Meatball Sub Sandwich Beef Nachos w/cheese WG Cheese Quesadillas,

School District of Oostburg Lunch Menu
All lunches include milk and/or fresh fruit or vegetables
The School District of Oostburg does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in admission, treatment, or access to any of its programs or
No School – Inservice
WG Cheese Quesadillas,
Salsa & Sr. Cream,
Corn, Refried Beans,
Romaine Lettuce Salad
@ MS/HS, Applesauce,
Fresh Fruit,
WG Chicken Rings,
French Fries,
Mandarin Oranges,
Fresh Fruit
WG Rice Krispy Bar
Beef Nachos w/cheese
sauce, salsa;
Carrot Sticks & Green
Pepper Slices w/dip,
Pineapple, Juice Box,
WG Bread Slice
Meatball Sub Sandwich
w/pizza sauce & cheese,
Green Beans,
Carrot Sticks,
Fruit Cocktail,
Fresh Fruit,
Chicken Patty on WG
Bun w/lettuce &
Oven Rstd. Potatoes,
Green Peas,
Fruit Slush Cup
Fresh Fruit
K-12 WG Pizza Boats
OR 6-12 Chef Salad,
Green Beans,
Carrot Sticks,
Fresh Fruit
Dinner Roll w/Chef Salad
Veteran’s Day!
Mini-Corn Dogs OR
Burrito w/salsa,
Mixed Vegetables,
Carrot Sticks,
Pears, Fresh Fruit,
Seasoned Pasta
Dbl. Dutch Hamburger
Wrap w/lettuce, cheese;
Baked Beans,
Carrot Sticks,
Tropical Fruit,
Fresh Fruit, Bread Slice
Bowl of Chili with WG
Crackers & Cheese,
Carrot/Celery Sticks,
Fresh Fruit,
Cinnamon Roll
WG Popcorn Chicken
Sweet’n Sour Sauce
Rice Medley
Cucumber Slices,
Fresh Fruit, WGDinnerRoll
Early Release
Mozzarella Pizza
Dippers w/pizza sauce
Green Peas,
Carrot Sticks,
Fruit Cocktail
No School
Sloppy Joe OR BBQ
Rib Patty on WG Bun,
Tator Tots,
Carrot/Celery Sticks,
Pineapple, Fresh Fruit
Enter Other Information Here
Chicken Ranch Wrap
w/lettuce, cheese,
dressing, Broccoli,
Carrot Sticks, Tropical
Fruit, Fresh Fruit,
Seasoned Pasta
Veteran’s Day Program at
OES on Tuesday,Nov. 11th
Turkey & Cheese Sub
Fresh Vegetables with
Mandarin Oranges,
Juice Box
Thanksgiving Dinner!
Turkey & Gravy, with
Homemade Stuffing,
Mashed Potatoes,
Corn, Cranberries,
Apple Slices,
Dinner Roll,
Pumpkin Pie Dessert
No School
Egg & Cheese Omelet,
Fr. Toast Sticks
Carrot Sticks,
Applesauce, Juice,
Banana Bread
No School
OES Lunch times:
Kdgtn: 11:05-11:45
1st GR: 11:15-11:55
2nd GR: 11:30-12:10pm
3rd GR: 11:45-12:25pm
4th GR: 11:50-12:30pm
5th GR: 12:05pm-12:40pm
OES Parents are invited to eat
Hot Lunch with their child, please
make a reservation in office by
9a.m. day of lunch @ 564-2392
Hot Lunch Prices
K-5 Lunch is $2.30
6-12 Lunch is $2.60
Adult lunch is $3.25,
(All pre-paid)
Milk is included with all
Hot lunch meals.
*Menu is subject to change
without notice.