Procedures for Re-Create Afterschool

Re-Create Afterschool--Winter Cycle 2014-15
10:05:02 AM
Registration Procedures for Re-Create Afterschool
Cycle Start Dates: Winter Cycle 2014-15 will begin Monday, December 8, 2014 and go through Friday, March 13th.
Classes at PS 9 from 4:30 to 5:50 Monday-Friday: Success Academy scholars are welcome to attend classes five days a week from
4:30 to 5:50 at PS 9. All of these classes with grade levels are listed below. Re-create staff sign the children out from Success
Academy at pick-up time (4 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. depending on your child’s grade) and walk them to PS 9 directly across the street.
Pick-up following these classes will take place at PS 9 by 6:00 PM.
Featured Classes: Our most popular classes include Cooking, Chess Team, Yoga, Fencing, Computer Animation, Lego Mindstorms,
Mandarin Chinese, Web Design, Arts and Crafts, and Inline Skating/Skateboarding.
Login Information: All registration will take place online using your unique account name and password. To request a password,
please email Neil Fitzgerald at [email protected] and include your name, your child’s name, your child’s grade, and your phone
Registration Procedures: You will be sent an email containing your login information as well as instructions for using the online
registration system. To register you will go to: and click on the tab for Registration. Once at the
registration page, you can review registration materials and procedures and register for the cycle.
After you enter your account name and password, the system will guide you through the process of updating contact information,
selecting classes, and making payments.
Complete Class Offerings from 4:30 to 5:50 PM
02 MONDAY LATE 4:30-5:50
04 TUESDAY LATE 4:30-5:50
06 WEDNESDAY LATE 4:30-5:50
08 THURSDAY LATE 4:30-5:50
10 FRIDAY LATE 4:30-5:50
gr K-5 Homework U Monday Late
gr K-5 Homework U Tuesday Late
gr K-5 Homework U Wednesday Late
gr K-5 Homework U1 Thursday Late
gr K-5 Homework U Friday Late
gr K-1 Cooking--Breakfasts
gr K-1 Soccer w Angie B
gr K-2 Art Start w Jillian
gr K+ Ms. Padilla’s Crafts--World of Crafts
gr K-5 Inline Skating/Skateboarding
gr K-2 Ms. Padilla’s Craft Workshop
gr K-1 Tuesday Fun
gr K-5 Mandarin Chinese 9
gr 2-5 Tae Kwon Do II
gr 2-5 Magic B
gr 1-3 Tennis B
gr K-1 Yoga for Kids I
gr 1+ Chess Team B
gr 3-5 Web Design w Ms. Jones
gr 3-5 Tiny Furniture w Jillian
gr 1+ Chess Team A
gr 2-5 Gaga w Ethel!
gr 3-5 Quidditch w Ms. Warren
gr 4-5 Lego Mindstorms w Ms. Chambers
gr 3-5 Creative Writing
gr 2-5 Ms. Padilla’s Sewing
gr 3-5 Lego Robotics w Mr. Wilson
gr 2-8 Fencing B
gr 3-5 Cooking--Delicious Dinners
gr 3+ Animation w Mr. Barry
For additional information about the program you can visit the after school website:
or call Neil Fitzgerald at 917-279-7345. You can also email [email protected]