1 How to Elect C.O.P.S. Health Trust Coverage DECLINE

How to Elect
C.O.P.S. Health Trust Coverage
Go to the City's online benefits enrollment site
(www.mydetroitbenefits.com) and choose “DECLINE”
for City coverage, BCBS and HAP
If you want to keep your dental, vision and life coverage
Complete the enclosed “Employee Enrollment Form–
Coalition of Public Safety Employees Health Trust” to
elect C.O.P.S. Health Trust medical coverage
Members electing C.O.P.S. Health Trust coverage will need to either have an active account, or open an account, with Detroit
Metropolitan Credit Union (DMCU)* from which insurance coverage payments will be withdrawn on a bi-weekly basis
* DMCU beomes “Diversified Members Credit Union” on 11/01/2014. This name change will not affect existing accounts. Visit
www.dmcu.com for additional details.
If you DO have a DMCU account:
If you DO NOT have a DMCU account:
Simply complete the “USHL ACH Form” to authorize bi-weekly
payment withdrawals– available at all open enrollment
locations and also from your affiliated Union office
Visit www.dmcu.com for instructions on establishing an account.
When setting up the DMCU account, have the following on hand:
Ÿ Your social security number
Ÿ A copy of your valid drivers license
Ÿ Social security numbers for your beneficiaries
DMCU representatives will be in attendance at open enrollment
meetings set up by the City
Drop off your completed enrollment form at an open
enrollment location
-ORDrop it off at your affiliated Union office
Contact the dedicated C.O.P.S. Health Trust customer service
team, available 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST, at (800) 225-9674 or at
[email protected]